tagFetishThe Tale of Twelve Feet

The Tale of Twelve Feet


Finally the night had arrived. She had been advertising on all the local adult chat sites for over a month, and finally the time was here. She smiled, languishing in the bathtub, soaking in his favourite scented bubble bath. Her fingers toying with her nipples, rolling them, pinching and tweaking. Tiny fingers of electricity shooting straight to her clit, making her gasp, the sound loud in the confines of the bathroom.

Reaching for her favourite vibrator, the waterproof one, the one that never left the side of the tub, she hoisted her hips up out of the water and slid the thick phallus in deep. She held her hand steady and let her hips hump at the firm rubber as it vibrated inside her hot slick velvet pouch. She needed this, needed to cum so badly, to take the edge off, so that her mind could think of other things on this night. Her thumb frigging her swollen clit, making her break out in tiny beads of sweat, concentrating on the slight buzzing, the pressure as it pressed her walls back, the...and yesssssss, she screamed out in passionate release, slumping back down into the tub, the vibrator still clenched in that vise like cunt.

When her breath finally returned, she fished the vibrator from between her quivering nether lips, washed the cum from it and put it back on the side of the tub, for next time.

Quickly bathing, standing and rinsing off in a cool spray she finally climbed from the tub. Smiling at her naked reflection in the mirror, running hands over oil slick skin. She walked from the bathroom to the bedroom, not worrying about the open curtains, this was after all an adult building, and she did like to be watched. She saw the glint of glasses, probably binoculars from the window across the road, so she paused, stretching, making a slow pirouette. There, that should hold whoever that is until later when the real show would begin.

The phone started ringing, and as she picked it up, she started to shake just a little, she couldn't believe what she was about to do, but before she could change her mind, she buzzed them in. She walked slowly to the door, going over some of the little details in her mind, hoping she hadn't forgotten anything.

Swallowing the lump that suddenly rose in her throat, she ran her fingers through her hair, and naked as the day she was born, flung the door open. There in the hallway stood 11 women, all shapes and sizes, all familiar to her only because they had been exchanging pics online for the last month. All with one very important detail in common. She had scrutinized each picture carefully before choosing these 11 ladies.

They tumbled in the door, shrugging off coats, and soon stood as nude as she was. She gathered up the coats, and tossed them in her bedroom. Returning to the hall, she found them making small talk, everyone comfortable in their own skin. A round of hugs as she led them into the living room, curtains pulled back, lights on so that the world could watch, if they chose to.

She had sent instructions, vanilla scented bubble bath and bright red nail polish. The scent was heavy in the air, and red fingers and toes glinted everywhere. Twelve pillows were arranged in a circle on the floor, and on each pillow was a billowy white gown. Twelve masks and 24 gloves, all identical sat atop each heap of clothing and as one, all the women dressed. Now there were 12 women, covered from fingertip to ankle, masked and indistinguishable from the other.

They sat on the pillows, giggling, chatting, each of them now answering to Becca. No more individuals, just 12 women, looking and smelling alike. A tape recorder sat in the centre of the circle of outstretched legs, the only visible flesh, the nude toes, 120 of them peeking out from the diaphanous gowns.

The door creaked open and several giggles rose from behind the masks, one nervous gasp as she wondered if she were really going to be able to pull this off.

He strode purposefully into the living room, his lips parted, ready to call to his Becca, when his eyes saw the circle. He stared at the identical bodies, and then at the naked flesh. So much nudity. His heart started hammering in his chest, his eyes wide as he took in all the feet, all the naked toes, and his cock started stirring, making a very definite bulge in his dress pants.

He couldn't even find his voice, just a low moan spilled over his parted lips. He wasn't even sure what to do, but ohhhhh all those feet.

Becca's voice, but who was talking, he scanned the masked faces. Then noticed the tape recorder, its tiny motor whirring as she spoke.

"Welcome home, and Happy 12th Anniversary." There is a long pause as he scans the masked crowd, but his eyes are drawn once again to all those wonderful feet.

The tape recorder drones on, "Now, take off your clothes, all of them, right here, don't leave the room yet, we want to see you."

He tugs quickly at his suit coat, tossing it on the chair, and as he reaches to undo his pants, her voice commands, "Slower, we want to enjoy." A soft melody starts to play, sensuous music, his body starts to sway as he grins.

He gyrates his hips in time to the music, staring at those lovely feet displayed like a buffet before him. He pulls off his tie, tosses it into the sea of toes and gasps in a tight breath as it drapes across a set of red painted nails. He loses focus and starts to step forward when a chorus of voices chime, "Not yet."

He takes a step backwards, eyes still glued to those feet, and slowly, one button at a time, hips swaying, he unbuttons his shirt. His bare chest revealed inch by inch, he looks up as a soft moan slips over a covered pair of lips.

Silence falls, just the soft sound of music over the whirring of the tape. He runs his hands over his chest, stopping to pinch his nipples, bringing them to erect little pebbles. He yanks his shirt off his arms tossing it to rest with his jacket. He eyes his tie, so sexy, covering those naked digits that wiggle so seductively.

His bends and pulls off his shoes, kicking them aside and takes a deep breath, holding it as he peels his socks off. Oh, the touch of his bare feet in the thick carpet, his cock growing, a growl from deep in his throat. He pauses, then stands, hands at the button of his trousers, he starts to undo it as her voice pulls his gaze to the centre of the ring.

"Quickly, undress now, then lie down in the middle, on your back and close your eyes."

He doesn't need to hear that message twice, his fingers fly over his pants, sliding them down, stepping out of them, his cock springing free, no underwear to inhibit its rise. He moves to the ring of women, his hands flexing as he reaches to touch...

"And no touching on the way." Becca's voice is dripping with passion, he can envision her as she recorded that, fingers deep in her pussy, right where she likes them.

He draws his hands back, stepping carefully into the inner ring, and lies down, shuffling the tape recorder to one side, lays his arms at his sides and closes his eyes.

His breathing ragged as feet, so many feet stretch forward, rubbing all over his naked body. He can't stifle the scream of need as a foot strokes his cock. His throbbing erect cock, bobbing in the air, he squeezes his eyes closed, not wanting to cum too soon, wanting to savour this wonderful anniversary gift.

The feet are everywhere, on his chest, pinching his nipples, a big toe wriggling into his open mouth, and he sucks, pulls hard at it, wrapping his tongue around. It pulls free, there is a foot rubbing his head, running its long toes through his hair, he is overcome by the sheer bliss of this many nude feet, he begs, "Please Becca, please, I need you!"

"Not yet lover, not yet, I spent a long time finding this many beautiful feet for you to worship, not yet." He turns his head in the direction of her voice, but dares not open his eyes, for fear they might all disappear.

His cock is so hard, pulsing, the head swollen and purple, it actually aches, a tightness in his balls, and then .., ohhhh.. a toe is pushing into his ass crack, two more feet digging into his cheeks pulling them wide. His primal scream echoing in the room as that big toe breaches his tight elastic ring and pushes inside him. He feels raped, violated, so many feet pressing on his body and his sweet Becca, watching him, knowing that he cannot cum without her help.

He groans, fingers curled into fists, and then her command, "Open your eyes, watch what we are doing to you."

His eyes pop open, he blinks in the bright light, sees the camera that captures everything, every movement, every sound, and he groans. Then as he looks up, the mirror on the ceiling, so that he can see himself, see the 24 feet that poke and prod and invade his body. Oh, if he could only decide which pair belonged to his Becca, which set of toes were the ones that he needed to bring him to orgasm. His balls tingling, throbbing, so tight and heavy and full.

He watches, the pain and pleasure washing over his features, one moment a grimace, the next sheer passion in his eyes. His body demanding more, feeding off of the many feet. His mouth filled with five toes, pushed into his throat, he gags, his ass squeezing tight on the big red nailed toe that continues to writhe there.

And then, there are no more feet, all twelve pair are pulled back, tucked under white gowns, a sea of white, and he screams, demands more.

Becca's voice floats out, "Shhhhhhhh, in a minute, for now...we want to see how you handle your cock, stroke for us my love."

His hands move quickly to his cock, stroking as commanded, eyes glued to the mirror, amazed at how long and thick, red and throbbing he is. He strokes, faster and faster, needing to cum but knowing that he can't, not without Becca's help.

He growls, begging, "Please help me!"

Twelve sets of feet poke out from under gowns, move slowly towards him and his hand moves faster, his fist making squelching sounds, so much precum, but damn it...damned woman...this is killing him.

The feet, 120 toes all moving on his flesh, he is in agony, writhing on the floor, unable to stop jerking his cock, his balls banging on his ass, and finally, her lips on his, pulling the air from his lungs.

She stands over him, as the feet press on his body, then she pulls off her gown, taking pity on him at last, and sits on his cock, taking it deep into her tight cunt. He grabs both of her feet, one in each hand and brings them to his lips, worshipping them, licking, his tongue bathing, poking between each toe, and as she looks down at him, her voice like a switch wired directly to his cock, "Cum now, cum for me my lover."

With an anguished scream, his cock explodes, hot cum boiling up from his balls, he can feel it rising up his shaft, buried deep in the owner of these perfect feet, and with a mix of pleasure and sweet torture his cock finally is allowed to give up its load. It fills her, then as she rides on his gushing rod, her own cry of passion joins his, and she cums on his still jetting cock.

His teeth sink into her perfect big toe, tearing at it, his tongue lapping at the sweet webbing. She rides him harder, demanding more from his cock and her cruel cunt wrings it out of him, every last drop.

His head falls back, thumping on the floor as she slides off, the feet all retreating, a volley of gowns dropping over his prone body, 12 naked women reflected in the mirror. And Becca, his sweet Becca, licking her lips as her mouth drops over his waning cock, sucking him to erection, making him hard, throbbing and wanting.

His groan as Becca's mouth finds his, shares the taste of orgasm with him and whispers in his ear..."That was thirsty work, do you think you can behave long enough to pour some wine?"

His cock twitching as his balls tighten again, "Yes, I think I can, Happy Anniversary."

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