The Taking of Lena Ch. 01


Renz continued rubbing her clit, doing with his fingers the movements he did with his tongue; soft, swift circles. Lena was still whimpering, but out of pleasure.

Renz secured one of her legs above his shoulder and arched his back. He kept his fingers attached to her clit in frantic motions as he surged into her, deeper than ever. Lena screamed, in a strange mixture of pleasure and pain, as Renz released deep, powerful moans of his own.

This surprised Lena, and she tensed up, contracting her entire body around him. This drew out another moan from deep in his gut, and he began driving into her harder and faster, almost as if he were trying to tear down her tight walls.

He ran his hands over every inch of her as he pounded himself into her relentlessly. Lena felt like she couldn't breathe, for each thrust shook her and cut her off. She released high-pitched screams with every thrust and animalistic grunt that Renz made. She became increasingly fearful as his powerful moans gradually developed into shouts, for he drove into her with an unbearable force, hitting and bruising something deep inside of her.

"Lena...I'm going to come inside of you," Renz ground out, looking down at her. Lena pounded her little fists against his chest, now desperate to get him off of her.

"No, sir, not inside of me!" she screamed. Renz trapped her wrists in one hand and reached down to finger her still sensitive clit. Lena couldn't handle both sensations, and she fell back, surrendering entirely.

"Yes, sweetheart, yes...yes...oh, god...YES!" Renz shouted. With a final, hard thrust, Renz erupted inside of her, coating her womb with his seed.

Lena felt his hot liquid deep inside of her. She felt it spilling out onto the sheets. She trembled as Renz continued releasing himself into her, gently moving in and out of her.

Renz eventually pulled out of her, but he didn't shift form being on top of her, between her legs. The fluids of their sex dampened his shirt, and soiled the sheets they were entangled in.

"Please get off of me," Lena said meekly. For the first time, he adhered to her request, and rolled off of her onto his back, breathing deeply.

Lena sat up and looked down between her legs, eyes widening at the graphic sight. She saw a mixture of blood and his seed smeared between her thighs and dripping onto the sheets.

She began to scoot out of the bed, but cried out in pain once she moved her thighs. Her legs hurt, but the soreness deep inside of her was unbearable. Before she could move again, Renz grabbed her arm, trapping her yet again.

"Where do you think you're going?" Renz asked, rolling over onto his side. Lena stared at him incredulously.

"You've stolen what you wanted. I am of no further use to you," Lena replied softly. Renz roughly pulled her arm and yanked her toward him, locking her tiny body against his chest.

"I thought I told you, Lena. You're staying in here with me tonight," he said, reaching between her thighs. Lena's heart pounded in reawakening panic, and she began squirming away from him.

"No, sir, please...I can't do that again, it will kill me! Please don't," she pleaded. Renz gently shhed her, and softly kissed her neck as he slowly slid a finger inside of her wet, narrow pussy.

"I know you are tender, Lena. Just relax," he whispered, gently fingering her. Her sore walls gripped his finger tightly, and he slowly began to tease her clit with his thumb. Lena released a sigh, giving into the pleasure.

"Ooh my," Lena moaned, biting her lip. His finger hurt, very slightly, but it was giving her a new kind of pleasure. It felt almost as if he were massaging her wounded inner walls.

Renz kissed her neck, and shifted partly on top of her, pushing his finger a bit deeper inside of her, and increasing his pressure on her clit.

"I want you to come for me again, Lena," he whispered softly. Lena shook her head.

"Why are you doing this to me?" she asked weakly. Renz didn't answer, but pressed a soft kiss against her lips as he vibrated his finger inside of her.

He released her from the kiss and stared intently into her eyes, focusing more on circling her clit. Her warm wetness began to seep onto his fingers, and he increased his pressure.

"Come again for me, Lena," he repeated. Lena tried to ignore the wonderful agony between her legs, but soon found that she couldn't. She had experienced too much pain, and her body desperately needed pleasure to counter it.

It wasn't as strong as the first time, but it still consumed her. Lena released a high, sweet moan, and her back arched, as gentle waves of pleasure swept throughout her entire body.

"Good girl," Renz whispered.

Lena then passed out, completely worn out by everything Renz had done to her.

Renz stared at Lena as she slept in the same position he'd put her in when he'd pulled her back to bed. He regarded her small, delicate little body with a strength of lust he hadn't felt in all of his thirty-six years.

He loved how different her body was from those of the wealthy women he was used to. She was soft and supple, yes, but her tiny body possessed a firmness that could only be achieved through years of active work. He loved the shapely curves of the muscle in her legs, the titillating lines of her stomach. He even loved the delicate way her ribs protruded from her narrow body. And her skin, soft, creamy and delicate, yet slightly golden from time spent outside. He wanted to run his tongue over every inch of that delicious skin.

Renz placed his hand on her chin, and turned her towards him, admiring her face. So sweet and beautiful, even in her slumber. Her long silky, chocolate brown hair was strewn about her head, like a halo. The moonlight danced across her delicate face, heightening her delicate cheekbones. He considered shaking her awake, just so those teasingly long lashes would reveal those large, innocent, ocean-like eyes.

He ran a finger over her deep pink, pouty lips, stiffening at the thought of those lips wrapped around his cock.

Renz knew the moment he saw her that she was an exquisite creature, and that he had to have her. He had hoped that she would be open and willing, a wanton servant girl eager to sleep with a wealthy, powerful man. But she was innocent and pure, and had resisted him to the very end. He had to use force, because he was certain he would go mad if he didn't have her.

And now that he had, he knew that once was not enough. This innocent young virgin had awakened a fearsome appetite within him that needed to be sated. The feeling of her pussy had been indescribable. Even in her inexperience and resistance, being inside of her was the most pleasurable coupling he'd ever experienced. The way her tight walls had seized him, almost to a painful point, the sweet taste of her fluids, and even the sounds she made were permanently embedded into his mind. He needed to have her again. And again. And again.

Renz had originally come to the Sterling manor not for the ball, but to collect on the long-standing debt the financially inept Jonathon Sterling had owed him. Jonathon had invited him to stay as guest to avoid Renz's historically aggressive collection of debt, typically marked by claiming ownership over various properties. But Renz found he was no longer interested in money or manors. He wanted Lena, this eighteen-year-old maid and temptress, to belong to him, as his property.

"I will own you," Renz whispered softly to the sleeping form.

And he would not be denied what he wanted.

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I love this story! Well done.

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by kittykatkara02/15/18

Loved it!

Looking forward to reading more!

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by SirToe09/29/17

This story is just okay...

I like that the sex in it was described well, but the character of Renz was kind of a turn off for me. I probably won't read the rest of the series because I am pretty sure there is "love" in the air formore...

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The brazen ugliness of anonymity

Can't get over the offensively rude anonymous commenters on here. As though you're here to serve them. Be gone with you, trolls, and leave the lovely author be to write content at her pace for those whomore...

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I searched for this story for soooo long!

After reading this a long time ago, I finally found it again. This is seriously the best story I have ever read on here.

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