The Tantric Wizard - Dragon-kind

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Sex wizard shows an anthro dragon the joys of fucking.
2.5k words
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Solomon blinked. A ring of magic burning bright crimson already fading around him. The teleportation spell had worked. He was now in a new world. The sky above him was a light blue, the sun hanging in the east. Raising his hood, Solomon blinked. Quickly he retrieved the compass from his belt. If his information was correct a township wasn't that far away by foot. Setting off, Solomon took in the beauty of the landscape. Long rolling green hills laid before him, nothing he couldn't traverse. Due to the lack of trees Solomon surmised that he wasn't that far from a coastline. His speculation turned out to be right, as he passed over a hill the sea could be seen on the horizon. Checking his compass again he altered his course. It wasn't long before he could see his destination. The township was well appointed, with buildings and houses evenly spaced and well maintained. For his mission Solomon knew exactly where he needed to go, the local tavern.

Instead of a door the entrance was covered with a heavy ordinate purple cloth. Sweeping it aside, Solomon was greeted with what he had expected of a pub. Well used wooden tables, a long bar at the far end and the ever present pungent smell of beer. Even though it was modestly full nobody paid much attention to him. Solomon noticed that all of the people here were human. Perhaps a fellow human stranger didn't really cause a fuss. Making his was to the bar, he took a seat. Waving the bartender over, Solomon ordered the local ale without incident. The bartender, a portly man, filled a wooden stein with a foamy concoction and placed it in front of him. Taking a sip experimentally Solomon then decided it was safe for a swing.

Not bad, not bad at all.

Solomon didn't need to turn around to hear the cloth of the entrance door being swung aside. This time all ambient conversations ceased. Not wishing to gawk, Solomon opted to take another swing. The newcomer came straight up to the bar.


It was a deep rumbly voice. Solomon turned slightly to gauge the newcomer.

He was an imposing vision, tall with thick cords of muscle on exposed biceps. His leather wear and battle axe strapped to his back indicated his warrior profession. However that all paled to his more "exotic" attributes. Instead of skin his body was covered in scales, A long broad tail could been seen protruding from above his buttock and most striking of all, a dragonic face. A snout protruded out, the dark emerald skin only adding to his luster. And two intelligent eyes of red dots. Deciding to quickly look around, Solomon noticed that the rest of the patrons were wary of the dragon man. Solomon smiled, turning to the newcomer.

"I see you are also new to these parts, welcome."

Solomon raised his mug in friendly salute.

The dragon-kind raised an eyebrow. Solomon had the distinct impression that his sincerity was being questioned. The bartender placed a mug in front of the warrior. The warrior took a gulp before responding.

"No" he rumbled. "I am not new to these parts."

Silence fell upon the two.

Ah, Solomon thought, discrimination then.

"Well I could use the company, would you be kind to sit with me?"

Before the other could respond one of the other patrons interjected himself between the two, focusing solely on Solomon with a smile.

"Friend! My apologies for not greeting you when you arrived. You are more than welcome to join us."

Solomon glanced at the dragonic warrior, his face was stoic but there was soft sadness to it. Obviously this was scene that had been played out before. Solomon returned the smile.

"I appreciate your offer but I've already got company. Maybe another time."

The human's smile dropped.

"Fucking dragon lover."

Solomon wasn't phased by the open bigotry as the man slinked back to his table. Rather he was saddened over the providential mindset that they must all have. He returned his attention to the dragon-kind. He was eyeing Solomon curiously.

Solomon patted the stool next to him.

"Please, join me."

Sighing the warrior sat down, the stool creaking under the weight.

"My name is Solomon, pleased to make your acquaintance."

The warrior nodded his head.

"Lotoc" he paused a moment "Thank you for you invitation." then adding with a whisper "I fear you have made many enemies tonight."

Solomon nodded in agreement.

"If I may ask, is there a reason for their distrust of you. Or is it just moronic bigotry?"

Lotoc snorted with a laugh. Solomon had raised his voice enough to be heard by most of the pub. There was a murmur from the others.

"I've done nothing except peddle my services."

"Mercenary then?"

Lotoc nodded.

"I am mainly hired as a bodyguard or to exterminate goblin infestations."

Slowly, as the day wore on, Solomon got to know Lotoc. Despite being a stalwart warrior he was also sensitive, and even had a playful sense of humour. More than once they had laughed uproariously at each other's jokes. But Solomon could sense more. A longing. Taking off his cloak, Solomon exposed his own muscled arms. Surreptitiously he kept an eye on Lotoc's reaction. He didn't miss the slight widening of the eyes, the intake of breath, and most telling, trying very hard not to be seen as gawking at him.

Poor Lotoc, his needs are clearly not being met.

Solomon waved the bartender over.

"Sir, I'd like to rent a room for the night."

Before the bartender could respond he placed a ruby on the counter. Solomon was fairly sure the bartender was just as bigoted as the rest of them, only tolerating Lotoc to a point. He may have denied him accommodations just for befriending the dragon man. But the ruby was a game changer. Worth far more than even a month's stay. Coughing, the bartender palmed the ruby and replaced it with a thick key with the numeral '1' on it. Solomon took it without preamble. He glanced at Lotoc, then lightly placed his hand on the dragon man's thigh. There was a slight flinch.

"I am going to go up to my room now, you are welcome to join me." Solomon whispered so nobody but Lotoc could hear him.

Lotoc leaned back, crossing his arms. Not a good sign. Yet his face expressed both disbelief and desire.

Feeling like he needed to take the risk, Solomon leaned forward then moved his hand just up through Lotoc's pants. Lotoc gulped.

Solomon then swung off the stool and made his way to the stairs. As he ascended them he couldn't help but notice Lotoc stared after him.

Solomon turned back and smiled. He was fairly certain Lotoc was willing to take the risk.

The pub only had four rooms, so it was easy to find number one. Opening the door with the key Solomon was gratified to see a reasonably sized room, with a large bed, side table with a pitcher of water and a few chairs. In the past he had paid far more for much less. Placing his cloak over one of the chairs he went straight to the bed. It was soft, with a down quilt and pillow set. Clearly the bartender felt the gem was worth enough to give his best room. Flopping on the bed backwards Solomon closed his eyes. His heart was starting to beat fast from the anticipation. It felt like forever before there was a knock at the door. Opening it up, the large frame of Lotoc filled the entrance way. Solomon gestured for him to come in, the dragon-kind stepping in. Solomon sat up at the end of the bed. Lotoc was ramrod straight. Solomon knew how to interpret what he was seeing. This great strong warrior was nervous. Solomon smiled warmly.

"I can assure you my intentions are genuine and my bed very warm."

Solomon unbuttoned his shirt, letting it drop to the floor. Getting up, he stepped confidently towards Lotoc. Meeting his eyes, Solomon wordlessly grasped at the dragon's armour. With nimble hands he began the process of disrobing him. Lotoc watched with fascination as this human expertly unbuckled and dropped his pants to the floor. Lotoc moaned as he felt a soft hand duck through the slit in his underwear. Solomon gently pulled out Lotoc's member. His balls were large and plump. Solomon couldn't help but lick his lips.

But that was nothing compared to his cock.

It definitely wasn't a human dick, instead of a head it curved out like a pointed tongue. Nothing Solomon hadn't handled before. Dropping to his knees he began licking the shaft up and down. Lotoc leaned his head back, moaning.

"By the nine, you are good."

Solomon responded by engorging himself on Lotoc, shoving as much of this glorious cock down his throat as he could.

Lotoc spasmed involuntarily, some precum launching down Solomon's throat. That didn't stop him from fellating. He kept bobbing up and down with greater speed. Lotoc's head was spinning. Solomon placed a light hand on Lotoc's balls, he could feel them tightening. Knowing what was just going to happen he plunged his face down the entire length of Lotoc's cock.


Lotoc came, and he came hard. Month's of repression gushing down Solomon's throat. Despite all of his experience nothing could have prepared him for this geyser. Cum spurted out the sides of his mouth, yet Solomon kept swallowing as much as he could. Finally, as it began to ebb, he pulled back, allowing himself to breath. He looked up at Lotoc, he had such a serene, blissful countenance. Smiling, he rushed up and kissed him fiercely. Lotoc, momentarily surprised, returned the kiss. He marveled at this human's scent, like wood pine. Cum swapped between the two of them. Breaking for air, they stared contently at each other. Solomon moved back, taking a seat on the end of the bed he leaned back. Moving his robes aside he exposed his own manhood...and his hole. Lotoc gulped.

"Come now Lotoc, it's time for what you truly been waiting for. Go ahead, breed me."

Even though he had just come Lotoc's cock immediately became rock hard. He rushed over to the human, placing the tip at his entrance.

"I am ready."

Lotoc needed no other words, he pushed in. Solomon groaned in pleasure. Within moments Lotoc had established a rhythm, pushing in and out. Solomon wrapped his arms around Lotoc's neck, pulling him down into another kiss. Lotoc was ready, returning the kiss passionately while fucking him. Breaking the kiss, both of them became solely focused on their coupling. As Lotoc began feeling himself ready to release, as if he was mind-reading him, Solomon clenched tight around his dick. Lotoc gasped as he felt himself cum, the indescribable pleasure almost making him pass out. As he pumped his seed into this man, he slowly pulled out and fell next to him on the bed, breathing heavily. Solomon too was catching his breath.

Giving each other a minute to recover, Solomon turned to face the dragon-kind.

"So...I don't think I need to ask, you had a good time."

Lotoc grinned.

"The best, thank you Solomon."

In response the human kissed him on the cheek.

"Any time Lotoc, any time."

If from the intense coupling or long journey to the village, Lotoc did not know, but he fell into a deep sleep. He woke in the early morning, realising that he had slept most of the day. To his greater surprised Solomon was still in the room, reading a book at the table.

Lotoc rubbed sleep out of his eyes.

"You are still here."

The wizard chuckled without looking up from his book.

"You have phrased that as a statement, but I can hear the question behind it. Yes, of course I stayed. I wouldn't up and leave you without talking about our coupling last night."

Lotoc sat up, the bedsheet being the only thing hiding his nakedness. This wasn't a situation he was accustom too.

"And what did you want to talk about?"

Looking up, Solomon put the book down. He put his hands on his knees, leaning forward.

"About what you thought, about how you feel. I hope I was able to satisfy you."

Lotoc gave a snort, a small flame came out.

"More than satisfy. It was... amazing isn't strong enough of a word."

Solomon gave a large grin.

"I'm glad." He paused. "I get the feeling that I was your first."

Lotoc thought for a moment.

"I think that would be an accurate assessment. I have attempted couplings before, but they had ended in disaster. This was the first time where I truly felt whole in the experience."

Lotoc considered for a moment. "And what about you, did you enjoy yourself."

The smile never wavered.

"I did, you really are a strong sort Lotoc. They way you took me." Solomon lifted his head satisfied. "It was delicious."

The wizard stood up, retrieving his staff from the corner.

"Now my friend, I need to depart. And I am sure you have missions to be getting on with."


Lotoc said, realising his usual deep voice went up an octave.

Solomon stopped.

"Yes, is everything alright?"

Lotoc exhaled. Thinking very quickly he reached a decision.

"You are new to these lands, it would be dangerous for you to go without a guide. Allow me to be your escort."

Lotoc tried not to cringe at the last word. It was not meant to be a double entendre.

Solomon thought about it a moment.

"That would be very helpful, but would I be taking you away from other duties?"

"No sir, I am a mercenary. My hours are my own."

Solomon considered it.

"Then I accept, but Lotoc I need to be clear about one point. My order is strict one. Monogamy is absolutely prohibited. If you have any illusions about us becoming a couple, those need to be dashed right now."

Lotoc couldn't help but be surprised. He had never heard of any order that outlawed monogamy. But Solomon had shown him pleasures he dared not to dream of. And he seemed like a kind, if strange, man.

"I understand and I agree." Standing up he went to put on his armour. To his astonishment it had been cleaned, giving off the slight smell of vanilla. Turning back he noticed that despite the monumental amount of fluids he had expelled last night that the entire room was all clean.

He pointed at the bed.

"You cleaned all of this while I was asleep."

Solomon lifted up his staff, a slight while glow illuminated from a crystal at the top.

"Parce and parcel of the order. Never leaves so much of a cum stain anywhere."

Within the hour the were ready. Lotoc had been able to help Solomon procure provisions for the journey. As they stood on the outskirts of the village an idea popped into Lotoc's head.

"Sir Wizard, if I may impose. A friend of mine, well she too is having similar issues to me. I would be in your debt if you could help her as well."

Solomon gave a nod.

"Absolutely. My overall mission is to bring sexual liberation to all those who crave it."

Lotoc felt himself feel a bit lighter on the inside. Together they set off, for the greatest sexual adventure of a lifetime.

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