The Toy


I bought a new toy on a whim. I was looking at a toy site and it looked interesting. It vibrated which was something I wanted. When the package came with my other goodies, I was surprised to put my eyes on this toy cock. It didn't look that thick in the picture. Will be too much to ever take, I think and set it aside.

Months pass and on a quiet Sunday afternoon, you pop into my mind. The way you tease me for days before you come over, the foreplay, the anticipation, and the way you fuck me. I can feel your hands on me and desire wells up in me. I want you so badly I can barely stand it and I end up getting out this toy to feel the vibrator. Not really sure why it popped into my mind since I put it up months ago. Thinking of you that afternoon, I fuck myself good with that toy. This is the one I thought would be way too big and it was wonderful. I put this toy up again.

Another month passes; you and I are alone on my bed. I am fully dressed and you are naked lying in the center of my bed. Your nice hard cock feels wonderful as I enjoy every inch of it inside my mouth. You look down at me, as I suck you and tell me how you know I love to please you that way. Your hands are on my head, fucking my mouth with your hard dick.

I enjoy hearing you moan and feeling your cock throb in my mouth. I slip off my shirt and then my bra, allowing my hard nipples to rub across your legs and balls as my mouth engulfs your erection. You cum for me, deep in my throat and I let just a little of it seep from my mouth. I swallow eagerly and honestly only become hornier for you at this time.

The toy, the big one from the web site that was put away comes to mind. I get up and undress as I gaze at your still hard erection. It amazes me how you remain hard after you cum. I climb back onto the bed and bring along the toy. I swing one leg over your body and position myself so you can turn on your side and look right at my pussy. I slowly slide the toy in my pussy and it does so quite easily because I am soaking wet.

I begin to fuck my pussy for you and can feel your eyes on my every move. I cum quickly, so turned on by sucking you and looking at your naked body. Just hearing your voice makes me want you; the sight of you sends shivers across my body. I do what you have taught me and force myself to keep fucking my pussy with the toy as I cum. Another orgasm follows quickly behind the first because of this. I cum about three times before you reach up and slide your fingers on my hard, wet clit. I can hear your moans and words of encouragement as I continue.

The feel of your hand sends me over the edge yet again. My pussy is so wet that the sound of it fills the room. I start to slow down my strokes and you slide your hand in my place on the toy. You are so amazing when you fuck me with a toy. You know when to stroke deep and when to stroke shallow. You know when to fuck me slowly and when to take me hard and fast. This has always amazed me. You watch my pussy ask for something and then deliver it even better then I could have ever imagined.

After I have cum practically a dozen times, you take me to the edge of an intense orgasm and leave me there for a few minutes. This leads the impending orgasm to build even more. You take it then, take my pussy across the line and deliver the most intense orgasm, one that practically makes me scream in pleasure. My legs quiver, my body shakes and I instinctively try to pull away but you hold me there. Your strong arms wrapped around me hold me there and continue to please me with the toy.

I am sure there is no way I can cum again after that intense orgasm but you read me so well. It doesn't take long before I am cumming again. The desire a crossed my body is amazing as you focus on my pleasure. I reach down to feel your cock, extremely hard in my hand. It is covered in pre-cum and I love the feel of it slippery against me. You so much enjoy pleasing a woman and your body shows it.

I am sure that I am done, that my body will not allow any more when you lean down and slide your warm tongue across my clit. The toy is still inside my pussy and your tongue is against my body. As I cum, I know that you can feel my clit throb against your tongue. You play with my clit a little longer as if to prove that you can make me cum at least half a dozen times more than I thought I could.

You movement slows down and I begin to catch my breath. My head is back; my eyes are closed as I attempt to regain composure. I feel something though on the bed that gets my attention. I open my eyes and look at you, to see your head thrown back and your nice strong hand moving up and down your hard cock. Oh, how I love to see you stroke. You are so turned on from fucking me with that toy and I can see that in your movement. I barely have time to move closer before you start to cum for me. You cum from the stroke of your own hand with me watching and begging for you to let me have it.

"WOW ~ was that hot ~" is what you say to me once you catch your breath. You are not kidding is the only thing that crosses my mind. You certainly are not kidding!!

C K & L

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