tagBDSMThe Slave Ch. 12

The Slave Ch. 12


Back in her room, Brenda allowed herself to cry. She had always been the strongest of the three girls, if not the hardest and most realistic. She was torn between two emotions. One emotion was her usual, the one that wanted to punish the slave, to really hurt him where it counts, those huge balls and that cock; but she knew in that respect, Linda and Sara wouldn’t go for it. Well, Linda for sure, and maybe Sara. She wasn’t so sure about Sara. Sara didn’t seem to have a lot of interest in the slave except that he could bring in a lot of money for her; and the slave didn’t seem to be Sara’s type either. Linda, well that was a different story. Brenda knew that Linda wouldn’t go for any pain to the slave, let alone real pain, and especially pain that might result in damage; as for her other emotion, the one that wanted the slave to want her, to need her; Brenda had never felt this type of emotion before. With her looks and independence, Brenda really didn’t need any male; they were pretty much there for her enjoyment. The more she had been involved with the slave, the more she felt a want, a need and she didn’t know what to do. She had planned an evening, in which they would all be entertained by the slave. She would just have to wait and see how things went.

Linda and Sara had finally gotten home. Brenda met with them in the kitchen and told them that the “party” would start at 9:00pm. She also explained that the dungeon would be a little warmer than usual and strongly suggested that they wear little, or nothing in regard to clothing. They all laughed at this, knowing the effect of a warm room on the slave’s equipment and abilities. Also, they understood the ground rules of the party, they could have all the fun they wanted, in any manner they chose, except with the slave.

They were all excited until Brenda told them that there would be a little inconvenience for them. Brenda then explained that part of the deal in getting a particular item for the party was that a video tape be made showing the party and its peculiar entertainment. At that point, the girls didn’t know what Brenda was talking about. They had no idea that the particular item was a milking machine usually used on a cow. They both immediately balked at the idea. They did not wanting their faces shown nor did they want anything that they might do during the party video taped. Brenda finally calmed them down and explained that she had already studied the room and had figured out several ways that the video could be made with none of them shown.

She told them about how they could still have everything they wanted and never be seen totally on the video. Brenda told them that no one would ever know who they were, where the video was made, or any detail that would betray them. She added that if there were any mistakes in the filming the video could be edited to remove any incriminating evidence.

Brenda discussed with them how she had met with someone, told that person of her intent, and in the deal how she had gotten a fabulous toy that each of them would be guaranteed to enjoy. Now, the ladies were more than excited and they were very curious as to what Brenda had in mind. Brenda smiled deviously and said she could guarantee that both of them would love the toy, and she emphasized that Ross would as well.

Since their dungeon had so many toys already, Linda and Sara couldn’t even begin to guess what this particular toy might be. Brenda told them that she could explain nothing more, and if she did it would give away the entire surprise. She assured them that by the end of the night they would know all the details. They agreed and went to their separate rooms, to get ready.

At just after 8:00 pm Brenda had already cleaned up and was lounging around her room trying to decide what to do with Ross. She was still torn between the two choices and did not know whether to go with just one, part of one, or neither. She didn’t know what to do so she finally decided that doing nothing was the acceptable answer. She would just give them all a party, and let the fun happen, as it happened; besides, her original reason for looking into the prospect of a milking machine, was to find out exactly how much sperm Ross could produce at one time and exactly what happens when a male reaches a point of empty or as she had come to call it, testicular inadequacy.

She laughed as she thought of the phrase, testicularly challenged; but with Ross, there seemed to be an almost endless supply. She knew from her teenage years of Sex 101, that he had a limit and she was determined she would find it. Just thinking about the size of his balls and of the huge amount of sperm they had already extracted from him; she knew that it would take awhile to find his limit. That was ok, they had all night and she knew that Linda and Sara would love the show.

Brenda was more than curious and medically speaking, she really wanted to know. The vast majority of men that she had been with had only made it, one time. There were several “two time” guys, and there was even a “three time” guy, but almost all of them had either left before she could satisfy her curiosity or they had fallen asleep. In Brenda’s mind, the morning after sexual encounters didn’t count as a continuous sexual encounter on those rare occasions in which the man had remained in her bed.

Just thinking about the entertainment, tempted her to just try the milking machine on herself just one more time, however she decided that there would be plenty of time for that; besides that, her nipples were still tender from the afternoon’s session. She also noticed that the vacuum pressure had produced a huge increase in her nipple size something she thought wasn’t a bad thing!

Brenda went to the dungeon just after 8:00 pm. The other two ladies were upstairs working on their final touches before starting time. She wasn’t exactly sure what they were doing, but they were preparing as if they were going on a first date.

Brenda had soaked an extra long time in her hot bath, almost falling asleep, after she had experienced such intense pleasure earlier in the day. She was squeaky clean, relaxed, and smelled fabulous. She had picked out a short kimono, not for the slave, but for herself. Looking at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t understand how Ross could not want her. Her tanned legs were long and definitely remarkable looking. The kimono barely covered her ass and if she bent over there would be nothing left to the imagination. Wearing only the kimono, she crept downstairs to the dungeon.

Reaching the dungeon door, she peeked in; she noted that Ross was in the middle of the room, tethered. It almost appeared that he had not moved from the spot that she had left him in earlier.

Brenda opened the door and walked toward him smiling, as if nothing had taken place earlier. She couldn’t help but notice that his cock was as soft as it was when she last saw it. Without knowing it, they both were thinking about the feeling of her mouth on his quickly hardening cock; he had the feeling of it swelling inside her mouth on his mind, and she had the memory of it quickly swelling into her throat. His memory of the moment didn’t connect with his cock, and it remained soft. Seeing no reaction to her, Brenda had to hold her emotion in check, otherwise she would have begun her own party right then and there. She walked over to the room’s thermostat and turned up the heat in the room. She knew that the room would get very warm, but it was needed to keep his balls hanging full and soft.

Brenda walked up to him, facing him as she had done, earlier in the day. She asked him “Will you behave yourself?” He glanced away; avoiding her eyes, but did not answer. She told him that he had permission to speak, and asked the question again. For a second time, he did not answer. She said, “I take your silence as a NO”. She stood there, inches from his face, staring at him, waiting. He still did not answer. She said, “Ok, if you want to be that way”. She turned and walked to a wall cabinet. Raised on her tip-toes, she reached high into the cabinet and started feeling for something. She could feel his eyes on her, as she rose up again, on tip-toes, legs slightly spread, and the kimono slightly riding up her back, exposing about half of her beautiful ass. She felt around in the cabinet some more, then stopped, changing her search to a nearby drawer. From the drawer she pulled out a stun gun and pressed the trigger discharging a loud crackling sound. There was no doubt about the effect it would have on a person. Ross’ cock was about as small as it could get. She walked up to him and repeated the same question, “Will you behave yourself?” His eyes turned downward he softly answered “yes.”

She smiled and shifted the stun gun to her left hand. She then told him “I told you that I had a present for you and I told you that it would be very pleasurable.” Without looking at her, he softly reminded her that she had said it would be pleasurable at first. She remembered what she had said, and wished that she had not put it that way. She had meant that the machine would make him cum probably twice and that would be pleasurable for him.

Brenda wasn’t sure but she suspected that the milking action would eventually make him sore, especially in his balls when they tried to continuously pump out cream that just wasn’t there after a couple times. Dry cuming would result in a very severe case of blue-balls. Brenda stared into his eyes hoping for some sign or indication that he might begin to like her. She thought for a moment and then told him it was a party and he was the entertainment, then added Linda and Sara would be there.

He quickly glanced at her, with almost a smile. He hesitated. Brenda told him again that he would positively enjoy himself, and that Linda and Sara would be part of the fun. Looking into his face Brenda could see movement from below his waist. Glancing down at his organs it was obvious that the thought of Linda and Sara had triggered something with him since his cock was getting very thick very fast. Brenda smiled at him and surprisingly, he smiled back, if only slightly. She told him “quick, we have to get you ready. They’ll be coming down soon.”

Brenda removed the tether attached to Ross’ ankle restraint and ordered him to the bathroom. The dungeon bath was large and built that way intentionally. It served more as an entertainment room rather than a bathroom. The spacious bathroom even had a garden tub. The tub was equipped with soft restraints on adjustable tether lines built into the walls and ceiling. There were two ankle restraints one at each end of the oval tub. There were two wrist restraints each about waist high also at both ends of the tub; and there were eye-hooks in the ceiling allowing for restraints above the head in various positions.

Each restraint had the ability to be adjusted to force the restrained individual be held in any position, from tightly pulled to loose binds; overhead, behind the back, bent over, spread eagle, or any variety of other positions. Brenda ordered the slave into the garden tub. Holding the stun gun in her left hand, she ordered him to attach the left restraint to his left wrist. The slave did as he was told, and upon doing so, Brenda locked the restraint in place. Secured by hand, she then bent down and secured both ankle restraints, virtually locking him into the tub, facing outward. She left his right hand free, so he could wash himself.

Brenda adjusted the water temperature and turned on the shower. After the slave had rinsed and soaped all over his body, Brenda ordered him to wash his cock and balls again. She hopped up onto the sink counter to watch. The Slave’s cock had been getting gradually harder and obviously thicker, the longer she sat there. She hoped that it was the sight of her legs, and her slightly exposed pussy, that was arousing the slave. Either way, his cock was hanging down, long and thick.

She ordered him to reapply the soap to his genitals and to rub it in good. She was smiling; her eyes glued to his cock, watching his right hand slowly rub the thick foreskin back, then forward as he covered the head and shaft in soap suds. Once his eyes started to flutter and close, Brenda loudly ordered him to stop, and to rinse off. Hopping down from the counter she took the shower massage head and adjusted it to a hard pulse. She knew that he was well rinsed, but she just wanted to be positive. She knew that he was “warmed up” but wanted to add just a little more heat to the equation. Hot water could do wonders to sensitive tissue and nerve endings.

She turned the hot water up and quickly turned the hard spray toward his cock and balls. As the hot water pulsed over his already soft sac, it pummeled the two fleshy orbs stimulating them further. His cock was rock hard and quickly turning a bright red from the hot water. At first his hips instinctively pulled back protecting his soft sensitive parts and within a few moments his pelvis began to thrust outward. He was just beginning to pant when Brenda turned the water off and all he could do was stand there dripping wet, in more ways than one. Brenda smiled and told Ross she just wanted to help him warm up for the show. She didn’t want him wasting his milk down the tub drain. She said the word milk in such a way that Ross wondered what she meant. She then tossed him a towel, ordering him to dry off.

Brenda quickly left the room closing the bathroom door behind her; she knew that Ross was securely restrained so she rushed upstairs and picked up the milking machine. She carried it to the dungeon and placed it in the middle of the room very close to where Ross would be tethered.

The machine was covered so that no one would know what it was until she unveiled it. She checked on Ross and found him still drying off; she gave him a fresh towel and went back into the dungeon to continue the preparations.

Brenda placed a stand made of three inch tubular aluminum that was softly padded, in the center of the room. The stand had been built for another purpose but it was just the right height for what she needed on this occasion.

Brenda returned to the bathroom with the stun gun in her hand she removed Ross from the bathtub restraints; then ordered him to go to the center of the dungeon room. Once there, she had him kneel with the aluminum stand in front of him, and put the wrist restraints on. The stand was high enough that when he bent over, his upper thighs and lower abdomen would rest against the stand which would support his weight. When the wrist restrains were locked on she made him remain down on his hands and knees, with the stand resting under him.

Brenda placed several pillows under his head, shoulders, and chest area then told him to lie down and relax. He was stretched out across the stand with his upper body resting on the pillows when she ordered him to extend his arms fully out in front of him on the carpet. She moved up to his outstretched arms and locked the wrist restraints to a tether which was already bolted to the floor. She gave him only enough slack that allowed him to lay with his arms out straight away from his body, or he could rest comfortably with his elbows on the pillows and he could not pull them back toward his body. The slave’s arms locked securely to the floor tethers Brenda then walked around behind him; she could see that even though his body was restricted to being on “all fours”, he was able to rest his upper body on the pillows, while his lower body was supported in a kneeling position by the aluminum stand. Brenda was enjoying herself. She wasn’t sure about the slave’s arousal level, but she could feel hers climbing high.

Standing behind him she quickly put a restraint on each ankle and attached a tether to both. Each tether was attached to a floor bolt which could be tightened or loosened depending on how much freedom the captor elected the slave to have. Brenda pulled each ankle backward and outward, forcing them to spread open wide which left him resting completely on the aluminum stand at his pelvis area. In this spread position his thighs were open wide and his ankles spread even wider. Stepping back, she admired her handiwork and then moved in behind the slave. The position he was locked in now left him spread wide and more than vulnerable. His position was not uncomfortable however it gave him very little room to move.

Brenda glanced at the wall clock and noted it was 8:50pm. She surveyed the room; everything was ready, and she still had 10 minutes to spare. She turned her attention to the slave, and knelt down behind him between his out spread legs. “If you could just see yourself right now” she said softly. Ross was attempting to turn his head but due to the restraints he could only turn slightly. She reached up with both hands cupping them together and held them under his sac. As soon as her fingers touched him, Ross jerked forward away from her. His thighs involuntarily tried to pull together to protect the exposed cock and balls, but he couldn’t. Brenda cupped his sac, one ball resting in each palm, feeling each one and noting they were very than thick and full.

She told him that he was going to be so much fun for the three of them tonight as her hands began to gently massage the bloated balls. It was so warm in the room, that the sac hung way down, enough that she could easily pull the sac and its contents back and away from his body. Brenda rapidly undid the sash on her kimono and pressed herself up behind him. Pulling the stuffed sac out away from his body she leaned in and rubbed the two balls against her pubic mound. As wet and excited as she was, it wasn’t hard to manipulate the balls and use them to stimulate her already swollen clit.

She grasped them firmly and rubbed them up and down her wetness coating the sac and her clit with her own juices. Seconds later she was breathing hard and quickly approaching her first orgasm. Ross was still attempting to pull away; desperately trying to free the captured balls from her firm grasp but she was too close to let go. Squeezing them tightly, she held them against her shuddering clit as she continued rubbing her body up and down the captured sac. In seconds, she was spent and she slowly let go of the fleshy sac. She rolled forward resting on top of the slave, her nude breasts still heaving against his back with the rhythm of her breathing. Then she heard the voices at the door.

Pulling her kimono together to cover herself, Brenda rushed to the door and unbolted it. Linda and Sara were standing there smiling at her. Both were dressed in short kimonos, which Brenda took to mean that they were probably not wearing anything else. They both hurriedly stepped past her, wanting to see what was going on, in the room.

They went to the center of the room to get a look at Ross. From the position they were standing in, they were able to see his very red and puffy ball sac. A slight amount of wetness could still be seen, coating his sac. Linda ask Brenda what she had been doing to make his balls so red looking. Brenda stated that she was just warming him up for the evening ahead. Sara jokingly wondered who was warming whom up.

Still laughing at Sara’s joke, Linda and Sara noticed the towel covered object that was sitting several feet away from the fully restrained slave. As Sara reached to remove the towel, Brenda quickly ordered her away from it, telling her “hold on, I’ll explain in a minute”.

Linda moved around to the slave’s head and plopped down in front of him sitting back on her haunches. Staring into his eyes she slowly opened her kimono and pulled it back behind her. She scooted up closer to him and spread her knees wide allowing him such a close look at herself, from the position of his head he couldn’t see much more than her thighs, lower stomach, and pussy. Brenda and Sara were standing behind the slave just enjoying the Ross and Linda show.

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