tagInterracial LoveThe Temp Ch. 2

The Temp Ch. 2


He got no work done for the rest of the week. Each day her outfits would be a bit more daring. He would sit at his desk imagining himself running his tongue over the smooth plains of her chocolate body. He thought of little else and knew that something would soon have to be done. Several of the other lawyers at the firm had commented on how indecent her attire was, but Geoff didn't dare talk to her about it, because he couldn't trust himself not to just throw her on the ground and fuck her lovely brains out. Yvette, either chose ignore or seemed not to notice his lust filled gaze. She would merely smile at him coolly and continue with her work.

They hardly spoke except for work related issues, but on Friday, Geoff decided enough was enough. It was time to get to know his temp a little better. He walked out of his office to find her typing some letters that he had given her. She was wearing a red suit with a shamelessly short skirt, and underneath her jacket she was wore the most see through white silk top that he had ever seen. Since her jacket was open, he could tell that she wore no bra and he saw the hint or erect purplish nipples poking through. Damn she was hot. As if suddenly realizing that she was being watched, she looked up.

"Yes, Mr. Howard?" she asked arching one perfect brow.

"Surely there's no need to be so formal, Yvette. You've been here for a week now and will be here for another week, surely there's no need to be so formal. Perhaps you could call me Geoff," he smiled the smile that had charmed many a ladies into his bed. She shrugged nonchalantly and went back to her typing. The fact that she dared treat him in such an offhand fashion and had been doing so all week finally made him angry. She was working for him and not the other way around, and how dared she wear those damn outfits to work and not expect people not to stare.

"Look, Yvette, I think I have been very good in holding my tongue this week. I've had to put up with your hostility, and you're here to work for me, and those outfits you're wearing are more suited to the street corner than an office building. You dress like a slut but yet you get indignant when I dare to look your way."he snapped harshly. She gasped audibly and he could tell by the expression on her face that she couldn't believe that he had spoken this way to her that way. She turned away abruptly so he could see the expression on her face.

He almost regretted what he had said because what if she decided not to come back the following week and then he wouldn't get the chance of getting her in his bed. Little did he know that not only she he have not regretted his words, but they had worked to his advantage. She turned around with a sly smile on her face.

"So, you think, I'm dressed like a slut do you?" she asked.

"Yes, I do," he said the words before he thought about it.

"A dirty little slut?" she asked.

"Yes," he answered instinctively knowing that this was expected of him.

"And what do you do to dirty little sluts?" she asked coyly. He couldn't udder a word, not know where this was leading but feeling his cock get rock hard, especially when she swung her chair around and parted her legs briefly just enough for him to know that she was definitely not wear panties today either. "You punish them right?" she coaxed.

"Yes," he whispered unable move. He just stared at her not believing that they were even having this conversation. When he made no move, she pouted and returned to her work. Geoff knew at that moment that he had just blown his chance. What an idiot he felt like. This beautiful woman was practically begging to be fucked and he blew it.

By the end of the day, he was so frustrated that he knew that he had to get some pussy and fast. He pulled out his little black book, and went straight to the sure thing list. Bridget was always pretty wild in the sack, and she wasn't the clingy type so he gave her a call at her job. She seemed excited to hear from him so he set up a date for them. Yvette had gone for the day when he left from his office again, which was just as well because he didn't know if he could face her after that embarrassing encounter.

Bridget had never disappointed, and he was quite looking forward to his night with her. Perhaps she could make him forget the beautiful temptress that had plagued him for the past wee. Bridget was the closest thing to a nymphomaniac that he had ever met. The woman was insatiable. To look at her you wouldn't think that she was such a wild woman in bed. She was what people termed as a pocket Venus, tiny and petite, curved in all the right places. Her flaxen hair and baby blue eyes gave the look of innocence when there where was nothing innocent about her to speak of. When she answered her door she was wearing nothing but a pair of thongs.

"It's been a while lover," she stood on her tip toes to give him a long lingering kiss.

"Damn woman, what if had been someone other than me?" he asked not really caring to here the answer, he had had the hugest hard on all day and he need relief then and there. Without finesse he picked her up and strode over to the sofa, where he fell on top of her. He rammed his tongue down her mouth and gripped her size double Ds, mercilessly. Her hands were working frantically at the zip on his pants. When she finally succeeded in freeing his cock, she wiggled her hips to bring them closer to the point of contact.

She ripped her mouth away from his,"Stop playing games and fuck me!" she ordered. In one swift movement he ripped the throng from her body and tossed it aside carelessly and thrust into her wet and ready pussy, violently. While he banged his hard member in and out all he could see beneath him was an ebony enchantress. He imagined that it was Yvette he was pounding, imaging that it was her screaming his name in ecstasy, and imagining that it her face staring back at him with passion glazed eyes. He continued to fuck her as if the very devil had gotten into him. He didn't know where this burst of energy had come from but it was if he couldn't stop even if he wanted to.

He continued on an on, picking up the past and going a bit harder with each thrust. Bridget moan and spasamed beneath him several time indicating orgasm after orgasm. After a while, the moans and groans became whimpers, and protests. "I don't think I can take anymore," she whined breathlessly beneath him.

"Shut up and take it."Geoff replied in return. She endured for a few more minutes but then began to protest, again.

"Please, I am sore. Stop this," she pushed at his chest but to no avail. This only provoked him to pick up the pace. He clamped her wrists together in one hand and continued his relentless thrust.

"This is what dirty little sluts get," he whispered menacingly. Tear, flowed down Bridget's cheeks unheeded by her molester. After was seemed like hours, which only turned out to be an hour, he pulled out and shot the biggest load that he had ever let out of his body at once. The white fluid spewed all over Bridget's saline breasts. When Geoff had finished, he realized what he had done. Bridget jumped up and scurried to the bathroom and closed the door. He could hear a click indicating that she locked it. He heard sobs, and wondered if he should perhaps say some comforting words, but what could he say? He felt so ashamed that he simply adjusted his clothing and left. He would have flowers sent to her tomorrow.

One thing was certain in his mind now, something had to be done about his sexy temp.

To Be Continued...

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