tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersThe Transformation Rings

The Transformation Rings


"Can they really work? Elaine, it would be both cool and crazy if they did. But it's impossible. Just impossible."

"Let's give it a try, Bob. Each so-called magic ring has a green compartment for the starting stage, and a red compartment for the ending stage. The center of each compartment can be set to blue, for boy, or pink, for girl. Simple."

"Simple, sure, but impossible. And, what if it works?"

"It would be an incredible adventure. Come on - let's try it. If we like it we could try it for a day or two, and if either one of us doesn't like it we can always reverse it a few minutes."

"OK. Since this is Friday evening, let's try it for up to the end of Sunday. Actually, Monday is a holiday, so let's try it until the end of the day on Monday, or until either one of us wants to change back sooner."

Elaine agreed, and put on one ring and turned it so that pink was in the green compartment and blue is in the red one. Bob puts on the other ring and sets his so that blue is in the green compartment, and pink is on the red compartment. They touch their rings together and there is a lightening spark, and each of their bodies turns into that of the other!

They stare at each other in shock for several minutes. Finally Elaine says: "These clothes are much too small for me now. My bra broke and my shirt ripped - I have to get out of these girl clothes." She removes her broken bra and top, and takes off her skirt. Everything except her panties. Then she notices with embarrassment that her cock was tight against her too-small panties. Embarrassed, she used her hands to try to cover it with her hands.

Bob, by contrast, was swimming in his old large guy clothing, and took off his pants. But just then he saw Elaine staring at him, and her erect cock - barely contained by her panties and hands, was had started to get erect and was peeking partway out of her panties. He stopped taking off his shirt even though it is way too large for him.

Elaine stood looking at Bob, who was looking at her expanding penis through the sheer panties with a combination of fear and disgust in his face. "What's the matter, Bob, why don't you take off the rest of your clothes? Its not like I haven't seen your sexy little body before - it used to be mine up until a minute ago. Besides, we're going to make love like we always do, right? In reverse of course. But you know what I mean. I can't wait - and neither can my new cock."

Bob stared at Elaine's erect cock as it bulged against her panties and replied, "No way. My body is now your old body, but my mind has not changed at all. I still only like girls. The thought of you touching me in any way disgusts me - even though the body doing the touching would be my old body. No thank you, no way. And your cock - to be honest I find everything about it disgusting. Please don't rape me - because that's what it would be."

Elaine was taken aback. "Don't be silly, I'm not going to rape you. I'm still the same sweet, sensitive girl you married. I just happen to be in a male body for a while."

"Sorry, Elaine. I'm just feeling kind of vulnerable right now. And embarrassed."

"I understand, Bob. And, especially since I am still a girl inside, I am completely against rape. But we simply have to try out our new bodies. Sexually, I mean. We just have to. And that cock that you find so loathsome used to be yours, remember?"

"Yes, but now I want nothing to do with it. Nothing. But I agree that we should each check out our new bodies. You go that that bedroom, while I'll go to the other one. And we'll each masturbate."

Elaine paused, looked perturbed, nodded, and slowly walked, still sporting her erect penis, which was fully erect now and only half covered by her panties and her hands, to her designated room.

Elaine lay back on the bed and started to masturbate. She was about to try thinking of one of her favorite old sexual fantasies, when she remembered how hard her cock got when she looked at Bob's new body. He sure looked sexy in that large man's shirt with no bra. No wonder men found that kind of thing so attractive. Figuring she might as well go with her new erection, she decided to concentrate on Bob's sexy new body in his loose clothing. Elaine's cock started to get harder. And then she heard Bob in the next room, gasping in his newly feminine voice, "Oh, yes, God, Yes, yes..." Elaine fixed on the sound of Bob starting to come, and pictured Bob's hand on his clit, in his cunt, while he writhed, and Elaine thought about how sexy Bob was now, and the thought made Elaine come.

But Bob was still getting louder by the second his feminine voice escalated in pitch and quickness. He continued for another minute or more: "Yes, yes, Oh my GGGOOOODDD, OOOOHHHHHHHH." Finally he came, with screams that dwarfed his earlier sounds and filled their house for a full minute.

Elaine calmed down, cleaned up, put on a robe, and went out to the common room. Then she heard Bob starting up again. More "Oh, God, I can't stand it, my God oh, oh..." Elaine, fully spent, listened as Bob came again. Even though it was incredibly erotic, she couldn't get hard again so quickly. Then there was silence for 5 more minutes, but instead of footsteps, Elaine heard more girl cum sounds, ecstasy that kept going on and on. "Come on", Elaine thought, "you've experienced what it feels like to a girl when she comes. Enough already." And then she heard an even louder scream from Bob, one that, if she didn't know better, sounded like someone getting murdered, followed by silence.

Finally, 5 minutes later, Bob opened the door wearing a robe, looking exhausted but happier than he had ever looked in his life. "Are you finished too Elaine? How was it?"

"It was different. Nice. My chest felt almost nothing, as you know, no matter what I did to it. But my cock felt really nice when I came. I would like to try using it in a girl (then seeing the disgusted look on Bob's face, she quickly added) but I think I get the idea what sex is like as a guy anyway. So I am happy. How did you like coming in my body?

Bob was silent. Then he said: "It also was really nice."

"Nice?" Come on, Bob, you loved it, didn't you? I could hear you. You came, what, 3-4 times? And you came louder than you have ever come in your life! Much louder! You liked it more than you ever liked it when you came as a guy, right?"

Bob turned right red. "You heard me while I was coming? I am really embarrassed. Yes, I enjoyed it. A lot. A lot."

Elaine replied: "I understand, Bob. Believe me, I understand. I know just how much pleasure that body can bring." Then she grinned; "You've heard me scream in ecstasy many times. I think turn about was fair play. It's OK, Bob, to admit that you liked coming more as a girl. Besides, how do you think I came? I listened to you come! I pictured you with your hand on your pussy, rubbing away, and the image - together with your girlish moans - was the most erotic thing imaginable.

Bob was beet red. And silent.

"Be man enough, Bob, to admit you like sex better as a girl."

Bob grinned at the joke and replied, "OK, OK. I admit it. Sex as a girl is way, way better."

"What were you thinking of, Bob."

More silence.

"Please don't be embarrassed. I told you that I was thinking about you. What were you thinking about?"

"The same thing."

"You were thinking about me? I thought male bodies didn't turn you on?"

"No. When I said, 'the same thing' I meant that I was also thinking about me. About how beautiful a girl I am now. How sexy it is to have my incredible tits and pussy. Everything about my new body is, as you know, gorgeous and sexy."

"Bob - I'll take all that as a compliment. After all, you are complimenting my body - which you happen to be using for a while."

"But Bob, you don't want to touch a guy, I can understand that. But don't you want to experience what real sex is like - not just masturbation? Before we switch back, do you want to make it with another girl? In your current body, I mean?"

More silence. Finally Bob answered; "In a way, yes, of course. But I don't to make love to another woman. Ever. We are married and we have a great marriage, so no." Then Bob continued: "Elaine, are you hinting that you want to make love to a girl or (he paused) a guy while you are in my body?"

Elaine looked amused. "A guy? Why would I want to do that? What would be the point?" Another silence.

Finally Elaine spoke up. "Bob - would you like to make love with --- me?

Bob responded quickly. "Sorry, Elaine, I love you, but as I said, the thought of even touching a guy is a horrible turn off, and making love to one, even if it was me---"

Elaine interrupted him. "No, silly. I mean to the old me. To the girl I used to be?"

"What? My gosh! Is that possible? Elaine, you would do that for me?"

"Sure I would. Well, I just think that you should be able to experience what real lovemaking really is all about before you change back. Masturbation is fine, but you should experience, even if only one time, real lovemaking with another person. I certainly understand that you want that person to be a woman, and I appreciate that you want that woman to be me. And I think I would really like it also. Being a guy with cock and hearing you masturbate has given me a new appreciation for female sexuality. Given how I reacted to you, I am pretty sure I would enjoy making lesbian love. And if I don't, we could always stop, right?"

"Right, right. Let's try it! If the rings will allow it."

They each then adjusted their rings. Elaine set her green compartment to blue, and her red compartment to pink. Bob, by contrast, set both of his compartments to their pink settings. Pink in, and pink out. They touched their rings, there was another flash.

Two identical copies of Elaine stared at one another's beautiful body. Not that they needed any verification, but Elaine took off her robe and Bob took off his too-large clothing. Each stared at their identical bodies.

However, this time there was no embarrassment, no need for cover ups, no awkwardness, no disgust, no fear of rape. Only two equals connecting intimately and examining each others' beauty.

The original Elaine was the first to speak: "Congratulations, sexy. You are now stunningly beautiful. I can't want to get my hands on your body. I can't wait to gobble up your tits..."

Bob laughed. "Look how all of our nipples are getting hard?" (Elaine looked at all 4 nipples in succession with a big grin on her face.) "Also our clits! I am getting really wet - you too? You want to get your hands on my pussy and tits, right? Followed by your lips and everything else. I can't wait!"

They each grabbed one another, and a lesbian orgy ensued. Each came more during the next few hours than they ever had come before in a week. Even Elaine!

They then drifted off to sleep, and woke in each others' arms. After a long kiss (their 100th lesbian kiss?), Elaine spoke. "I am so glad we did that. I have never experienced anything that awesome." "Me too," said Bob. "Not by a longshot. It was even much better than masturbating as a girl, which up until now had been the best thing ever for me. But I am would like to try to top it right now! He smiled at Elaine, who embraced him, kissed him, and then mounted him, rubbing their tits and pussys together while they kissed.

During that day neither of then said anything about changing back. Nor did either say anything on Sunday; just more lovemaking and cuddling. Finally, after a stupendous lesbian orgy on Monday evening, Bob spoke.

"Its Monday. This has been wonderful. Sexually, the highlight of my life. By far."

"Me too."

"But I guess maybe I should go back to my old body, like we agreed. I can always change back to being a girl any time we want, right?" In truth he really did not want change back to his old male body, but was too scared to admit that he liked being a girl more than he liked being a guy. He had hoped that Elaine would object for him.

Elaine had decided that she loved the new Bob and had hoped he would never change back. But she didn't feel she had the right to urge him to do something like that. She would love and support him in whatever he wanted to do. While Elaine was crushed that Bob wanted to change back, she would respect his wishes.

Each adjusted their rings - his to pink for the inbox and blue for the outbox; hers to pink for both compartments. They touched their rings together and - nothing happened. They did it again, and still nothing. They double checked the settings, tried a third time, but still nothing.

There was a brief silence, when Bob spoke. I guess that because there was no male input, there could be no male output."

"So it seems. But Bob, maybe this is fate. I am really glad you are stuck in that beautiful body. I love you even more this way. We can be even more intimate, with no more sexual differences or embarrassments. And sexually...." She kissed him deeply until he finally broke the kiss (at least temporarily).

"I was just too embarrassed to admit that I like being you. But now I will proudly say it. Call it serendipity, fate, whatever you want to call it. But I love you too, now more than ever." They embraced tightly and resumed their kiss.

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