tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Tennis Photographer

The Tennis Photographer


My wife is an avid tennis buff, and her body shows it. She's 5 foot 7 inches tall, has blonde hair and weighs 125 pounds. She has perfectly proportioned breasts and the tightest ass you have ever seen.

The other evening she was at a tennis friend's house having a glass of wine, when her friend remarked, "Tonya, have you had your photo taken for the team book?" Tonya explained that she had completely forgotten about it, but since her husband was out of town, she would run over to the photographer's studio and take care of it.

She already had her tennis bag in her car, so she drove straight over to the photographer's studio as it was just getting dark outside. She went in and was surprised to find an attractive young man, about twenty-eight years old, all alone in the studio. Tonya introduced herself, and the young man said, "Hi, I'm Ken, and I will be taking your individual photos for the tennis spread. You can go into the dressing room and change into your tennis outfit while I set up the cameras. I even have some wine in the dressing room if you would like some."

Tonya went into the dressing room, poured a glass of wine and was startled to see that she did not have her tennis undershorts that she normally wore under her tennis skirt. "Oh well," she thought, "I can wear my thong that I have on, and get through the pictures without anyone knowing." So she put on her tennis bra, shirt, and tennis skirt over her thong and went out into the studio.

"Hey, you look great!" Ken exclaimed, "Why don't you start over against that far backdrop and I'll starting getting some photos." Tonya began posing for Ken as he snapped away, instructing her to move back and forth and adjust her posture. "Okay, now let's get some action shots," Ken directed. "Go through your service motion." Tonya was starting to feel the effects of the wine, and completely forgot her thong was showing as she began moving about, going through her tennis moves.

"You've got on quite an outfit there!" Ken exclaimed, as Tonya leaned over. Tonya blushed at the realization that her thong was on prominent display for Ken to see. "I'm sorry," Tonya stammered, "I forgot my undershorts."

"That's O.K.," Ken laughed, "You happen to look much better without them, and I am about through with your photos for the team book."

Ken said, "Would you like to take some more personal pictures for your husband? I do a lot of studio shots for wives to give to their spouses."

"I don't know. What do you have in mind," Tonya asked hesitantly. "Well, nothing out of hand, we would only take pictures that you were comfortable with," Ken said.

"Well... I guess I might try something tame. I have never done anything like this before. What would you like me to do?" Tonya asked as she nervously took another sip of wine. Ken said, "Start by taking your shirt off, but leave on your athletic bra." Tonya complied and began posing in just her skirt and bra. She went through her tennis moves and even made some provocative poses as she bent over to pick up some tennis balls and showcased her tight ass. As she began moving around and posing, she began feeling a warm tingling sensation that she couldn't decide whether to blame on the wine or the situation.

As Tonya continued the posing and began to lose her nervousness, the camera shutter no longer seemed to matter. "Go ahead and remove your top," Ken directed. Tonya obediently complied, and slid her tennis bra over her head as her erect nipples displayed her obvious excitement. Ken continued taking pictures as she moved about, flirting for the camera. She began to be more conscious of the warmth between her legs and suddenly began to lose her inhibitions.

Ken continued to take pictures and instructed, "Keep posing, you look fantastic! Remember, this is for your husband. Just pretend that I'm not here and go with the feeling. Imagine that your husband is next to you, and go ahead and slide your thong off underneath your tennis skirt."

Tonya reached down and slid her panties off and felt her wetness as she slid her fingers between her thighs. She closed her eyes, and cupping a breast with one hand, she began to massage her now dripping pussy. She turned her back to the camera, leaned over, and spread her legs as her skirt rode up over her waist. She continued to massage her cunt as she bent completely over, exposing her long legs and perfectly manicured bush.

"Do you trim that for your husband?" Ken asked. "He must be one lucky guy!" Ken continued snapping pictures as Tonya spread her legs and continued fingering herself as she approached orgasm. Ken zoomed in for a closeup as Tonya continued rubbing herself and suddenly began to tense up. Finally, she pulsated in pleasure in an intense orgasm, which seemed to go on forever. Finally, as her shuddering finished, she allowed her skirt to fall back over her, and she put her tennis bra back on.

"Your husband really is a lucky guy, and he will really appreciate these pictures," Ken told Tonya as she put her thong back on and rose to leave.

"And I certainly hope that you had as good a time as I did," he smiled. As she walked past Ken toward the door, she couldn't help but notice the bulging erection in his shorts. Ken, however, did not seem embarrassed at all and said, "If you ever need any additional service of any kind, please come see me, and I will personally see to it."

As Tonya exited, she glanced at his crotch and whispered, "I might just take you up on that one day."

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