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by urbanslut

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AnonymousAnonymousover 14 years ago

please write more.

eroticwolferoticwolfover 14 years ago
Enjoyed it

Liked this story, well written characters, and leaves reader imagining what happens next. Or do you have that planned?!!!

AnonymousAnonymousover 14 years ago

It is a very well written story. On reading you feel it is happening right in front of you. The environment created is perfect and the concept of workers is amazing. I have read some thing like this after a long time and enjoyed fully. I was expecting the end to be a bit more where Kanika gets inside the house and meets her husband who wants to fuck her that night.Keep up the good work. Write more and soon

AnonymousAnonymousover 14 years ago

incredible is the only word befitting this one...crisp and tightly written..nice story and very well built up.for a change the enlish was correct from an indian writer.good job loved it a lot hope to read more in the same series with kajal involved in it.

AnonymousAnonymousover 14 years ago
More, please!

So arousing with the sexy Kanika as a willing whore for the powerful and nasty older men.

AnonymousAnonymousover 14 years ago

I'm sure you too are a woman, for you have very realistically narratted a woman's fantasy. Why only the men should be able to sample different women? Women have the same right to enjoy all the permutations and combinations with men...more the merrier. Ooops!!! I think more than thre would be a crowd, but fourth could be accommodated. lol

AnonymousAnonymousover 14 years ago
Great Story

A very sexy story with believable characters

Mag58Mag58over 13 years ago

What a surprise; a very well written well paced sexy story. I loved the charachter build up; although every man having a 'huge cock' was a little bit unbelievable; but great anyway.

AnonymousAnonymousabout 12 years ago


AnonymousAnonymousalmost 12 years ago

too long almst bored me bt it stil gt me darn wet thnx! :D

AnonymousAnonymousover 11 years ago

one of the very best i read here! gr8 work!

KritiKritiover 10 years ago
loved it throughly

After reading few stories of yours i have gotten used to the plot,which more than often does involve a bit of blackmail,but just love it.This story had a quick build up was obvious.Frankly i wouldn't say the plot was unique as has been in other stories but the narration certainly was.

All i can say there are movies which win critiques awards and then there are movies which are slam dunk and make big bucks at the box office.Your earlier stories have been of the former kind,this one falls inbetween it has every thing for all kinds of readers .Keep up

AnonymousAnonymousalmost 7 years ago

Awesome story. Excited for more parts

AnonymousAnonymousover 5 years ago
Simply Awesome

Among the 2 best stories I ever read..

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