tagLesbian SexThe Train Ride

The Train Ride


"Close your mouth dear, you'll catch flies" said my husband in a slightly mocking tone from across the table. I closed my mouth with snap and hurriedly looked down at my book. Glancing up through my eyelashes I see the slight mocking smile on his lips. I kick him under the table just for the hell of it.

"If you could look over your shoulder without being too bloody obvious, you'd see what caught my attention." I say quietly.

"Pretty is she?" comes the reply as he pretends not to be interested.

He knows she must be. It's always the pretty ones that catch my eye and this one is gorgeous. A little over five foot, slim, great boobs inside a tight fitted blouse and an oh-so-short skirt that shows off her sexy, shapely legs. He takes a long slow look around the cabin of the train, sees who I mean and turns back to with his eyebrow raised.

"She just caught my eye, that's all." I say with a pout.

"'course she did" he says quietly, leaning over the table, "That's why you cheeks are flushed. You've already run through your mind what you'd like to do to her, haven't you?"

I nod, pretending to read my book as I look over his shoulder at her. God! I want her!

"Try to remember you're on a train. Her other half may not approve of you trying to seduce her and I don't want to get into a fight over you trying get into another man's wife's panties."

I look up at him smiling at his approval. "You can't tell me you wouldn't want your face between those legs?" I tease.

"I'd prefer to see those legs around your face whilst fucking you from behind." He whispers. My pussy gushes at the thought of it. I can almost feel the sensations as my imagination goes into overdrive. "Go and get us a bottle of champagne from the dining car." He orders "Try and control your libido for a bit"

I slide out of my seat and pause as I realize this will take me right past her. I gather myself and walk down the carriage, trying not to stare, but failing miserably. My eyes travel from her face, to her chest and then linger on her legs which are outstretched in front of her. I look up to check were I'm going, straight into her eyes. Busted! She knows she's caught me staring and has a half smile on her face. I smile weakly back at her and hurry past.

In the dining car there is queue for the bar, forcing me to stand in line. Standing there I feel someone standing close behind me. What is it with people and personal space I wonder angrily to myself? Just the train hits as set of points and I'm thrown of balance. I stumble back against the person behind who catches me from falling.

"Sorry," I say turning.

It's her!

She smiles at me. "No problem" she answers.

God! She's even more gorgeous up close.

"High heels and trains never really mix do they?" she asks.

"No," I giggle. Her hand is still on my waist, almost burning me from her touch. "I'm Laura" I say holding out my hand.

"Sammi." She replies taking it with her other hand.

"I'm just ordering us a drink, would you like one?" I stammer.

"No, no, it's ok, you must want to get back to your husband."

"He'll keep. Once he starts reading. He forgets there are other people around him." I turn to the barman "A bottle of Verve Clicquot please to seat 12a in first class. And two classes here as well."

The barman nods, pours us two glasses and passes the order to the steward to deliver the bottle. We step to one side of the bar with our drinks.

"Where are you stopping?" I ask.

"London," She replies, "we're off to stay with friends. Yourself?"

"London as well. Weekend break from the kids. A day of shopping for me, followed by a day around the museums for him. He may look like a thug, but he's actually a history teacher." Her presence is making me garrulous.

"He's certainly big, you can see that from behind, but I don't know about him looking like a thug."

"Ha! You want to see him when he's stood up. Heavy brows, shaved head almost permanent scowl. I try to get him to grow his hair a bit to soften his looks, but he just complains it's too grey these days. It is nice to walk around holding onto his arm though, feeling the solidness under his shirt."

She smiles a sexy soft smile. "I can imagine. It is nice to feel something softer under your fingers now and again though." Her voice is dripping with suggestion as she runs a hand down my arm, taking my hand in hers and placing it on her hip. "Don't you think?" I almost shiver with delight at the touch.

I put down my glass and lean past her "Shall we find somewhere a little private?" I whisper. She smiles and turns away, glancing over her shoulder as she walks down the carriage. Her skirt is tight around her bum, like a pair of ostrich eggs being juggled, each cheek tightening the material as she walks. I follow mesmerized.

At the door to the ladies room she turns and looks around to see if anyone was watching then beckons me inside. I squeeze in with her, her breasts pushed into mine and I could swear I felt her nipples hardening against my own through our tops. I feel her hot breath cascading over my lower lip before she kissed me ever so lightly, pausing to pull my lower lip into her mouth with a soft suckle. Moaning again, my eyes drifted shut and my brain gave way to the exquisite feelings coursing through my body. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and crashed into my own, its velvet roughness insistent in its probing.

My hands go straight to her breasts, fumbling with the buttons to her blouse. Her hands are around me, pulling up my maxi-dress to squeeze and caress my arse. I finally get her blouse undone and take her breasts in my hands, my thumbs rubbing her hard nipples as I cup and fondle her. I slip her cups down, under her boobs, exposing her nipples to the air. Breaking our kiss I bend my head to her left nipple and take it in my mouth, lashing it with my tongue. No longer able to reach my ass, her hands move to the top of my dress, pulling it down, taking my bra with it, her hands instantly finding my own nipples. I moan heavily into her breasts as she does. She pushes me upright, her mouth finding mine again and we kiss hard and deep.

She grabs my right wrist and pulls it between our bodies, wasting no time in guiding it to her sex. My eyes flew open as my fingers came into contact with her. My fingers, began pressing into and caressing her sex through her clothing. She buried her face into my neck, creating incredible acoustics for her soft moans as she now lifts my dress from the front, her hands reaching for my pussy. I snaked my left hand around her waist, pulling her even closer against me, our breast pressed up against each others as my right hand slithered down to the hem of her very short skirt. My fingers brushed the silky soft skin of her inner thighs, inching up the hem as my hand travelled further.

Her heat is radiating through my hand and up my arm and I gasp when I come in contact with her panties. I lightly trace her lips through the fabric, before slipping my hand inside, her trimmed pubic hair tickling my fingertips. Pushing inside slightly, her wetness covered my index finger. Sliding up to her clit, I flicked at the engorged nub tenatively and smiled as her body twitched against me in response. Seconds later her fingers find my panties, pulling them aside. God! I am so wet. Her fingers find my clit straight way pressing and circling it, quick and hard. My attentions to her clit became more intense and insistent in return. I pushed into it, with no regard to how sensitive she might be. I pressed and flicked and teased the bud until her body was quaking against me and her teeth were sinking into the tender flesh of my neck. She slides her fingers down and inside me, curling them upwards as she begins to finger fuck me.

I dug my fingers into her back as she bit my neck harder to stifle a loud moan as I return the favour. I can feel myself on the verge of cumming, but I'm desperate not do so before she does. I slip my other hand under her skirt from behind and slide my finger between her cheeks and across her asshole. I feel her pussy clench around my fingers as I do, her body reaching the pinnacle of climax and it's all I need to set me off, our gasps turning into soft whimpers. Our eyes meet we withdraw our fingers, I raised my finger to my lips and sucked it into my mouth, sighing deeply at her taste.

We clean one another up and straighten our clothing. I open the door to check the coast is clear, then step outside. "I could always send him the museum on his own, if you fancy spending an afternoon in the hotel before you go home...." I say pressing my number into her hand.

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