tagBDSMThe Sex Machine

The Sex Machine


A long ride, in the car and out, leading to intense new experiences

I tell you this story as it happens, because any other way wouldn't be near believable! I took my week of vacation and this was the first day. Ginger was due home within the hour, and I had already planned out the evening. Once she entered the door, her clothes would come off and the ropes would go on. I didn't plan on wasting any time on the formalities.

I waited as she walked up the step and opened the door. I caught her off guard as she stood there shocked. She looked me up and down, trying to judge where the rest of the night would lead us. In my left hand I carried our toy bag, a black soft sided case like an old doctor's bag, full of toys, ropes and other accessories for the night's antics. In my right hand were more lengths of rope waiting for me to use on her.

"Hi honey, glad your home. Get naked. Now" She just looked at me for a split second, and then started to comply. I wasn't sure if it was due to my naturally charming personality, or the handle of the custom made 1" x 4" paddle sticking out of the black toy bag.

As she removed articles of clothing, I started to imagine all the things I wanted to do to her. Binding those beautiful full breasts; spanking her pale white ass; licking and sucking on every part of her naked body as I teased and tormented her.

She was a natural redhead, with emerald green eyes. Standing 5' 8", she looked me dead square in the eye when we were standing close together. Her breasts were her predominant feature, other than her eyes. They were the perfect shade of white, very full and very large. Her nipples were a pretty shade of pink, and stood out from her assorted sweaters and shirts like billboard on the highway asking to be looked at and considered for commercial use!

Once naked, I started to wrap a four strand section of rope around her chest just under her breasts. One I had gone around her torso I ran it in between her breasts and around either side of her neck looping through the back of the torso rope. I brought it back over her neck, and finished off the knot by tying it in a series on knots between her breasts. There was enough rope on either side to start binding her large tits, bringing them erect or making them as firm as green cantaloupes. They started to turn red as I tightened the rope. I could see on her face the pain was starting to set in.

"Does this hurt?" I asked.

"Uh huh, it's tight." She begged, wanting me to loosen the ropes a little.

"Good" I stated, "that's how I want them!" I pulled the ropes a little tighter. She knew right then the rest of the night wasn't going to be as pleasant as she had hoped.

Once I finished with her upper torso, I started on her legs. I took two pieces of rope, one for each leg, and started loop the rope just above her knee. I made it just tight enough where the rope wouldn't slip down past her knees, but loose enough not to restrict the blood flow. We wouldn't want her falling down on the job, with all that I had planned for her!

After securing the rope to each knee, I asked her to put on a sheer blouse she had, and a nice skirt that was slit nearly to the top of the waist line. She came back dressed, her nipples showing the fire I set when I bound her breasts too tightly. I started on the last rope I was going to use before we left the house. I attached the shorter piece I had saved to each knee, then wrapped the loose ends around themselves until it pull her two knees together. I could tell her balance was in question, but I let her know if she fell, it was up to her to get back up. I had enough to do already without carrying her weight around until she could learn to walk again!

With her breasts heaving, sweating, and screaming for release, and her legs tied together at the knee, we left the house. She walked the best she could to the van where I helped her get into the passenger seat.

"Now be a good girl and just sit there while I finish up a few things."

She looked at me nervously, and gave me that look that she understood.

"That reminds me, I need this right about now." I pulled out a set of leather blinders. I placed the blindfold over her eyes and made sure even the light of day wouldn't get through them.

"I don't want to get you too sidetracked by the sites of the road. I want you to just concentrate on the things your feeling, until we get to where we are going." She jumped a little when I said that. I just laughed, knowing she had no idea.

After the leather blind fold I started to tie her wrists to the lingering pieces of rope that I had placed at her knees. I tied each arm to her corresponding leg, so she looked like a school girl sitting in her seat with her arms along her legs. The benefit was that once I placed the seat belt across her chest and lap, she wouldn't be able to move. As an unintended consequence, the shoulder strap started rubbing her breasts just slightly enough to make her shiver. I laughed again, knowing this trip would leave her in no condition to do anything else for quite some time!

With her arms and legs bound, seat belt adjusted and skirt hiked just a bit above her knees I added the last two items before we could go. I pulled out a small vibrator out of the black bag, turned it on low and reached under her skirt to insert it into her pussy. I was worried she wouldn't be wet enough, but after reaching down I realized I had been completely wrong. It slipped in just fine and she immediately started to shift in her seat.

"Na uh uh, hold yourself still for a moment longer. Don't make me get the paddle out. Not quite yet anyway...." She gasped a little bit, and tried to hold herself steady. I pulled the last toy out of the bag, her all time favorite vibrating egg. I placed it on the seat between her lips where it could rub on her clitoris just enough to drive her crazy. I turned it on full blast, listening to it hum with the new batteries I had bought just for this event. She squealed again, but caught it in her throat when I reached over. She thought I was going to smack her, but instead I placed a light kiss on her left cheek.

"There is plenty of time for you to squeal and moan, honey. Feel free to cum at will; we have a long trip ahead of us!"

The second half of the plan was a 45 minute drive north to a lake house owned by a friend. Terry was disabled and found a lot of spare time to devise new ways of torturing his wife's tender parts. His latest invention was something he had seen online and decided to build for himself. It was a simple device consisting of an electric motor, a variable speed controller, and a 4 foot piece of dowel. On the end of the dowel was a soft rubber dildo he had attached. The other end of the dowel was screwed into the gears of the electric motor. The end result was a machine he could use to satisfy his wife's sexual needs. What he ended up with was a piece of art.

During our trip, where she remained blindfolded and bound the entire way, I listened to her moan and squeal as her body repeatedly forced orgasm after orgasm out of her. She had at times started breathing so hard that I worried she might hyperventilate; only to have another screaming orgasm that brought her back to earth for a few moments. It was hard to concentrate on the drive when every time I looked over I just wanted to stop the car and rip her out of the van just to bend her over and have my way with her. My cock was rock hard in my pants, feeling the same tortures she was feeling under her silken blouse.

When we arrived at the lake house, she had one final blast of an orgasm as we rode over the rough gravel roads. It was like her body knew it was going to get a break if it came just one more time. As soon as I placed the van in park, I turned off her vibrating egg, and removed the smaller vibrator from her vagina. Her breathing was hard; she was sweating along her brow and down her sides. She gasped for a minute and finally asked, "Are you done with me yet? Where have you taken us?"

"All in good time honey. Try to relax, have a drink of water." She instinctively reached for the bottle of water as I went to hand it to her, but the ropes kept her hands in place. Again, in my own evil way, I laughed and brought the water to her lips. "Drink your fill; we have only just started your adventure for the evening."

She groaned, and I knew if I hadn't put on that blindfold she would look at me with those deep green eyes, begging me to end her misery and just fuck her. She knew how to slow me down; getting me off would shorten the evening for her and give her the break her body was telling her she truly needed. I knew it too, that's why the last thing I was going to do was remove that blindfold or my pants.

I untied her wrists from her knees temporarily. I left her knees bound close together so that she would have to walk in short steps. I let her wear flats on this trip, instead of high heels, so that she wouldn't break a leg on the soft ground leading to the lake house. There were only a couple steps along the way and I helped her overcome them by letting her lean into me. I had grabbed the toy bag after helping her out of the van, and carried it in my right hand. She could feel the handle of the paddle occasionally slapping her along her thigh as we walked. It made her nervous knowing I had brought it just to keep her in line. It was one of my favorite toys, because not only did it make that happy slapping sound when I laid it across her ass, but because it was one of the few things I had made just for her.

Terry had heard us pull into his drive and met us at the door. He welcomes us in and asked us if we needed anything to eat or drink.

"Thanks Terry, but as you can see, Ginger is quite hungry for something off the menu..." Even with her eyes covered, you could see the tension rising in her. She had no idea where she was, or why she was here. Her only anchor in this whole experience was me. Without that she would have lost her mind long at this very moment.

"Come along then, I think we can wet your appetite in the next room."

A low table was placed in the center of the room. It was sturdy, made from thick oak planks and held together with metal bolts that ran the length of the legs. There were rope bindings on the corners of the legs just for decoration. The table looked like a giant butchers block, waiting for its next piece of meat. I took Ginger over to it and sat her down on the end of the long table.

"Ok honey, sit and relax while I change your ties." I brought her feet up and adjusted the ropes around her knees. Instead of tying her wrists to the upper part of her leg, I brought the ropes around and put both her wrists in a loop below her legs. With her hands tied under her, she wouldn't be able to lay down flat. Her pussy would be exposed and there was no way for he to change positions. I gave her a pillow and laid her down across the length of the table. It had been built for this one purpose, and was contoured so that her back could be slightly arched and fully supported. Still blindfolded, she could see the sex machine just inches away from her.

At this point I opened her blouse, allowing her still bound breasts to get some air. I slightly relaxed the ropes around her tits, allowing blood to flow back into them. After so long they started to tingle, and we went to work getting the machine in place.

We added some lubricant to the dildo, and moved it into place. Ginger gasped at the feel of it, not knowing who or what was about to enter her.

"Relax, you know I am here. I am in charge. Don't make me get the paddle..."

She couldn't relax. It was all too much for her. Her mind was racing trying to figure out what was going to happen to her. Her body was racing, building up to her next massive orgasm. Something inside of her that what was about to happen would put her into a new realm of sexual release.

We eased the machine into place. I was designed to run at a high rate of speed, with a short fast stroke in and out of a woman's pussy. I took the controls of the machine and slowly twisted the dial. As it started to work, she moved her body into position, allowing her natural curves to adjust to the familiar feel of the firm rubber dildo inside of her. With her legs close together and her hands bound to them holding them in place, I could touch her clitoris without any interference. She couldn't stop me if she wanted to. Her breasts were starting to burn, on fire as the blood ran hot and fast back into them. I asked her one question;

"Are you comfortable?"

"Yes." She replied. I turned the machine.

Within a second the machine was fucking her like it had a mind of its own. It worked slowly up in speed, getting to the point where I wasn't sure she could even feel the difference of motion. I added a little more lube to the dildo, and as I did she burst out with her first big orgasm.

I motioned to Terry to get in place. His one request was to be able to play with the beautiful big breasts. I was going to let him get his fill. He took her left side and I her right. I started sucking on her nipple, licking gently at first and then taking the whole thing in my mouth. I sucked like I wanted to peel the flesh from her boob, pulling at the nipple with my lips, biting just enough to make her jump. Terry ran his tongue over her breast and toyed with her.

The different sensations from the two of us put her over the top again, her back bucking and arching as a scream escaped her lips. She couldn't stop, it was making her cum over and over again so fast she couldn't catch her breath. I reached down and placed my finger over her pussy and felt the machine running in and out, in and out. She was soaking the table, her skirt, even the ropes were getting wet as hot juices were flung from her pussy like rain in a storm.

I suddenly pushed the machine out of the way, turning it off as I shoved it over, and jumped down to start licking her pussy as she exploded again. The moment I got my face in her lap she brought the bottom of her feet down to pull my head down to her. I opened my mouth wide and started sucking on her, running my tongue over her lips, and then to her swollen clitoris. She just kept bucking and screaming as she continued to cum in my mouth, on my face, and everywhere else.

I stayed where I was, and after a few moments and a few more orgasmsshe started to wind down. I quickly moved up and untied her hands. I let her put her legs down, and removed the piece of rope holding her knees together. She almost came again just being able to spread her legs. I helped her sit up and gave her one last bit of instruction;

"Do not remove the blindfold, I still have the paddle."

She nodded her head, understanding. I started to unlace her chest and remove the strands of rope from around her breasts and torso. Terry had got what he wanted, for a few minutes at least. Instinctively she reached for her eyes, but then stopped, hesitated and put them back down. I allowed her to straighten herself back up and put her shoes on. I took a loose piece of the rope, tied it around her wrists again, and led her to the door.

I waved a silent goodbye to Terry, who understood the plan for the evening. We got into the van and started working our way back home.

After several minutes we got back on the highway and I finally told her she could remove the blindfold. She reached back and unbuckled it, pulling it at last from her eyes. She didn't look at me, not at first. I looked over, smiled and asked;

"Well, how was the first day of my vacation for you?"

She then glanced up, green eyes looking at me curiously, and replied "I hope that the rest of your vacation isn't going to cost me anymore of my good blouses."

I laughed, and just looked at her. "I guess next time I want to go adventuring I can just leave you naked?"

She looked up at me, smiling, and just replied "Don't forget to bring your paddle!"

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