tagFetishThe Slave Ch. 05

The Slave Ch. 05


Darla had the servants get Ross restrained in the car and the four of them headed for the park. Brenda and Linda were there to take the slave back to their place. Darla turned him over to them and thanked them for a wonderful twenty-four hours!

Linda and Brenda looked at one another when they saw Ross. He was literally asleep on his feet. His cock was hanging down, elongated and super fat. His balls appeared fuller than when we sent him, hanging down much lower on his thighs, stretched, was the only word they could think of to describe his balls. The slave had his head down, he appeared as a broken man, humiliated, his shoulders shrunk and bowed. He was totally exhausted.

Brenda drove and Linda was in the back with the slave. He reeked of sweat and sex, his pubic area full of dried, matted sperm and pussy juice. She questioned the slave of his twenty-four hour captivity. The slave turned to Linda and told her that he had been sworn to silence by the Mistress Darla. Linda is shocked yet appears to let the subject drop.

The slave drifted off to sleep, restrained and spread eagle in the back of the car. Linda examined him along the way home. She picked up his balls, which were huge and swollen, sagging and stretched she looked at them at them from every angle. His cock was elongated, thick and fat. An almost continuous flow of clear fluid was leaking from the awfully stretched mouth of his cock.

Linda noted the red marks, bite marks, breaks in the skin and the abrasions. She saw the scratches all over his ball sac, the shaft of his cock and the head of his cock as well. It was obvious that his balls had been beaten because they were huge, even larger than when Brenda injected the saline into them.

There were bite marks around his nipples and breaks in the skin where he obviously had alligator clips attached. Linda was stunned to see bite marks on his thighs and his ass cheeks too. Ross had fingernail scratches down his back and thighs. Linda noticed a small amount of blood in the fluid oozing from the mouth of his cock and wondered how much internal damage had been done.

Brenda pulled into the driveway to the house and joined Linda in walking the slave back into the playroom. Ross is then escorted to the shower and told he needs to be in there until he squeaks, they want him clean. He is given shaving gear and told to shave his face and the area just around his cock and balls.

Ross entered the steamy shower feeling exhausted from the last twenty-four hours, he hoped for some recovery time before these ladies start in on him. He needed some sleep. He emerged from the shower with just a towel tied around his waist, his balls were so huge, and nothing hides them. Linda wondered to herself if he knew just how sexy he was, and if he knew what kind of effect he has on women. She doubted that he truly understood.

Unrestrained and fresh from the shower, the slave knelt voluntarily in front of the three women captors. They all seemed impressed with that voluntary demonstration of a broken man. Linda told the slave that he would be allowed to sleep all of that night and as late into the morning as he would like. He was ordered back to the bed and Linda restrained just one of his legs with a tether allowing him the ability to stretch and turn in the bed because he was likely to be very sore.

Sara, Brenda and Linda headed upstairs to discuss the rest of the week and what they wanted to do with their slave. They only had him for a few more days. Tonight they will allow him to sleep and recover from his ordeal with Mistress Darla. After a long discussion they all agreed to let him recover until Tuesday morning, which is just over twenty-four hours.

It was noon on Monday when Linda went to check on Ross. She found him awake and stretched out across the bed. She took him over to an overstuffed chair and placed his breakfast in front of him. She told him he needed to eat to regain some of his strength back. She ensured the restraint was still tight around his ankle and secured to the chair. Sitting down with the slave, she informed him that he had until the next morning to recover and then the fun would begin all over again. Tuesday morning arrived rather quickly.

Ross had been looking around the room at all of the “tools” the women had collected. His heart beat a bit faster from the fear of some of the toys. He knew some or all of them would eventually used on him and he wasn’t sure he liked the idea of that.

Ross reminisced over the events of the last four nights. He grew hard thinking about some of Darla’s guests. He thought they had some gorgeous tits and pussies. His eyes riveted on one section of the wall, his cock throbbed because he knew they were tools for the TENS unit and as much as it hurt he enjoyed the feeling of electricity. It was a more intense orgasm than anything he had ever felt.

Ross didn’t hear Linda come down the stairs, and he was ashamed to be caught with his raging hard on. Linda teased the slave about getting so hard looking at all the toys. She informed him that he was all hers for the day, as Brenda and Sara had gone out. He was in for a treat.

Linda took Ross back to the bed in the middle of the room and restrained his leg back to the pole at the end. She ordered the slave to remove her clothes. He was slow to respond so she slapped his ass cheek hard several times. Ross quickly began removing her clothes, and leaned in boldly kissing her mouth with an urgency she hadn’t felt in a very long time. Linda broke the kiss and slapped Ross’ ass harder reminding him of his position as her slave.

Ross let his hands slide down to the hem of her blouse; he stared into her eyes as he slowly lifted the blouse up over her head, not bothering to unbutton it. He was deliberately being bold, and challenged Linda to do something about it, with just the look in his eyes.

He had unclasped her bra and then sensually looped the straps under his fingers. He slowly slid them down her arms and he bravely leaned in and kissed her again. His tongue slid into her mouth and his tongue danced with hers. He removed her pants sliding them over her hips and down her legs then had her step out of them.

They stood naked in the very warm room and Linda sat back down on the sofa. She motioned Ross to lay with his head in her lap and was quite surprised to feel him as he immediately begin sucking on her distended nipples. She laid her head back against the back of the sofa and gave into the moment.

Ross sucked her nipples hard and he gently bit them. She was getting very excited. She felt the juices flow from her pussy as Ross switched to the other nipple and moved back and forth between the two. It was if her tits were made for this, they fit right into his mouth as his head lay in her lap. She reached out to stroke his very hard cock and her arm was just the right length. She used his pre cum as lubrication and slowly stroked him as he brought her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly.

Ross sucked her nipples like they would be the last nipples he would ever suck. She felt his tongue as it teased the tips. Her back arched as she felt his teeth gently but firmly bite into the hardened buds. She felt the current that went from her nipples down to her clit, just as if there was electricity flowing and her clit throbbed. Her body responded to the slave’s mouth with surges of her juice running down between her legs and soft moans escaping from deep within her.

Ross continued the assault on her nipples sucking them hard and then he blew cool air on the hard buds causing them to stiffen even more. He bit and licked and teased them until he had her heart racing, and she was gasping for breath, her breathing fast and shallow and her hips pressing firmly into his side. He took one more gentle bite of each nipple before bringing her to her limit and easing her over the edge into an explosive orgasm.

Linda was without words. She loved the feeling of his mouth on her nipples, his searing tongue teasing the tips, his teeth closing around them with just the right amount of pressure. He had brought her to the edge of orgasm repeatedly by just licking and sucking her nipples. She felt the dizziness of passion swell inside her as he took her over the rim of ecstasy, her body writhing under him, her chest jutting out for more of his expert tonguing. She felt her pussy contracting deep within her as a gush of her juices spilled out and ran down the crack of her ass and onto the sofa. She loudly moaned as her orgasm took over and then as her body relaxed back into the sofa.

They teased and played on the sofa for quite awhile, she had cum over and over again as Ross teased, sucked and bit her nipples. He suddenly turned over onto his side and spread her legs wide, his tongue found her already swollen clit and he sucked on it just as if he were sucking her nipples. He began to gently bite her clit as he sucked hard then he slipped to his knees in front of her, spread her legs and her pussy lips wide and he licked and sucked her clit even harder.

Ross leaned his face back in between her legs sucking and gently biting her clit, when he lets one hand slip lower and his middle finger finds its way into her hot and wet pussy. His finger snakes around feeling the soft warm tissue within and settles on that spongy feeling spot. He draws small circles with the tip of his finger and slowly increases the pressure as his finger moves back and forth.

She tosses her head from side to side and feels another orgasm about to erupt. Ross applies more suction on her swelling clit and grabs it between his teeth. Not letting go of her clit he feels her pussy begin to contract around his middle finger and slips another finger inside her, spreading her lips wide, stretching her pussy opening he expertly brought her to another powerfully explosive orgasm.

Her body shook and her back arched up off of the sofa, she came hard. Her pussy contracted around his fingers like a vise and her juices spilled into the palm of his hand. She slid her hips down tightly against his hand grinding against his fingers pushing them deeply into her cervix and she came again even harder into his hand.

Ross stayed right between her legs softly licking her clit as she began to calm. His fingers slid from inside her pussy and he picked her up into his arms, carried her to the bed in the middle of the room and he lay down beside her. His cock at her mouth, she took very slow and deliberate licks to clean the pre cum from him as he slipped his tongue between her parted legs to lap up all of her juices.

Linda noticed his balls were full and hanging down in the warmth of the hot room. His cock was fat, but soft lying on his thigh. She turned and took his balls into both of her hands and began to squeeze them hard. She molded them into perfect ovals and got them ready to unload.

Linda continued to massage his balls squeezing and manipulating them until she noticed his cock head straining, and very purple, pre cum flowing from its gaping mouth. Her pussy was still saturated with the juices from the powerful orgasms and she had worked the slave’s cock into a rock hard erection without ever touching it.

Ross gently guided Linda to her knees and bent her at the waist. From behind he pressed his stiff, fat cock into her dripping pussy. He had to take her slowly as she was so small. He worked the head of his cock into her tight opening and strained to keep from exploding.

With the head of his cock nestled into the deepest parts of her, he reached around with both hands and parted her lips wide. He used one hand to work her throbbing clit massaging it, pinching it, rolling the hood back and softly teasing the tiny head bringing her to another explosive orgasm.
He felt her pussy contract hard around his rigid cock, she slumped her upper body down to the bed, pulling him with her; her shoulders and head rested on the pillow. Ross could feel every move from deep within her. His cock was harder than ever before and swelling even more.

Linda was spent but Ross was still rock hard and buried deep inside her. He allowed her to rest a few moments and let her pussy return to normal. He then began to thrust into and out of her. Gently at first, slowly increasing in speed and depth; he pressed hard into her wet cavern and his pelvic bone rested on her ass; his balls flop against her distended clit, over and over he continues to thrust deeply into her. He thrusts in and pulls completely out before plunging deeply into her again watching intently as her pussy swallows every inch of him.

I didn’t take much before her tightness trapped his thick foreskin and made an audible plop every time it cleared the entrance to her pussy. Within minutes she felt him press into her one last time, hard, deeper than ever before; brushing against the entrance to her cervix massaging it. Then he stopped, she felt his muscled cock head swell enormously and the first hot, thick, spurt of his cum splatter deep inside her. She then felt a rhythmic explosion of thick, hot spurts of his cum lodge deep within her, his cock head contracting and relaxing as he emptied his balls deep inside her pussy.

They rolled apart and Linda could not believe she let that happen. She had been so excited from watching him prior to the auction and then thinking about the things that Darla made him go through, she just didn’t realize how hot and excited it made her. She got up and headed for the shower. When she emerged she instructed Ross to go in and shower as well.

Linda was lost in thought when Ross returned from the shower. He remained nude and had not been allowed any clothing since the loin cloth for the auction. She took him upstairs and ordered him to begin some household chores. He rinsed the dishes, loaded the dishwasher and started it. He wiped the counters clean, swept and mopped the floor. Linda had him clean the upstairs bathroom and dust and after he vacuumed and then she took him back down to the playroom.

Brenda and Sara arrived home just a few minutes after Linda had Ross secured to the bed in the playroom. It’s Linda’s night to cook dinner so Brenda and Sara get to monitor the slave. While Linda was preparing dinner Brenda and Sara had an idea for the evening’s entertainment. They got everything ready and just as Linda brought the steaks and salad down they had Ross ready to be restrained to the suspended fir lined cuffs from the ceiling.

Sara ordered Ross to the sofa as Linda and Brenda went upstairs to get the dishes, salad dressings and silverware. They all gathered around the sofa area and enjoyed dinner; Brenda and Sara were snickering and smiling with each other as if they were hiding a secret. Linda asked what was going on and Brenda told her they had the evening all planned and she would truly enjoy the show.

Dinner complete and everything cleaned up the ladies were able to retire to the playroom with their slave. He had been restrained with his legs spread wide, ankles cuffed to the poles in the center of the room, his arms stretched up over his head, spread wide and cuffed as well. The three ladies sat down to enjoy looking at Ross. He lowered his eyes in shame as his cock grew rock hard knowing they were watching him.

Sara got up and filled the large cylinder with some hot water and oils that would soak into the skin of the slave’s cock and balls softening them and keeping them supple and pliable good for stretching without damaging them.

Ross was ordered to cram his cock and balls inside the cylinder, Sara applied a copious amount of oil around the outer area of the sac to help facilitate the entry. Sara began to pump when Ross finished cramming his cock and balls into the cylinder. The ladies watched as the slave’s cock grew even bigger, fatter and harder.

Sara tugged and pulled on the tubing, moving it up and down and trying to make small circles with it. Every now and then a wince of pain shot across Ross’ face. His cock and balls were now twice the size of the opening to the cylinder where eventually he would have to pull them out. Even the thought of it was very painful.

Brenda and Sara didn’t know that Linda had emptied the slave’s balls once that day, and they continued to apply the pump until Ross’ cock and balls were only convulsing; his balls dry and totally empty there was nothing coming out. Brenda took over pulling and pressing the cylinder all around the slave’s pelvic area. Pressing it up against his abdomen then pulling it down onto the thigh area, twisting and turning it as Sara continued to pump and release.

Brenda wanted to play all night and Sara was game, but Linda finally told them that Ross had cum so much today that there simply couldn’t produce anymore for awhile and he needed to rest his battered cock and balls After some discussion, Sara stopped pumping and Brenda handed the cylinder to Ross, ordering him to take it off. The trio sat back to watch Ross struggle with the cylinder trying to get his cock and balls out.

As he slipped from the tube Brenda noted a small amount of blood and pointed it out to Sara and Linda. It was decided that Ross would need to see a Doctor as soon as morning got there. He needed a complete exam.

It was getting late so the three ladies allowed Ross to get into bed. He didn’t even have the strength to take a shower or the few steps to get in the bed, they had to help him. Once Ross was in bed and restrained again, the three women went over to the sofa, taking some toys off the walls as they passed, and proceeded to help each other get off. They all relaxed, talking into the night on Linda’s bed just off of the playroom. That is where they all woke up the next day.

To be continued… …

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