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The Training Program


I suppose it began innocently enough, I had been reading my Email and read one of those ads to join some sort of "meet your mate" clubs. It said that it was free, so I filled out the application and a long questionnaire about my own profile. I really didn't expect any sort of serious response. They usually try to match you up with some woman who is uglier than sin or some pay per call voice on a telephone, so I was totally shocked when I did get a reply that was rather reasonable.

Somehow they had gotten my mailing address and the next thing I got was another form for more detailed information about myself, but now the questions were of a more personal nature. I had become curious so I again filled it out, and now I was giving very truthful answers, not the lies most often provided on these things.

Age, 39, sexual orientation, Straight, size of penis, eight inches, and it went on and on and I truly tried to be honest, thinking it wasn't going anywhere. One of the questions was peculiar. It asked if I would be willing to participate in a medical study of sexuality. I checked yes, thinking it a rather innocent question. Two weeks later I had a visit from a very attractive young lady dressed in a business suit.

I welcomed her in and she sat rather primly on the chair opposite me and explained that she represented a research facility that wanted to know if I would participate in a new project to evaluate some sort of psychological research experiment. I was really not inclined to go along with it, but being a bit naïve, I ultimately agreed to go with her the next day for a physical exam. To be perfectly honest, I would never have agreed if she hadn't been so damn good looking and quite frankly, a bit sexually arousing.

The next morning about ten she returned and we drove to what appeared to be a doctors office. It went down just like a normal physical exam. All the usual tests, including a blood test and stress test. The second part of the exam was the shocker. The male doctor told me to take two white tablets then left and a female doctor entered the room.

In a very business like tone she told me to undress completely. I was feeling strangely passive and very much at ease. It's strange, but when a doctor asks a person to undress, it seems perfectly natural, so I wasn't too embarrassed to do as she directed.

Then she had me lay on an examination table and began to do things that were totally unexpected. She seemed very interested in my genitals and as she moved her hands over my shaft and gently rolled my balls in her palm. I began to respond. I am cut, that is circumcised, and as her hand began to stroke up and down my cock she gently squeezed.

My cock grew larger and larger and I was now uncomfortably aroused. She smiled and softly spoke. "It's important that we understand how you react to tactile stimulation as well as your other sensory responses. Your personal profile said that you had difficulty becoming aroused unless you were physically stimulated, and that you stay erect even after ejaculating several times. That's why your considered a candidate for this project."

By now I was at my largest, perhaps eight inches long and quite thick. She had a sort of pleased smile on her face as she continued her stroking and I suddenly heard myself gasp, "No! No more! That's too much."

"No, I have to finish this for the records so just let yourself go and don't try to hold back. It's important that I finish and establish your limits," she replied.

Although I was really embarrassed at this point, I was too far into it to really resist and suddenly I began to feel the muscles across my abdomen tense and my buttocks contract. I was going to cum and nothing in the world could stop it.

I was so engrossed in what I was feeling that I didn't see her place the device over the head of my cock and when I began to erupt I gasped, trying to warn her, not realizing that she was prepared. "Oooh god, here it comes. I'm going to shoot!" I gasped. Pressing my chin down to my chest, I turned to look at her face and saw her intently watching my cock buck and convulse as I erupted. For some reason I lasted longer than I normally do. Perhaps ten or twelve times I felt my cock contract and spew my sperm in thick streams upward.

Slowly I felt the tension go and I watched her slide her finger from between my balls to the tip of my cock, gleaning the last fluid from my shaft. Then she removed the plastic device and set it on the table behind her and quickly returned to my side and again resumed stroking and kneading my cock.

I had been truthful in the survey, noting that I recover quickly after ejaculating and usually maintain an erection for as long as two or three hours before become flaccid again.

Continuing to stroke, she looked down at me and spoke lowly. "Are you really able to do it again? I need to know your limits. Do you need help? Is there something special that will keep you aroused? I mean visual, or physical, or anything at all you need to finish a few more times?"

By her continuing to clutch my cock at its base, I knew I was still erect, but whether I could do it again was the question. Usually when I cum over and over again I'm very stimulated by my lover and the atmosphere, but this was a rather sterile environment and not very romantic. So I told her "I really don't know." I was sort of slurring my words at this point, almost as if I were drunk and the room seemed a bit misty as if my vision was becoming distorted.

As she stroked me I turned my head to the side and saw a very young girl come in and joined her. She was rather tall and had a beautiful body. It was easily defined because she was completely nude and extremely well endowed. Her breasts were perky and she was probably a B or C cup and she had nipples that stood out erect like those thimbles my mother used to use when she darned my sox's

She bent over me and planted a warm kiss on my lips and as she pressed her left breast firmly against my chest, she opened her mouth and slid her tongue deep into mine. I felt myself begin to respond again.

Apparently a third person had entered the room and had dimmed the lights. I lifted my arms and I slid my hands around the girl who was exploring my mouth with her tongue. I let my hands wander down past her waist still lower to her butt.

Cupping the firm cheeks in my hands, she broke our kiss and leaning closer, began to rub her nipple against my chest. The other woman continued to stroke my cock and I heard her whisper to someone else.

"My god he is hard. Look at that. He's perfect. Go ahead if you want but don't swallow." I was sort of in a semi conscious state by now, yet very aware of the sensations coursing thru my body.

The girl who had been kissing me, began to stroke my chest and run her hands over my abdomen. That's when I felt the warm sheath engulf my cock. Something warm and very snug had been placed over my shaft and it was tightly circling my cock and sliding up and down beginning at the very rim of its head before returning to its base.

It was quickly inducing another climax. I was imagining that there were hands moving all over my body and it was almost as if I were being massaged by several people all at once. My legs were being stroked, my feet and toes felt as if they were being sucked, and a mouth was on my chest sucking at my tiny nipples when I suddenly realized that the warm sheath on my cock was a mouth.

I lost it at that point. I felt my buttocks begin to tense up, than relax, tense up again only to relax again. I knew I was close to exploding and began to murmur to no one in particular, trying to warn them that I was going to cum.

Whoever was sucking my cock must have felt me begin to contract because the sucking became more intense and her tongue began to flick just at the underside of my cocks head. I thrust my hips upward, lifting my ass off the table and my abs became rigid as I felt the first contraction. I was suddenly in the midst of the most intense orgasm I could remember and began to moan as I began to erupt.

I felt flushed and was aware that I was ejaculating. Once, twice, and on and on until after about six or seven more contractions I dropped back to the table again.

And still the hands continued to stroke and touch my body. The young girl bit my lower lip and her warm breath gasped, "again darling, cum again. You can do it for me. Don't you want to feel that wonderful cum spurting again for me? Make me happy and cum again for me. Please?" Then she started to press her tongue in my ear and breath heavily as if it were her and not I who was cumming.

She kept her cheek next to mine and her lips were panting in my ear. Suddenly above me, on the ceiling, a projected videos of women masturbating, couples fucking and other erotic, sexual vignettes began to flash. There was no sound in the room except the soft voices that seemed to be cooing in low exchanges among themselves.

"He's perfect. I want him. Look at how large and swollen he is. I'm wet as hell just looking at him. Can I try him? I need to try and finish him again. Lift his legs a little for me. And the brief exchanges of comments seemed to go on and on.

Suddenly I felt my knees being raised and supported and someone's warm mouth again took my cock and began to suck. Warmth engulfed my balls and something hot was stroking my ass, then it seemed to force its way in and began to curl and twist, pressing just upwards towards my balls as that constant swirling tongue ran around and around the rim of my cock's head. Slowly the sensations merged and I began to feel my cock again begin to throb.

It must have been an hour since I entered the room and I had cum twice already. A third time would match my record for finishing in a such a short time, but with all this stimulation, I knew it was going to happen.

It was perhaps fifteen minutes later that I felt myself begin to convulse and my ass began to move up and down on the table. Whatever was sliding in and out of my ass continued incessantly and suddenly I was overcome with the sensation that I was going to wet myself.

"Here he comes! Oh my god he's good. Look at that! Oh my god, catch it. No I want to taste it. Quick! Oh fuck, get your mouth over him!" Then the sucking increased and I knew that someone was getting a mouthful of cum and was swallowing it. I lay breathing heavily and my little companion again whispered in my ear. "More darling! Just relax and feel it. Let yourself go and imagine how warm it will be to slide your cock deep inside a thirsty cunt. Come on baby don't let yourself be satisfied. You can do it for me."

I was now floating in and out of awareness and the voices would come and go as if they were first close to me, than far away. I was being milked and I was responding without control. I have no idea how many more times I was enticed to finish, but I do remember the sharp prick of a needle in my arm before the world went away.

I was in the car and the girl in the business suit was next to me... I was home and I wondered if it had really happened. She walked with me to the door and before turning away, spoke. "You've been selected. You'll be picked up tomorrow afternoon, so pack your clothes and be ready." Then turning, she waved and went to the car.

I felt exhausted and sort of "loopy" as if I had had too much to drink and the muscles in my groin and abdomen were aching like crazy. Almost as if someone had punched me hard and repeatedly.

Looking to see what time it was, I noticed it. I'm left handed and if I hadn't found my watch on the wrong wrist, I would have thought that I had only fantasized the whole thing but whoever had dressed me had messed up. I wear my watch on my right wrist, not my left.

Although I had second thoughts about going thru with it, I felt almost compelled to do as she had directed. I packed two bags and when she arrived the next afternoon I got into the limo. I still didn't know for sure what this experiment was that I had been approved for but after asking over and over again she finally let it out that there would be some sort of reorientation that it would require a lot of physical stamina.

I wanted to know more but she turned away ignoring me and opened a small bar in the back of the front seat. Then she poured two drinks and handed me one. Two sips later, I slumped over and lay my head on her lap and again I was in that state of sedated euphoria.

The institute, or whatever you care to call it, was somewhere in the country. It had probably been someone's country hide away at one time yet it still seemed to be more of a lodge than a research facility. I was still feeling a bit "floaty" as she showed me to my quarters. She didn't explain much but seemed to be enjoying herself groping me. Her hands were constantly on my arm, around my waist or sliding down to cup my butt.

I am almost always turned on by physical contact and this was one of those occasions and if I weren't so damn exhausted, I would probably have tossed her on the bed. She stayed with me as I unpacked, watching me and looking at me as if I were the most interesting thing in her life. It was sort of uncomfortable to be watched like that. She finally gave it up and began to give me a little more information. Explaining a little more about how this scenario was going to play out. She was my "trainer" and her name was Vivian, or Viv and she would oversee my training.

Looking around I surveyed the suite. It apparently had two bedrooms and a rather large living room with a fireplace and a television built into the far wall.

I asked if she was going to use the other bedroom, and she sadly shook her head no. "Your Dyad has been here for over two weeks already and has completed phase one of her reprogramming. She is another candidate that was selected for this program. Her qualifications were quite different than yours. She is being restructured with the help of her trainer and now you. She will be your dyad, your er... significant other. A sort of partner in this program."

That was all she would explain and she seemed to avoid giving me direct answers to my further questions.

At dinner that evening in the dining room, I met my room mate or dyad. She was rather tall, and so beautiful that she could have walked out of one of those centerfolds in a mans magazine. Her breasts were probably a C cup, and so well shaped that one might have taken her for a teenager. she had a waist that I could probably encircle with both my hands, and. She stood perhaps five foot seven or eight, and her hair was blonde. I mean she was a real blonde. Her lips were full and her face perfectly outlined by long blond locks. Her complexion was the proverbial "peaches and cream" and it was flawless.

She kept staring at me with a pensive longing look in her eyes. My trainer, Viv, was seated on my right, and her trainer sat to her left and introduced herself as Patty. Then turning she looked at my dyad as if prompting her and the girl finally gave her name as Laura.

Our trainers were gregarious and carried on a continuous conversation about nothing. The sort of conversation that really has no meaning but to be polite patter. I still was in the dark about Laura.

I suspected I was here because of my problem with having difficulty finishing and maintaining a prolonged erection, if that was really a problem ,but I think more specifically it had something to do with endurance. Physical endurance I think, but I didn't have any inkling as to what Laura's issue was.

Although we had ordered no drinks, four arrived at our table. Two were some sort of cocktail in tall frosted glasses. The other two were in tall thin vials and were served to Laura and I. Sipping it, I was surprised to find that it seemed to evaporate on my tongue and its potency seemed to be in the fumes as I inhaled thru my mouth. It was some sort of liquor that was almost colorless but was obviously extremely potent. We sipped our drinks and I noticed that my little room mate was either becoming a bit tipsy or she had warmed up to me because she became much more forward and had begun to make suggestive innuendos about our sharing a suite.

Two more drinks and we were chatting like old friends and that seemed to please our trainers, but still Laura was becoming more suggestive and Pat had to keep redirecting the conversation to safer topics. The only thing that I could see that she might be doing wrong was her fidgeting and squirming in her chair.

At ten we were escorted back to our suite and left to our own devices. Laura turned on the TV and began to flick thru the channels. Apparently it was a closed system because each channel had some sort of xxx rated video playing on it.

I was at first embarrassed but when I saw that she immediately knew what channel and which video was her favorite, I sort of slumped down on the sofa and watched along with her. You can tell a lot about a person by watching them. And Laura was no exception. She had selected a video in which the young woman was being serviced by several men and two women, and moments into the scene she began to caress her crotch and nervously play with her left breast. When the girl on the screen began to orgasm and gasp, Laura suddenly stood up and I noticed that her light blue shorts were now showing a darker blue, wet patch at the seam between her thighs. She was beginning to breath harder and her fingers began to play with the seam. She was making no effort to hide her excitement.

Now her interest was divided between the video and her quick glances at me and my growing bulge. She was losing it. No longer able to hide her excitement nor her interest in my growing problem, she quickly turned and said something about getting some sleep and rushed off to her end of the suite.

I was surprised at myself for having been sexually aroused by my young roommate and although my cock ached constantly I had rarely gotten hard without a warm touch. Oh well, I thought, it'll pass, and I headed for my room.

On the nightstand there was a tall thin glass of cloudy liquor and a little card under it. The card simply read: "Please drink this before retiring. It will help you sleep and prepare you for tomorrow."

I undressed and showered, then sat on the edge of my bed and sipped the liquid. Finishing it I slid between the cool sheets, I was asleep in a matter of minutes.

Early the next morning my room mate knocked on my door and I quickly put on my shorts and answered it. She was really one sexy young lady, even without any makeup and she quickly stepped into my bedroom and closed the door.

"Did someone visit you last night" she asked. "No, not that I remember," I answered. "Why?" "I was just curious. Sometimes my trainer visits me at night to be sure I'm sleeping and....."

"What do you mean, 'and...,' I asked."

"She brings a friend and they help. I mean they do things for me. You know, sometimes at night if I can't sleep they visit me and help me, she explained." "How" I asked.

"Look," she went on, "I have this problem. I'm sort of what you might call insatiable. I mean I need to have a lot of orgasms to relax myself and I really can't go without having at least one for more that a six or seven hours, so I have to satisfy myself no matter where I am. To make matters worse I need to finish seven or eight times to even get close to being satisfied. And there weren't any men here until you came. And to make matters worse, there aren't many men who can last that long, so the girls help me.

I don't want to become dependent on women all my life, so that's why I'm here. To try and break this habit and last night I thought I heard them come in but they never came to my room. So I wondered if they had been with you."

"Did you find some sort of drink on your nightstand?" She asked. "Did you drink it and fall asleep right away?"

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