tagErotic CouplingsThe Sinfully Sexy Soccer Mom - 2

The Sinfully Sexy Soccer Mom - 2


Sherry had always been a tease, ever since she and her husband first moved into our neighborhood. Even when I met her for the first time, I will never forget how sexy she was. It was late morning, almost noon when I went to the mailbox. As I was checking my mail, I found several letters addressed to the house across the street mixed in with my mail.

I knew that there was a new couple that moved in, but I had not introduced myself yet. So I figured now would be a great time, so I walked across the street and knocked on their door and at first there was no response. I waited a few minutes and then I started to leave, assuming that no body was home.

As I was leaving, I heard a deep female voice say hello? I turned around and saw this cute blonde woman standing in the doorway in bathrobe. Her hair was wrapped up in a towel as if she had just gotten out of the shower. I turned and walked back up the stairs and introduced myself and told her about the mail mix-up.

She introduced herself as Sherry and told me that she and her husband Ron had just moved in.

I explained that I just two doors down and across the street.

She said that she had seen me outside when they were first looking at the house and admired the way that I landscaped my yard.

I said thank you and she said that she might ask me for a few pointers when she gets settled and started landscaping her own yard.

Sherry asked me if I could come in for a few moments and I said sure. As she turned to walk inside, I noticed that her robe was not fastened and when she turned, I caught a glimpse of her very shapely legs. In fact, she had very tanned legs and I could see just a peek of her white thigh, where the tan stopped. So far, I was beginning to like my new neighbor.

As we made our way to the kitchen, she asked me if I would like a cup of coffee and of course I said sure.

However, I tempered that reply with "I hope that you don't have a jealous husband." Sherry just laughed and said that he wouldn't mine her being cordial and neighborly. Besides, he was too busy with his business to worry about what she was doing at home.

As Sherry returned to the Kitchen table with my coffee, her robe was open in front now about three inches, just enough for me to se her skimpy nighty. I know that she saw me admiring her, but she only smiled and never brought the subject up.

Sherry asked me what I do for a living and about he neighborhood and the usual new neighbor things.

I could tell just by looking at Sherry and her demeanor that she loved to tease and she enjoyed partying. I thought to myself that my new neighbor and I were going to get along just fine. I knew one thing for sure, I could not stay much longer, because either Sherry was very horny or she was purposely tormenting me. As we talked, she had her sexy legs crossed and kept pumping one leg just enough for me to catch a wonderful view of her lovely inner thighs.

After about an hour, I told Sherry that I had some chores to finish at home and she told me that it was very nice that we met and not to be a stranger.

In fact, she told me to stop by the bar sometime and have a drink with her and meet her husband. I assured her that I would do that and I left.

I left in the nick of time, because her body language was really turning me on.

Sherry walked me to the door and I could almost feel the heat from her as she came closer to say good bye and she called after me and said doesn't be a stranger and I promised her that I would be back.

When I got home, all I could think of is how she must be a real wild woman. She made no effort to cover her sweet body and seemed to enjoy torturing me.

As time went by, I had the opportunity to spend more time at sherry's house and even patronize her and her husband's business. They both were real party people and thoroughly enjoyed their lifestyle. I even got along fine with her husband and he did not seem to mind how flirtatious his sexy wife was.

A few years had gone by and our older quiet neighborhood was changing a bit. The older folks were moving away and younger couples were starting to move in and I loved watching sherry tease the younger men in the neighborhood. In fact, I especially enjoyed the view when sherry would pretend to be watering her grass or pulling weeds while wearing her bikini or one piece swim suit that was at least one size too small.

Sherry was not petite, while she definitely was not fat; she had a full figure. A very voluptuous full figure and I drool every time I see her in her various outfits. My personal favorite is her tight faded blue shorts; her thick tanned legs are absolutely stunning.

Sherry always has her fingernails and toenails precisely manicured and painted bright jezebel red. Her makeup is always tastefully applied, not too much but just enough to accentuate her sexy features.

I am always making excuses to visit her when she is parading outside and she loves the attention

Especially when she is wearing her swimsuits, she seems to go out of her way to give me plenty of cleavage and ass to ogle. Aside from Sherry's big beautiful green eyes and red pouty lips, her legs are definitely to die for.

Sherry's legs are very thick and firm and narrow at her ankles, I always wondered what it would feel like to have those delicious thighs wrapped tightly around my waist. Oh what a fantastic thought to be trapped between those muscular legs and have her panting with desire.

Over the years, sherry did develop a slight tummy and when she put her two piece on, she tried to suck it in. However, you could still tell that it was not very flat and firm. But for her I think it just added to her overall attractiveness. I loved to watch her. I have many fond memories of sherry and her various poses outside.

One particular day she was sunning herself out tin her back yard and I walked over with two cold beers and she just smiled.

I told her that she looked lonely lying there all alone.

She said that she was just relaxing and she said her husband came home late last night and wore her out.

I asked what she meant and she said quite casually, he was extraordinarily horny and fucked her senseless until the early morning hours.

I laughed and said well; at least somebody is getting laid.

Sherry managed to sit up and looked me over and asked when the last time was that I had sex and I told her that with my work schedule, It was rough having a regular romantic life.

Sherry told me that she had a friend that was lonely too and was tired of the one night stands and quickies at he bars and was looking for a guy to have fun with and sex on occasion.

I almost screamed yeah that's me, but instead I said what makes you think that she might even be interested in me.

Sherry replied that she told her friend all about me, so I agreed to meet her.

Sherry finished her beer and asked me if I could apply some lotion to her back and I said sure.

As I applied the lotion, sherry became completely relaxed and I found myself becoming aroused as I spread the lotion on her lower back. When I got to the waistband of her bikini bottom, I slowly massaged her hips and she moaned softly.

I asked her if she was ok and she said please don't stop, could I do her legs too?

I was beside myself with desire for her, but as I continued gently rubbing her legs and something amazing happened.

The closer that my fingertips came to her inner thighs, the wider that she spread her legs and sighed. I tentatively began rubbing the inside of her legs, toward her pubic mound and she began slowly humping my hand. I went a little further and my finger could feel the wetness of her crotch.

Sherry was becoming almost aroused as I was and I slipped my fingers under her leg band and I could feel her creamy secretions.

I was beyond the point of stopping now and I increased my pace and sherry was lifting her ass cheeks to meet my fingers now.

She was gasping and forcing her lovely bottom into my hand now. I plunged in all the way with three fingers and I could feel her swollen clitoris.

As I brushed my fingers over her puffy little love button, sherry let out a joyous squeal and flooded my fingertips.

I withdrew my hand from her bikini and she said that was nice.

I apologized for being too forward, and she turned to face me and she said that it has been along time since she was fondled. Usually it is just rough, hard passionate sex and little treatment that I just gave her was very relaxing.

Sherry rolled over on her side and commented on the bulge in my pants and said that must be very uncomfortable.

I told her that it was all her fault and she said that she had noticed my hard on before.

Sherry grinned wickedly and told me that she knew the effect that she had on me whenever she dressed provocatively, that is why she did so whenever I was outside. She said it was cute that I got aroused watching her prance around outside.

I told her that was not very nice and she should be punished for her cruelty to the males in the neighborhood.

Sherry then feigned shock and asked me with a huge grin what I had in mind.

Then I told her that I had quite a few scenarios in mind. I was beginning to relish the thought of sherry following my commands. I thought for a moment, then I suggested that she remove her bikini top and expose her lovely breasts for all the men in the neighborhood to enjoy.

Sherry pretended to be modest and she slowly untied her top and pulled it away and my mouth immediately began drooling. Sherry has lovely round breasts that are still firm and yet soft. Her nipples were very brown and looked fantastic in contrast to her ivory white globes. She has a very tanned body, except for small part of her breasts around the nipples.

As I stood there gawking at her lovely breasts, Sherry asked me if I wanted to touch them or kiss her nipples.

I looked around quickly and bent down and sized a nipple between my teeth and she squealed with glee as I sucked and nibbled. Her nipples were almost as big as little toes and very soft for being so huge. The harder that I sucked, the more swollen they became.

I Told Sherry that I could definitely get used to those and she tasted fantastic. In fact, I told her that her punishment was not over and that we needed a place to continue; perhaps that offered a bit more privacy.

She then grasped her breasts with both hands and said why frank, what do you mean?

I took sherry by the hand and helped her to her feet and she giggled like a schoolgirl.

Sherry just batted her eyes innocently and asked where are you taking me?

I led her to the patio between the neighbor's house and her bushes. As I looked around, I was certain that the other neighbors would not be able to see us. I sat down on her lawn chair and asked sherry to stand before me and remove her bikini bottoms.

Sherry was smiling from ear to ear as she seductively removed her bikini bottoms. As sherry untied her strings on her hips, I grasped her by the hips and pulled her close to me and kissed her soft little tummy. I was fascinated by Sherry's belly button because it was so small. I sucked on her belly button while pulling her as tightly as possible into my face.

As I showered her abdomen and waist with wet kisses, I could feel Sherry beginning to tremble slightly. I moved my hands to her lovely ass cheeks in order to support her better.

As I squeezed her tight beautiful ass, Sherry gasped and thrust her hot hairy mound in my face and put both of her slender hands behind my head and pulled me tighter.

I loved the smell of sherry's skin; it smelled like coconut and perfume.

I parted her labia with my tongue and suckled at her pussy, sherry began to sway her hips from side to side as I explored her pussy with my tongue.

When I began to run my tongue up and down her slit, I inserted two fingers in her tight opening and she squealed with pleasure as she ground her hips down upon my fingers. I clenched Sherry's clit between my teeth and she creamed at first and then she pulled my hair and humped my face furiously.

The entire time Sherry was humping my face, I was chewing her clit and ferociously pumping my fingers in and out of her hot and juicy pussy.

Sherry began yelling softly for me to suck harder and pump my hand faster.

Sherry was so wet and slick; I managed to insert my entire fist as she grunted and squat down as I twisted my fist almost to my palm inside her hot pussy.

Suddenly, Sherry began gasping loudly and shaking violently as she not only let go with a colossal orgasm, but she wet herself as well and completely soaked my forearm.

Sherry apologized, when she caught her breath and I just pulled her down across my lap without a word and spanked her sexy ass.

Every time I brought my hand down again, Sherry moaned yess baby yes please hurt me.

After spanking her for about fifteen minutes, I leaned forward and kissed her warm red butt and I could feel her pussy overflowing with creamy ooze.

Sherry was trembling and moaning incoherently as she lay across my lap.

I ran my fingers across her swollen labia and she squealed with delight and told me in a hoarse voice that she was hornnier now than before.

I helped her up and to her feet and then I suggested that she lay down on the chaise and when she was comfortable, I pulled her sexy legs over my shoulders and kissed her legs passionately from her ankles to her inner thighs.

Sherry was begging me to fuck her now and her pussy was practically overflowing with her sweet, sticky juices. Instantly I plunged my face into

her dripping honey pot and devoured her overflowing pussy in a wild and frenzied manner.

Sherry was so beside herself with lust, she crossed her ankles behind my back and pulled my face tightly into her sweet pussy and began humping wildly and screaming.

I had to quickly place a hand over her mouth to keep her from alarming the neighbors. The only way that I could quiet her was by inserting several fingers into her mouth for her suck on.

Sherry sucked on my fingers like a starving infant. She was an incredibly wild woman and I enjoyed every moment with her, I could hardly believe that this sexy sweetheart was the mother of two small children.

Sherry was in absolutely fantastic shape, even though outwardly, she did not appear as a sensuous sexy woman. She appeared to be a typical, average "Soccer Type Mom" that enjoyed her role as dedicated mother and wife.

Her husband was such a lucky guy to have a fantastic woman like her.

And I felt so fortunate to be her neighbor that she chose to share her needs with and I made sure that she knew that I appreciated her charms.

As I was about to take a breather, Sherry tensed up and squeezed the breath right out of me with her thighs as she began trembling uncontrollably and almost bit my fingers as she had a violent, wracking orgasm.

I swallowed as fast as I could to keep from drowning in her creamy juices.

As Sherry's muscles relaxed, she rose up off the chaise lounge and kissed my head frantically and rubbed by back.

Sherry told me that was her wildest orgasm that she has ever experienced without actual intercourse and it felt fantastic.

I assured her that I was rock hard and ready to take her completely now. Sherry just smiled from ear to ear and spread her legs as wide as she could and pulled my hips between her beautiful thighs.

I immediately mounted Sherry and with such force that I scooted the chaise halfway across the patio. I felt like a young stallion when Sherry wrapped those tight thighs around my waist as I thrust in and out of her womb like a piston.

The moment was not lost on sherry either, As I ferociously plowed in and out of Sherry's tight and steamy furrow, she squealed with glee.

Sherry managed to meet me with every thrust and equally as hard if not more so.

Sherry was a very talented and passionate sex partner and I could not get enough of her body. As I was pounding Sherry's tight pussy without mercy, she brought her sweet face up to mine and started sucking my neck and kissing me all over.

Sherry wrapped her slender arms tightly around my shoulders while we fucked like insatiable rabbits. She kept her lips pressed tightly into my shoulder in order to muffle her screams of joy.

The entire time I was pounding her tight pussy, all I could think of was what if her husband came home unexpectedly?

And the thought of that just drove me to pound her harder. When I reached a point that I could feel my balls ready to explode, Sherry dug her nails deeply into my flesh and arched her back and we came in almost perfect unison.

I experienced one of the most gratifying orgasms ever and my load kept oozing out of sherry's womb, as she was trembling and gasping for air after our fuckfest.

Her unrelenting stamina and overall lust for sex enamored me. I kissed her passionately while in a state of post coital bliss, I was so pleased with her performance, and I kissed her armpits, breasts and left no part of her body without a trail of wet kisses.

When I reached Sherry's brightly painted toes, I sucked her toes and caressed her arches.

As she purred with utter contentment, Sherry caressed my neck and stroked my head.

When I was finished worshipping her feet, I told sherry that I thought she was a fantastic sex partner and a very sexy woman.

Sherry complimented me on my skills as well and suggested that we clean up and start all over again. She confided in me that her sister had agreed to care for her children for a few days.

In fact, she said that she had previously told her husband that she planned to spend the weekend with a few of her girlfriends at their cottage near the lake.

I was speechless, I had not planned on being away for the weekend, but there was no way that I could refuse her offer.

Sherry was so desirable, all I could think of was she and I and a bed alone for the weekend.

I stood up and I was so excited by Sherry's suggestion, I was sporting a raging stiff cock.

Sherry smiled happily and said " I will take that as a resounding yes to my offer."

I pulled her close to me and held her tightly and said "Yes, I would love to spend the weekend with you and together, we can act out our most elaborate fantasies."

Having said that, I walked sherry into the house and once inside, I dropped to my knees and pulled her lovely round ass to my face and kissed her gorgeous plum cheeks with renewed vigor.

Sherry was totally surprised, but she placed her hands on the kitchen table and bent over as far as she could to give me better access to her tiny rosebud.

As I probed her rectum, Sherry became quite excited and she was pushing as hard as she could into my face for my greedy tongue to pleasure her.

When she began rotating her hips, I quickly inserted three fingers into her pussy and massaged her clitoris. Sherry was screaming with pleasure now as I increased my tempo.

While Sherry was preoccupied with my probing fingers, I slowly stood up and inserted first two, then three fingers in her tight rectum and she squealed loudly and said that felt sooo good.

As her sphincter muscles began to relax, I cautiously removed my fingers and pressed the flared head of my aching cock against the little brown ring of her anus.

And while holding her hip with one hand I pushed forward and was met by a hard backward lunge by Sherry.

Instantly, I was in her beautiful ass up to my pelvis and I made thrusting circular motions with my hips and Sherry was moaning and gasping loudly for me to fuck her harder.

I could see that she was gushing already from her pussy as the sweet sticky juices oozed down her inner thighs.

I grasped her wide hips with both hands and I fucked her like a jackhammer.

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