The Shop Floor Guys


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"Really? Who all did you have problems with?" I asked.

"Well, you know Babu, the old guy? He is like the alpha male down there. Even the floor supervisor is scared of him. And he has two minions, Heera and Yousuf. The three of them are like the unofficial leaders of the shop floor. And this new guy Jaggu also hangs around them all the time."

"I did not know that."

"Yeah. So the 4 of them had a lot of trouble taking instructions or criticism from a young woman like me. That led to a lot of shouting matches."

"What happened next?"

"Well...." Kajal took a long pause, as if deciding how much she could share with me. "It just all worked out in a few days. I won't bore you with the details. Now we get along fine."

And then she changed the subject. I was very curious to know the turn of events that had led to an acrimonious relationship turning into one so close that she was now having sex with all of them. I thought about mentioning that I had seen her with them last night. But decided against it.

Four days later, I stayed back in the office till 6 pm to finish with some paperwork. Only a couple of other salesmen were in the office when I finally got done and decided to leave. As I approached my car, I noticed someone approaching me from the corner of my eye. I turned to see Babu and Jaggu standing there.

"Kanika ji, I wonder if you could do us a favor. Could you give us a ride?"

I stood there, staring at them both. I had never really talked to Babu at length, except for a couple of times when I had to personally explain some manufacturing specifications to him. And I had never talked to Jaggu at all. I just stood there speechless, wondering what to say or do.

"Please? Just a ride to the bus station. We promise we won't bite. Hahaha." Babu laughed.

"Yeah sure, of course. No problem." I said, not wanting to seem rude or snobbish. The bus station was just a couple of kilometres away anyway.

Babu got in the front seat next to me and Jaggu was sitting in the back. All this while, Jaggu had a very strange, even creepy grin on his face, something that should have tipped me off. I took the car out to the street and had been driving for barely a minute when Babu said,

"So....did you like what you saw? You certainly seemed to have enjoyed it."

I jerked my neck and looked at him in horror, and almost banged into another car in front of me. I noticed it at the last minute, swerved, heard the driver honk in annoyance, and regained control.

"Now, now. Keep your eyes on the road. No need to get us all killed." Babu said with a smile on his face.

"I... I have no idea what you are talking about." I said, keeping my eyes on the road and avoiding his gaze.

"Really? You mean to say you were not down in the shop-floor a few days back, hours after works, peeking into the changing room and....well.... playing with yourself?" Babu continued.

"What nonsense!!" I pulled the car to the side of the road and hit the brakes hard. I then turned to look at both of them and yelled "Get out of the car, you idiots!!"

"Whoa! Whoa! Such a temper! Okay, listen...." Babu said, taken aback.

"I said GET OUT!!!!" I yelled again "Or I start shouting for help" the road was pretty busy and I even saw a policeman a block away.

"Okay, just listen to what I have to say for one minute. After that if you still want us to get out, we will. Deal?"

I stayed silent, breathing heavily, my eyes spitting fire.

"Good. So a few days back, we were working on a new machine tool prototype. The supervisor wanted to make the manufacturing process more efficient. So he decided to set up a camera."

As soon as Babu said "camera", my heart sank and my shoulders visibly drooped. Babu noticed it and laughed.

"Haha, you know where I am going with this, don't you? But let me continue. Jaggu here knows a fair bit about computers. So with Jaggu's help, the supervisor set up a camera, attached to a computer, and set it facing the machines we were working on, towards the back of the floor, near the changing room. But the supervisor got an important call from home and had to leave early that day, and he forgot to turn off the camera before he left. So it kept running and recording everything, even after the shift ended."

Yes, this was going exactly where I feared.

"Now on that day, we were, well, you know what we were doing. Periodically, some of us would obviously have to go to the bathroom, and since there was no one around but us, we didn't take the trouble of putting on clothes before leaving the changing room and going to the bathroom."

Then Jaggu started talking,

"That night as I was about to go to bed, I remembered the camera. Could it have recorded us walking around naked, I worried. It did not have a film which would run out. It was connected to one of those SAP-enabled computers with a lot of hard drive space. So I panicked, went to Babu's house at the break of dawn, explained the situation to him. He has keys to the main entrance, so we went to the shop floor right away, a good couple of hours before anyone else got there."

"That's enough. Just stop." I interrupted him.

"No no, listen to the whole thing. So we got there, and found out the camera had been recording everything and had created a pretty hefty media file. I was about to delete the file at once, when, well, Babu here, horny old goat that he is, said... what did you say, Babu?"

"Haha, I said, let's see if there is a recording of Kajal running to the bathroom naked, all covered in our cum. That would be a fun souvenir to have."

"So I started scanning through the file to find that when what do I see? Kanika ji, standing outside the window, peeking in. After a while, Kanika ji unbuttoning her trousers and masturbating. And then Kanika ji having a very obvious orgasm. Obviously, we had to save that. So I clipped that portion and put it in a hidden folder. Would you like to see it? Would you like to see how you look when you are fingering yourself?"

Jaggu stopped talking and started laughing. Babu started laughing too. They kept laughing for about a minute or two, and then finally Babu said,

"So should we still get out of your car? We can get out, go to the shop-floor, take the clip and email it to the whole office. Should we go?"

I did not say anything. Grabbed the steering wheel hard, and kept blankly staring ahead.

"Just like I thought." Jaggu said and started laughing again.

"Anyway, enough of all this comedy." Babu said in a serious tone. "Now Kanika, I suppose you are smart enough to know what we want. So first call up your husband and tell him you will be going home much later. Tell him... oh I don't know... midnight?"

I meekly took out my cellphone and called up Rohan. Told him there was a lot of paperwork and some proposal that needed work, so I'd be late.

"Good, now you know the worker's quarters behind the factory? Take us there. We need to pick up Heera and Yousuf." Babu said.

"Please, Babu. Why do you need more people? Can't the three of us just..."

"Shut up! We are not selfish people. We share everything, be it food, or work, or even.... you. Now drive!"

Making a reluctant face, I started the car and driving. I had on an expression of resentment. But there was a part of me that was actually looking forward to what was about to happen. My sexual frustration had been mounting with each passing day, and although I would have liked more control over the situation in which I relieved that frustration, the end result was going to be the same. Kajal had clearly had a good time with these men. Kajal, I suddenly, remembered, and asked Babu,

"Does Kajal know about all this? Is she also going to be...."

"Wow, you are quite the slut, aren't you? You want her there too? We haven't told her about this yet, but if you want, we can call her. She is quite a horny slut herself. Will jump at the idea."

"No, no, please. I don't want her to be there."

"Okay, as you wish. But only for now. Eventually, I hope you understand, she will have to be brought into the loop too. I am sure that the other night you heard the plans we have for you two together."

I stayed silent and kept driving. Shortly, we reached the worker's quarters, and Heera and Yousuf were standing there. Both of them had folded bedsheets and mats in their hands.

"Open the car's trunk." Babu said to me, and I did as I was told. Heera and Yousuf put the stuff in the trunk of the car and joined Jaggu in the back seat. Both of them were smiling. I did not make eye contact with them.

"OK, where do we go next?" I asked, wondering if they were planning to go to the same location as the other night - the changing room.

"Wow! Enthusiastic slut, aren't you? Can't wait to get started? Good! I know married hotties like you can never get enough fucking. Don't worry, you'll get plenty of it tonight." Babu said with his creepy smile in place "Well, we are not going to the factory, if that's what you are wondering. Just start driving and I'll tell you the directions. First, get on the highway."

Twenty minutes later, I pulled up the car next to a very rundown looking shed about 1 km off the highway. It was about 20 feet by 40 feet, and looked like it used to house cattle. Half the roof was missing. The door was creaky and rusted. I turned the car off and opened the trunk. We all got out of the car. Yousuf and Heera took the mats and sheets out of the trunk and walked inside.

I surprised myself by following them inside without any prompting, and ahead of Babu and Jaggu. Heera went to a corner and flipped a switch and a small yellow 60W bulb came on.

"This is where Heera's family kept their cows when they were in the dairy business." Babu helpfully informed me. Yousuf laid out the mats and bedsheets all around and stood there.

I wondered about how calm and quiet the proceedings were. Later Babu told me that I had amazed them more than I had amazed myself by being so cooperative and almost willing. For a few seconds, everyone just stood there looking at each other. And finally Jaggu made the first move.

He lunged and grabbed me in a tight embrace. Jaggu was a stocky man and was also quite short. The top of his head was at the level of my chin. He then bent down and buried his face in my bosom. Heera made the next move and was on my right side. Reaching under Jaggu's hand, he pulled the "pallu" of my sari and started unravelling it.

Yousuf moved behind me and started unbuttoning my blouse, while simultaneously kissing my neck. That made me moan in delight. Rohan knew I was very sensitive in the neck region and always used to do that for a long time back when things between us were still passionate. After Yousuf finished unbuttoning my blouse, Jaggu helped me take it off completely.

Meanwhile, Heera had finished unraveling my sari completely. He rolled it into a bunch and threw it to the side. Then he undid the cord of my petticoat and took it off too.

"Look at that amazing ass. Just like I imagined it." Yousuf said from behind me, as he spanked me over my panties a couple of times. Jaggu had reached behind me and was struggling with unclasping my bra. Amused at his struggle for nearly 20 seconds, I smiled, reached behind my back with my left hand and unclasped it. Jaggu pulled of the bra and threw it away. And that brought my massive tits into full view of everyone.

Babu, who had been standing a couple of steps away until then, watching his proteges work on me, then swung into action. He joined Jaggu in fondling my boobs, and said,

"Oh god... look at how firm they are, inspite of being so huge. No sag at all!"

I smiled at the compliment. He bent down and started biting the left boob even as Jaggu was licking the right one.

"Hehe... you promised you wouldn't bite." I listened incredulously to my own voice joking in this situation. It was as if someone else had possessed me. Babu took a pause from biting my breast, looked at me quizzically for a few seconds, then realized what I was making a reference to and smiled.

"Well, by now you should know, we are not men to be trusted."

While Jaggu and Babu were busy at my chest, Yousuf and Heera together started stripping me off the last piece of fabric separating me and nakedness - my panties. As I stepped out of the panties and the petticoat bunched at my feet, I realized I was now completely nude, in the company of four men. Since I had gotten married seven years ago, I had not slept with anyone but Rohan. And suddenly I was going to have sex with four men.

The four men now changed positions while mauling my body. Heera moved behind me, go on his knees and started pinching and biting my ass cheeks. Jaggu moved from licking my boobs to licking my stomach, down to my mound. He just started licking there at random, without any attempt to find my clit. Babu now had sole access to both my boobs, and he started slapping them from the sides one by one, and pinching my nipples. Yousuf, the guy I found the most attractive, was also the only one of the four significantly taller than me. moved to my left, grabbed hold of my hair, turned my head to face him, and lowered his lips to mine. He kissed me really hard, and pushed his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues played with each other for a while, and he finally broke the kiss and looked at me.

He smiled at the look on my flushed face. If I had any minute particles of doubt or resistance left, Yousuf's passionate kiss cleared them all away. I was now fully into it, as enthusiastic as Kajal, if not more, and looking forward to getting fucked by all these men. With my left hand, I grabbed Yousuf's hair and pulled him closer for another kiss. Just as we were about to lock our lips in another kiss, I said,

"Ow, that hurts." This was intended for Heera who had just bitten my ass a little too hard. But Babu thought I was talking to him about his pinching my nipples and said,

"Get used to it, whore! In fact instead of complaining, you should put your mouth to better use." He unbuttoned his trousers, took them off and kicked them away, displaying a semi-erect cock. He then grabbed my hair and pulled me down, making me bend in my waist, until my face was in front of his cock. "Suck it, slut!"

I looked at his cock close-up for a couple of seconds. It was rapidly becoming erect. It really was big, easily ten inches, like I had surmised that night. I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. As I continued sucking it, I felt some licks on my boobs. In my bent state, my boobs were hanging, like two huge pendulous mangoes. Jaggu who was below me, shifted his attention from my crotch back to my boobs, and started licking and biting them, paying extra attention to my rock hard nipples. I was enjoying his playing with my nipples, and my now had almost half of Babu's cock in my mouth when the spanking started.

Heera and Yousuf were on either side of my ass, spanking one cheek each, in an almost synchronized manner. Their hands would land on my ass cheeks at the same time. The first few spanks were soft, almost as if they were loosening their arms. Then I heard Heera say,

"Ready? One...two..three..."

And a big loud SMACK sound was heard as they brought down their palms hard on my round ass cheeks. The double spank was so hard, that the impact made me move forward, resulting in a lot more of Babu's cock entering my mouth, and the head hitting the back of my throat. I had an instant gag reflex, and it made me straighten from the waist with a sudden jerk, making Babu's cock slip out. Another hard double spank followed almost at the same instance that I straightened, and it made me lose my footing and fall forward straight into Babu's arms.

All four of them started laughing at what happened, and I couldn't help break out into a giggle too. Babu then hugged me tight, his pot belly pushing against my flat stomach, and his chest mashing boobs. His chest was a hairy and flabby chest of an old man, and I noted for just a seconds, the weird sensation of my huge tits pressing against his man tits. For just a second, because I then noticed his by now rock hard cock pressing against my crotch. Babu was almost my height, maybe half an inch shorter. He bent his knees very slightly, making his cock straighten out in the gap between my legs just below my pussy. He moved it back and forth, rubbing against my pussy lips, and I reacted with a moan.

The other three, almost out of deference for their leader, kept their hands to themselves as Babu's own hands grabbed my ass cheeks and he moved the cock back and forth over my pussy lips. I raised my face, which until then had been buried in his shoulder, and looked at him. Our eyes met and he started kissing me. His kissing technique was nowhere as good as Yousuf's. He slobbered into and all over my mouth, and his tongue was darting around confused like a blind snake trying to find its prey. He continued his slobbering for about a minute, and then broke the kiss.

Babu then took a few steps back, held my shoulders and lowered us both down to the floor. He made me lie down on my back and as I looked up through the torn roof, I saw stars twinkling in the sky. I couldn't help but admire the view as I felt Babu grab my knees and open my legs. At the next instant, I felt as if the number of stars I was looking at suddenly doubled, as Babu rammed his cock into my wet and waiting pussy in one swift stroke. The sudden hard penetration had shaken my pussy, my insides, my whole body and even my head.

As I felt his crotch hair rub against my pussy lips, I realized with amazement that I taken all of Babu's 10 inch cocks on one swift stroke, as if it always belonged there. Even I did not know my pussy was capable of this. Rohan was a decent 6 inch, and when he fucked me I felt quite full. The three boyfriends I had before Rohan were also of similar sizes, and I had never craved a bigger cock. It was only now that I realized that I had never been fully filled in my life.

If that sensation of being filled was unprecedented, what followed next, as Babu started pumping his cock gradually in and out, was absolutely divine. I was being touched and poked in places I didn't know could even be reached. My pussy walls gripped Babu;s cock snugly as he kept pumping gradually, and then increasing the tempo as if in a rhythm. After a lot of slow strokes growing in speed, Babu withdrew his cock, until his head was just holding open the entrance of my pussy, stayed like that for a couple of seconds as he raised my knees even higher making most of my ass lift off the floor, and rammed me harder and even deeper. That sent a spasm of pleasure through my whole being, and I threw my head back and let out a holler of raw animal delight.

With my head thrown back, I saw the other three guys standing there, now fully naked and their cocks erect. Heera was a well-built man, with a well defined chest, bulging biceps, and a flat stomach. His cock, as I had observed at length when he was fucking Kajal's mouth, was similar to Rohan's in length and girth. Yousuf was tall and lean, also with a well defined chest and flat stomach, but with muscles smaller than Heera's. His dick, the only circumcised one of the four, was about 8 inches, and had an impressive girth.

But it was Jaggu who was the most remarkable. He was short, stocky, balding and with a very ugly face. But his cock, curving upwards, was a monster. I had not been able to get a look at it when he was with Kajal, now as I saw it, it fascinated and terrified me in equal amounts. It was easy an inch or two longer than even Babu's. It was thick! Thicker than Yousuf's, with a diameter of about three inches. And it just looked very....well....angry and ominous. I kept staring at it with my eyes wide open, terrified at the thought of taking it all the way in. It was almost as if the sight of Jaggu's cock had made me forget that Babu's was fucking me hard at the same time.