tagFetishThe Start

The Start


I feel for you to fully understand me you have to know my past.

My name is Cole Bryant I'm 35 years old and I have a fetish. I love asses I can't get enough of them if I could I would be surrounded by females ass's all day and every day. It all started when I was very young but for decency I will start when I was eighteen I was a senior in high school and I think I was very popular with both the ladies and the men. I had a steady girl friend and things were going well between us. We had only one problem I was obsessed with her tight little ass and she was not in to my fetish in any way. Megan was the perfect girl for me if I was not perverse in any way but alas I am very perverse and always horny, horny for ass. One night Megan and I were headed to a party and the night was not starting off very well.

"Fuck you Cole I'm not your fucking toy!" Megan retorted to my latest attempt to anally fuck her. She took a long drag of her cigarette and continued her berating. "Are you not happy with what I do for you, you think our sex life isn't good enough! I was taught to wait for marriage but I didn't! I would think the sacrifices to my beliefs would be good enough for you! But no obviously there not! All you every want to do is fuck and all you every talk about is fucking my ass. It's gross." All in all her rant was turning me on I love girls who talk dirty the only problem was that Megan only talked that way when she was mad at me which lately was all the time.

"Calm down I want to have a good time tonight I just think we should be able to talk about it!" I said as we neared our destination. I had to adjust my hard on which was sitting all wrong in my shorts. Megan saw and was not impressed she flicked her butt out the window and lit in to me again.

"You need fucking help, here I am yelling at you and your fucking getting hot!" I was now staring at Megan's legs which were covered by sheer thigh highs I could see the vinyl band that held them up just below her short skirt. She was wearing a white blouse with the top few buttons undone to show off her cleavage. Megan had it all and loved to show it off but with her it was look but don't touch. Ya we had, had sex a few times but it was always missionary and no four play. I got to suck and play with her tits but that was it, nothing below the belt

"Well fuck it doesn't look like I'm getting any so I might as well take care of myself!" I snapped back.

"Pull over!" Megan demanded. I did as she asked. Once on the side of the road Megan lit another smoke she knew it turned me on to watch her smoke. She exhaled and looked at me.

"What are you saying that I don't do it for you is that it? You fucking my ass will make it all better? That if I let you violate me you will be happy?" she took a long drag and held it. She exhaled and looked at the bulge in my pants. "I think you're sick and I am more than pissed at you right now. I also think you're all talk and that if given the chance you wouldn't know what to do down there with my pussy or my ass. In fact I'm sure of it. Ok tough guy here is your chance right here right now!" she took another drag and stared at me. I was in shock I waited so long for this and now I was speechless.

"You're serious!" was all I could come up with.

"Oh ya I'm serious. Anything your fucked up mind can think of doing in this truck right now we'll do, but then that is all I want to hear about it deal?" she was serious all right I knew Megan's looks and this was her no bull shit look.

"Ok!" I said still stunned at this turn of events.

"What first big man!"

"Ok touch your pussy, let me watch you play with yourself!" I knew Megan and Megan hated to touch her pussy and never did it. But she just unbuckled her seat belt swiveled so one foot was on the arm rest while the other remained on the floor, she hiked up her skirt and began to rub her pussy through her lace red panties. My cock grew so hard that it actually hurt under my shorts. She let her smoke dangle while one hand caressed her moistening pussy and the other started to massage one of her ample tits.

"Is this what you want?" she asked, could tell it was by the way I was adjusting my cock every two seconds.

"Remove your panties and really finger your cunt?" I told her now freeing my trapped member. Megan complied pulling the panties over her boots and handed them too me. I took them put them right to my face I wasn't even thinking anymore I was on sexual auto pilot. Megan gave a disgusted look but didn't stop. Moving her pelvis closer to me and spreading her porcelain legs as far as she could I had a perfect view of her now glistening snatch which to her credit was perfectly trimmed. "Lick your finger first, Slowly." Megan flicked her smoke out the window and licked her index finger and then inserted it into her waiting pussy. In and out she guided it soon I could tell even she was getting hot for the moment. "Undo your top and free your fat tits." Megan scowled at the comment but did as I asked. Within seconds her big white breasts were free of the matching red bra her large areolas and erect nipples just staring at me. All the while she still finger fucked herself. "turn around and face the window and get your ass in the air. Although she looked concerned she did as I asked. Now was the moment I was waiting for Megan's perfect ass in my grasp all the possibilities my mind was racing what to do first. I pushed her skirt up and out of the way I could see her pussy lips between her legs still very wet. I reached out and ran my fingers up her leg and over her buttocks Megan looked at me over her shoulder now I could see a small grin on her face. I leaned forward and kissed one cheek then the other then placing my hands on each cheek I gently spread them now I gazed at the brown button tight and puckered the thing I loved most on the female body was right there for me. I leaned in and started to give her asshole light kisses first just around the hole then on it. I could hear her coo and feel her shudder. With the very tip of my tongue I started to make circles around her hole slowly working my way to the centre. Once there I added pressure first a little then more and more until the tip of my tongue had penetrated her I could tell that Megan had resumed playing with herself, the grunts and ahh's were more pronounced now as well. I just kept working my tongue deeper into her asshole. I could taste her it wasn't dirty but there was something there a taste that I knew was excrement but I didn't care I was reveling in it and I wasn't going to stop. It seemed like forever until I stopped tonguing her ass I pulled out and told Megan to suck two of my fingers, normally she would ask why but I think she knew where I was going with this. Once she got them good and wet I wasted no time shoving them one at a time into her ass. She let out a loud grunt. But I didn't stop not until she demanded it. Soon I had a good rhythm going and then the panting started and the grunting. She was rubbing her clit now at a feverish pace. And I began to stroke my cock with my free hand. I pulled out and put my fingers up to my nose and inhaled the smell. I was in heaven.

"You going to fuck me now?" Megan asked turning around and leaning in for a kiss. But before she could kiss me I shoved the two fingers up to her mouth.

"Lick them first!" I said and she grabbed my hand and started to suck her ass off my fingers. Then she grabbed my cock and placed her mouth over it her hot breath on my head was amazing I knew I wouldn't last too long and I didn't have a condom on my so I thought I guess I'll close with getting a good blow. "Suck it, suck hard and suck it dry, Megan!" she started by swirling her tongue around the head then put it into her mouth and sucked real hard. I started to massage one of her big tits as she sucked my dick. Then she started to move up and down the shaft. In the year we had been dating she never sucked my dick and only touched it to guide it in to her a couple of times. But now in my truck on the side of the road there she was pumping my dick with her mouth like she was going for oil and it felt great, her inexperience allowed her teeth to much contact for my liking but I was about to explode none the less. All it took was a look at her ass in the air and that was it I shot my hole load into her mouth it must have taken her by surprise because she gagged a little and let my cum dribble down my shaft and all over my balls. She pulled up and glared at me then kissed me full on the mouth thrusting her tongue into my mouth I could taste my cum swashing around. I think that was the whole point behind that. Megan pulled away straitened herself up lit a smoke and didn't talk to me the rest to the night.

Chapter two coming soon.

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