tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Tale of Amberley Bloodstar Ch. 01

The Tale of Amberley Bloodstar Ch. 01


Disclaimer: This is a work of fantasy. I have occasionally appropriated items such as lyrics for songs (since I have no facility for writing such things myself) and all credit is due to the writers of said songs and lyrics. I'll probably just list any borrowings at the bottom of the story to save time. Several fantasy works and games have influenced this story and I've borrowed and blended concepts freely.

This story is dedicated to a fan who requested it. They know who they are. Constructive comments and reviews are welcome, flames will be snickered at and deleted. Enjoy!

Chapter I- The World Awaits Me

"Dragons in the sky, the fighting has begun
Shadow versus light, and who will stand when it is done?
Magisters and fright, his destiny it calls
Inquisitor your hand will reprimand before he falls!

Now are the days of wine and gilded arms
Now are the days when magic is reborn
Seal up the Breach, the evil is no more
Once and for all, we close the darkened door

Peril in their eyes, the battle has begun
Death becomes the ashes of the evils yet to come
Inquisitor's delight, a destiny it shines
Magister your ancient hand is broken in the light

Now are the days of wine and gilded arms
Now are the days when magic is reborn
Seal up the breach, the evil is no more
Once and for all, victory is ours

Darkness never ever rise again
Darkness never ever rise again

Peril in their eyes, the battle has begun
Death becomes the ashes of the evils yet to come
Inquisitor's delight, a destiny it shines
Magister your ancient hand is broken in the light

Now are the days of wine and gilded arms
Now are the days when magic is reborn
Seal up the breach, the evil is no more
Once and for all, victory is ours!"

I put down my lute and sighed in contentment as applause and raucous cheers echoed around the tavern. Through the dim light and smoke, I could see dozens, no, scores of men and women clapping enthusiastically, their faces rapt with delight. It was no doubt safe to say I'd earned my wine, food and boarding for the night.

Waving pleasantly, I rose from the rickety chair I was sitting on, which itself was perched atop a long table, giving everyone in the establishment a clear view of me. A portly gentleman helped me down off the table, his hand on my lower back and trying to get lower. I was used to such things, but I denied him a feel all the same. I was a bard, not a slovenly trull here to service him.

Endless compliments as I walked through the crowd, heading toward a table the proprietor had reserved for me if I entertained his guests. I might need to share it with him and his family, or maybe another patron of import if they came in, but my seat was assured, for which I was grateful.

The proprietor in question, one Brond Fire-Eater, was a tall, generously-built gentleman, no doubt once muscular in his prime. His short-cropped hair and long beard were both flame-red, hence the moniker. His brown eyes crinkled as he grinned and met me at the table, gesturing to a range of chairs I could choose from. Out of habit, I took the chair with its back to the wall, looking out at the room. I liked being able to see what was going on at all times.

"An admirable performance, Miss Bloodstar!" he guffawed loudly, not minding who heard him. "You are the most pleasant voice this establishment has been graced with in many years!"

"Oh, thank you for saying so," I said modestly, affecting a blush. "My meagre skills are hardly-"

"Nonsense!" he boomed jovially. "I think everyone in this room would agree with me! What say you, folk of Ynnswood?"

Dozens of loud cheers and raised flagons of ale were the response, clearly agreeing with him that I was the best entertainer to have passed through this sleepy town in a long while.

Damn right I was. Amberley Bloodstar is second to no one.

He brought over a mug, filling it from a small barrel he insisted was his finest brew. It was creamy and brown, and, most importantly, cold. I sipped it while he waited anxiously and then expressed my approval for his excellent ale. He almost jumped in excitement at my words, rushing off to retrieve food for me.

Several people came up and praised my voice and my skill with the lute, to which I replied politely and humbly, thanking them. No one tried to sit, knowing that the table had been reserved, although I could see many wanted to. Soon enough, some locals took over the spot by the large hearth on the far wall, droning and wailing away on crude flutes, mandolins and a drum. The music was almost painful to a trained ear, but people were enjoying it and singing along, which is what was important.

Fire-Eater brought up a wooden board, loaded down with roasted pork, cheese, onions, gherkins, and a hearty dark bread. I did my best not to devour everything he put in front of me, but it had been a long day of journeying and I was both weary and famished. Everything tasted good and the ale was remarkably refreshing. More than they should have been.

But what does a bard need more than a bed, food and drink and an audience to entertain?

And one other thing. This last occurred to me as I observed the room and saw a young woman subtly looking at me from near the hearth. She wasn't paying attention to the music or the rowdy singing, she was gazing at me, a certain look in her eye. It was one I recognized and I smiled warmly, because upon seeing her, I felt a tiny tingle inside me.

She straightened up as Fire-Eater strode by, grinning at her and then leaning down to kiss her cheek before lumbering off. She was doubtless his daughter, and I could now see the hints of the red in her hair, not unlike her oversized father. This knowledge also gave me a tingle and I smiled slyly at her, beckoning for her to join me.

Somewhat reluctantly at first, she came across the room, but upon seeing me wink, she wormed her way through the crowd and joined me, sitting down next to me as I pulled out a chair. I appraised her as she settled in, noting with some satisfaction that she was an attractive girl, certainly not typical of the small-towns and farmlands common to this region. She was wearing a peasant dress, blue on top with a white blouse under it. Though it was predictably dingy from working in her father's tavern, it did nothing to conceal her plump chest and shapely hips. Her dark hair, shot through with highlights of red, as mentioned earlier, was lush and curly. Her dark brown eyes looked at me with a delightful blend of shyness and desire.

"Your father reserved this table for myself and his family," I said, smiling at her. "So please, keep me company."

"Thank you, Miss Bloodstar," she said quietly, blushing a little. "I-"

"Please, darling, call me Amberley," I said, reaching over and giving her hand a gentle squeeze. "Miss Bloodstar is what your father has to call me."

She giggled, a pleasant sound. I was thinking she worked hard to keep herself attractive and girly in comparison to her surroundings. "Thank you. My name is Sunniva."

"That's so pretty," I said, still holding her hand and giving it another squeeze. "It means 'Gift of the Sun God', doesn't it?"

Her eyes widened in delight. "You speak our tongue?"

"It behooves a bard to know how to speak as many languages as possible," I replied coyly. "I'm not at all a master of it, but I can get by, use greetings and ask a few important questions."

"Ooh, ask me a question," she said eagerly, leaning in as if we were talking privately. "What's the most important question you need to ask?"

I made a show of thinking. "Pa mor hen yw eich merch?"

She blinked and then began snickering at my ribald query. Clearly amused, she smirked and leaned forward some more, perhaps inadvertently (or perhaps not) allowing me a glance down her blouse to her impressive cleavage.

"His daughter is old enough, I will have you know," she almost purred. "That is the question you ask most often?"

"No, it is simply the question that is most important to me," I replied, winking at her. She had not taken her hand back from mine and I could feel her skin grow warm as we conversed. Clearly the same thing was on both of our minds. "Perhaps I'll leave large city propriety behind me and just ask you directly, Sunniva."

"What would you like to ask me, Amberley?" she murmured, her eyes getting glassy.

I smiled slyly again. "Would you like to visit my room after all this and let me fuck you?"

Her eyes widened and I felt her pulse quicken. "You... want to fuck me?"

"Aye," I confirmed, nodding. "When I retire for the night, I am hoping you can slip away to join me. Then I am hoping we can fuck and ravish one another until we pass out. What say you? Have you ever been with a woman before?"

"No," she said, shaking her head, but then correcting herself. "I mean, yes, I've been with girls before, who live around here, but... not a woman. Not someone like you."

My smile was genuine, because her answer and compliment had been. I held her hands and gently grazed my fingernail up her inner wrist, making her shiver and bite her lip. I liked this girl and I would make sure she never forgot this night.

"I know you will be busy for some time tonight," I said quietly, our eyes locked. No one else seemed to notice our interaction. "But come and sit with me when you can. Can you dance?"

She blushed. "A little."

"Good," I stated, winking. "Then you can dance while I play tonight. Everyone will love it!"

"Oh, I couldn't," she almost stammered, now slightly flustered. "I'm not-"

"Nonsense," I said in an assuring tone, calming her. "You're the prettiest girl in this town, no question. People will be enthralled, I promise you. Every boy will want to fuck you and you will be able to fuck any boy you want after."

She took a breath and steeled herself. "I'll... I'll trust you on that, Amberley."

I smiled and fished a small, brass-looking trinket out of the pocket of the doublet I was wearing, holding it up for her examination. It looked like a tiny frog. "This is a little charm I keep with me, it has a small power. For a few seconds, it can make all others look away from us, not seeing what we're doing, assuming we're not too boisterous."

"What... do you want to do with it?" she asked, still looking at it.

"I'm going to put it on the table," I answered. "Once it is there, people will not readily notice us. Then, for about fifteen seconds, I'm going to kiss you, so that you will know what I'm looking forward to with you tonight. Would you like that?"

"Oh, yes, Amberley!" she almost squeaked, clearly excited. Her brown eyes glinted with excitement.

I placed the brass frog on the table, stroking once along its back. It may not have had any perceptible result for us, but everyone else would take no notice of anything we did at the table for several seconds. Wasting no time, as the effect was short, I pulled Sunniva to me and wrapped my arms around her, kissing her deeply. The girl moaned and returned the kiss willingly, her tongue tangling with mine. I held her close, but one of my hands moved down to squeeze the swell of her breast, still confined by her dress.

Sunniva shivered and her fingers flexed on my thighs, fingernails digging into the soft material of my breeches. She leaned in closer still, one of her hands sliding over my hip and waist. I wanted her to continue, but we didn't have time. It wouldn't do to have the charm's effect wear off and be caught locking lips with my host's daughter, after all.

Reluctantly, I pulled my mouth away from hers, a glistening strand of our desire reaching between us. Her mouth was wide open and she stared at me with glassy eyes, almost panting. I sat her back in her chair and then rested in mine, confident that no one had seen anything. I reached over and slipped the charm back into my pocket.

"Just a little taste, so to speak, of what we'll share tonight." I said casually, smiling and taking another quaff of my ale. "Will you dance for me?"

"Uh-huh..." she said somewhat dumbly, still staring.


I played the final note of the song and Sunniva finished her dance with a twirl and a stamp on the tabletop she stood on. The crowd roared its approval and she looked jubilant. Breathing hard from her exertions, she spied her mother and father looking on from the back of the room, applauding enthusiastically.

I slung my lute over my shoulder and helped her down off the table, walking hand-in-hand with her over to where her parents waited. They looked like they were ready to burst with excitement and Sunniva was flush with exhilaration. Her mom hugged her while Fire-Eater ruffled her air, beaming with fatherly pride.

"She did well, my daughter!" he gushed, awaiting my agreement. I nodded and beamed a radiant smile for him. "She is welcome to dance for me any time I am playing."

"Then she can be your personal attendant for the duration of your stay!" Fire-Eater announced.

"Oh, I couldn't impose on you so," I said, trying to protest. "You must have need of her for your tavern."

"Nonsense," he boomed. "Thanks to you, my tavern has never been busier and I have other children to help. Sunniva seeing to you in a clever investment for me!"

"You have no need of me for cleaning or milking the cows, father?" Sunniva asked, feigning concern.

"No, Sunniva," he said firmly, like he had made some mighty decision. "You will see to Miss Bloodstar for her visit with us. Assist her however you can."

"Yes, father." Sunniva said obediently, holding her hands in front of herself and nodding her head. "She is my responsibility while she stays with us."

"Good, lass." Fire-Eater said. "Off with ye, now. Our guest might want a drink."

"If it pleases, you, good sir, I might be wanting to bathe," I said, catching his attention. "I'll sing some more songs or play some music, but could Sunniva possibly draw a bath for me?"

Fire-Eater nodded and tilted his head curtly. Sunniva hurried off, giving me a wink as she went by. I returned to the crowds, who applauded as I stood on the table once more, bowing grandly.

"What would you fine folk like to hear?" I asked. "Perhaps 'Sir Eglamore' or 'Number One With A Bulette'? Perhaps 'Cotton Eye Joe'?"


Sunniva led me up the back stairs and to the bathing chamber, which was conveniently next to the room I'd be staying in, a door connecting them. She was holding my hand and smiling back at me, a smouldering lust in her dark eyes. We arrived and I stood close behind her while she opened the door, my hips barely pressing against her behind. She shivered, squirming back against me slightly. Once we were in, I closed the door behind me, rested my lute upright beside it and took her into my arms. She melted against me as we kissed rapturously, moaning into one another's mouths.

I broke the kiss after several seconds and smiled at her wickedly. "We should undress each other, Sunniva," I said quietly, reaching behind myself and undoing the leather and gold clasps that held my hair in a braid, letting my long tresses fall free. "And then we'll make love in the tub before retiring to my room."

She nodded and I started removing her clothing. I unlaced the front of her dress, loosening the ties and gently tugging the garment down until it pooled on her hips. Her middle was surprisingly trim, with a hint of a belly, the skin warm and tan. I then undid the blouse and pulled the material over her head, making her raise her arms. I smiled as her opulent breasts sprang free, the brown nipples hardening with her excitement. Sunniva blushed as I gazed up on her.

"You're beautiful." I remarked softly, making her shiver again. I then took hold of the dress and wiggled if deftly around her hips, I started kneeling as I worked the garment down, finally pulling it over her lush hips. Her pussy was finally revealed to me, the curly, dark hairs already moist with her arousal. I smiled up at her and leaned in to plant a gentle kiss right above her womanhood. She trembled at the touch of my lips, murmuring something.

That left her shoes, small slipper-like things that I pulled off gently by lifting her leg slightly, nipping at her inner thighs as I did so. I really could appreciate her body, not just because I was horny and wanted to fuck, but because she was a delightful change from I had been expecting in this small provincial town on my way to Arristheon.

"Your turn to unwrap me." I said, standing up again and winking at her. She blinked, coming back to herself and nodded, her hands reaching for the belt and baldric I was wearing.

"Your clothes are so exquisite, I'm almost afraid to touch them," she whispered, fingers working at the buckle of my belt. "I've never felt the like.''

"Don't worry, they can be cleaned." I said gently, feeling the belt fall away in her hand. Her eyes widened as the belt fell, clearly heavier than she anticipated. Which made sense, considering that my rapier, two knives and several pouches were still attached to it.

I smiled and took the belt from her, turning to place it on a bench nearby before returning to her and nodding, indicating she should continue. She removed my baldric next, followed by undoing the carved bone buttons of my doublet. She seemed enchanted by the feel of the soft, reddish-brown material, edged in gold.

"So soft..." she whispered again, her eyes betraying her wonder. I smiled and let her take her time, because fascinated as she was by what I wore, what she truly desired to see lay beneath. She pushed it off my shoulders and down my arms, revealing my silken blouse beneath, crème in colour. She had, of course, seen the billowing sleeves already, but she was every bit as entranced by this garment as she had been by the doublet.

The clasps on this were not bone, but jade. She undid the one at the neck, followed by the two below. She giggled as the release of tension caused my blouse to bounce slightly, my bosom relaxing beneath it. Finally, she took the garment by the hem and pulled it over my head while I lifted my arms. She sucked in her breaths as my breasts revealed themselves, as pale and perfect a pair as anyone could ask to see.

"By the Six..." she murmured, staring in wonder. My breasts are large, but they sit pertly on my chest, crowned with pink nipples that I loved to have kissed and sucked. She could see the points of them now, awaiting her attention once she had undressed me. Sunniva kept looking at them as she knelt, lifting one of my legs and pulling off my travelling boot, the sturdy leather fixed with malachite stones to ensure good balance. She had them both off, marvelling at my dainty feet. Pretty, with delicate arches, no doubt a change to the peasant feet she was used to in a lover.

She undid the clasp of my breeches and shimmied them down over my hips, revealing my long, slender legs and leaving me clad only in a pair of spare, silk underthings. She looked at them curiously, as if she had never seen such an item before. Maybe she hadn't, of course, since they were usually worn only by people of quality, usually women, in the larger cities with a royal presence.

She pressed her fingers to the garment for a moment, feeling them and giving me a tingle as her hand passed over my pussy beneath. This was the other reason I tended to wear them- I get aroused easily and need to protect my clothes for my demon libido.

Finally, she pulled them down and sucked in her breath, eyes alight in wonder.

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