The Shop Floor Guys


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So it was only when Heera pulled up the car to in front of my building that I realized the risks. What if someone saw me with these men? Yousuf got out and I got out after him and scanned the surroundings. It was just past midnight, so luckily none of my neighbors were around. The night watchman was on his chair inside the gate, but was luckily sleeping. Phew, dodged a bullet. Or so I thought.

After I got in to the driver's seat, Babu came up to me and said,

"I am sure you had a great time tonight. We'll tell you soon when we can do this again. And next time, Kajal will join in too."

I didn't say anything, just nodded. As Babu stepped away, Yousuf came to the window.

"Good night." he said with a smile, then lowered his head into the car, and kissed me for a good minute or so. I tried pulling away, but could not resist. Once he broke the kiss and stood up, I whispered in a voice full of anger,

"Are you crazy? The watchman is right there! He can see us."

"Don't worry." Yousuf laughed and said. "He is fast asleep." and started walking away with his three friends.

I sat there in the car for a minute or so until the four men were far enough. The watchman was sleeping. I thought I'd wait for a couple of minutes more before waking him up to open the gate of the building. Just then he opened his eyes, looked at me, and gave me a very lecherous smile.

"Open the gate." I said to him.

He kept smiling and unlocked the gate, opening it for my car. I pulled it inside the gate, and for some reason said in a stern voice,

"You should not be sleeping, you know. You are a night watchman. It is your job to be awake all night."

"Don't worry Madam. I just had my eyes closed. I wasn't asleep. I was awake enough to see enough." he said and winked.

I didn't say anything, and drove my car into our assigned parking space. As I got out and turned around, I noticed he still had that creepy smile on as he kept staring at me. He kept staring at me as I went to the elevator and got in.



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AnonymousAnonymousover 5 years ago
Simply Awesome

Among the 2 best stories I ever read..

AnonymousAnonymousalmost 7 years ago

Awesome story. Excited for more parts

KritiKritiover 10 years ago
loved it throughly

After reading few stories of yours i have gotten used to the plot,which more than often does involve a bit of blackmail,but just love it.This story had a quick build up was obvious.Frankly i wouldn't say the plot was unique as has been in other stories but the narration certainly was.

All i can say there are movies which win critiques awards and then there are movies which are slam dunk and make big bucks at the box office.Your earlier stories have been of the former kind,this one falls inbetween it has every thing for all kinds of readers .Keep up

AnonymousAnonymousover 11 years ago

one of the very best i read here! gr8 work!

AnonymousAnonymousover 11 years ago

too long almst bored me bt it stil gt me darn wet thnx! :D

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