tagMind ControlThe Sister's Party Ch. 03

The Sister's Party Ch. 03


Josh let everyone relax for about an hour before he said, “Now is the time for the big show. You girls ready for one more time?”

They all look at Josh. Jennifer and Heather were lying on the floor next to each as was Janette and Lisa. Rob sat on a chair drinking a coke. They were all naked.

Josh had kept the others happy outside with a small mind push. The hosts of the party had not been missed but Josh wanted to include the other guests in the fun.

“Everyone get up and let me look at you,” Josh ordered. Everyone stood up and lined up so Josh could inspect. It was Jennifer, Heather, Janette, and Lisa all standing side by side. Rob was last.

“Jennifer, go brush you hair and wipe clean you pussy.”

Josh next inspected Heather.

“Heather, your hair is great. Go brush it and wipe off your pussy. You girls all need to brush your hair and clean the pussy juice off your pussies. Lisa and Heather, you need to clean the cum out your pussy, some is still leaking out,” Josh said as he looked at the other two sisters.

“Wait a minute. Janette, you and Jennifer get down on your knees and eat out the cum in their pussies,” Josh ordered.

Janette kneeled before Heather. Jennifer kneeled before Lisa.

As Janette and Janette gazed at their sisters’ pussies they could see quite a bit of white cum oozing out.

“Ok what are you waiting for,” Josh commanded.

Janette began to lick Heather’s pussy sticking her tongue as far as she could up Heather’s pussy hole. She could taste her husband’s cum mixed with Heather’s pussy juice. She could not believe how wonderful it tasted. Yesterday Janette would have been disgusted at even the suggestion of licking another woman’s pussy. Janette did not even like to suck Rob’s cock and he knew he had better not cum in her mouth. Now she was very turned on as she sucked her sister’s cunt filled with Rob’s cum and Heather’s ample fuck juice. It was heaven. Janette could feel her clit swelling again as knelt between her sister’s legs.

“Mmmm,” Heather moaned as she felt Janette’s tongue insider her. The gentle lapping of her older sister tongue in her pussy was heaven on earth. Heather could not believe Janette was doing this. She would never call Janette a prude again.

Jennifer did the same with Lisa. She could taste Josh’s cum mixed with Lisa’s fuck juices. As with Janette she would be totally disgusted to even think of such acts of depravity but now she could not believe how fantastic this mixture of human fuck fluid tasted as she searched for every drop.

Of course it only takes one sperm to swim in the right direction in an unprotected womb and find an egg to attack.

“Ohhh!” Lisa moaned. She never knew Jennifer had such a talented tongue. She had always felt Jennifer disapproved of her. Now they a very special relationship that Lisa hoped continued into the future. She loved her sister and her sister’s tongue.

“We don’t have time for you whores to cum again. Just get the cum out,” Josh said in an impatient voice.

After a few minutes Josh said, “Okay that is enough. If I let you girls go you will be eating each other’s pussies for the remainder of the afternoon. Now go clean yourselves up and brush your hair, then come back here. Hurry up!” Josh commanded.

As the girls left the room Josh said, “Rob put on your panties and have a seat until they are finished. You will be the MC of the ceremonies.”

The girls did not take long to freshen up and they all looked great. They were back to their normal selves but still under Josh’s control. None of them could believe what had happened and was happening, but all had to admit they fully enjoyed everything even though it was sick. They all rushed back to the kitchen and stood before Josh with their heads held high and their chests thrust forward.

When all were back in the kitchen Josh addressed the group.

“You guys still have guests outside. So it is now time for desert. Here is what I want you to do,” he explained.

Harold Adams sat next to his wife Nancy who was talking to their next door neighbor Sue. Harold and Nancy were a normal couple who had been married for 12 years. They still had occasional sex but not with much excitement. It was mainly something Nancy did to make Harold happy.

As everyone sat talking no one had noticed that for the past couple of hours all the hosts of the party were nowhere to be seen. Josh’s mind control was becoming more powerful and he now could easily control groups of people.

“Everyone it is time for the show!” Rob suddenly announced.

Harold looked up and was shocked to see his good friend Rob standing by the kitchen door dressed only in pink panties. He noticed they were rather sheer pink panties that did little to hide the fact that Rob was a man.

“What the hell!” Mike Johnson, Rob’s next door neighbor said as he saw his friend standing there in pink panties. “Is this some kind of joke?”

Allen, Jennifer’s husband could not believe his eyes. He knew his brother-in-law was a bit strange but this was too much. He stared at Rob with disbelief. As the shock diminished Allen began to feel something else. There was a stirring in his shorts and he shifted his position a little to accommodate the beginnings of an erection.

All were staring at the strange site of Rob and his pink panties. There were gasps throughout the group as each person noticed Rob.

Josh watched the ceremony as he put a small mind push that kept anyone from doing much of anything other than looking. As Josh did a mind sweep of the group to gauge their reaction he noticed a couple of the guys were responding sexually to Rob’s panties.

“Ok everyone listen up. We have a surprise for you now. It will be a little show that you will certainly enjoy,” Rob explained.

“Come on out!” Rob shouted and turned on the dance music.

The kitchen door opened and Jennifer was the first to come out. She was totally nude and as she stood where everyone could see her she began to sway to the music. Everyone’s eyes were wide. No one in their wildest imagination would ever believe Jennifer would do such a thing as parade her naked body for the neighborhood.

Jennifer was in a fog. She knew what she was doing and she felt totally humiliated standing naked in front of all these people she knew well. She could feel their eyes looking over every part of her body but she could do nothing about it. She could feel the disgust in some of the lady’s stares and she could feel the lust in some of the men. What was worse for Jennifer was that even though she was totally embarrassed she was totally excited. Jennifer badly wanted them to look her. She wanted them to see her titties and she pushed her chest forward lifting her breasts. She also stood with her legs apart so everyone got a good view of her pussy lips. Jennifer could not explain what was happening to her. How could she ever look at these people again after today? But what a thrill it was right now to have them see her like this.

Josh sent a little mind push through everyone watching the show. Suddenly Jennifer’s hips moving in rhythm to the music was mesmerizing to the crowd. The guys noticed that their cocks were suddenly awakened. All the women were amazed that suddenly this Jennifer’s wet pussy was beginning to elicit their own hidden sexual desires that they had always been afraid to acknowledge.

Lisa came out next. Again she was totally naked with her hair flowing along her chest covering a portion of her breasts in a very enticing manner. She also was swaying her hips to the music in a very seductive provocative manner. Lisa danced over to her sister, leaned over, and gave her sister’s nipple a quick kiss. Jennifer and Lisa both stood swaying together, moving their hips to the beat of the music in a most obscene erotic manner.

Lisa certainly did not know what had happened to her. She could not help it. She loved the fact that everyone was looking at her. She wanted them to see her sex. She p She wanted to be a slut to the crowd. Yet, she also knew everything was wrong. She should not be having such feelings and part of her wanted to hold her head down in shame. Instead, she held her head high and poked out her small breasts to the crowd. She reached up and began to squeeze her excited nipples to delight of the crowd.

The guys were now beginning to respond. What had began as a shocked reaction was now resulting in all the guys squirming in their seats because their hard cocks were becoming uncomfortable in their pants. Allen now had a full erection that pushed against his trousers. Everyone could easily see that Josh also had hard cock. His cock pushed out his silk panties in a most provocative manner.

The women of the group were not left out either. They were also reacting to the show and Josh’s mind push. They were becoming uncomfortable because as their pussies became excited and began to produce pussy juice. These fuck juices were flowing and beginning to wet their panties.

Next came Heather prancing out. Heather was the most natural dancer of the group and moved her hips in a very sexual fashion. On occasion Heather liked to dirty dance but she had never done it naked before a crowd of people. She like the other felt this was all wrong but could do nothing but become extremely excited at having all these people staring at her naked body.

Again the crowd responded. Several of the regular conservative type men had pulled their cocks out of their pants. One woman allowed her hand to slip down to her crotch and she was rubbing her pussy as she watched these women.

Last coming out was Janette.

“My God!” Allen said as she saw is naked wife come out of the door.

Everyone at the party knew Janette well. They knew her as a very conservative rather shy woman that would never do anything strange. Yet, here she was totally naked and not only was she swaying to the music she was rubbing her pussy as she came out. She stood before the crowd, turned around, bent over, and mooned everyone. Everyone had a straight view of her ass and pussy crack. To further move the crowd, Heather reached down and stuck her finger in Janette pussy hole. Heather got her finger very wet and then in front of everyone stuck it up her sister’s asshole.

“Oh, I love your finger up my ass!” Janette cried to the crowd.

Allen was totally mesmerized by his wife’s performance. He simple could not believe what he was seeing.

Josh loved it. Again, he was amazed at how little he had to actually do to get these people past their inhibitions to perform like this.

Josh spoke to the crowd, “We know you are all enjoying out show. This is all in preparation for out final desert, cum pudding.”

At this pronouncement Jennifer and Heather proceeded to the first picnic table, climbed on it, and stood displaying their bodies to everyone seated at the table. Janette and Lisa proceeded to the other table and did the same. Now each group of spectators had two girls on their table.

Janette took a bowl and decided to begin with her brother-in-law Allen. She ordered Allen to stand up on the table with them. Lisa bent over giving Allen a perfect view of her pussy while Janette unbuttoned his trouser and let them fall to his knees. She then pulled his underwear down revealing his hard cock. His wife Jennifer was busy at the other table with his friend Bob. Nancy Jackson had been sitting next to Allen and could not help it as she had slipped her hand down her pants. Nancy found her budding clit swollen with passion at the site of her Allen’s cock being held by one of her best friends.

Janette licked Allen’s cock and began to milk him. It did not take long.

“Oh God!” he cried and he shot a very large load into the bowl.

Janette went around to each man sitting her table, pulled him up on the table, pulled off his trousers and underwear, and then with the help of Lisa’s obscene gyrations milked them of all the cum they had. After she finished she had quite a bit of cum in her bowl.

On the other table Jennifer was doing the same. She was milking each guy as Heather gave them something to see. They soon had two bowls of cum.

While the guys were being milked the other women at the table all had their hands in their pants. Their moans only served to heighten the full sexually charged atmosphere of the party.

The girls got off the table and poured the cum into a mixing bowl. Here they mixed it with whip cream and beat it to fluffy texture. They then walked around to everyone at the party giving them a good taste of their afternoon’s desert made with cum. Everyone loved it and asked for more.

Josh was enjoying himself but he was becoming tired. His powers drained him after a while. As he looked over the group he knew he needed to rest soon. The sisters were still naked, Rob was in his panties, all the guys had their pants down and even though they had all been thoroughly milked their cocks were now hard again. The women though were fully clothed but all had very wet panties. Josh wanted everyone naked and used his last energy to give a final push. Suddenly the entire crowd was nude and sexually excited. At this point Josh relinquished control. He was spent.

Janette looked around. It was as if she awakened from a really strange dream. She could not believe what she was seeing and feeling. Her pussy throbbed with excitement but she knew this was not right. As she looked around everyone was naked. She was naked, all her friends were naked, and people were staring directly at her pussy. She had danced naked in front of all her friends. She felt totally humiliated but she could not help it, she had just had the best time of her life and her pussy wished it would not end. However, she could not tolerate the embarrassment and ran into the house.

As she entered the kitchen Janette could not believe that the best sexual orgasm of her life resulted from her sister Lisa eating her pussy. She could not believe how turned on she had become watching her husband Rob fucked her youngest sister Heather. It was just too much for her to comprehend.

All the regular guests at the party were also released from Josh’s spell. With their inhibitions freshly reinstalled there was in a mad rush to clothed themselves and leave. There were embarrassed looks everywhere but the men could not help but peek around at their friend’s wives. It did not take long though for everyone find their clothes, quick throw them on, and make a hasty retreat. Josh was nowhere to be seen.

Rob put back on his panties and stood there watching in amazement. He knew he would never attend another party to top this one. He thought to himself, “God, I loved fucking Heather’s pussy. I wonder if Janette is going to let me fuck her tonight.” Rob could feel his cock stirring under his panties.

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