tagBDSMThe Storm Pt. 03

The Storm Pt. 03


The long weekend finally arrived and after Julia, Barb and I had a quick dinner with Sam, the three of us plus Rebecca departed to spend the holiday up on the farm, “The Haven”. I had borrowed a baby’s travel seat for Rebecca and she and Julia were happily exchanging baby talk in the back seat as we cruised up the highway. A couple of hours after we left the city rain started to fall and soon I was driving slowly through another country storm.

“It seems that “The Haven” and I are a recipe for heavy rain.” I commented as I peered through the wet windscreen.

“The farmers won’t be complaining.” Julia said, “We need every drop after the long drought. The rain won’t bother us when we get there and anyway, I’m sure we can find plenty of activities to keep us busy inside.”

“Yes you have TV up here don’t you?” I asked. “I can’t miss the football.”

Barb laughed, “Football! You won’t have time for football with us on your hands my love.”

I decided a quick change of topic was in order. “Speaking of TV, did either of you see that documentary on BDSM that was on Channel 8 earlier this year?”

“Yes, I did.” Barb and Julia said in unison and giggled.

“Well, I was talking to a friend at the channel today, do you remember the couple in that show, Matthew and his submissive Melissa? They gave the spanking and whipping demonstration.”

“Yes.” The girls chorused.

“Ok, do you also remember that Learjet that crashed a few months ago up near Minke Island? It was found way off course earlier this week. Matthew and Melissa were on that plane, there were no survivors of course.”

“Oh really?” Barb said quietly, “That’s awful, they seemed like really nice people on the show.”

“Yes, according to my friend they were flying to the island to get married.”

“That’s so sad.” Julia said from the back seat. “But at least they went together. Can we change the subject please? I want this to be a happy weekend.”

Up ahead I saw the lights of a roadhouse through the driving rain and asked, “How about we stop for coffee, the rain might ease off while we do?”

The girls cheerfully agreed with my idea and we stopped for around thirty minutes for snacks and drinks. Fortunately the rain did abate and the rest of our journey was completed in better conditions. It had almost stopped raining by the time I turned off the highway onto the muddy track leading to the farm. I stopped my car under the shelter at the rear of the farmhouse and Barb and I unloaded the luggage while Julia went ahead inside with Rebecca.

I made to take our bags to the guest room off the verandah but Barb said, “No, not there honey, we will use one of the inside bedrooms. Come on, I’ll show you which one, I’ve been here many times.”

After placing the bags in the respective bedrooms Barb and I found Julia sitting at the kitchen table feeding Rebecca.

She looked at me and laughed, “Reminds me of the first time we met Jeffie, you couldn’t take your eyes off my boobs could you?”

“I don’t blame him.” Barb replied before I could answer. “You have a great set my friend.”

“Oooooooo, thank you.” Julia said as a shiver ran through her body. To my surprise she changed the subject and asked, “Jeff, would you mind opening the windows in the rooms we will be using? They get stuffy and some country air will soon freshen them up.”

I wandered through the house opening the windows, stopping in Sam and Julia’s bedroom to look through the two-way mirror into the living room. I grinned at the memories of my first visit here, Sam certainly would have had a front row seat when I spanked and screwed his lovely wife. Not for the first time I wondered about the fates that had brought me to Julia and Sam, and later the wonderful Barb.

“You took your time.” Barb said as I returned to the kitchen.

I laughed and replied; “I was looking through the mirror from Sam and Julia’s bedroom and reminiscing about how we met.”

Julia laughed. “I’ll never forget the look on your face when Sam came into the room in his wheelchair, I thought your jaw was going to hit the floor.”

”If I’d had pants on I probably would have shit myself.” I admitted as I took Barb in my arms, hugging her to me and patting her bottom. “But it turned out very well in the end, and what a lovely end.”

As we were laughing the phone rang and as Julia moved to answer it she said, “I wonder who that could be at this late hour? It’s not Sam, he lets it ring twice, stops and then rings again and anyway I messaged his mobile to let him know we arrived ok.”

“Hello?” Julia said hesitantly. “Oh Kyle, it’s you, did you see our lights on?” She put a hand over the mouthpiece and whispered, “Our neighbor.”

Barb and I nodded as Julia continued, “No, Sam drew the short straw and had to work over the weekend, Barb is here with Jeff, her new man.” Julia paused as Kyle managed to say a few words. “Yes Kyle, ohhhh that would be great, yes I’m sure my friends will come, about eleven o’clock, alright? Ok thanks Kyle, see you then.”

Julia hung up the phone, grinned wickedly and said, “We have been invited to watch a live sex show tomorrow.”

“Oh yes?” I said warily.

Julia grinned, “Yes his prize stallion is mating with a special mare.” Her eyes flashed with excitement. “You have to come and watch, it’s sooooo thrilling.”

“I’d love to come,” Barb exclaimed. “I love watching horses at the races.” She hugged me and asked, “Can we go Sir, please? Suck your cock if you say yes, he he.”

I laughed, “A blow job! How can I resist an offer like that? But I’ll wait until tomorrow; I’m tired after a busy week and the drive up. It’s bed time for me, coming wench?”

“Yes Sir!” Barb saluted then gave Julia a hug and kiss. “You ok if we hit the sack hon?”

“Of course kids, I could do with a good long sleep myself.” Julia kissed both of us and said, “Goodnight Sir Jeffery Knight and Lady Barbara, sleep well, see you in the morning.”

As Barb and I moved out of the kitchen, we could hear Julia giggling then saying out loud, “I wonder why they called them blow jobs? It’s really a suck job. Oh well, as long as it’s fun.”

I was woken in the morning by the smell of bacon wafting down the hall from the kitchen. Barb was already out of bed and as I heard the girls giggling I wondered what mischief they were planning. I grabbed my robe and mock-staggered into the kitchen.

“What time is it?” I asked, blinking my bleary eyes as I fell into a chair.

Barb hugged and kissed me. “Nine o’clock sleepyhead, time you were up. We have been awake for a couple of hours."

Julia blew me a kiss as she tended to the bacon and eggs.

“And what plans have you been hatching?” I asked. “And no eggs hatching puns please.”

“Us? Plans?” Barb giggled. “How could you have such thoughts my Master? Surely you are yoking?”

“We have been talking babies.” Julia said with a groan, “Amongst other things.”

I grinned at the girls, “Whatever happens I’m sure it will be fun. Mmmm that breakfast smells good, I sure am hungry, must be the country air.”

Julia served me a large breakfast as the three of us sat chatting. I felt as if I had known the girls for years, not just a few weeks, as we relaxed around the table. Time soon passed and I left the girls to clear up in the kitchen while I showered and dressed. While waiting for the girls as they used the bathrooms I slipped out to the barn and made some preparations that I hoped would be useful later that day.

Finally the three girls arrived and we drove the short distance over to the neighboring farm. Julia explained that she and Sam were part owners of the mare being serviced today and the stallion belonged to a race-winning stable in the city. They were hoping that the colt or filly would eventually become a successful racehorse, if luck went their way.

“What are the names of the horses?” I asked.

“Sexy Mistress is ours and the stallion is Diamond Prince.” Julia replied.

“Sex and diamonds, what more could a girl want?” I laughed.

“Well for me, a damn good spanking.” Barb giggled.

“I second Barb’s motion.” Julia laughed, “And this afternoon please Sir Jeffie.”

“Ok, I promise.” I replied as I stopped my car in front of the large stables at the neighbor’s farm where a small group of people were gathered.

Julia introduced Barb and I to the neighbors, Kyle and Alison and also to the stable handlers who were involved with organizing the horses. Alison was happy to take Rebecca inside the farmhouse away from the dust and noise as Kyle directed us to the best place in the stables to watch the proceedings.

The breeding pen was set up in a specially prepared stall that had padding so the mare would not be hurt. Sexy Mistress was tethered fronting a lower wall with two leads to prevent her from turning her head to see what was happening behind. Kyle explained that her legs were hobbled, rear legs to forelegs to prevent kicking as some mares were very skittish. Sexy Mistress had already been “teased” by another stallion to excite the mare as the arousal scent has a stimulating effect on the stallion.

Barb and Julia were standing each side of me as Kyle moved away to assist the handlers leading Diamond Prince into the stall. The stallion reared and snorted when he saw Sexy Mistress waiting for him and the handlers eased him forward so he could sniff the mare before backing him away. I smiled to myself as Barb and Julia grasped my hands as they saw the stallion’s penis enlarge. Once again the handlers eased Diamond Prince forward to sniff the mare’s scent and the girls gasped as the stallion achieved full erection. To describe Diamond Prince as ‘well hung’ would not be an exaggeration and the grip of Barb and Julia on my hands grew even firmer. Kyle and another handler moved into position near the mare’s rear quarters as the handlers on the leads slackened the lines to allow nature to take over. The extremely excited stallion reared up with his forelegs over the mare’s back and thrust forward as Kyle reached in and grasped the huge cock to assist the stallion to find the mare’s vagina. The other handler quickly placed a ten-inch roll of padding behind the mare and on top of the stallion’s erection as he thrust forward and into Sexy Mistress. Kyle yelled above the noise of the horses that the padding was to prevent internal injury as this was the mare’s first breeding attempt and Diamond Prince was a big boy. I thought that the girls were going to break some of my fingers as they squeezed even harder. The two handlers on the leads were leaning hard against the stallion to help him balance and prevent an awkward fall. The whole proceedings had been very well organized and it wasn’t long before Diamond Prince was pulled back and led snorting from the stall.

“Ah girls, can I have my hands back please,” I winced.

“Sorry Jeff, it never fails……..” Julia said as she let go of my hand and blushed.

“Oh my god, I didn’t realize.” Barb said as she let go and looked at me. “Oh that was amazing, whew.”

The foreheads of Barb and Julia were damp and their eyes showed their inner excitement. Kyle came back to us and grinned and winked at me conspiratorially when he saw Barb’s agitation. The three of us returned to the farmhouse where Alison had prepared a light lunch. I could tell that the girls couldn’t wait to get home and so after the meal we used Rebecca’s lack of sleep as an excuse for a quick departure.

As I drove the short distance back to The Haven the girls were quiet but there was a sense of pent-up sexuality in the car.

“Where are you going?” Julia asked as I drove past the rear entrance to the house, up to the barn and in through the doors I had opened earlier.

“In here, I have a surprise for you.” I replied as I braked the car to a halt.

Rebecca was sleeping soundly in her car seat as I opened the car doors for the girls.

“Come on you two, into the tack room, I’ll leave the car windows open and we will hear Rebecca if she cries.”

Julia and Barb exchanged glances then followed me into the tack room.

Julia stopped as she stepped into the small poorly lit room, closed her eyes and inhaled deeply several times.

“Oh god, I love the smell of leather.” She said as she opened her eyes and blinked. “It gets to me every time.”

I switched on the single light globe and the girls gasped when they saw the two saddles set on their rests side by side with a crop lying on the nearest saddle.

“Strip!” I instructed.

Without hesitation both girls hurriedly removed their jeans, shirts and undies. What a lovely sight they were as they stood in front of me with hands on heads and legs wide apart. Barb, my shapely big beautiful blonde girl contrasting with the slimmer, dark-haired Julia. Both girls were licking their lips as their large breasts rose and fell with their excited breathing.

“Bend over the saddles.” I ordered as I picked up the crop from the closest saddle.

Julia sighed, “Oh yes.” And immediately bent her body into position over the far saddle.

Barb looked at me and said, “You know I trust you honey, but I have never been hit with one of those before. I need this but take it easy won’t you?”

I kissed her before pushing her to stand against the saddle. “Don’t forget the safe words honey, amber and red, you have the final control, you know that.”

Barb nodded and did not resist as I firmly pushed her forward over the saddle. I smiled as I saw Julia reach out and take hold of Barb’s right hand. I stood between them and held the crop between my teeth as my hands caressed, squeezed and pinched their lovely arse cheeks.

Both were moaning and I heard Julia whisper just loud enough, “Shite, get on with it Jeff, those fucking horses set both of us alight.”

I grinned as I stepped into position and took the crop in my right hand. A few gentle taps with the leather tip on each of the four cheeks caused a tightening of the muscles in the buttocks together with moans of anticipation.

“Relax girls.”

“You fucking relax in our position.” Barb retorted.

That smart remark resulted in some quick firm blows on each girl’s bottom. They both shrieked at the sudden sting as the crop left red marks on the white skin. I eased the force of the smacks and set about systematically giving the two lovely girls the chastisement they desired. Legs were kicking and foul language filled the air as the crop rose and fell turning both bums into a lovely shade of pink.

I stopped, ran my hands over the hot skin and asked, “You two ok? Will I keep going?”

“Don’t stop now for Christ’s sake, I’ll going to cum soon.” Julia pleaded.

“Me too, keep going.” Barb cried with a sob.

“Such blasphemy Julia, naughty girl.” I admonished as I grinned to myself.

I gave Julia four fairly hard swipes causing great yelps of surprise and pain before again easing off the force of the smacks on each bum. The moans and cries from both girls soon assured me that they were close to a climax so it wasn’t long before I moved to stand between them as I dropped the crop on the floor. I rubbed each girl’s hot buttocks before running my fingers down their arse crack and playing with their wet pussy lips.

“Don’t cum yet!” I instructed as I pushed two fingers deep into each vagina.

“Please Jeff!” Barb pleaded as Julia cried, “I can’t hang on!”

“Not yet, don’t you dare!” I threatened as I quickly frigged both pussies before withdrawing my fingers and placing the flat of my hand over each labium. “Cum on the count of three!” I ordered.

‘Slap’ - “One” - The flat of my hand smacked against each damp pussy.

‘Slap’ - “Two” - Julia and Barb groaned loudly.

‘Slap’ - “Three, cum girls, cum.”

I stepped quickly back as both girls shrieked loudly and kicked their legs as their bodies tensed and then collapsed, juddering and shaking as they orgasmed over the saddles. What a sight their red arses and shapely legs made as the girls moaned and gasped for air in the small stuffy tack room.

As Barb and Julia started to calm a little I again took hold of the crop and gave both girls three short, sharp stinging whacks across their red behinds. Again they shrieked loudly as a second unexpected orgasm arched their bodies over the saddles.

Suddenly we could hear Rebecca crying loudly from her seat in my car.

“It’s ok, I’ll look after her, you two take your time.” I called.

Julia moaned her thanks as I gathered all their clothes in my arms and left the girls alone. Rebecca stopped crying as soon as I took her from her seat and held her in my arms. Obviously she needed a change of diaper but she would have to wait for her mother so I placed her on the passenger seat and quietly started my car. Slowly I reversed from the barn back down the path to the back door of the house. Laughing to myself I lifted Rebecca from the car and we sat on the padded garden couch on the verandah waiting for the girls to appear.

Nearly ten minutes passed before the bedraggled pair of Barb and Julia staggered from the barn and wobbled on shaky legs back to the house. Both gave me dirty looks as they climbed the stairs and sat gingerly beside me on couch.

“I think she needs a change.” I remarked as I passed Rebecca to Julia’s arms.

“Hmmmph, so your talents don’t range to changing dirty diapers?” Julia retorted with a hint of sarcasm.

“I’ll take his spanking and cropping talents any day before worrying about dirty diapers.” Barb said with delight as she kissed my cheek. “Darling that was amazing, fantastic. I am blown away by what happened, where did you learn to use the crop like that?”

“I’ve been practicing at home on a pillow for accuracy.” I admitted. “Your cries told me whether the strength of the smacks were too strong,” I paused and laughed, “Or too light.”

“We both think you were terrific, that second cum, oh wow.” Julia said as she kissed my cheek and then stood with Rebecca in her arms. I’m going to change Becky, tidy myself, get a drink and relax in the tub for a while.”

“The tub sounds good.” I said as I remembered my previous visit. “We’ll see you out there.”

Barb cuddled into me as Julia and Rebecca left us alone on the verandah.

“You remember you told me you modeled for a BBW clothing magazine?” I inquired.

“Yes, why?” Barb asked with a puzzled look.

“I think you should be called a triple BW.”

“BBBW?” Barb said, “What’s the extra B for?”

“Big, bold and beautiful,” I replied as I caressed her right breast. “It took boldness for you to lay across the saddle and give your trust to me. Thank you sweetie, I will always make sure that your trust in me is never misused.”

“I was scared.” Barb admitted. “But I knew you would stop if we used the safe word.” She giggled and reached down and squeezed my groin. “I’ll have to reward you later, but let’s join Julia. Where are our clothes?”

“In the car, I’ll get them.” I said as I jumped to my feet. “Meet you at the tub, no clothes required.”

After the excitement of the horses and our time in the tack room, a quiet afternoon of rest in and around the tub was just right for the four of us. The hot tub was set into the veranda and the area had netting to keep out flies and mosquitoes. Green fibreglass sheeting shielded us from the hot sun and we could lie in the sun nude without the risk of being burnt. It was very relaxing splashing around in the tub and Rebecca loved being in the water with her mother.

I was out of the tub reading a book and relaxing on an air mattress when I must have dozed off. I don’t know how long I was asleep but I was awoken by the familiar sensation of blood flowing into my cock. I realized that one of the girls was sucking me but I managed to keep my eyes closed and feign sleep. But not for long as loud giggles from the girls made me open my eyes to a slit behind my sunglasses. I saw the girls kneeling on opposite sides and taking it in turns to suck. Barb would lower her head and take a few sucks before allowing Julia to take over, while both girls were playing gently with my balls. I watched them swap a few times as wonderfully erotic sensations swept through my body. Then as Barb opened her mouth and released my cock, Julia kissed her full on the lips before smiling and resuming her sucking. The sight of my friends kissing made my hips thrust upwards and my cock jerk in Julia’s mouth.

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