tagGay MaleThe Swim "Meat"

The Swim "Meat"


How did I get myself into this? The big swim meet against our cross-town rivals was tomorrow, and there I was, sneaking into our hosts' locker room to scribble disheartening graffiti on their shower with tube of lipslick. I could have said, "No," when the guys dared me, but as a freshman, I had to prove myself.

Rumour had it that our competition was predominately gay, so our guys suggested phrases on the order of, "You can't swim with a dick up your ass" and "Faggots drown", in addition to the usual "You suck," and the like.

While I was writing, a voice startled me, "I wonder how well you can swim with a dick up *your* ass."

I turned to see one of the guys from our competition. Being accustomed to guys in Speedos, it wasn't until I glanced down that I saw he was nude. Before I could make a break for it, my path was blocked by the rest of their team, all of them, like the first one naked. Just as with my own team, they were all in perfect shape, without an ounce of fat: and without a speck of hair anywhere below their noses. Typically, we swimmers shave ourselves - claiming it's to cut down on resistance in the water, but it's really because of how good we look and feel with all that sweet, smooth skin.

Two from the naked mob grabbed me by my upper arms and held me against the wall, while another one snatched the lipstick tube from my hand. "You know, dipshit, this isn't for writing," he told me and smeared it on my lips. Another guy ripped my shirt open, sending the buttons flying about, while still another lad yanked my trousers down to my ankles. They pulled my pants, shoes, and socks off before I really became aware of what was happening.

I started to scream, but one of them silenced my mouth with his. His kiss was brutal and aggressive. His arms reached around me and grabbed my ass, smashing my crotch into his. The blokes who had held my arms against the wall released them so they could pull my shirt off.

The kisser released me, but a bunch of the guys grabbed my wrists and tied them together with my shirt. Then they shoved me down to my hands and knees. One fellow knelt behind me and toyed with my nipples. Suddenly, he pinched and twisted them both. My chest swung back, with my ass curling up to my assailant. At the same time, he slammed his dick forward, impaling me with his large cock.

"Aaah!" I yelled as he viciously violated me. My shrieks of pain died down, but the realization of being raped brought tears to my eyes and started me crying. A second one knelt in front of me and used my hair to pull my mouth around his large, hairless shaft. His other hand reached forward and grabbed my balls.

"If you so much as think of biting me, I'll rip your fucking nuts off. Is that clear, bitch?" Sobbing, I nodded. My lips closed around his dick and I began sucking. Somehow, I found it comforting, and my tongue licked its way from the head to the root. Before long, I was swinging my hips back to slam against the balls of the guy who was fucking me. That seemed to put him over the edge and he blew his load. That, in turn, excited the one whose cock I was sucking to shoot streams of hot cum deep down my throat.

The fellow with his cock up my ass-pipe pulled out, but was instantly replaced with another. A similar shift change happened in my mouth. While I was sucking and being fucked, the first two came back and unloaded their bladders all over me. Their golden streams were concentrated on my ass and my face. The act was so vile, so wrong, so ... so right. My dick swelled as I hungrily sucked and fucked. I took them all on; each one used both my ass and mouth for their evil pleasure. Some of them even pissed directly into my mouth in between blow jobs and I drank down every drop of their delicious juice.

When they were done, they tossed my naked body, still covered in cum and piss, into the parking lot and threw my clothes several car lengths from me. I pulled my trousers over my dripping ass and hurried back to the dormitory.

I can't wait for the next swim meet!

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