The Show Ch. 03


I couldn't believe my ears. Eliza had been murdered? What a fucking twist. I had a distinct impression that shit was about to get really weird in this show.

"How did it happen?" I asked, the officers.

The cop on the right sighed. "It looks like an animal attack. I'm not the investigating officer on this. We are just here to ask if you would mind if the detectives came by a little later and asked you a few questions."

I shook my head. "Of course not, I'll be home all day."

The officer on the left held out his hand. "Thank you. The detectives should be over after they've finished at the scene. I tell them to hurry so they won't keep you waiting."

I shook the officer's hand. "You tell them to take their time. I'm not going anywhere."

"Right." He turned. "Try to have a good day sir, and we thank you for your time." They walked out to their car and drove away.

I stood in my house leaning against the door. My mind was rolling through the events of yesterday. From school, to fucking Eliza that evening. It was one hell of a day and by storyline standards, it didn't really seem like anything important happened. I figured, at most, that I'd be busted in my affair with Eliza today, but not her murder. This was like some scary fucking soap opera or something. Yesterday was to get me settled I guess and today was when the shit started to move.

Well at least no one really was getting hurt, but I was REALLY getting laid. No arguments from me.

I made myself breakfast and then brushed my teeth. It was a quarter to eleven when to doorbell rang again.

I turned the TV off and went to the door. Figuring it to be the detectives I opened the door without looking through the peephole. Lo and behold there were two more celebrities standing in my doorway. It was making me feel strange to be the only non-actor in this thing. Anyway, not only were there celebrities at my front door but they were hot celebrities too.

Cathrine Bell and Jennifer Garner were playing the detectives that were going to question me today. They both wore business suit that were a little dirty, I guess from examining the murder scene in formal attire. I never did understand why TV detectives crawled around at a murder dressed for a wedding.

"Hello, are you Jake?" Cathrine asked me.

I nodded. "Yeah, come on in." I held the door open for them and they came inside. I shut the door and motioned toward my living room.

"Please have a seat." I said.

And so we all sat down, me in my lounge chair and the two lovely ladies on the sofa.

Jennifer started. "I guess you're wondering why we are coming to ask you questions at all." She said.

I nodded. "Yeah it does seem a little off. I didn't know her very well and I wouldn't know about her friends."

"Well," Cathrine said. "She was found in a ravine just outside of Brooks. Her job reported her missing after she never made her last delivery and never returned with the company car. According to the log we found in the car, you were her last delivery and the last person to see her alive."

I didn't reply. This could be a good murder mystery.

"What time did you get your pizza last night?" Jennifer asked.

"I don't really remember, I think quarter to nine." I said.

Jennifer and Cathrine stole a glance at each other and then Cathrine continued. "You said you didn't know her well, right?"

"Yeah, I mean I had a P.E. class with her, and she sat next to me in Bio but other than that we didn't talk much."

"But surely you saw her around and saw who talked to her. Did she ever look nervous around anyone, or did you every notice if anyone looked angry with her?" Cathrine asked.

I shook my head. "No I never saw anything like that. Eliza was, this is hard to say because I really didn't know her well, but she was a free spirit I guess you could call it."

"How do you mean?" Jennifer asked.

"She was slutty." I said bluntly.

Cathrine nodded. "It's funny you say that."


"Well because if you didn't know her very well why was she here for more than forty-five minutes last night?" She asked.

I put my hands up. "Wait a minute. You think I did it?"

Cathrine looked at me and stared for a minute. "No."

Cathrine stood up and walked around behind me. Jennifer watched her with a slight small on her face.

"My first thought and what I still think that Eliza was murdered by an animal of some kind. Maybe a bear by what the marks look like. My only problem is that for a bear attack there was very little, if any, blood. I think after Eliza finished her 'delivery' to you she went out to Brooks for a cool down, a dip in the lake, or a smoke or whatever it was. She got surprised by the animal and that was the end of her. What I want to know is why it took her forty five minutes to deliver a pizza to you?"

I didn't reply. I didn't want to tell them that we were fucking, because if Eliza was dead then I couldn't get in trouble with Sarah and I could fuck her again. I really wanted to fuck her again.

Cathrine moved behind me and she leaned over the back of my chair. I froze when she ran her hands along the front of my chest. I felt her breath on my ear as she whispered to me.

"You fucked didn't you?" She whispered. "It's okay I won't tell, but I'm afraid you are going to have to show us exactly what it is you did."

It took me three tries to find my voice. "What?"

Jennifer stood up and faced us. She slid her suit jacket off and proceeded to undo her blouse.

I put my hand up. "Whoa, hold on a second. What the fuck is going on?"

Cathrine hushed me in a whisper. "Shh, relax. She's very beautiful don't you think?"

I swallowed hard as Jennifer Garner undressed in front of me. She gave me a sexy little smile as she stood there naked in all her glory. Her breasts were firm and her body looked tight and trim. Truly a work of art. She looked at Cathrine as if waiting for some sort of command.

Cathrine licked my ear. "Does she make you excited? Is your cock getting big and hard in your pants?"

I felt my cock twitching against my jeans. I didn't move but I did nod ever so slightly.

"W...Why?" I murmured.

Cathrine gripped my shoulder. "I told you, I want to see exactly what you did with Eliza last night. Imagine Jennifer's just a life-like doll. Tell her what to do to reenact the scene and show me what happened."

I nodded again. "A...Alright."

Again I have been given a chance to screw yet another of Hollywood's hoties. The fuck if I was going to argue. Hell they could throw a new girl at me everyday and I wouldn't care. But I at least had to act the fool.

I stood and moved around to behind the sofa. "We started over here. Eliza said that if I fucked her, she'd give me the pizza free."

Cathrine snapped her fingers and pointed over to me. Jennifer sprang into action at Cathrine's commands. I admired her body as she came to stand in front of me. She gave me a smile shy smile as she stood there naked before looking back toward Cathrine for the next order.

"So you agreed?" Cathrine asked.

I laughed. "Have you seen that girl? Of course I fucking agreed, I mean she was smoking hot."

Cathrine smiled. "But of course. Okay so you agreed and then what?"

"Well I had just gotten out of the shower so I was wrapped up in a towel. I dropped my towel and Eliza got naked and she went down on me." I said.

"She sucked your cock?" Cathrine asked.

I nodded. "Yeah."

Cathrine looked at Jennifer and nodded to her. Jennifer smiled and went into action. She dropped to her knees in front of me and opened my jeans. She worked my pants off and then stared at my cock which was no longer hard. She grabbed it with her hand and it twitched in her fingers and began to grow instantly. I shuddered and let out a long breath as she wrapped her lips around me. She worked her mouth around my ever growing shaft using her throat and cheeks and her tongue. She wasn't quite as good as Eliza had been, but she definitely had practice at this.

Soon I was throbbing in her mouth as she worked her head up and down long my long hard shaft. Cathrine came closer to watch. She paid close attention to what Jennifer was doing.

Jennifer stopped for a second and looked up at me gently stroking me with one hand. "Am I doing it right? Does my mouth feel good?" She asked softly.

I grinned at her from ear to ear. "It feels wonderful."

She smiled and spit on the tip of my cock. "Good, I want it to feel good." She began working at me hard than before, which moved her up to being at least as good as Eliza maybe a little better. She sucked her cheeks it so they would act like a sleeve along my cock. I was like a pussy with a tongue. It was great.

"Did you cum in her mouth?" Cathrine asked.

I jumped, almost completely forgetting that she had even been there. I shook my head. "Not right then, we fucked first."

Cathrine nudged Jennifer with her foot and Jennifer stopped and backed away leaving my cock bobbing in front of her.

"How did you take her?" Cathrine asked.

"She bent over the back of the couch and I fucked her from behind." I explained. The whole question and answer thing was strangely a turn on for me. I don't know why, it seemed like I was directing something to my own liking, even though I was answering in full truth of what happened last night.

Jennifer stood up without being told and moved over to the couch where she bent over in almost the same spot Eliza did last night. She looked back at me and smiled.

Cathrine smiled and took my hand and lend me over to Jennifer. "Go on, slip your big hard cock into her tight wet pussy." She said softly.

Jennifer moaned a little in anticipation. "Oh yeah, that big cock is going to feel so fucking good sliding inside me."

Cathrine moved behind me and pushed me into Jennifer with her body. My cock slide up between her ass cheeks and I moved back. Cathrine reached around my waist and grabbed my cock in her hand. She lined me up with Jennifer's hot cunt and pushed me slowly inside of her.

Jennifer let out a long moan that I mimicked as I felt the shear heat of her cunt wrapping around my cock. She felt really good, no amazing. Her cunt gripped my shaft like nothing else before. Cathrine moved off to the side and I noticed the she had undone her pants and was rubbing herself.

I pulled out a little and Jennifer gasped. Then I slammed into her and she cried out, tilting her head forward.

"Did you fuck her like that or was it rougher? Did you slam your cock in and out of her wet pussy or did you take your time?" Cathrine asked, in a breathy tone of voice. Her fingers still working on bring her to a little climax of her own.

"I fucked the hell out of her." I lied, we really didn't go that hard but I was in the mood to pound Jennifer raw.

"Then don't hold back on her." Cathrine said.

And I didn't and ran my hand up Jennifer's sides and got myself a little grip on her. I began to slam myself into her. Jennifer screamed and threw her head back as I beat my cock into her. Little wets sounds came from our crotches as we fucked. Jennifer moaned louder and louder. I felt her cunt tighten around my cock as she came, and I only went harder and faster. I reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled a bit on it.

Jennifer moaned in approval and I continued to pound into her.

Cathrine was moaning now too and I glanced over to see her shirt open and she was playing with her tits while she rubbed herself off. The sight of that and the feel of Jennifer's cunt squeezing me like a Chinese cock trap brought me that wonderful little tingle in my balls.

Cathrine must have known I was close because she said. "You didn't cum in her did you? Eliza I mean."

I grunted and shook my head.

Jennifer moaned. "Oh, don't cum in me please. I'm not on the pill, you can't cum inside me."

Cathrine stopped rubbing herself and moved over to us. "Where?" She asked just one word.

"Her mouth." I said.

Jennifer pulled away from me and I backed up. Cathrine reached down and jerked my cock for me. Jennifer got onto her knees and moved her mouth near my cock.

"Cum for us." Cathrine moaned. She worked my cock faster and faster, and Jennifer wrapped her lips around just the tip of my prick giving my tip a little lick once in a while. The combined action from both girl sent the sperm shooting from my tip in an eruption. Jennifer flinched as the first wave of hot white cum blew into her mouth. She recovered quickly and sucked hard on my tip swallowing every single blast the spewed forth as soon as it left my shaft. I could feel her throat working to swallow my semen, man it was hot.

When all was said and done the girls got dressed and I saw them out. They thanked me for my hospitality and I wished them luck on their investigation.

I shut the door as the phone rang.

"Hello." I answered.

"Hello lover." The voice on the other end said.

I froze and damn near pissed my pants as I recognized the voice.

It was Eliza's voice.

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