tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Sex Book Ch. 08

The Sex Book Ch. 08


The ride home had been exhilarating. The MacKenzie Miles that she had met all those weeks ago had suddenly become a hot, sensual man. She slid into the cab and listened as he gave the cab driver directions to the studio, then turned to her, his arm snaking around her shoulders. His mouth softly took her again, his tongue dancing against her and drawing a deep moan from her. But when he pulled back, she saw the same delightful darkness in the depths of his eyes and a cold shiver ran through her.

She felt his hand slowly sliding up her leg, creeping under the hem of her dress and finding the lace front panel of her thong panties. With a slight movement, his fingers moved beneath the fabric, smoothing her pud before following the string down and into the folds of her gushing pussy. Shana moaned, grasping his hand to tell him to stop but he whispered something that made more cold chills rip through her.

"Watch him watching us."

Her eyes swung to the cabbie's rear-view mirror and connected with the man's hungry eyes, sending a hot thrill rushing directly to her pussy and liquid results onto his stroking fingers. MacKenzie just let the very tips of his fingers tease her slit open, rubbing from top to bottom and just barely grazing her hole. He noticed that she sank a little further into the seat and opened her legs but he refused to assuage her need. He continued his slow stroking, watching the need rise in her face until she was flushed and panting.

"Do you want it?"

"Yes." She gasped, still staring into the rear-view mirror. "Yes, please!"

MacKenzie pressed three fingers inside her slit, slowly and completely, giving her a slight push up at the end and curling his fingers inside her. She shook so hard that he thought something was wrong but she called out his name, throwing her head back and gasping as her pussy muscles gripped him. The cabbie swerved, narrowly avoiding an accident and muttered a curse word as he watched Mac lick his fingers clean.

When they arrived at the studio, he could barely keep his hands off of her, pressing her to the wall inside the elevator and grinding his hips against hers. Shana responded with her own animalistic passion, fueled by his willingness to accept her need to be watched and by the cabbie's reaction. She pushed back against him, her hands wildly roaming, then moving down to his pants and flipping the buckle open. MacKenzie growled when her hand closed around his cock, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as she stroked his silky skin.

The front of his underwear was drenched with pre-cum and dropped to her knees, peeling his jeans far enough away so that she could suck on the spot, tonguing the head through the wet cotton. MacKenzie stumbled backwards, propelled by her push and banged against the wall, gasping as she pulled his underwear down and sucked the sticky head of his cock into her mouth. For a few minutes, the center of his world was her warm mouth as it slid around his flesh, first slowly, then quickly, then slowing down again, making him grit his teeth with frustration.

The elevator jerked to a stop and she stood, pulling the gates up while he stepped out of his pants. MacKenzie unlocked the door and walked her in, frantically stripping his clothes as she did and carried her into the bedroom, kissing her soft mouth the entire way. When he laid her down, the enormity of the moment overtook him and he pulled back to look at her. This is the woman I love, his heart spoke to him. This may be the end of my loneliness.

She seemed to sense his feelings and ran her hands up his arms, rising to wrap her arms around his shoulders, gently pushing him back. "My turn." She murmured, bending to suck on his tongue before swooping back down on his dribbling cock. He groaned loudly, trying to think about something other than the beautiful woman that was about to make him cum. Just then, she wrapped her hand firmly around the head, waiting until the flexing had stopped, then climbed on top of him, letting his wet tool slid into the valley of her ass crack.

Shana took her time sliding her hips up over his groin, making him desperate with anticipation until she finally moved back, taking his cock into her juicy pussy. The sensation of his meat parting her flesh was delicious and she tried to move as slow as possible but couldn't resist slamming the last inch home. His body jerked with hers and she caught his hands, intertwining her fingers with his as she began to move. She caught his eyes, bending to suck on one of his nipples and smiled when he shouted, his body jackknifing and driving his cock deeper into her.

MacKenzie forced his eyes open, staring into Shana's eyes, loving the sight of the lust overtaking her and darkening her already dark eyes. He fell under her spell, effortlessly moving with her as her efforts brought them closer and closer to the edge. She released his hands and flipped them over, whispering the word, "Together."

It took six quick strokes and MacKenzie took his lover over the edge. He gripped her fingers as her pussy gripped his spurting cock, capturing her mouth and sharing passionate kisses until the storm had passed and he could breathe again. He pulled her down against him, pulling her close and enjoying the softness of her warm breath caressing his cheek as they cuddled together.

"That was fantastic. Now, what was your idea?"

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