tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 04

The Smuggler and The Courtesan Ch. 04


2 confrontations

Sasha and Kala had managed to escape in one the firm's hovercraft.

"I cant believe it" Kala exclaimed. "Two years of planning!"

"We have to get off planet" Sasha said.

"No" Kala objected. "Have more of the clan come. They will be no match for us."

"Little fool," the taller woman said scornfully. "Have you learned nothing Diana and Drask have joined forces!"

"So a renegade and a mere male."

Sasha laughed bitterly, You really believe our propaganda? "I used the Valkyrie myth to gain power. Why not use Drask as a figurehead instead of that weakling Rekeal. I needed him out of the way."

"Than you are not worthy" Kala exclaimed drawing her weapon as one confronted her.

"We have a stand off, Sasha said slowing the craft.

"Yes cunt," in a voice lacking any respect. "You... Kala began as an explosion rocked the hovercraft.


Diana had paced angrily in the warehouse.

"I can't believe that he just went off by himself."

Jaqui looked at her" Diana I know you love him. But you don't understand Drask's sense of responsibility."


"He hold himself responsible for what happened. And he needs to make it right."


"Mistress, Kala is also missing." Lursa interrupted.

"She is Rekeal's wife" Diana said.

"She is also one of us", one of the bound Amazons said.

Diana walked over and saw the blond had several fresh scar and abrasions. "Who did this to you?"

"Kala!" she answered bitterly. "She hates you more than Sasha! She started wheeping "she raped me and tore me apart."

'I promise you know one will suffer from her again!" She picked up a gun.

Kak blocked her way," Let us come with you."

'No" Diana said ignoring what she just said about Drask "This is my battle." She looked around. "Thank you all for what you did tonight."


The hovercraft skidded to a halt both woman exited opposite sides. No words were spoken but they knew they were on their own.

Sasha ran to her ship. She had siphoned enough money to live in luxury for the rest of her life. It was after midnight so there were few people around. She swiped her entry card and entered the bay. Her pilot had been lost in the battle, but she could manage the ship herself.

Entering the control area, she was confronted with a smashed panel.

"You won't be going anywhere" a male voice said to her.

She turned and saw Kover. 'I underestimated you."

"You also underestimated Dina" he corrected.

"True! The slut is smart. But too independent for her own good.. I don't suppose I could negotiate with you."

"Not a chance, I promised Diana the Tigress clan would be destroyed.."

She laughed" You are a romantic, you and Diana? So kill me."

"No Sahsa that would be too easy. I intend to enslave you. Drop your weapon."

Sasha obeyed and was shocked to see Drask put his on the counter.. "Let see if you are a true warrior."


Kala ran to her quarters. She was furious. Her whole life had broken apart. Diana, Drask and now Sasha had all betrayed her. Was she the only one who understood the natural order? Woman were the superior sex and woman who desired other woman were the natural leaders. She would have eventually made Sasha her toy as well.

There was someone already there.

Diana was searching Kale's quarters trying to find some clue to where she and Sasha might be. Without warning her body went on fire before she left conscious.

Kala kicked her comatose body, "Slut you are going to pay!"


For several minutes neither Drask or Sasha made a move. Finally the Amazon stepped forward feighing a kick and throwing a punch. Drask blocked and responded with a flat punch knocking her towards the wall. Too eager to follow up he walked right into a back kick knocking him to the floor.

"That must have broken a rib" Sasha taunted as Drask rose to his feet. They circled again and again Sash a kicked. Drask showing more agility than she expected ducked under and swepted her off her feet. Wrapping his legs around her he began squeezing.

"Surrender bitch!"

"Never" she wheezed but managed to loosen her wrist sheath.

Kover felt a sharp pain as a dagger slashed his arm. As the shock hit him Sasha freed herself and kicked him in the jaw.

"I should have made you my worm instead of Rekeal."

"Too bad, I won't profit and you will be dead." as she went for the killing blow.

Drask remembered an old lesson if you can take the pain you can disarm a knife fighter. As Sasha made her thrust he put his injured arm in the path. The blade solidly impacted but at the same time his other elbow smashed into her temple knocking the Lesbo leader unconscious.

"Bitch!" He than decided to continue what he started. He stripped Sasha naked and hogtied her finishing off with a ball gag from her quarters.

"Is he there?' a familiar female asked.

"Jacqui" he saw she was accompanied by Kak. 'What are you doing here?"

"Looking for you boss" Kak get the med kit.

"What happened?"

"Sasha and I had a little disagreement, she's sleeping off."

Kak retuned and bandaged his arm.


Kak looked uncomfortable, " She went after Kala."


"Sasha's mole."

"Alone? How could she be so reckless?"

"Like you boss?"

Drask breathed "You two bring that piece of meat to the hovercraft and we'll take her back to Venus."

Kak said "Got it"

As he lifted up the bound Sasha , they heard Kak's cycle. Rushing out they saw the departing Kover.

"Here we go again" Jaqui remarked.


A nude Diana laid bound on a table.

"Awake at last, a partially nude. Kala strode over. "You have no idea how long I've wanted you in this position."

"You sadistic witch!"

Kala whipped her breasts with a single crop. " You must have seen the fun I had with Mela. Nothing compared to what I intend with you Diana!" As she began whipping. "I'm going to hurt you and than make you my fuck slave." Kala left no part of Diana body attended as she spent her rage.

"Submit bitch!"


Kala dropped the whipped, "You and I could have lead the Amazons to greatness. But I will be the one,"as she attached a pain collar "Level 5!"

Diana screamed



"Level 6"

Diana's body shuddered before she went limp.

Kala thought for a moment, maybe pain can't get through to her. But domination may, as she grabbed her biggest strap on and put it on.

The idea aroused her, nothing more satisfying that dominating a larger woman. She grabbed a vibrator and played with her pussy. Being short made her the perfect operative but how she enjoyed torturing bigger girls.

Slapping Diana face" Wake up cunt!" As the groggy Diana woke, Kala stuffed her strap on down her throat.

"Suck it!" she ordered.

Diana couldn't breath and was forced to comply.

Kala grinned nastily," I told you Diana you are my fuck slut! You will see how a woman can please. But the pleasure is going to be mine."

Kala released Diana's ankle restraints so she could fully access her victims pussy. That was her mistake.

With a strength born of desperation Diana locked her legs around her tormenter's head and squeezed.

Kala fought and scratched Diana would not let go. Finally with a crack Kala's body fell limp ended on the floor.

Diana sagged back as the door crashed open. "A little late aren't you?" She managed.

Drask came in and was relieved, "Is she?" Then he drew what was an Amazonian knife and slit Kara's throat.

"Just to be sure." He came over and started cutting Diana's bonds. "I am tempted to leave you tied up and keep you out of trouble." Then stopped.


"This give me an opportunity to change our relationship."


In the Venus Club's bondage chamber, Sasha was tied to an X frame. Drask entered naked and removed the ball gag.

"Sorry to keep you waiting , but I had a few matters to attend to."

"Such as?"

"Slitting your operative's Kala throat and then ensuring the loyalty of all my operatives." He picked up a vibrator. "Which leaves me with you."

Sasha laughed defiantly, 'You think by making me orgasm I'll be your slave."

"Isn't that the Lesbo Amazon creed?

"Only true believers would follow that. I am my own person, it won't work on me."

Drask only smiled and clapped his hand, "come in pet."

To Sasha shock, a naked Diana crawled to Drask with her eyes facing the floor..

"Wait is your wish Master?"

He pattered her indulgently on the head and addressed Sasha. After Rekeal and Kala betrayal I decided to be pragmatic. Diana was too independent as you pointed out so when I had her helpless I broker her."

'but I thought..."

"That I care for her. I do but now I have the best of all possible worlds, a devoted Amazon slave who will kill for me and give great sex. She can also manage the entertainment portion of my holdings.. You like that pet?"

Dian answered, "Yes Master, I know my place."

"Good slave, now suck my cock."

Diana went to work, "That's my number one. Sahsa if I can make Diana my sex toy I can break you. That's enough Diana. "She went back to her knees, "Would you like to whip Sasha?"

"Yes Master, I would enjoy it. Have I earned it?"

"You have, breaking Kak's neck eliminated one of the problems. He looked at Sasha, "Kak did not approve of what I did to his former boss."

Wait! Sasha said desperately as Diana picked up a cat on 9 tails.

"Why? What could you possibly offer me? I am going to put you to work servicing man in this brothel."

"Please, I have access codes to information on our planet. You will be able to blackmail them. Lesbo clans will give you anything."

"And the codes are?

"Omega Seven epsilon corere."

"Does that satisfy. You?"

"Yes" Diana's normal confident voice came back. "Slaves bring our robes" Lursa and Magda entered the room. She stepped to her enemy. "I want you to live with the fact that you were broken by a man who made you beg.. For the rest of your life in whatever prison the clans put you in; that I was able to live as an equal with that same man."

Mala entered the room, hate on her face.

"You witness, " Diana asked.

"Yes, the clans will recognize your independence and agree to a non aggression pack with Drask Kover."

"Lursa , Magda you will escort Sasha home. Then you are released from my servitude."

"No Mistress," Magda cried. "We wish to serve you, please respect our beliefs!"

Diana looked at them, "Very well, return I will have to think of a new term for you two."

The trio left the room.

As for you," Diana wrapped the Cat on 9 around Drask's neck. "You enjoyed that little domination role play a little too much. On your knees my pet."

To be continued

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