tagIncest/TabooThe Sins of the Fathers Ch. 24

The Sins of the Fathers Ch. 24


***** Writer's Note: A suggestion, here. If you are new to reading this series of stories, please read Chapter 23, 'Into the Woods' before reading this chapter. They are written as a couplet. You can enjoy this one but you will not fully understand it unless you have read Chapter 23. 'Nuff said! Enjoy.


Nikki woke to one Golden Retriever kissing her face, while the other patiently stood by the bed with a tennis ball stuck in its mouth. Dr. Sam was leaning in the doorway, watching. "Congratulations, I think you've been officially adopted. It's their way of saying, 'We love you; so, can we all go swimming?'"

Nikki wrapped her arms around Dr. Sam, who kissed her on the top of her head. "Is mom up, yet?"

"Nope, still asleep; I kept her up late last night."

"Yeah, I heard."

"Before you take them swimming, would you like some coffee?" Samantha asked.

"Coffee? With just you?"

"Yeah, with just me. Upstairs, when you're ready."

Dr. Samantha Green smiled as Nicole came up the stairs. Cute summer dress, was all she thought as Nicole walked onto the balcony. Seeing the sunlight cut through the sheer-cotton fabric, for a moment Dr. Sam forgot she was making coffee and just stared. Nicole Grant was quite obviously as naked as the day she was born under the dress.

Pouring them each a cup of coffee with cocoa and a shot of brandy, Sam casually remarked, "That's a beautiful dress on you."

Impishly, Nikki hedged the subject."This is great coffee."

"Thanks, we call it our 'Weekend Eye-opener'." Not to be deterred, Sam paused for a second then continued, "You know, the dress doesn't hide much."

"I know."

Sam grinned. "So does that mean you don't have much to hide or you don't mind others looking?"

Sipping her coffee/cocoa/brandy eye-opener, Nikki considered the question and answered, "Yes."

Samantha laughed out loud; she'd always liked clever women. That's one of the things that drew her to Jennifer. Jenn possessed a wicked sense of humor about how words could be manipulated; it made her a very fun date, and a great lawyer.

They both heard Nicole's mom as she climbed the stairs. Handing Jenn her own cup of the brew, Sam got up and made herself another. Wearing pajama bottoms and a light-cotton halter top, her appearance was that of a woman, who always woke up looking like they had just had sex because they had.

Jennifer reached up, pulling Sam down for a 'good morning' kiss. "Are you flirting with my daughter?"

"Maybe just a little, to see if she knows how."

Playfully, Jennifer glanced over the mug of steaming coffee and asked, "Does she?"

Samantha's eyes sparkled. "Oh, yes. I think she just might."

For a while all three of them just sat there quietly, simply contemplating the beauty of nature. The temperature was perfect for the room had been designed to let morning breezes in. The trees scraped gently against the roof, while the river provided the rhythm and the light wind sang in the trees.

Finally, a still point in the day. After a few minutes, Jennifer took a deep breath. "It's time." It's well past the time to do this.

She retrieved the journal. Setting it on the table, Jenn carefully selected a fireplace match, took the first few pages, and tore them from the journal.

One of the most unique and beautiful features of their balcony room was its fireplace, built of stones hauled from the riverbed below. The fireplace's mantle had been roughly hewn from a fallen spruce. At one end set a small Japanese temple bell, a striker swinging at its side on a simple leather tether. On the other end was a burning scented candle; this morning, it smelled of cinnamon.

Stepping over to the fireplace, Jenn crumpled the pages and lit them. One at a time, she methodically dropped them into the firebox, never blinking as they curled and turned to ash.

She inhaled deeply, breathing in some of the smoke; but, her throat did not close. She turned back to the table so far away. The book was still there. Even diminished by missing pages, it was a tangible presence. Still ... The Book!

Nikki waited as her mom crossed the room again. Dr. Samantha Green was holding her breath; she knew what this day meant. If you can do this, you're free of it.

Her hands trembling, Jennifer tried to rip more pages; but, now, she was blinded by tears. Reaching up, Nikki gently touched her mother's arm. "Mom, can I do it, too?" she asked softly. "Not for you, but with you?"

Her mom nodded, Yes.

Calmly, Nikki tore out some of the pages, including the tabs marked 'Jack' and 'Jack won me!'. She crumpled them. Then, she walked with Jennifer across the room, tossing the pages into the flames.

Her mom held her tightly as they burned. They glanced back at the table. Still ... The Book!

Samantha Green picked up the remnants of the journal and walked it over to them. She passed it to Jennifer, who took it and simply laid it in the flames. It caught, curled up on itself, and flared with a small forked-tongue of flame licking out from the firebox. It hissed like a long rattling sigh, like a last breath. Then, it was quiet. It just burned.

A small gust of wind caught the striker on the Japanese bell, ringing it. Another gust blew out the candle. Nikki picked up the fire iron and poked the journal. It fell in pieces and burned faster. You couldn't read the pages now, they were ash.

Samantha Green said quietly, "Ring the bell, put out the candle, burn the book."

Nikki glanced up at her; Dr Sam's eyes were flame.

"What is that?" What was it you just whispered? I felt goosebumps when you said it.

Samantha looked at her, then at Jennifer; finally, she spoke. "It's a version of something I heard somewhere. An exorcism of sorts. It's a rite used by the Church, but it is older." Much older. It's seldom used in our modern world.

"What does it do?" asked Nikki.

"It's just words." Old, powerful, secret words, Little One.

"It means this is all over. I'm, finally, free," Jennifer added. Samantha held her like something precious--not fragile--simply incredibly precious.

Jennifer whispered, "I thought maybe we should get that behind us. I want to spend the day with the two of you. The whole day, not just part of it." She looked over at the fireplace. "If we'd waited to deal with 'that' until tonight, it would have just robbed of us of more time." All we would have had left would have been the remains of a day. Not enough.

She opened the circle of her arms around Samantha wider and Nikki entered. Now, they were three.

Nikki took the girls for their swim and fetch. When they got back, they had their customary roll all over the lawn to fluff their coats and get the dust adjusted just right. When they scampered back inside, Samantha noticed that Nikki's hair was wet, but her dress wasn't. Both women were wearing short robes again.

"You went swimming with them?" Sam asked.


"You didn't have anything on under that dress, did you?"


"The dress isn't wet."

"I know."

Jennifer watched with amusement as Nikki flirted with Samantha. "Nicole, we made a decision while you were gone. We're going to have a normal day for us. You can be a part of it, if you want to."

"Okay, but I've got a question. Are you saying that you two haven't been acting normally, because I'm here?

"That's correct."

"What would you be doing if I wasn't visiting?" She was actually curious.

Samantha interrupted, supplying the answer. "Massages. We usually give each other a massage on one of the weekend days. It helps us forget the whole world, including work and problems. It lets each of us touch each other with more than just words."

"So, you guys are going to give each other massages? That's cool."

"Not just us; you get one, too, if you want." Jennifer spoke, as she carefully observed Nikki. "Have you ever had a massage?"

"No." Nikki shivered. I definitely want a massage.

Samantha grinned. "Then you're gonna learn a whole lot about your body and about being touched. But, understand, Nicole, this is like the hot tub; we don't wear clothes to get massages."


"Would you like a massage first? Or would you rather watch me or your mom get a massage before you have one?"

"Can I watch first?"

"You may. So, who gets the massage?" Sam asked, curious whom Nicole would chose. She loved questions that revealed how someone valued things. Questions that revealed someone's thought processes. 'How' they thought not 'what' they thought.

Nikki pointed straight at Sam, her nose crinkling as she squinted. "Can I watch my mom touch you?"

Samantha smiled, and Jennifer nodded it was okay. "Remember that you don't have to have one, if it makes you uncomfortable. It can be very personal and intimate. Especially, if it's your first time."

They set up the massage table next to the hot tub, overlooking the river. Trees, leaves, wind, chimes, and the sound of the river. Nikki looked around and loved it. This is way cool!

The two women slipped out of their robes.

Dr. Sam laid down on the table. It had a place for your head and lots of towels. Jennifer took a small vial of coconut oil, pouring some onto her hands. She began with Sam's legs and feet, working upwards. It was slow and methodical; but, it seemed to Nikki that Dr. Sam was really enjoying it.

Jennifer leaned next to Dr. Sam and whispered something that Nikki couldn't hear. Dr. Sam nodded her head in agreement.

"Would you like to try?"

"Very much," Nikki replied, quickly pulling the summer dress over her head and dropping it at her feet. Jennifer poured some oil into Nikki's hands. Jennifer guided Nikki's hands. They cupped Samantha's ass, squeezing and kneading it with their hands. Her fingertips were now between Sam's cheeks, almost touching her sex. Close enough to feel the hairs of Dr. Sam's pussy.

She thought Dr. Sam might have gone to sleep, but Jennifer patted her butt and told her to turn over.

Nikki stepped back and watched as Dr. Sam turned over; she was totally relaxed. Nikki thought she was beautiful. Stepping away from the table she sat back down, taking it all in.

Jennifer pointed at Nikki and whispered something again in Sam's ear. She saw Sam raise her head slightly and look at Nikki. Then she nodded her head, and laid back down. There was a hint of a blush on her shoulders and the sides of her face.

Jenn took Sam's hand and rested it on her own naked breast. Sam's palm covered Jennifer's breast as she worked the muscles in Sam's hand and arm.

She pointed to Nikki and Samantha Green's other arm. "You try it."

Nikki moved to the other side of the table across from her mom. Taking a tiny amount of oil, she began to copy what her mom was doing.

Sam was lost in thought and need. She was cupping Jenn's daughter's smaller, younger breast with her other hand. She could feel every breath Nikki took, each breath pressing the nipple against her palm gently.

Jennifer saw Samantha's own nipples start to lengthen. She loved Dr. Sam's breasts. They were big and firm; and she could almost see the light tracings of the veins. When Sam was turned-on, her nipples were pale pink, small, and rock-hard like little bullets. Right now, they were hard.

"Nikki, let me have her for a second. Just watch."

Her mom stepped to the head of the massage table, leaning down over Samantha's body.

Nikki watched, mesmerized as her mom's hands found the joining of Sam's thighs. In the glints of sunlight, peeking though the trees, Samantha's mons seemed like it was on fire, the tiny crimson curls matching her hair. The skin on her mound pale, like that on her breasts. Nikki watched as Dr. Sam's clitoris emerged. It was coral pink, beautiful and its perfect pink contrasted against her ivory skin and blazing red hair. Jennifer brought her hands upward again in one broad sweeping stroke, trapping Sam's sex between them as she swept them upwards over her pelvis.

As she did, Samantha let out a small gasp at precisely the same moment Jennifer's nipple slid across her lips. She brought them down Dr. Sam's pelvis and hips along her sides, then swept up from her ribs to bring both hands to Dr. Sam's breasts.

She glided them alongside each full breast and lifted each, only with the backs of her hands as she transitioned her hands to Sam's upper chest and shoulders. Dr. Sam squirmed with pleasure on the massage table.

Nikki gasped quietly as her mom gently twisted the two nipples.

Jennifer whispered into Samantha Green's ear, "Will you let her try that?"

Samantha nodded her head, but added, "Are you okay with this?"

Jennifer murmured in her ear, "Oh, yes. I'm so turned on doing this, I may just show her what you really like. Are you okay with that?"

Sam didn't say a word.

"Not going to answer, huh?" She kissed her again. "I'll only ask you one more time ... after she massages you, just think about it." Even better, try not to think about it.

"Nikki, would you like try to what I just showed you?"

"Oh my God, yes! I mean ... can I, Dr. Sam? Is it okay, mom?"

Taking her hand, Jennifer led her to where Samantha's head was resting. Spilling over the edge of the table, Dr. Sam's thick mane of hair brushed sensually against her tummy; and, suddenly, Nikki shivered with goosebumps and her hands were trembling.

Again, she took some coconut oil and leaned over Samantha's head and chest. The inside of her arms almost cupped Samantha's breasts as she reached out across Dr. Sam. Her hands followed Samantha's abdomen downward in a sweep. As she touched Sam's thighs Nikki turned her palms inward and brought them up, dragging them against the curly hairs of Dr. Samantha Green's overheated sex. She squeezed the pussy lips of Dr Sam's sex between her stroking hands, causing Samantha's clit to slide between two slippery-wet vises. Sam couldn't stop her body's automatic response; her hips tilted, lifting her mons as the hands moved upwards.

As she lifted her hips, Nikki's nipple gently brushed across Sam's lips. And a second time, but, this time Sam gently sucked it in. Nikki moaned, "Jesus, Dr. Sam ... "

Nikki spread her palms out, the sides of her fingers just brushing the edges of Samantha's heavy breasts. Then she focused then up along the rib cage to Sam's upper chest. She took a deep breath and reached for Samantha's breasts.

Jennifer saw Samantha's breasts rise in anticipation of Nikki's touch, watched her daughter take a breath and bite her lower lip. Nikki took Sam's breasts firmly rolling the nipples between her thumb and forefinger; Sam's hands balled into fists beside her hips.

Sam could feel Nicole's breath against her lips. She could feel the heat, the lips so close. Her one remaining thought was, Wait for it, let her come to you.

Nikki leaned down and asked, "Can I kiss you, Dr. Sam?"

Samantha Green nodded her head; and, Nikki's lips descended on hers. The touch was not tentative; she kissed Samantha. Her tongue teased Samantha's lips to open and she chased Sam's tongue in a dance of sorts.

Jennifer watched Dr. Sam intently, sure Sam was actually quite close to cumming.

Breaking the kiss, as she backed away from Dr. Sam's mouth, a small fragile string of spittle—like a glistening silken thread--spun intact from both their tongues.

Jennifer said loud enough for both to hear, "Christ, you're beautiful together."

Now, there was no holding Nikki back; she was on fire. Her lips demanding, her tongue relentless, she wantonly retook Samantha's mouth.

The force of Nikki's raw passion caught Dr. Samantha Green by surprise. Stunning in its fierceness, that kiss literally overwhelmed her.

Nikki stepped back unsteadily from Dr. Sam. She glanced at her mom, and Jennifer simply said, "Well, that was quite a kiss."

Nikki's voice broke, "I ... know."

Dr. Sam had brought her hands to her head and slowly ran her fingers through her hair. "Oh my fucking God! I'm so fucking turned-on."

Jennifer smiled. "So about my question, can I show her how you really like to finish your massage?"

Fascinated, Nikki asked, "There's more?"

"Let me show her."

Samantha Green turned her face away from Nikki and Jennifer, but she uncrossed her legs. Jennifer knew what that meant. She moved down the table; Nikki followed.

Jennifer opened Sam's legs, placing a foot on the linen. She did the same with the other leg. The effect was that Dr Samantha Green's sex was now brazenly open, her legs spread wide.

She poured a small amount of oil onto Sam's sex. She rubbed it in with the palm of her hand, making sure Sam's labia were generously coated. Then she took a bit more oil for her hands.

With one hand, she rubbed gently across Sam's clit. Once again, Sam's hands went back to the table's edge.

Jenn's other hand cupped Sam's sex and a finger entered it, while she continued rubbing in a circular motion across and into Sam's mons. Jenn added a second finger; and, Nikki began to hear soft little wet-smacking sounds, coming from Sam's pussy. On My God, this isn't just a massage.

As Jenn gently inserted a third finger, Sam moaned and got significantly wetter. With growing need, Samantha Green's hips matched the rhythm of her lover's fingers.

Jennifer glanced at Nikki who was totally absorbed by everything. She had a faraway look; yet, her eyes were focused everywhere at once. She wanted to see it all. Her eyes opened in surprise when Jennifer added a fourth finger, wedging her hand into Dr. Sam. Covered in a fine sheen of coconut oil and need, Samantha Green was breathing deeply and raggedly as Jennifer stretched her over and over.

"You see this," she showed Nikki Samantha's unhooded clit, "Rub it very gently with your thumb. Help me with her."

As Nikki brought her thumb to Samantha's clit, she watched as Jennifer used her now free-hand to gently spread Dr. Sam's pussy lips. She pulled back her other hand, wedged inside of Sam, and reshaped it into a blunt pointed-fist of four fingers with a thumb tucked inside. Jenn twisted her hand against her lover's sex. Slowly, it opened; and, Sam's hands gripped the table, so she wouldn't be pushed off of Jennifer's hand.

Sam felt herself stretch. Little by little, Jennifer was preparing her. Smiling as she gently rotated her fist, Jennifer watched her hand and looked at Sam's labia. Sam moved her hips towards the invading hand. Your kitty is definitely ready to be fed. But you have a ways to be stretched yet. The idea is pleasure in the taking, not pain.

She smiled, Samantha Green had always said she delighted in the sexually unexpected. Well, let's just see how much.

"Nikki," she asked, "would you like to try? Your hands are smaller than mine."

Dr. Samantha Green's head came up off the table; she held her breath. She had no clue what would happen next; and she didn't even know what to hope for. Jennifer hadn't mentioned this possibility. She and Jennifer had never shared themselves with a third.

"But, I don't know what to do," Nikki asserted hesitantly

"Just use your hand gently; she'll enjoy it. Your hand's alive, warm, long, thick, and flexible ... she likes all of those qualities." She pointed at Samantha and teased, "Nikki, we don't own a dildo."

Dr. Sam watched as Jennifer poured a little oil into her daughter's hand. Nikki spread it all over her hand. She lean down, cupped Sam's sex, and gently slid a couple of fingers into her. "She's so hot there!"

Nikki added a third finger. "And tight."

Nikki shaped her hand, like she'd seen Jennifer do.

Jennifer coached, "Gently, but with some push. Just not too fast; you don't want to hurt her."

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