The Train


"Crowded" didn't begin to describe the subway at this time of day.

Like little salty fish in a can, people were pressed tightly together within the metallic walls of the train car as it rushed from station to station. Flickering on and off, the sickly light cast by the florescent bulbs above did little to cure the claustrophobic feeling that hung thick in what little air there was. The people were a mix, as they stood clasping the handles over their heads, or sitting upon the barely cushioned seats.

Buried within this sea of bodies, she stood near the doors. Her back to the rest of the humanity in the car, she looked out at the rapidly passing walls of the tunnel. Refocusing her eyes, she looked upon the reflection that stared back at her in the glass of the sliding doors. A simple blouse and skirt covered her, along with a jacket for the chill that had settled as of late. The sparkle of her eyes had dulled just a bit from fatigue; their light blue-grey color, however, still shone brightly even within the image cast by the tinted glass. The long dark hair that fell to her waist had been gathered into a slightly off center braid. The sudden memory that came to her then, as she pulled the thick length of hair over her shoulder, made her lips bow into a smile.

She had been visiting a dear friend in another city. A friend whose young daughter was insistent upon trying out her braiding skill. With a kind heart, and a young girl looking at her with pleading eyes, it was understandable why she gave in, and allowed her long lovely hair to be used to train tiny fingers. Though it was a bit off kilter, all in all, the braid had come out very well. The pride that beamed from that little face was more then thanks enough. The rest of the visit was just as fun and full of smiles.

Now, she was heading home, eager to see her darling.....

Her eyes shot open, her body jerking to attention.

Someone's hand was touching her rear!

Given the tight confines of the train, she would have put it off as just an accident. That is, until that same hand began to squeeze. Strong fingers dug lightly, but very noticeably into the tender flesh of her buttock through the thin fabric of her skirt. Her breath caught in her throat; unable to speak, she tried turning around, ready to smack the pervert who had the nerve to fondle her. Yet, it was impossible to move, let alone turn around, but her effort alone seemed to stop the unknown's advances, for the hand left her body. She started to relax, relieved to be free of the...

She nearly jumped when, again, her left butt cheek was kneaded by a strong hand!

She couldn't believe it! She tired moving her arm, perhaps to elbow the attacker. But there where too many people behind her, she couldn't tell which it was that had their hand on her. She looked up into the reflection on the doors. So many faces, she couldn't tell who it could have been.

The thought of screaming came to her mind, as that hand continued its dance over her rear. Yet, just as she took in the air, she thought against it. Even if she did yell, how would it help? The one doing it would just stop, melting back into the crowd, who would have been looking at her like she was crazy. No, she didn't just want it to stop, she wanted to get the bastard doing it! It was then she decided to wait, hoping that perhaps, if she kept watching those behind her, the one responsible would somehow show himself. And so, she stayed quiet, though she did move closer to the doors, thinking that maybe he would move as well, breaking his cover. But, instead of one moving, it seemed the entire crowd moved right with her, all the while, the hand on her kept right on with its fondling. Now she was truly stuck, pressed against the doors as she was, she had nowhere to go.

As if sensing her predicament, the hand made a move that made her gulp her fear. She felt her skirt being bunched into a ball, before it was raised up to her hips! She was exposed, nothing but a pair of panties protecting her now. It didn't take long for that hand to fill itself with the flesh of her ass again, this time she could feel the roughness of the fingers as they pressed into her own soft smooth skin. She still was unable to believe that this was happening. Here, on a crowded city subway, in front of so many people, she was having her rear fondled, ravaged by a stranger, and she couldn't even tell who.

The last thought made her body shiver, as a tingling ran over her skin, up her spine, where it made her gasp. It couldn't be, she thought! Was she....starting to enjoy this?

She looked at herself in the doors, just as a station zipped past them. How could she enjoy this?

She didn't get the chance to answer her own question. Emboldened by the quiver her body had given, the hand managed to slip its fingers between the fullness of her thighs. She squeaked in shock, pressing her legs together in an effort to stop him. The pressure only served to lock his fingers where they were, nestled to either side of the warm mound beneath the cover of her panties. Then, they moved. Her eyes grew wide, as electric arcs seemed to crackle from between her legs. Her breath was stolen, as her most intimate place was stroked, a finger on either side, moving slowly over the smooth silk of her panties. Her knees felt weak, almost giving out beneath her. She had to lock them, but in the process, her legs spread, loosening their hold. The hand now had full access to her. The handle she held above her was squeezed as her grip tightened, bracing her for what was to happen next.

But she was once more in for a surprise.

The hand pulled back, taking itself from the growing heat it had been stroking, coming to rest again upon the half moon of her ass, and resuming it's kneading. She suddenly found herself panting, ripples of pleasure still echoing from where he had touched...a stranger's touch. A touch she felt herself craving more of.

What?! The sound reverberated as she screamed in her mind. I can't actually be wanting to be be raped! That's not possi.....Oh no!

It was sudden. On her right side, her jacket had been lifted from her, the shirt beneath pulled from her skirt. And now another hand, the twin of the one upon her ass, slithered under her shirt. Its touch was light on her skin, gooseflesh rising in the wake of feathery fingers, until it neared the edge of frilly lace that was her bra.

Her body started to shake, and would not stop, though she knew that fear was not the cause. It was thrill. She could not deny it anymore; she could not deny her growing enjoyment of this. To be touched by unknown hands, and in front of so many people, who knew not that it was even happening. As if on cue, she felt, rolling down the inner of her thigh, a tiny drop. was but one of many that she could feel moistening the crotch of her panties. Yes, she was becoming aroused by this.....very aroused.

On her backside, the twin globes beneath the panties were now both coming under that rough hand. Their tender sweet flesh dented by calloused fingers, as each squeeze blazed with heated pleasure. While, under the front of her shirt, the cups of her bra now lay scrunched under her newly freed breasts. One at a time, each was lifted, cradled in his palm. The whimper that left her lips then, as a torrid nipple was scrapped at its tip by a sharp fingernail, was hardly noticed by her. But, the groan that came from deep in her throat from that same nipple being pressed between a thumb and forefinger, its swelling mass rolled and twisted back and forth, that she did hear.

Someone would have heard that, she thought to herself, as her eyes creaked open to slits....looking about her for starting glances. She saw none. Could it be, that no one could tell what was happening? Even if someone did, would they think of stopping this? And.....would she want them to?

She knew the answer to the last was no, especially when her panties were pulled down from her ass, eliciting a soft whimper from her pouting lips. She knew where he was going next, and, from how her wetness was now streaming down her thighs, he would know that it was where she wanted him to be. Her body was betraying her, and she didn't care. Never had she been this excited, felt this naughty. And she wanted more.

Her wait was not long. The silken pink of her pussy was soon under the slow purposeful strokes of those same labor hardened fingers. She nearly fell to the floor, as her legs shook, wetness flowing thickly over her legs, soaking down to even the socks she wore. From clit to anus, those fingers moved achingly slow, spreading her liquid silk to every inch of skin they could reach. Only the handle within her white-knuckled fist, kept her from collapsing in a twitching heap upon the cold metal floor. While beneath the prison of her shirt, firm tender titflesh was being massaged, kneaded like dough by the other hand. Strong fingers dug, rippling over her breast, while thumb and forefinger captured a nipple, working upon it with dexterity, perfect time with the movement further below.

She felt her grip upon the handle above her weaken, as all her energy seemed to refocus to those areas under heavenly assault, increasing the sensitivity of the nerves there. Soon she found herself pressed against the doors before her, feeling the cool of the glass against the palms of her hands as they pressed to hold her upright. A circle of fog began to form in front of her eyes as her heated breath came in short pants.

Then, she hissed.

At first, only the tip of a thick finger slipped between those pouting lips, spreading them teasingly. Yet, it was enough to elicit a soft growl of lustful need, as well as the instinctual opening of her legs....gates to the delights of Eden. Using the room she willingly gave, those fingers now planted themselves to either side, fore and pinky pulling, parting the nectar soaked petals of her feminine flower. That act alone brought forth a whimper, the sound muffled by the teeth holding onto her quivering lips. It was the only way she could keep from crying out of aching need.

Never had she felt such unyielding desire. Her every though bent on getting those fingers, hell, any part of him, to be swallowed whole into her body. Her eyes were glazed, staring off into the darkness beyond the sliding doors. Wide open, yet seeing nothing but her own passions reflected in the glass.

Then, at last, what she truly craved was given to her. Her body stiffened, muscles locking, as the soft plump folds of her pussy were finally plumbed by a thick finger. She groaned deep from her throat, the sound like that of a lioness in heat. Her fingers clawing across the cool glass of the doors that she now leaned against. Teeth clenching, she spread her legs further, allowing the explorations of the finger to delve deeper. And deeper it went, curling within her silken confines to press against the rippling walls of her sex. It's in and out moments slow, slick with the copious amounts of heated juice her body seemed to produce. It dripped down the hand and arm, as it glistened her legs from crotch to ankle.

Her breath was haggard, beads of sweat starting to form upon her forehead, as her passions began to rise, building and building to what she knew would be a grand crescendo.

Squelching noises now began to churn from below, as a second finger joined the first in stretching the elastic walls that squeezed them. Back and forth they plowed her flesh. Curling, they found that special place towards her belly, its surface rough, and loaded with nerves that shocked arcs of ecstasy though her body. There they concentrated their attention, stroking that tiny patch of pleasure, making her body shake more....and more, as closer to the edge she creeped.

Yes, she was drawing closer to what felt to be an atomic explosion of pleasures, the corded ball in her gut tightening, nearing the time when the pressure would be released. Her vision was nearly gone, as tears streamed down her cheeks. Yet, as she again looked up into the glass doors, she could make out the flushed red of her face, as well as......her eyes shot open....

In the world reflected in the doors, over her left was HIM! Those eyes.....that grin.....HIM! The one doing this to her......HIM.....the one touching, violating her......HIM!......The one whos eyes she..........knew...

It was at that moment, a time of revelation, of realization.....that her thoughts were cut she exploded!

Below, as they dived again and again into her depths, those fingers found a place..unknown to her till now. Just before the smooth firm flesh of her cervix, yet beyond the pleasures of the g-spot, a small bump rose from the upper wall of her pussy. It was when the tips of his fingers found it, pinching it between them, that her body went into spasms. The tremendous pressure that had been building though it last was released. Eyes wide, muscles locked as she bit into her lip, holding back the scream that tried so desperately to get out. The taste of blood upon her tongue from the bitten lips went unnoticed, as stars danced before her eyes, nails scraping glass, leaving scratches in its surface.

As her body began to relax, those strong hands left her. Now void of their support, she collapsed onto the hard metal floor.

"Ma'am, are you ok?"

Other questions followed, as those around her tried helping her up. It took several attempts, as the strength in her legs slowly returned. Regaining her feet, she checked her clothes. Only slightly ruffled, they gave no indication of the true cause of her collapse. As she tried answering the questions being thrown upon her by concerned people, her eyes looked from face to face. Again and again she scanned the crowd, yet the face she hoped to see wasn't among them.

The bells in the train rang out, as outside the station appeared as the train slowed. As the doors slide open, she was the first to hurry out. Turning a corner away from the crowd pouring from the train, she leaned against the wall. Taking deep breaths, she waited. As the people from her train began to file past her, she again watched closely. He would have to come past here...past her. A tremor quaked through her legs. An aftershock.


It was Him. It had to be! The face, the eyes. All the same. And familiar.

Through the sea of people she pushed, bumping left and right....until at last...

She stood before him. Her torturer.....her pleasurer.

"What the hell did you think you were doing?!" she growled up at him, his height greater then hers by several inches.

He said nothing....then smiled.

She scowled.....before leaping into his arms, crushing her lips to his in a deep soulful kiss!

After a few wondrous moments, they parted, she still in the circle of his arms. "Shit, baby. Next time...warn me first!!"

He smirked, then spoke, "But that would have ruined the surprise."

She sighed, smiling. Running her fingers through his long black hair. "Why the hell did I marry you?"

He shrugged, "Beats the hell out of me."

She suddenly grinned a grin to put the Cheshire cat to shame. "Hmmmmm, now thats an idea." She quickly glanced around, and, upon spying the doors to the restrooms, she took his hand and tugged him along as she ran for the distant doors.

"What are you doing?" he shouted.

As they reached the restroom doors, she turned to him, the devilish sparkle in her beautiful eyes saying all he needed to know even before she spoke. "Well, you've had your fun, hun. Now it's MY turn!" The sentence she finished with a swipe of her red tongue across her lips, right before slamming open the door and dashing inside, a very happy hubby in tow.

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