The Stolen Wife


"Yep, he's my brother. He is also the Landreau family attorney. But, blood is always thicker than water. He'll let them go elsewhere."

Punching in the number, she commented, "He is also one of the divorce attorneys to the elite in this town. I think he was my sister-in-law's attorney, Robert's sister." Gaining an answer to her call, she asked for Matthew Gardner. "Mister Gardner?" she asked timidly, as Matthew came on the line, "This is Catherine Landreau."

"Yes Missus Landreau. We have your divorce prepared and ready for your signature. Can you be hear in my office between two and three this afternoon?"

A little taken aback that he was so ready for her call, she stammered, "Yes, ah yes... I can and please, call me Catherine."

"Good, OK Catherine, that way we can file it today and have him served tomorrow morning."

"Oh OK, ah well OK, I will see you at two, thank you..." with that she closed the phone and looked right in the eyes of Scott. "It would appear that you are one step ahead of me here, wow. Ah Scotty, another fact that I admitted to myself this morning... I ah, I, well ah, let me get this right. Dr. Scott Gardner? I am madly in love with you. Totally and completely in love with you. I have tried to deny it, reminding myself that I am a married woman. But, after this morning, why should I..!?!"

"Cathy? I love you too. More than I thought I could ever love a woman."

"Thank you Scotty, I so needed to hear that from you, today. But, what will I do now?" she asked with a tear in her eye.

"Catherine? To answer your question, I need to tell you something, it comes with a promise. Ah, I have never told a woman that I loved her, ever, before you. I haven't been with any woman since our first meeting here at the inn. Annd Catherine, I promise that you will be the only woman in my life until I die." She sat silently, engrossed in his every word, "Ah Catherine? Will you marry me? Will you become my wife as soon as your divorce is final?"

"Yes, yes, yes Scotty I will marry you.... For the rest my life, I will be your wife..." she clasp her hands together, "I, I didn't know if you would ask... I hoped that you would...." Their brunch was served. When the servers had left the table, she said, "Scotty? You have made me so very happy. I feel so alive around you, so energized. I want to be with no one else in the whole world, but you..." She took a bite of her meal, then asked, knowing that he would have a satisfactory answer, "Now that we are here at this point in our relationship, what will I do tomorrow, Scotty? Where will I go?"

Smiling Confidently, knowing that he had it all worked out with his brother Matthew and sister-in-law, Stephanie. "Cathy? Will you be alone anytime tomorrow?"

"Wednesday, I don't know, let me check." Catherine drew out her daily planner. "My husband will leave as usual, around eight thirty. Then tomorrow, my mother-in-law has a brunch meeting from ten thirty until noon. She will leave around nine thirty. The housekeeper arrives at eleven. Why do you ask?"

"Good, I asked because here is what you are going to do, tomorrow. Oh, before I forget, does your car have a GPS system of any kind? You know, the mapping programs that tell you where you are and where you want to go. Or, knows when you have an accident?"

"No Scotty, I don't like those things, I'm not even very computer literate. I would not even consider one of those in my car. Cellphones are enough technology for me."

That answer told him quite a bit about his future wife. He continued, "Here's what I want you to do. As soon as you know your mother-in-law is in fact gone, gather up everything you brought to the marriage."

"That's just some clothes that they would never let me wear and some other small stuff."

"Good, put all of that in the passenger seats of your car. Then, gather up everything you have been given since you were married. Stick all of that in the trunk of your car."

"Okeh Scotty, I can do that, then what?"

"Drive to Matt's office. Be sure to leave before the help arrives. When you get into Matt's parking garage go to valet parking. Go there today, so you will know where it is. Tomorrow, go to Matt's office and give him the parking token, He will give you a key to another car that is in the parking garage of the building next door. He will have one of the girls in his office take you to the car. It will be parked next to your car with everything in it that you placed in the passenger seats. Jump in the car and come here immediately. They will have a room ready for you. Between twelve thirty and one, Matt's wife Stephanie would like to join you at the inn, for lunch."

"Oh OK, that would be nice. Well, I must say, it all sounds doable and very intriguing. Almost like something out of a movie. I think I can do it. No Scotty, I will do it. I'll call you when I get here."

"Oh, I know you can do it, Cathy. I'm sure you can." said Scott, thinking, "Mister Robert Landreau, I'm am about to steal your wife right out from under your stuck up nose, you pompous ass. Before you have any idea about what happened, the beautiful Catherine will be my wife. Then, nobody will take her away from me, ever."

"Will I see you tomorrow?"

"Of course you will, my love and everyday there after. I will be here tomorrow for dinner, somewhere between five and six."

Scott and Catherine went on to chat and laugh like it was one of their usual brunches at the inn deep in the canyon. So close, yet so far from the hustle and bustle of the city. She glanced at her watch, "Oh Scotty, where does the time go? It's already past one. I need to get going... I told your brother I would be there by two." She stood up, "I will call you, my love. As soon as I arrive here tomorrow."

Raising from his chair, "I know you can do this, Cathy." With that he gathered her up in his arms and gave her a kiss.

When he released her from their liplock, still in his arms, she whispered, "I have waited all my life for that kiss. My dad told me when I was in high school that I would know it when it came. He was right."

Wednesday morning, Catherine stood looking at herself in the full length mirror in their master bedroom. Dressed as she usually did on a Wednesday, she asked herself, "Catherine? Can you do this? Can you go downstairs for breakfast and face those awful people as if nothing was happening? Nothing at all is different?" Smoothing out the light sweater she had chosen for the morning, she answered herself in a whisper, "Yes, yes you can Catherine and you will."

After breakfast, Catherine stood at a window with a cup of coffee, watching her mother-in-law's car disappear, thinking "Robert left right on time this morning and there goes Lydia." She glanced at her watch thinking, "Nine twenty, time to get to work." The first item on her things to do list was to slip off her wedding rings and place them on the dinning room table under the cellphone Robert had given her. Then she went upstairs and began loading her car exactly as Scott had instructed.

Ten fifteen, heart still pounding in her chest, Catherine passed through the front gate. She had left her remote gate opener in the garage since she had no intention of ever returning to this place. At Eleven thirty, in a different car, Catherine pulled into the parking lot of the inn. Anna was out front discussing some of the shrubs with the yard man, "How'd it all go?" Anna asked Catherine.

Catherine clasp her hands together, "I did it, Anna. I did it just as Scotty told me to do it. I was scared to death, never being the covert type. But, Oh Anna, what an adrenalin rush I had when I got in that car, then out on the freeway and on my way here."


Shortly before lunch, Robert Landreau accepted the large brown envelope from the process server and even signed for it, thinking, "Those kind of people serve law suits. Who's suing who? Is somebody suing the university and naming me?" He sat down in his desk chair confident that he had not done anything that would cause a law suit. Opening the envelope, he thought most likely some university thing where they were naming him among others. He almost fell out of his chair when reading "Divorce" on the top of the first page. Then his heart sank as he read further "Catherine Landreau vs Robert Landreau." His wife was suing him for divorce! "How could that be?" he thought as he flipped through the pages of the summons not really reading anything except the phrase, "according to the prenuptial agreement" repeated several times. The very agreement he insisted Catherine sign before they were married.

Robert flipped back to the front page to see who Catherine had retained as an attorney. He was shocked to find that it was the law offices of Matthew Gardner and that Matthew himself had signed as her council. How could this be? He was their family's legal council and had written the prenuptial agreement. Matthew was to represent him, just like he did his sister in her divorce. Robert leaned all the way back in his chair and whined like a little boy, "What do I do now?" Then he leaned forward, grabbed his desk phone and hit the number one button on his speed dial. When his call was answered he whined like a crying little boy, "Mommy? Mommy? Catherine filed for divorce... Is, is she there?"

Lydia, Robert's mother, said in a calm voice, "Settle down Robbie. Now, tell Mommy again, what did Catherine do?"

Still in a whiney, little boy's tone, "She filed for divorce mommy, can she do that?"

"I suppose so. Who did she get as an attorney?"

"That's the other thing, mommy... She got Matthew Gardner, himself.. Oh mommeee, why mommee, why did she do this? I have to find her, talk to her... Oh mommeee..."

"Come home as soon as you can, son. Mommy will make it alright."

"Can your little man get his rod up in your love canal, mommy? I need to do that, right now.""

"Yes Robbie, mommy will get it up nice and hard so you can get it all the way up in there."

"OK mommy, I have an appointment just after lunch. I'll come home when it's over."

After her conversation with her son, Lydia called Christine's cellphone. Only to find it ringing on the dinning room table with a set of wedding rings.


Scott navigated the winding canyon road up to the inn, checking his coat pocket to make sure the ring box was still there. Parking his car behind the inn he hurried into the dinning room to find Catherine. At five forty five, she was the only person in the dining room. Dressed in New Hampshire conservative, she still radiated beauty and elegance. Raising to meet him as he crossed the room, the whole staff watched as Scott gave Catherine a deep, lingering kiss. The lovers sat down and still holding hands, he asked, "How'd it go?"

"Ummm... Everything went just as you planned it. Then I had a really nice lunch with my future sister-in-law, Stephanie. She is a really neat person and funny. Had me laughing to tears. She even had the staff laughing."

"Yeah, my sister-in-law, I do love her. She has quite the sense of humor and she's a lot like you, smart and beautiful."

"Oh but Scotty, she loves Matt like I want to love you, deeply and until her last breath."

"Humm, I love you too, Cathy. I've brought something to seal our deal." He drew out the little box from his coat pocket, "Close your eyes, hold out your left hand..."

She squealed in delight as he slipped the engagement ring on her finger. Gazing at the two caret setting that flickered in the candle light, she said, "I feel like Cinderella and my prince charming has come for me."

After their early dinner, the lover's started up the stairs to Catherine's room, "How's your suite?" he asked.

"Oh Scotty, it's just beautiful. Wait until you see it. So bright and cheerful. It's on a corner and the balcony looks out over the backyard gardens." At the top of the stairs, she took him by the hand and led him down the hall to her suite. Once inside she closed the door and leaned against it, gazing at her left hand.

Scott walked out into the middle of the living room, "This is nice, gotta be one of the best suites in the place. I'll have to thank Anna."

Catherine threw herself into Scott's arms and they kissed deeply. When their lips parted she whispered, "I love you..." Then in a very sincere tone, an little over a whisper, "Take me Scotty... Make me yours, forever."

After kissing her again, he said, "I think it is time to check out the bedroom." Taking her by the hand, he led her to the foot of the canopied king sized bed. Looking it over, he commented, "That's quite a playground."

Back into his arms, Catherine purred, "This morning my ex-mother-in-law asked me if I was back on the pill. I told her that I had in fact started back taking my daily contraceptive pill. But, I was thinking, 'Yes Lydia, I'm back on the pill. But, it is not for your son's benefit..'"

Chuckling, Scott said, "Stay on them until your divorce is final. Then throw them away. You will be sent to my parents where my mother will be your wedding planner. The difference with her is that she will make sure that it is the wedding you want, in a dress custom made to your liking. You can have who you want there and even choose the pastor. We will fly them all to the place where our wedding is being held."

An excited Catherine bubbled, "That's what Stephanie said. She told me that your mother makes it all fun and it comes out a dream wedding. Will we have it on a Greek Isle?"

"They will be there for the next few months. If we don't do it there, then we will do it at the home place in Newport, Rhode Island."

"Oh, Oohh, OK..." she said strumming her fingers on his chest, "Scotty? Sexually speaking, I ah, I, ah, I'm the neophyte here, you are the expert. The ah, the two men I've been with sexually, ah, well, they didn't have the slightest idea what they were doing, not the slightest. Totally inept sexually is a better way to put it. I mean, ah Scotty, you will have to lead me through the whole sexual part of loving making, step by step. Because I want to do it right and make you happy. I know you can make me happy and satisfied."

An amused Scott said, "Cathy, Cathy, I love you. I really do love you, especially your naivete. You're so real, but sometimes I'd swear you were a virgin. Well Okeh, first step is... We have to take off our clothes."

"I can do that!" she said taking two steps back, out of his arms, peeling off her clothes, "See?"

Now standing nude, facing each other, he ran his hands through her thick, chestnut brown hair. Cut well past her ears, the gentle waves gave her a very "New England" look. Holding her out at arms length, he admired her shapely body, "You are simply beautiful... Annd, now that I have explored that woman behind those sparkling emerald green eyes, I find that your beauty radiates from deep within that nicely shaped body of yours."

"Ummm, I love you too, Scotty, but are you sure I'm all that. I mean, you are so handsome a man of the world. I want to give you everything I have to give to a man. Oh my love, our life together starts today, everything else is just formality. I ah, I am ready for the next step, Scotty, lead me, take me..."

Scott laid her on the bed, on her back, spread her legs and gave her pussy ten minutes of tongue and finger action. Catherine moaned and squealed, "Oh, Oh yes, Scotteee. That feels so good. Oh, Oohhh yes..." As her body writhed with pleasure, she grabbed her legs behind the knees, pulling them close to her chest. Making her pussy more available to him. "Ohhh gawd, Scotty... Yesss." she squealed as she went into an intense clitoral orgasm. He crawled up to face her, "There's some bedroom terms you need to know before we continue."

Catherine giggled, "Oh well, then Doctor Scott, sex therapist, please inform me. Educate your woman."

Laughing he said, "OK wise ass, first it is not your vagina. It is your pussy. Second, it is not my penis that is about to enter your pussy, it is my cock. Those beautiful globes on your chest are not your breasts, they are your tits." As she continued to laugh, he pushed into her about three quarters of his length. At six foot one inch, Scott's cock was a little longer and wider that the average man, and he found her to be very tight, almost like a virgin. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped open. She gasped, "Ohhh..." He whispered in her ear, "I think I am about to go where no man has ever gone before."

With two more strokes, he gained full penetration. It was not very long thereafter that Catherine experienced her first total orgasm. She squealed, screamed and moaned. Yes, he had gone up inside her, where no man had ever gone before. And, yes, he had done things to her body that no man had ever done to her before. Now, she was experiencing a level of sexual ecstasy that she had never experienced in her twenty four years on earth.

Scott brought Catherine over on top of him, into the "cowgirl" position. Neither of the two men previously had ever allowed her on top of them. "Ride that cock, cowgirl, ride it. There ya go, all the way up and all the way down. Now, pick up some speed." he said, thrusting his hips up to meet her down stroke. "Yeah, there ya go. Ride that cock, ride it hard, Cathy..."

Ride it she did, right into a wide orgasm that she felt through out her body. From the top of her head to the ends of her fingers and toes. As her orgasm began to subside, he went off. "Ohh Cathy, yeah, Ohh yesss." he moaned, grabbing her hips and pulling them down to meet his. She collapsed onto his chest.

When their heavy breathing had subsided, she slid off to his side. Raising her head, she purred, "Scotty? I never dreamed it could be like that. It was wonderful.... My little pussy is still tingling. Can we do it again?"


Matthew and Catherine walked down the hall from the conference room to his office, "I can't believe it, not that I'm surprised, but I still can't believe it." Spat Matthew as they entered his office, "An immature jerk found another immature jerk for and attorney. Then I tell that jerk of an ex-husband of yours that I'm going to get this divorce whether he wants it or not and what does he do? He throws a little boy's hissy fit. To include stomping his feet and pounding his fists on the table. It's not hard to tell why you're dumping him for Scott." Matthew reached for his office phone. With the receiver still in his hand, he turned to Catherine, "If Scott wasn't pushing me to finalize this case so he can marry you, I'd love to go for setting aside the prenup and sue the bastard for everything he's got, even his retirement." He hit the intercom button to his secretary, "Liz? See if judge Meyers is in his chambers? If he is, then ask if we can get over there in the next half hour and talk to him about Landreau vs Landreau."

Matthew spent the next few minutes explaining to Catherine what he expected to accomplish in the judge's chambers. Then Liz's voice came over the intercom, "Yes sir, he's there. Also Matthew, he said, 'just because he likes you. Annd, he and your father go way back.., he'll see you and your client in a half hour... Better get moving.. You don't want to keep the judge waiting."

A sixty something Judge Herman Meyers sat back in his chair, "Matthew? I have read this prenup at least a half dozen times. It is very well written, clear, concise... Just the way I like to see legal documents . That's why I like you, Matthew. You are one of the best attorney to come before me. So, here's the deal and I have already informed opposing counsel, my clerk is, as we speak, checking when we can have a short hearing. It will be ten to fifteen minutes, just long enough for me to issue a ruling to uphold this prenup. Mister Landreau and his twit of an attorney are trying to drag this case out several months. Our courts are crowded as it is with mostly legitimate cases. I will not allow the time we have to be wasted. There will be no discussion. We will open, I will issue my order upholding the prenup and that's it. Listen to me carefully, Matthew. What I am going to tell you now I did not mention to the opposing counsel. We can bring this case to a screeching halt at that hearing if you will come with a motion and order asking for annulment of this marriage based on the prenup. I will not need to hear any argument because the provision is there and as usual for you Matthew, it is clear and concise."

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