The Stain


When Paul returned to his hotel, he noticed his door was open and in front of it was the housekeeping cart. Grabbing the cart he pushed it into the room and then closed the door behind him. Only then did he notice the housekeeper, a small, young woman, holding the balled up sheets, contemplating the dried blood stain in them. The young woman glanced at Paul, immediately dropping her gaze to the floor and then as she turned to pass him she stared knowingly at him.

As she deposited the sheets in the bin hanging from her cart, Paul sat in one of the upholstered chairs near the window. He watched at the woman returned to the room and began making the bed. Her movements seemed strained, as if she were nervous.

"You know, had I arrived earlier yesterday or you had worked on this room a bit later, that stain in the sheets might have been yours," he said, not sure if he was hoping to calm her nervousness or strengthen it.

"And what would your wife have said about that stain?"

"My wife? Why she is checked into another room and I tell her of my dalliances over drinks and dinner. I am not scheduled to meet her for another hour, you could always mark today's sheets and give me two tales to tell her," Paul softly replied.

"You presume I am a virgin," she said slyly.

"Ah, I presume you are a lady, just because you are a housekeeper should I presume otherwise?"

"In a hotel like this, with such fine gentlemen as guests, how could any of us resist?"

"Excellent point, especially with some of the fine young rouges I see about the lobby and restaurant, I should imagine virginity is a rare commodity indeed."

"And yet a woman of exceptional conviction could still present a husband with her maidenhead, in spite of all the offers from rogues and gentlemen," she replied, fluffing the pillows.

"I might submit to you that I am a husband, one willing and able to treat that maidenhead with proper reverence."

"By shattering it, leaving it to bleed into the bedsheets?"

"By lovingly opening it to the vast arrays of womanly pleasures, the blood in the sheets is but a ceremonial tribute to womanhood," he replied convincingly.

"Or just a bloody pronouncement of virtue less conquest?"

"Ah you question the veracity of my noble intentions I see," Paul said, smiling.

"Oh I don't question your veracity, just the nobility of those intentions."

"I guess in the end, the nobility may be defined by the ability of the lover."

"Or perhaps, the lack thereof?"

"Do you presume to chide me young lady?"

"Only if you presume to seduce me."

"Seduce you? Why we are merely having a friendly conversation," Paul replied.

"Your codpiece seems to show otherwise."

'My codpiece..."

"Has grown."

"What can I say, you inspire me."

"I inspire you? Or does the thought of my maidenhead inspire you?"

Paul hesitated, pondering. Her speaking of the codpiece seemed to show some interest, though he knew if he wanted to take her he could. The hotel, for a small stipend, would handle any unwanted repercussions and yet if she was interested, so much the better. He looked at the woman and replied, "You have caught me, yes the thought of your maidenhead does inspire, and yet I find your, your ah... playfulness enticing."


"Yes playfulness."

"How so?"

"You speak of my codpiece."

"Yet you spoke of my maidenhead, perhaps it is your playfulness that is enticing."

"I entice you?"

"You presume again."

"I what? I'm confused," Paul said, rubbing his chin, now completely confused where all this was going. His confusion evaporated when the woman began picking up her duster and the towels as she moved back to her small cart.

"All playfulness aside, I have other rooms to attend."

"You would leave when this room has not been properly attended to?" Paul asked.

"The bed is made, the bathroom cleaned and the room dusted and tidied. I think my work is done here."

Quickly moving himself between the door and the cart, blocking the woman's way Paul explained, "You have not finished until this has been attended to." He then opened his trousers and pulled his hard cock from the codpiece.

"No sir, I clean the room and that is all."

"But your talk has made me think otherwise."

"As you said, we were merely having a friendly conversation."

"And yet you would leave a friend in such a state?" he said, pointing to his erection.

She began to push the cart toward him as she replied, "No, my friends would never present themselves to me in such a state."

Grabbing the cart, Paul jammed it against the wall and sternly said, "I really must insist." Keeping the cart pushed against the wall he moved around it and grabbed her by the wrist, spinning her and tossing her onto the bed. When she immediately hopped back up to her feet Paul stepped forward and with the palm of his hand he forcefully popped her in the stomach, knocking the breath out of her.

She immediately collapsed to her knees, gasping for air. Paul hooked his hands under her arms and lifted her saying, "Ah, yes your mouth would be very inviting, but alas, I think I might fear your teeth at this point." He moved her onto the bed and pushed up her dress and petticoat. Grabbing the top of her underclothes he pulled them down to her shoes. He quickly untied them, pulled off the shoes and then removed her underclothes, tossing them aside.

Catching her breath, she began to struggle again, but Paul dove on top of her, pinning her arms to the bed and wedging himself between her legs. Looking down at her face he whispered, "You know with other virgins I'd dip between the legs to take a taste. I like to give a bit of pleasure before I take mine, but I don't think I trust you."

"Please no, don't..." she gasped.

Pressing his mouth to hers, Paul stopped her pleading pushing his tongue into her mouth. It surprised her to be violated so it was several seconds before she thought to bite his tongue. Unfortunately, when she tried, he was too quick.

"You see, I'll simply have to take my pleasure and leave you. I will make a woman out of you, you just won't experience the full pleasure of it all

He moved her arms up over her head and then grabbed the both of them with his left hand, he then worked her skirt up and took a good long look at her piece. Ah, yes, the thick matted hair with the thin slit peeking between the curls. He began to lean forward when she suddenly screamed out, "Stop, stop, someone help me."

Pulling a glove from his vest pocket, Paul shoved it into her mouth and leaned he forehead against it as he reached down and slipped his fingers into her piece, opening her. Leaning forward, he moved his hand to his cock and guided it to the hole and then he thrust hard, pushing into her.

Her body went rigid as he penetrated her, but then she began to struggle, turning her head and trying to spit out the glove. Now that Paul was inside her, his had was free to keep her from screaming. He reached up, pushed the glove back into her mouth and then held his hand over it. She now breathed hard through her nose as she gasped for air.

Once satisfied that he had her well under his control, he began sliding his cock in and out of her, savoring the warm, wet softness of her. He liked this one, he actually found the struggle invigorating and decided to take his time, pausing each time he got close to coming. He'd stop with his cock twitching wildly and wait, letting the sensation subside before starting again.

Paul continued teasing himself with the woman for some time but finally, the need to come simply got too overwhelming and he began the thrust more quickly, pushing deeper into her piece, thrusting again and again. She had stopped struggling by now, simply concentrating on her breathing, so Paul could concentrate on the feel of her as he slid in and out of her wet opening.

A pressure built up in his balls and then suddenly released as the pleasure shot up the length of his cock and he came, spurting the white hot cum into the woman's deepest recesses. He arched his back to push harder against her, ignoring her whimpering, until the last pulsations shot through him. Paul remained on top of her until his shrinking cock slipped out of her piece, he then said, "Okay, I am going to get off you now. Don't be foolish."

He reached up, pulled the glove from her mouth and then climbed off her. Standing up by the bed he began refastening his pants as he spoke to the woman who was balled up on her side, crying quietly. "I am going to get dressed and go to dinner with my wife. I need to fill her in on my latest conquest. I expect you to clean up the mess we made here and then go on attending to the other rooms on you schedule. Do you understand?"

She turned to look at him, glaring at first, but then nodding.

"Good, I don't think I need to remind you of your station here. My wife has paid this establishment well, so I am afforded some latitude in my actions." He was about to leave when he suddenly remembered, "Ah, I nearly forgot, move over some, let me see the stain."

The woman moved a bit to the side and Paul looked down at a wet spot on the bed. There was a tinge of red to it, but not the bright red he'd grown accustomed to when he was with other virgins. "Oh you truly disappoint me, I thought you were a virgin, but alas no virgin blood here. What will I tell my wife now, that I dallied with a common whore?"

"But I am..."

"Shut woman, you're lucky I don't have you arrested. Look, take this sheet away when you clean up." Paul then checked himself in the mirror, slid past the cart at the door, opened the door and headed down the hallway toward his wife's room. He figured he'd just have to lie to her when describing the blood stain on the bed.

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