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The Talking Statue


In the early hours of the morning, Shanta and Gary got up, showered, ate a light breakfast, and tended to some of the duties on the farm. The sun was slowly rising in the clear blue sky as she grabbed a bucket and headed to the barn, where she sat naked on a short stool and began milking a cow. He was also nude, feeding the chickens and pigs. Their housemates soon joined in and helped. Some picked fruits and vegetables from the fields, while others worked in the garden.

After milking the cows, Shanta and Gary went to the stable and made some new horseshoes. They put some of these on the horses. She was a tall East Indian woman with a thick, muscular build and had black shoulder length hair and a brown skin complexion. He was a little taller and of Japanese descent, having short dark hair and an athletic frame.

Moments later, they were finished with their chores and started loading a wagon with crates of produce and other goods. Then they got in the cab where she grabbed the reins to the horses and they were off.

When they reached the village of Modron, the sun had risen even higher and the heat and humidity had settled in. Rivers of sweat trickled down her long, wide back as she and Gary set up their tent and unloaded the crates. Other merchants were nearby, putting out their merchandise. They didn't wear clothing, either.

Customers strolled over and checked out the artwork, jewelry, and crafts at Shanta's table. One woman didn't have enough money for a necklace and a bracelet.

"Don't worry, bartering is totally fine," Shanta said, smiling.

In exchange, the woman gave her two candles and some incense.

Gary sold some fruit to another patron. "The broccoli and berries are going fast," he told her.

"Great." She chatted briefly with the vendor next to them, a young black man selling indigenous drums and music instruments. "Hey, we gotta hook up and drum together some time."

"How about tonight?"

"Sure. Why don't you stop by the farm around seven?"


In the late afternoon, as the sun was slowly setting, a group of rough looking men and creatures rode into the village on horses. After dismounting, they asked a merchant something and the person pointed at Shanta's tent in fear. Two of them approached her quietly, one big creature that resembled a lizard with its long, slithery tongue, and a thin, pale human with a blonde mustache. Both wore Viking-style helmets, battle vests, and capes.

"Greetings," the man said pleasantly. "Are you Shanta?"

"I am. How can I help you?"

"My name is Udar, and this is Colos. We were told that you're a guide, and that you sometimes take others to destinations for a price."

"Where do you want to go?"

"We want to find the mythical Talking Statue."

She raised her eyebrows. "Ahhh."

Udar smiled. "Is it just a legend?"

"No, it's real. . .I just haven't received a request to be led there in a while and thought it had been long forgotten. You know the story behind it?"

"Oh, yes. It is said to be able to provide the answer to any question and to grant any wish."

"Sort of like a genie," Colos added.

"But you get to ask one question only, and one wish," she said.

"Correct," Udar replied. "When can you take us?"

"We'll leave tomorrow."

* * *

The following morning, Shanta and Gary got two horses from the stable and led Udar and his group into the forest. After trekking through many miles of dense foliage, they rested at a creek. It was muggy as usual and she wiped the perspiration from her face, neck, and chest with a towel. She caught Udar looking at her large, swinging brown breasts and big black nipples from time to time, as well as the dark hairy bush that covered her big vagina.

He sat next to her, on a mossy rock. "You know these parts well. Are you from around here?"

She shook her head. "I grew up in the big city."

"Oh, you mean New Oakland?" he asked thoughtfully.

"Yes. You've been there?"

He shook his head in disgust. "The cities frighten me, with their overpopulation, pollution, crime, and disease. I'm a simple man, and like it out here in nature where everything is pure and green." He looked at Gary talking to Colos. "Is he your husband?"

"Boyfriend," she corrected.

"Lucky guy," he said, grinning. "So, can we go?"

She took one last drink of water from her bottle before mounting her horse.

The glaring rays of the afternoon sun beat down on them as they resumed their journey through the forest. Fortunately, they soon rode under the shelter of some tall redwood trees. Shanta stared up in awe at their beauty.

"Are we getting closer?" Colos asked.

"We have about two more days of travel," she replied.


"Be patient, my friend," Udar said reassuringly.

"We'll have to find somewhere to camp. It'll be dark soon," Gary said, looking at the sky.

Hours later, she led them to a cave and they set up camp. Gary, Colos, and the other members gathered some wood and started a large fire at the entrance. Shanta, Udar, and another blonde man returned to the wilderness to hunt. The dirt was still warm and dry under their bare feet as they walked past a series of eucalyptus trees. Twenty minutes passed before they arrived at a small lake, where they saw a wild boar drinking water eagerly.

She looked at the others, putting her index finger to her lips. Then she loaded an arrow into her crossbow, aimed the weapon carefully at the animal, and squeezed the trigger. The big arrow quickly struck the boar squarely in the trunk, causing it to squeal angrily. Blood gushed from the wound as it tried to flee. She reloaded the crossbow, aimed, and fired once more. The second arrow hit the pig's left eye and it continued its mad squealing, running recklessly into a tree. Soon, it collapsed onto the ground, its short legs convulsing in the air.

"Excellent shot!" Udar commended. "I have to go game hunting with you next time."

She grinned. "Thanks."

His men tied the bloody carcass to a wooden pole and carried it back.

* * *

The skies were dark and starry as she hungrily took another bite from the giant pork drumstick in her hands.

"Whoa! Slow down, woman!" Udar said, chuckling.

She stopped eating and joined in on the laughter. They sat Indian-style next to each other on a fur blanket, before the campfire. Gary grilled more meat over the flames.

"So tell me why you want to find the Talking Statue?" she asked.

"Isn't it obvious? We each want to ask it a question, and ask it to grant us one wish."

She chewed slowly, looking at him thoughtfully. "What's your question and wish?"

He suppressed a smile. "That's personal."

She nodded.

"Are you going to ask it anything?"

"I was thinking about that during our journey. . .trying to think of something to ask. What wish would I want fulfilled?" She pondered over it.

He drank wine from his goblet, looking into her big brown eyes hypnotically. "What are your deepest desires, Shanta?"

Her eyes locked with his for a moment, and for a few brief seconds she heard nothing but dead silence, followed by his voice inside her head, saying: You know what you want.

She shook herself awake, staring at the wild, flickering flames of the fire before turning back to him. Her mouth dropped open a little. "You're a sorcerer," she whispered.

He shot her a mischievous smile. "That's our little secret."

In the morning, they bathed at the lake before leaving.

As they rode, she looked at Udar a few times. He always gave her a friendly grin. Sometimes, he'd send her a mental message.

She led them through a wide, breathtaking valley with high mountains on both sides. They passed by another farm where they saw cattle and goats grazing in a lush, green meadow. Geese drank water from a pond.

On the other side of the valley was the start of another jungle, and they took a trail that ended abruptly at a suspension bridge. The flimsy, narrow bridge was constructed of thin wood planks and rope that was badly frayed.

"Well, we're on foot from this point on," she said, getting off her horse. She patted the animal's head gently, gathered her things, and strapped on her backpack. The others packed their belongings also.

"You couldn't pay me enough money to go across that," Colos said warily. "It'll crumble with my weight alone."

"It won't break, trust me," Shanta said firmly. "Gary and I have been on this bridge many times, with aliens heavier than you, and nothing happened."

He shook his big reptilian head. "I'm still not going."

"Watch, I'll go first." She stepped onto the bridge, causing it to wobble a little.

"See!" Colos said, laughing.

"I'm gonna prove you wrong." She resumed walking forward, carefully placing her bare feet on the planks and not the rope. The rope looked like it was hanging together by threads and would rip apart if the slightest weight fell upon it. Some of the gaps between planks were wide enough for a person to fall through. The drop to the raging waters of the river below was steep.

She paced and balanced herself carefully on the bridge, never allowing it to wobble or get too heavy on one side. Within minutes she reached the other side.

"There's your proof, Colos!" she shouted across the river. "Now, c'mon!"

Some of Udar's men and creatures looked at him hesitantly.

"I'll be the anchor and go last," Gary said. "That way I can help anybody who gets stuck."

Udar glared at his troops in disgust. "Cowards! You're not men or beings! I'll show you." He stepped onto the bridge cautiously, trying to imitate what she just did, holding onto both sides of the rail and placing his feet onto the planks only. Occasionally, he made the mistake of looking through the wide gaps between the pieces of wood, at the river below.

"Don't look down!" she instructed.

He immediately looked up and kept moving slowly. When he was halfway across, a bunch of winged creatures that looked like gargoyles flew out of a nearby cave set in the cliff wall. They hovered over the bridge, staring at Udar with ravenous smiles revealing long, sharp teeth.

"Look out, sir!" Colos shouted.

One of them swooped down quickly and tried to snatch the skinny blonde leader but he ducked instantly, causing the bridge to wobble and shake uncontrollably. The rope looked like it would tear at any second. He waited for the trembling to stop, balancing himself, before unsheathing his sword. When the same creature tried to grab him again, he swung the weapon at its neckline, slicing its head off neatly, where it dropped to the water beneath.

Two more gargoyles dived for him, one of them scratched his arm badly with its sharp claws. He winced in pain. The other clutched his cape and started raising him off the plank. Shanta aimed her crossbow at the creature and fired. The arrow pounded the back of its head, and it released its grip on Udar and fell into the raging river.

The remaining gargoyle roared at her angrily, flying towards her. She was a third of the way on the bridge, trying to help Udar to the other side. As it approached, she tried to reload the crossbow but it kept jamming.

"Damn!" she said.

"Hurry!" Udar shouted.

The creature swooped down at her, trying to take her, but she quickly took two steps back without falling through a gap. As it circled around in the air and began its descent again, she was still fumbling with the weapon. When it was just inches away from her, a Viking battle axe landed right between its eyes and it screamed in agony, dropping into the chasm.

She looked at Udar and said, "Thanks!" She helped him to the other side where he bandaged up his wound fast. Then they assisted the others in crossing.

After resting under the shade of a tree, they moved on. She liked the sticky, humid weather and discovered it was much easier and comfortable to be naked in such conditions. It felt liberating to not have to wear clothes. With her backpack snugly strapped on, she led them down a white sandy trail towards a beach.

Gary sniffed her arm. "You smell like peanut butter. Yum!"

"It's that new sunscreen I'm using. Glad you like it."

"I like it, too," Udar said, grinning. "Nice and sweet."

When she looked over her shoulder, she saw him giving her another hypnotic stare. And for a brief moment, where time froze, water stopped raging down the river, clouds ceased movement, birds stopped singing, she heard only silence, followed by his voice in her head: You know what you want.

Their eyes locked again in that short span of time. In his steel blue eyes, she saw warmth but also something else. . .something she couldn't quite put a finger on.

She shook herself out of the trance, letting the others walk ahead. She and him fell behind the pack, and she asked him softly, "What do I want?"

You know what.

"Stop playing the mind games, Udar, and tell me," she said firmly.

It's more discreet that I communicate this way. I don't want the others to hear.

"Hear what?"

That you've been extremely horny lately.

She stared at him, her jaw dropping open. "I know you're telepathic and everything, but that's none of your business."

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry but I am a mind reader and I'm a bit nosy at times. He shot her a naughty smile. Again, forgive me.

After a pause, she asked quietly, "What else do you know?"

I know Gary hasn't been giving it to you like he should. . .he hasn't been in the 'mood,' but frankly, I think that's a lame excuse.

"So you know all this. What's your point?"

This is the 'point,' honey! he thought, and opened up his cape to reveal his long, monstrous manhood.

Her jaw dropped open even wider at the sight of it. For such a short, thin guy, he sure had an enormous one! His balls were long and droopy. Her 5'10" frame towered over him. "If you're trying to suggest that we sleep together I'm not interested," she said firmly.

How else are you gonna get it, Shanta?

She shook her head angrily. "Let's not talk about this ever again. It's none of your business." And with that, she walked faster to catch up with the group.

Perched on the sand was a long wooden boat.

"This will take us to the island of Zaman, where the statue is," she said.

They all got in. She sat down in the bow, on the very first seat. Before her was a set of pedals, similar to the ones on a bicycle. Once they were in the water, she placed her bare feet in the stirrups and began pedaling hard. Udar's eyes bulged out at the sight of her huge, muscular thighs and calves in action.

The others grabbed an oar and started paddling fast. The ocean was calm and tranquil on this day. About two miles away in the distance was Zaman, a medium-sized island dense with trees and foliage.

When they reached the shore, flying reptiles that appeared prehistoric in origin, hovered high over their heads. Shanta already had the crossbow in her hand but they flew away. After leaving the boat, they walked up the beach, the white sand warm under their feet. She led them to a waterfall and lagoon and was the first to bathe quickly, washing away all the sweat from her body. The others did the same.

She pointed to a mountaintop and said, "That's our destination."

"It's up there?" Colos asked, sighing.

She nodded.

Udar hit his big belly playfully. "It'll be good exercise for you, my friend."

"I think I've lost enough weight on this trip. But, let's do it."

They took a dirt trail that ascended gradually. After drinking some water from her bottle, she handed it to Gary. "How are you holding up?" he asked.

"I'm good. What about you?"

"I'm a little sunburned, but aside from that I'm okay."

Moments later, Udar's voice was in her head again.

"Leave me alone!" she said.

I know about your many sexual fantasies. . .where you're doing it with different men and creatures.

She stared at him, surprised.

He nodded. Oh, yes, Shanta, I know. Like the black guy who sells indigenous drums at the Farmer's Market. That's why you've been playing drums with him so much. You want to jump his bones, don't you? You fantasize about screwing in every position imaginable! Threesomes, foursomes. You dirty, horny animal!

"Okay!" she yelled.

Gary and the others turned to look at her. "Are you all right?" he asked, concerned.

"Sorry, just thinking aloud," she said awkwardly. She turned back to Udar and whispered angrily, "Stay out of my head!"

He smiled at her slyly. You've got a book on different sexual positions at home, don't you?

She sighed in defeat. "Okay, you win for now. What do you want?"

What else?

She thought for a moment, looking at Gary walking ahead of them. "I can't betray him. I won't."

That's what they all say, but temptation and lust are very powerful, my dear.

They reached the top of the mountain later, each staring in awe at the impressive stone statue that sat on a pedestal in a marble gazebo. Shanta noticed it was around her height, sculpted and chiseled in the likeness of a totem pole but instead of having many faces and designs, it only had one. That one was that of a half bird, half human. Its large, circular eyes and long talons were haunting.

"So, who's going to ask the first question and wish?" Gary asked curiously.

"I will," Udar replied immediately. He approached the statue slowly.

There was a moment of silence before an authoritative, God-like voice said, "State your question."

He waited a few seconds. "Can you tell me where the secret Fortress of Korzu is?"

The statue gave him the exact directions and he wrote it down on a piece of paper.

"What is your wish?" its booming voice asked.

"I wish to have immense physical strength."

There was a pause. "Granted."

Udar smiled. "Thank you."

His troops formed a line so they could each ask the statue something. Gary and Shanta did not participate.

Udar gaped at them. "No burning questions or wishes?"

"None at this time," she said quietly.

"How about immortality or the power of flight?"

"We think we'll pass for now."

He continued staring at them, stunned. "Why? You traveled all the way here."

When his troops were all done, Udar went back to the statue and took it off its pedestal.

"What are you doing?" she asked, alarmed.

He grinned devilishly. "It's called looting, my dear. Now that I have this awesome strength, I can do it! We're gonna do the same thing at the Fortress of Korzu. You're welcome to join us, of course." He started carrying the stone edifice towards the trail. But before he reached it, he collapsed on the ground. His body began convulsing wildly. Colos rushed over to him but before he could do anything they heard every bone in Udar's body being crushed. His screams were deafening. Soon, his flesh melted off his bones like wax, creating a large pool of skin and innards.

"HELLLLLLLLLP!" he shrieked.

His men stared in horror. "It's cursed!" one of them said.

Colos nodded angrily. "Destroy it!"

They grabbed their battle axes and swords, but before they could hack away at the talking statue all their bodies suddenly ignited in flames. They cried in agony as the fire consumed them. Shanta and Gary watched, helpless. Soon, there was nothing left on the mountaintop except for a bunch of charred, blackened bones at various spots.

The couple gazed silently at the carnage. She looked at the statue cautiously.

"You are free to go," it said. "You were not foolish and greedy like the rest."

They quickly gathered their things and started the descent down the mountain.

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