tagGroup SexThe Surprise

The Surprise


Damn, Tom was tired. Work had been hell today and he just couldn't wait to get home. Too many things went down and as usual it was his responsibility to get them back up and running. It had been a pain in the ass and even more so because they were short staffed today. And now he just wanted to get home and he was stuck in traffic. Could the day get any worse? "Shit" he said to himself as his cell phone rang.

"That better not be work calling me."

He picked up his phone and checked. No, it was his girlfriend. He sighed with relief as he answered the phone.

Gina usually called him when he was running late and she hadn't heard from him. Today was definitely one of those days.

He said hello to her and they had their normal conversation. How was your day? What are you up to now? When do you think you'll be home? Although this time when he told her he had no idea when he'd be home she got a little more persistent than normal. She wanted him to lock down a better time so she could work with it. He got a bit irritated and snapped at her. How was he to know when traffic would clear up and let him through?

"There is no reason to bite my head off Tom," she said " I just wanted to know when I should start dinner so I could have it ready when you get home."

He sighed and apologized. It was just the day that made him snap and they both knew it.

"Oh and I have a little surprise for you too Hun" she said with some excitement in her voice.

She sounded so cute when she got that little bit of fun in her voice. She was a sexy woman that was for sure. Tom was always excited to have her in his life. Not to mention all she had to do was walk into the room and he was semi hard at the mere sight of her. She was 5'7, which put her just under his chin in height. It was perfect. Her beautiful, brown hair was thick and long, half-way down her back. She wore it slightly curly these days which was ultra sexy, especially when it was damp from a shower. She had beautiful, expressive blue eyes and her lips were soft and pouty. They always looked great wrapped around his cock.

Tom knew when most men saw her lips they just knew she had cock sucking lips for sure.

Gina was well built too. Not too skinny, she had all the right curves. Her breasts were huge double D's and her ass was just the perfect size to grab onto when pulling her close. He loved bending her over and watching her ass move while he fucked her. Hell he just loved watching her walk. All this thinking had him hard while he talked to her on the phone.

"What kind of surprise?" he asked.

She refused to tell him. He had to wait till he got home.

He was thinking perhaps she bought another toy or something sexy for the bedroom and couldn't wait to try it out on him. Being they were both bisexual they experimented often on each other with toys of all kinds.

He loved it when she wore her strap on and showed off the newest cock she bought to fuck him with. He went hard in an instant and she loved it when that happened.

They hung up when traffic started to move and thankfully the rest of his drive went smooth.

He pulled into the driveway and gathered his things. Walking up the front walk he noticed the curtains were closed. He smiled big. That meant whatever Gina had planned was going to take place in the living room. She always closed the curtains at those times to avoid the neighbors peering eyes. He couldn't remember the last time he walked into the house with a hard on. But he was doing it now.

Gina met him at the door and stopped him from entering.

She was dressed to kill. She had indeed bought a new outfit. Gina was dressed from head to toe in this black vinyl bodysuit. Her big breasts were pressed together and held in place by some sort of leather lacing and the rest of her body was covered in the vinyl almost making her look like she wore black glass.

Tom almost tripped over the stoop when he saw her.

"Damn baby you look..." he started to say but she shushed him with her finger and told him he could no longer speak. Not a single word.

She took his things, placed them just inside the door and then stepped back just enough to put a blindfold over his eyes.

"You will not be able to see any more until I think you deserve to" she said to him.

This was new for them. Gina never took on a dominatrix role in any of their role-playing. He liked this new her very much. He made sure she knew it too when her hand roamed over his pants finding his hard cock.

"I need to get my..." he started to talk but again she stopped him.

"I said no talking!" she said in a stern voice. "You aren't being a good boy and listening to me. If you don't start behaving I will be forced to punish you next time. Do you understand?"

Tom could only nod in response.

Gina pulled him into the house and then began to undress him right there in the living room. Soon he was naked and his whole body tingled at her touch. Every now and then she'd bump into him and let her outfit touch his skin. This drove him nuts because his mind automatically went to how he knew she looked. Soon he felt something different tracing over his body.

Gina had brought out the tails and was using it on his skin. She was really getting into this whole dominating thing here he could tell. A wicked thought went thru his mind and he had to find out just how she would punish him if he talked. So he waited for the right moment, when Gina stood behind him and was reaching around to pinch at his nipples, to comment.

"Ohh god that feels soo good baby," he said.

She stopped immediately and stepped away from him.

"Tsk Tsk" she said. "I told you no talking so now I must punish you."

With that said all of a sudden he felt the tails come down on his ass with significant force. It smarted indeed but he got so aroused at the same time. He could only moan. She did it again on the other cheek this time.

"See what happens when you misbehave?" she scolded.

Tom only nodded. He was glad he tested her. He now knew she was serious in her role and that meant this was going to be one hell-of-a night.

He felt her move around him and then he felt her mouth on his cock. She had kneeled down in front of him. His mind was conjuring up past images of how she looked sucking his dick. Her mouth was so wet and warm over his member and she knew how to take it all.

Slowly she moved her lips and he thought he was going to die with pleasure. Not being able to say a word to her made this more exciting because he wanted to say something so badly.

Her hands began to caress his balls while she sucked on his cock. Deeper and deeper she took it into her mouth until he could feel the back of her throat. This was heaven and hell at the same time. Just when he thought he would explode with pleasure she stopped. Gina made no noise or said nothing.

He heard her moving around some but knew better than to ask what she was doing. He just stood and waited. His senses very alert. He felt her take his hand and pull him into walking.

She was leading him to the dining room, he was sure. His thoughts were confirmed a few moments later when he bumped into the table.

"Now the real fun begins" she said calmly "My baby is in for a real treat."

Gina stepped behind him and pushed him forward until he fell onto the table. She told him to stay there and soon he felt her moving his hands, tying him to the table legs. His upper body was pressed to the table while his cock and legs hung down at the end of it.

He couldn't believe she had him tied up this way!

They had never gone this far with anything. He wasn't about to complain though. This was just so exciting and he couldn't wait to see where she was taking this.

He felt her come up behind him then felt her hands on his ass. He loved it when she touched his ass.

She started to rub it a little and then he heard her move one of the chairs and sensed she was sitting down right behind him. His ass all exposed like this made his cock throb with desire.

He was figuring any minute he would feel one of their toys start to tickle his sphincter and was totally taken off guard when he felt her spread his ass and flick her tongue right over his hole.

He jumped and moaned out loud at the touch. She had never ever tongued his dark tunnel before. The feeling was incredible.

Her tongue kept flicking over the tiny hole and every now and then it would push like it wanted in his ass. He couldn't help himself he was humping the air under the table. He just couldn't hold still. It felt so good.

Suddenly though, the fun took a different turn when she whispered in his ear, "How's that tongue feel baby?"

There was no way she could tongue his ass and talk to him at the same time. That only meant one thing...someone else had his or her tongue on his hole. Just when he didn't think he could get any harder he did!

Gina had surprised him with another visitor in the house and one that apparently liked licking ass.

"It's okay you can tell me how it feels Tom," she gave her permission and all he could do was moan and say "Oh god you have no idea" Which made her chuckle.

"I think it's about to get even better lover" she said to him before he heard some motion.

Whoever was at his ass kept right on licking and probing his chamber with their tongue. He was having a hard time controlling himself and wanted to come so bad.

"Now," Gina said, "I want you to tell me how this next thing feels when it happens. I want an immediate reaction and if I don't approve of your response I will punish you."

With the tongue in his ass he just had no way to form any words. So he sort of grunted and moaned in acknowledgment.

"Here we go then" she said into his ear and suddenly he felt a mouth wrap around his cock.

It took him a second to realize there was still a tongue in his ass and now one around his cock. He knew Gina was still standing by his head so that meant a 3rd person was now sucking his dick!

"Oh My God!!" Tom shouted out loud. "Oh God Gina what are you doing to me?"

"Pleasuring you," she answered. "Does it feel good baby?"

When he didn't answer fast enough she cracked the tails causing him to jump.

"I said, Does it?" she asked again and he sighed a faint "it did".

It felt too good for words. With a mouth working his cock he knew he would cum in no time flat. Everything was just feeling too good. His ass was being tongue fucked, his cock was being sucked and he was tied down. There was nothing he could do but enjoy it!

Gina apparently sensed he was on the verge of cumming and ordered the fun to stop. Both people stopped their torture of his ass and cock. It caused him to whimper and wiggle around. He didn't want them to stop. He wanted to cum. He heard her chuckle, telling him to be patient.

"I bet right now you'd give anything to feel my strap-on cock up that sensitive little ass of yours wouldn't you Tom?" she questioned. "I bet you can almost feel the tip of it teasing your hole huh?" she added teasingly.

Funny thing was he could. He swore he could actually feel her teasing his ass and then it dawned on him...he wasn't imagining it! He really felt her cock moving around his ass hole.

"Want to have your ass fucked Tom?" she whispered into his ear again and he knew right away this time it would be a real dick.

Gina had a guy back, behind him about to fuck his ass for real all right!

"Yes, oh god yes, please Gina?" he begged.

"Tell me how bad you want your ass fucked Tom." she demanded.

"I want it fucked so bad Gina please, please I need it so badly," he begged more.

The only warning he got was hands on his butt cheeks spreading them wide before a cock slammed into his hole full speed burying deep.

Tom screamed out in pure pleasure! He had a real dick buried inside his ass. It felt huge. He was so full of cock he thought he was going to lose his mind.

The guy grabbed Tom's hips but didn't move at all. He just stood there with his shaft buried in Tom.

Tom couldn't take it...he tried to move his ass against the cock, trying desperately to feel it move inside his grasping pucker.

Gina saw this and chuckled. "Oh my" she said. "Looks like someone really likes cock in his ass."

All Tom could do was moan. There was no way he could talk. He just knew he wanted the guy to move that huge member in and out.

"FUCK HIM" he heard Gina yell and the guy started doing just that.

He grabbed Tom's hips and started thrusting furiously in and out of Tom's quivering hole. Gina told the guy to fuck him faster and harder.

"I want my baby to remember this fuck forever." Gina said. "Fuck his ass like you've no control. Just slam that tight ass with your 9 inches. Make him cry out for me." She ordered.

Hearing nine inches Tom lost all control. He had a monster cock slamming into his ass and all he could do was take it.

"Are you going to cum for me Tom?" Gina teased.

"Yessss" he replied.

"Not yet Tom!" she commanded. "You better wait until I tell you, you can cum." she warned.

He didn't know how he could do this. How he could hold back. Surely she wouldn't make him suffer too long. The cock in his ass moved faster and faster. The guy was groaning and Tom could tell by the throbbing inside his tight chamber that the guy was going cum and cum soon.

Oh God his ass was going to be filled with this guy's hot sperm. He was going to shoot it deep into Tom's ass.

Tom's cock was so hard and leaking pre-cum like never before. They were rocking the table so hard and Tom wanted nothing more than to cum.

Suddenly he felt a warm mouth wrapping around his throbbing shaft.

Gina must have told whoever was under the table to start sucking.

Tom had a dick buried in his ass and a stranger's mouth on his member. That was all he needed... He started to lose any control he had left and was cumming! He couldn't wait for Gina to command it. His body gave way and he screamed out as he came, thrusting his cock into that hot mouth...while the guy fucked his ass. Tom shouted and screamed while he came and came. It felt like nothing ever before.

The guy in his ass apparently couldn't take anymore either as Tom felt his ass being pumped full with hot sperm. The guy slammed so hard into Tom's ass they moved the table. Both were crying out and cumming so hard. Tom knew he filled the mouth that sucked him.

Gina said nothing until they calmed down.

Tom felt the guy slip from his ass and soon he was just laying there still tied to the table. He heard motion and noise yet no one talked to him or untied him. He heard the front door open and close and had no idea if someone left or another joined them.

"You didn't wait for me to tell you to cum Tom," Gina said quietly. "I warned you that you had to wait or be punished didn't I?" she scolded.

"Yes but I just couldn't..."

He started to answer but she once again stopped him.

"No buts Tom. You were told and you disobeyed. Now I am going to have to punish you. This is going to be a long night baby." she chuckled, "Very long and hard," she added.

Suddenly another very hard cock was easing into Tom's ass...

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