tagBDSMThe Temple Ch. 05

The Temple Ch. 05


Copyright © 2000-2008 Patrick a.k.a. LrningDom

All Rights Reserved

Author's Note: This story is purely fictional. It is not based on any actual events, nor is it in any way intended to recommend a course of action by anyone who might read this. Please take it simply as an entertaining fiction to enjoy.


On Tuesday evening, Kathryn looked through the usual collection of junk mail over dinner. As she flipped through, she found a package delivery notice. The next day, she arrived in the office early so she could take a long lunch and go to the main post office downtown. It turned out to be a good decision, as the counter was undermanned and a large crowd of people was waiting. The long wait, however, didn't keep the lady behind the counter from making comments.

"Oh," she said, "You're getting this package?"

"Yes, miss. Is something wrong? Do I owe something for it?"

"Oh, heavens no, Ma'am. I just happen to remember the guy who brought this in. Said it was a surprise gift for someone special."

"Do you remember what he looked like?"

"Not many details, girlfriend. And truth be told, white boys rarely catch my eye."

The clerk leaned closer to Kathryn, giving her a conspiratorial wink. Kathryn leaned closer as the black woman's voice dropped. "I shouldn't be saying this at work. But between you and me, honey, I wouldn't mind being the fudge topping on his sundae." The woman giggled, causing Kathryn's mild blush to turn a deep shade of red. "Oh, I'm sorry, girlfriend. Seriously, though, he was cute. He was probably a little taller than you, a little younger, good skin, wore sunglasses. Was nicely dressed, but not flashy. You could tell he's got some money, but he's secure enough in himself that he don't need to parade it."

"Did he say anything about what was in the package?"

"Just that it was a surprise gift for a friend."

"What was his voice like?"

"I'm sorry, I can't help you there. Most voices sound the same to me." Looking over her shoulder, cashier said, "Oops, my boss is coming. I'm gonna have to let you go. You have a good day, ma'am."

"You too, and thank you." Kathryn picked up her package and walked out to her car. Looking at the dashboard clock, Kathryn swore at the long line in the post office. If she were lucky, she'd have time to bolt down some fast food as she drove back the office. Conscious of her appearance, she stopped at McDonald's for McNuggets, fries and a coke. She would have preferred a good hamburger, but decided she couldn't chance a drop of ketchup landing on her beige blouse.

"Welcome back, Kathryn. Have a good lunch?"

"Not really, Rich… I had to wait a while at the post office. I'm not late, am I?"

"Late? Kathryn, you've got another fifteen minutes yet. Settle down." Richard Beckner turned on his laid-back smile. "I haven't turned into that much of a bastard of a boss, have I?"

"Oh good grief, no, Rich. I was just worried I would be late because of the long line at the post office. I guess I just caught the lights right on the way back."

"Okay, Kathryn, relax for a few minutes. Let your lunch settle." Rich stood in front of Kathryn's desk, holding several folders. "I take it the post office was a madhouse?"

"A crowd, and understaffed as usual. I sometimes wonder how they make any money."

"Ever notice how often they raise the rates? Anyway, I've got a few projects for you to follow up on." He handed her the folders. The first two were pending cases. The third said "Invitation", which she opened first out of curiosity. "Ah, you noticed. That, young lady, is an open invitation to come visit us for a weekend breather, now that we've got the new house southwest of town all set up."

"Don't call me 'young lady', Rich. You're 12 years younger than me."

"Details, details. Anyway, the new place is set up, and you now have a standing invitation to come out and visit, de-pressurize in the Jacuzzi, what have you."

"That sounds good. I may just take you up on that for an afternoon. "

"You'll love it, Kathryn. Monica and I bought this old place out southwest of town. We did a BUNCH of renovations, but now it's nice homey little place. Great for partying, even, it has lots of room now that we took out all the pews. Don't worry, we're not gonna pull an 'Alice's Restaurant' and leave all the garbage where the pews used to be."


"Yes, it's one of several old church/rectory combos for sale out in the country."

"An old church and rectory? That must be… interesting."

"We managed to leave a nice quaint feel to it, make it a nice spacious home on the inside, but it does look like a church and rectory on the outside. Anyway, we'd love to have you out for a visit some weekend. Now, I'm going over to the legal library to check some probate statutes for the McFeeley hearing. If you could check those files I just gave you, I'd appreciate it."

"Sure thing, Rich. Not a problem." Looking at the files, she figured it wouldn't take too long. Getting both projects' work done in a timely fashion, she tried to start in on another folder on her desk. Instead, though, her mind drifted to an old church on the southwest side of town

No, it can't be Rich, she told herself. There's no way he'd cheat on Monica! And the stuff that guy in the Robe has me do, that's not Rich's style… or so I thought. No, no, it can't be Rich. Come on, Kathryn, get your mind back on work. There'll be time for this after you get home.

Kathryn not only hurried through the rest of her work, she raced home. She wanted to be in comfortable surroundings to face these unsettling thoughts. "Okay," she said as she pulled out some leftovers for dinner. "Whoever the man in the robe is, he seems to know a lot about me. He's also got some money. He has that church and rectory, which has obviously been remodeled. Now, Rich tells me about this old church and rectory he's remodeled. He's certainly got the money to do that, even to install things like those crazy lights. But some of the things the guy in the Robe has had me do, they don't seem like Rich.

"But Paul also has a place out there. He's never told me what it is or where it is, just that it will be nice when I see it. And Paul's got the money to make the wild changes I've seen in that Temple. But that one time I mentioned some of those fantasies I had, he cringed. It was like he couldn't stomach some of those things." Stopping for a moment, she hugged herself and said, "That's one of the reasons I feel so torn."

Kathryn sat down with her dinner, mulling over her thoughts as she ate her meat loaf and green beans. "Whoever this is," she said, "he's got a hold on me somehow. I can't let things go on without knowing more about him." Kathryn then remembered the package. She opened it to find a note.

"Dearest Katya,

Have dinner before reading this note. Then take the box to your bedroom. There you will remove the contents and try them on. You will wear them instead of your normal bra and panties the next few days, including when you visit The Temple on Sunday afternoon. There is one exception -- if you spend time with your boyfriend, especially any sensual time together. Should you have any dates with him, you will wear your regular undergarments.

Now, assuming you are alone the next several nights, you will masturbate just before you go to sleep. Set your timer for fifteen minutes. As before, you will not orgasm until the timer goes off. You may wear anything you choose while you do this. When you go to sleep, however, you will change into a bra, clean panties, and sweat clothes.

Be sure to take some time to relax, Katya. Enjoy your bubble baths. Have a very good time visiting your Daughter. And I will see you Sunday afternoon.


Looking into the box, she found a white satin-and-lace bustier and a package of white bikini panties in her size. Kathryn tried to finish her dinner, but found her eyes continually drifting back to the open box and its contents. She sent the last few bites of dinner down the garbage disposal, put the dishes in the dishwasher, and took the box up to her bedroom.

As directed, she tried on the bustier, and found it an agreeably comfy fit. She was also grateful it was a front-closure garment, making it easier to put on and take off by herself. Strapless and cut somewhat low in the back, it reminded her of various formal evening gowns she had worn over the years. Then she tried on one of the panties. Normally a briefs wearer, the bikini panties made her feel even more vixen than the French-cut undies she had worn on her previous visits to The Temple.

After a few minutes of self-admiration in the mirror, she removed the garments and returned them to the box. Kathryn then went to the bathroom and started the water in the tub, with some lilac bath oil mixed in. As the tub filled, she spent a few more minutes looking in the mirror, seeing that she still had a good trim figure – especially for a 44-year-old widow with a college-age daughter.

The tub full, Kathryn climbed in and relaxed instantly. She let herself drift into a quiet mood, enjoying the warmth. After drying off, she went back to her bed and set her cooking timer for 15 minutes. Her breathing became more ragged as she groped, pinched and fingered various intimate parts of her naked body with abandon. Then the ding of the timer was drowned out by a husky yell of orgasm. Kathryn tried to get off the bed, only to find herself exhausted. It took her several minutes to get up enough energy to walk to her bureau. There she pulled out her regular bra, panties and sweat suit. Climbing back into bed, she was asleep in seconds.

* * * * *

"I'm sorry, Paul, I wish I could… yes, I love the idea Paul. But I also know how much a visit to the Whispering Pines Spa costs… how do I know? I've made reservations for Rich and Monica, so I've gotten the price quotes…"

"What's that about me and Monica, Kathryn?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, Rich." Kathryn put the phone receiver on her shoulder. "Paul's on the phone trying to talk me into spending Saturday evening and Sunday with him at Whispering Pines. I told him I know how much it costs, because I've made the arrangements for a few of your trips there with Monica. Besides," she said, gesturing at her desk, "Paul and I are going to the University to visit Cindy on Saturday. I'm going to need part of Sunday to work on some of this stuff."

"Let's see what we've got there, Kathryn." Richard Beckner leaned across the desk from the opposite side, looking at the various file folders. After sifting through them, he pulled out three of them. "Let me check these over; I'll bring them right back." Kathryn put the phone back to her ear.

"Sorry about that, Paul. Rich heard me mention his name and I had to explain… Okay, please understand. I know how much a weekend at Whispering Pines can cost, and I think it's simply too much for you to spend on me. Plus, we wouldn't get there until late Saturday night, if they'd let us in. And with me going to the university on Saturday, I'm most likely going to have to be in the office on Sunday going over some files and reports for Rich. He has several big --" A hand suddenly appeared in front of her, hitting the speaker button on her phone.

"Paul, this is Rich Beckner. One of these days, we need to meet."

"Yes, we do," Paul's voice chimed over the speakerphone. "If for nothing else than giving me the chance to tell you how you make Kathryn work too much."

"Yeah, sure, I'm a real slave driver. I only let Kathryn have most evenings and weekends off, unless there's a major case or project I need help on." Kathryn could only cringe as her boss and her boyfriend chatted this way on her desk speakerphone. "Otherwise, she's free to waste as much time with you as she pleases. But I will agree with you on one thing."

"And what would that be, Rich?"

"She does need some relaxation and spa-like treatment, Paul. And I know just the place."

"I presume you're not talking about Whispering Pines."

"Nope, it's a nice little out-of-the-way place in the country, just southwest of town. It's my place. Dinner is already planned. And bring your swimsuits, kids. The Jacuzzi is waiting, no ifs, ands or buts. Be out at 7124 southwest Chimera Road at seven o'clock tonight. Bring everything you need to spend the night, in case you get too sleepy to go home. Think you can find your way there, Paul?"

"Find my way there? Piece of cake. Be there by seven? Won't be easy to do, since it's almost five o'clock now, and I've got to pick up a not-ready Kathryn before getting out there."

"Good point. Kathryn, lock up the files, go home, get packed and be ready for a comfy, relaxing evening. And don't come back until Monday morning; there's nothing here that needs the weekend rush. You be ready to relax, too, Paul." Rich turned off the speaker and walked away before Kathryn could try to protest.

"Paul, I'm sorry, I didn't… are you sure, honey? Okay, I'll see you in a little bit." Kathryn hung up the phone and cleaned up her desk. "I don't care if you are my boss, young man," she said to Rich on her way out. "You are still a sneaky bastard."

"Of course I am, Kathryn… I'm an attorney. Now get going. Paul's going to be waiting for you if you don't leave soon. See you tonight."

Once home, Kathryn went straight to her bedroom and pulled out a gym/duffel bag. As she pulled her swimsuit out of the bureau, she saw her "pleasure harness". She stood there, holding the swimsuit, wondering how much longer she could go on serving both love and need. Then she remembered all of what she was wearing. Several minutes later, her bustier and bikini panties were replaced by a bra and briefs. Kathryn had just enough time to pull on jeans and a polo shirt and throw her various clothes in the overnight bag when the doorbell rang.

"Here, you go, hon," Kathryn said as she opened the door. Before Paul could respond, there was a can of Dr. Pepper in his hand and Kathryn was locking the front door behind her. "Yes, I've got everything I need in here." She patted the duffel bag slung over he left shoulder.

"Woah! What brought that on?" Paul was standing in shock from the bear hug he'd just received. "Are you okay, Kathryn?"

"Sure! Why Wouldn't I be? And what's so wrong with a girl giving her lover boy a hug?"

"Nothing at all, Kathryn. I'm just not used to you doing that in public… or holding me so tightly. I think you bruised my ribs!"

"Yeah, sure, Paul. I can see you doubled over in pain and gasping for breath." Both were smiling, but Kathryn realized just how tightly she had hugged Paul. She wasn't sure, however, why she had done so. "Now, let's get going. I'm hungry, and I need a good soaking in a Jacuzzi."

"My lady's chariot awaits."

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