tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 05

The Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 05



Drask went to his knees.

"Now strip! Diana ordered as she let the robe slip from her shoulder. "I want me toy naked."

"Yes Mistress."

:"Now get to work on my pussy!" Drask began his service.

"That's it. You have to repay for me for that performance earlier."

After several minutes, Diana was satisfied.

"'Good boy."

Drask looked up, "I think that's enough."

"Not quite" she said as she sat down beside him. "If we are going to be partners in all things. I need to know everything." She caressed his face. "And you need to be able to trust again."

"I trust you," Drask said.

"Than I am going to ask you to do something difficult.. Submit to my control and answer my questions."


Diana looked at him almost as her eyes glowed, "Let go."

Kover was entranced

She grabbed a robe belt and expertly tied his hands behind his back than pushed back. "Awake."

Drask was surprised to see himself tied up, "Diana?"

"A gift I have but can only be used on one I care about.. Love I won't hurt you."

"I'll answer."

"Firs the experience" as she pressed her breast over his face cutting off his area supply and at the same time gave him an expert hand job.

She raised her tit as he gasped for air. "Again." Diana did this several times before completing her ministrations.

"How do you feel?"

"Very relaxed."

"Now the questions, Why did you refuse to be an open seller of weapons?"

"Because there are too many crazies out there. No need to supply several Kalas."

"I see. And the drugs."

"I won't provide destroying chemicals. If you want to, this relationship won't work!" He said forcefully.

"So you won't just look for the highest profit?"

"Sorry but if I could go legit with what now breaks the law I would."

"Last question do you want to be monogamous with me?"

"Your amazing, but I like variety."

She grabbed the whip and flicked in front of his face, "That took courage to say to an Amazon," as she untied him. Because I don't plan to be either."

"Now," as he took the whip out of her hands. "Its your turn."

Diana edged back, "I have nothing to hide."

He became serious, "Yes you do, You are hiding behind a mask of your own making."

"Not true," she said hotly.

"You kept quite about what you were doing outside of Venus. Did you tell anyone that you were a daughter of Lesbo?

" I admit I was scared that people would not accept me.. Do you want to know everything?

"Only if you want me to know?"

"Damm you conniving trickster. I'll give you control of me tonight!"

Drask lead the still scared Amazon to the bed, gently but securing tying her spread eagle to the bed.

Gently brushing her breast with the whip.

"Do you regret leaving your Lesbo clan?"


"Why did Sash and Kala hate you so?

"Because the original idea to take over a smuggling group on this planet was mine."


"Yes I went undercover for a few years leaving Sasha in charge, and it was fist my experience of men and women living as equals."

"And now?"

"Well I am still superior to any man..."

He spanked her once," That deserves punishment."

Diana licked her lips," Yes Master."

He quickly untied her and flipped on her stomach. With the flat of his hand he began spanking her shapely ass.

"Is that the best you can do?" She challenged.

He leaned over," Do you really want pain?"

"Yes" Diana hesitated. "If you truly love me, this stays here. I was having orgasms when Kala was torturing me."

He kissed her gently, "Then you need this, pain, domination but no injury. Your safe word is Spaceship." Without warning he hit hard on a fading whip mark.


"Was that all it took? Drask taunted.

"Do your worse."

"I will you arrogant Amazon." With a random attack that made unable to anticipate he slapped her behind, while stimulating her pussy. "You are not to Cum!" He ordered.

"I can't hold it."

"You better!" then he stopped. "Now ',untying her legs. And tying her arms behind her. I want you to use that big mouth of your sto satisfy me. Deep throat it slut."

Diane looked at his large tool and began her work. "That's it girl, show me your devotion. Ah that's it, make me cum. " Drask exploded over her.

Then he began licking her tits and made her nipples hard. "Some jewelry for you." As he attached nipple chains.

Diana hissed as nipple chains were attached.

"Stand up and place yourself on the X frame." He resecured her. "Kiss the crop."

She obeyed. He taped a vibrator on her pussy and turned it on high


"Just the beginning" he said evilly as he swatted her entire body for several minutes.


Drask stopped so abruptly that Diana fainted. Turning off the vibrator and gently releasing her; he carried to her bed.

"Rest now" he murmured as her made himself ready for her.


She woke up and was astonished to see Drask with his arms handcuffed behind him and his eyes facing the ground.

"What is this?"

"This is what ever you want," he replied. "Beat me, rape me your choice."

Without hesitation she released him. "What I wish is hot, long and fun sex!"

The end

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