tagLesbian SexThe Slave Ch. 04

The Slave Ch. 04


This story has been long in the making. I've had the idea in the back of my mind fo years now and I finally sat down to feed it and see how it would grow. It as chapters in several different categories, though mostly BDSM, and group. I highly recommend reading in order. As always, please let me know what you think.



A long day gone, there had been more guests than before in the library. Even though Sir had said she would be given to guests she had not received her collar yet. Batting at hands flirtatiously and meaning it at the same time was a fine line, and sometimes depending on the guest it was hard to find.

Nika walked over to her closet and pulled out the overly large t-shirt to sleep in that she had asked for. Sir had told her the previous evening that he would not return for two nights.

Slipping into bed Nika turned out the light on the nightstand and sighed as she held on to her pillow. The white drapes in the windows that she had never replaced when she redecorated her suite, bubbled in the breeze that flowed through the double doors that led to her private balcony. During the day they would take on whatever color that reflected down from the sky.

She had felt the lick of his belt, and the heat the paddle that hung on the wall in the once empty five by five foot room off her sitting area. The walls of the large closet were slowly filling with toys that Sir had brought for both his and her enjoyment; crops and paddles, leather ties and silk ropes, even a couple of chains and cuffs. He had given her permission to use some of the items when he was not around, though she had yet to really take advantage.

Nika's eyes slowly closed as she began to fall asleep. She sat up straight when she heard the outer door open. Hoping it was Sir she crawled to the end of her bed and knelt with her chin lowered to her chest. When nothing happened she looked through the open double doors leading to the sitting area to see the red head from her first day in the compound. She was barely covered by the green dress she wore, her red hair braided, falling over her shoulder.

"Hello..." she whispered.

The beautiful woman raised her hand just slightly to wave. They stared each other. Nika sat back one leg curled under her, the other hanging over the edge, and motioned for the girl to come into the bedroom. Her green eyes sparkled in the moonlight as she moved forward and sat on the edge of Nika's bed.

Nika placed her hand over her chest and said her name. The girl smiled as she blushed and responded in kind, "Skye" she whispered in a light Irish accent. Nika's thoughts turned to mush at the sound of Skye's voice. She looked to the girl, her eyebrow raised in confusion.

Skye smiled and moved closer to Nika, their knees touching. No words passed between them as they stared into each other's eyes; just amusement and anticipation sparkled. Skye moved her legs beneath her and knelt next Nika, bending her neck she lowered her head, kissing Nika on the forehead.

Her lips moved down the side of Nika's face, her breath warm on her skin. When Skye's lips were just hovering, barely touching Nika's, Nika reached up and grabbed Skye by the back of her head pulling her down to kiss her deeply.

Nika turned and pushed Skye down on the bed. Pulling the dress off her shoulders and down her hips Nika slowly kissed her way down Skye's body. Worshiping every piece of skin that was revealed to her eyes. When the dress was pulled down Skye's legs and tossed to the floor, Nika looked down at the stunning body laid out before her. Tall with long legs and lean, Skye was dream come true to Nika. It had been so long since she'd last licked another girl to completion she wondered if she'd remember how.

Skye giggled when Nika tickled her softly before leaning over to flick her nipples with the tip of her tongue. She rolled the nubs between her lips, gently tugging with her teeth. Skye moaned deep in her throat, arching her back just slightly as she took Nika's head in her hands.

Nika placed her leg between Skye's straddling her thigh as she licked and sucked one breast, soon moving to the next. Skye's hips bucked lightly as Nika skimmed her fingers along the girl's slit.

Moaning deeply Nika trailed kisses, nips and licks along Skye's lower stomach down to her shaved lips. Gripping her thighs, Nika pushed her legs up, opening the girl to her sight. Nika could see the collection of dew glittering in the moonlight, Skye's small nub seemed to call out to Nika, begging to be played with.

Nika leaned down and blew gently across the wet skin, making her midnight snack shiver and squeal in delight. Nika giggled as her tongue darted out to flick Skye's clit. She nibbled and placed soothing licks along Skye's sweet tasting pussy. Nika looked up to watch as Skye squirmed on her back, bunching up the bedcovers.

Returning to her feast, Nika kissed Skye's inner thigh. Realizing that she had missed parts of Skye's body, Nika moved down making eye contact. Grasping Skye's right ankle, she nipped the sensitive skin there. Nika took up the left ankle, and keeping Skye's eye, she nipped at the skin and slowly moved up the smooth legs, licking and biting her way to the knee.

Returning to the right leg she copied her torment, when she reached the knee, she tickled the back of it before resuming her climb. Nika licked at the junction between leg and pelvic bone, then returning to the left leg to taste Skye's other thigh.

When she reached her goal again, Skye growled and grabbed Nika by her hair, pulling her down. Nika chuckled and fell to her assigned task. She flicked her tongue around the edge of Skye's passage, Nika's shorter tongue unable to go much deeper. Returning her tongue to Skye's clit, Nika slid two of her fingers in to Skye's wet opening.

As Skye moaned and cried out softly at her first small orgasm, Nika sucked on Skye's clit to draw her release out. When she relaxed again, two fingers still slowly working, Nika slid her thumb up to take over for her tongue. Kissing back up Skye's body, Nika stretched out, wrapping her arm under Skye's neck, Nika kissed her deeply.

The two girls kissed pressing their bodies to each other, Skye pulled Nika's hand away, pushing her on to her back before moving down to return the favor

Nika arched her back and cried out at the touch of Skye's tongue on her clit. She wrapped her right hand in Skye's braid while her left clutched at the covers. Skye suddenly left Nika's throbbing pussy to pull her to her knees. She whipped Nika's shirt over her head and then tossed her to her right. Falling back, Nika's head now rested on her pillows, the wooden bars on her headboard in reach.

Skye smiled like the cat that'd gotten the cream as she disappeared between Nika's legs again. Nika gasped and grabbed the bars as she felt Skye's long tongue swirl around her dripping passage and then dip inside.

"Skye!" Nika cried out riding along the edge of her orgasm. Skye plunged two fingers to join her tongue, curling them up to press Nika's spot, sending her over. Nika half squealed half sighed her release, her body slowly relaxing.

Nika reached down and pulled Skye up. Pushing the blankets down past their legs and then pulling them back up and over their bodies, the two kissed gently, their limbs intertwined.

Falling asleep, the two talked softly of their lives before and since.


The next morning found Sir standing in the open door way watching the two girls sleep, still curled up together on the pillow. Skye dreamt of rolling green hills and willow trees along the banks of winding streams, while Nika's dreams were filled with the people she missed.

In her sleep, Nika rolled over on to her back, her left arm caught under Skye's neck. Her moan soft and happy as her eyes blinked slowly open to view her white ceiling. A shadow passed over the wall to her right. Turning her head she gasped when she saw Sir watching her. He ran his hand along the edge of the bed as he walked towards her. The sound of his fingers brushing the deep blue silk seemed to compete with her beating heart.

She made to move away from Skye to her trainer but he held his hand up stopping her. The backs of fingers skimmed down her cheek and brushed back her bangs. Neither one noticed Skye was awake and watching. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek whispering in her ear to stay where she was and enjoy her playmate.

Walking back out of the room he closed the doors to the living room and then silently left stopping the maid that was going to enter, "Give her some time today, she needs her rest for what is to come." The maid gave a small curtsy and moved on to the next door.

Nika sighed and rolled back to her side running her fingers through Skye's hair. Some where in the night the braid had come undone and Skye's wild curls had been released. Nika fell back to sleep never knowing that Skye now hated her with a passion.

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