tagBDSMThe Triskele Consort Ch. 04

The Triskele Consort Ch. 04


I was silent while Lara skillfully cut through the bandages, which had tightened their grip on my body considerably during my struggles of the past night. I remained silent while she removed the collar of the breeding mask and replaced what I now understood to be a very ancient antique in its cabinet. We returned to her quarters where I retrieved my dress and put it on. I sat down to lace up my sandals, then Lara finally spoke to me again.

"I have other torments like that one planned for you, Pleasure imp, and you shall also be experiencing that one again." she said. "Each will end the same way, with a different Tribute each time!"

"I'm not sure that I should have been left bound up in those bandages while you went to bed, Lara!" I snapped back. "I was starting to have trouble breathing just before...before I disgraced myself!"

Lara looked at me with a mixture of anger and concern. "I am a Healer, Linzi!" she replied. "I would have never gone to sleep and left you unwatched! I was awake all night with you, my little imp. And I don't recall giving you permission to address me by name!"

"Your imp apologises Miss, she was angry at herself, but also at you." I replied. "Surely Miss realises that her imp is terrified of becoming the very thing the ordeal last night made of her?"

"I am fully aware of that, Linzi'estar!" Lara replied curtly. "If you want the torments to end, resist the lust that so easily controls you!"

With that, she basically hustled me to the door of her chambers and threw me out. There were still three hours before breakfast, so I wearily made my way back to my own suite to get some sleep. Tel'estar was sitting in an armchair, reading, when I staggered in and flopped face down on the couch. He knelt beside me and removed my sandals.

"I like your new hairstyle, my pet, but you are coming to bed very late!" he said softly.

"I'm sorry, Master, but I'm too upset to talk about it!" I replied, my eyes already closed.

He was already stripping off my dress as I spoke. He took me in his arms and held me on his lap, comforting me as I snuggled against his chest.

"My apologies for not warning you about Lara, my sweet Linzi." he said. "I suspected that she planned to make you her plaything, but I never anticipated her being so bold as to entrap you while I was still here!"

"It's what she did to me that I'm upset about, Master!" I began to sob against his chest now, as he stroked my hair. His fingers brushed against one of the Triskele earrings; he swept my hair back behind my ear and examined it. I groaned as he ran his fingers over the little silver roundel in my newly pierced ear, my earlobes still throbbing from the piercings.

"She should have NOT have done this to you!" Tel shouted, the first time I had ever seen him angry about anything. "This is a violation of your person as well as of your trust. I shall have her remove them immediately!"

"I'm sure if I insisted that she do that, she would, Master." I replied. "That isn't what I'm upset about. She tested me, and I FAILED! I let my imp nature fully control me and behaved like an animal!" I buried my face against his chest and sobbed bitterly. He stroked my hair and hugged me tighter.

"I understand why you struggle against your demonic nature, my sweet Linzi," Tel said, "and I admire you for it. But you are what you are, a Pleasure imp. Is it possible that your struggle may actually be doing you more harm than good?"

"Tr'skel has suggested that my imp nature may be preventing me from achieving Unity with Gyn." I answered. "Maybe if we can fully meld, Gyn will accept my being your slave. I understand Lara's reasons for treating me in this way, she is forcing me to test myself against her torments. I'm just really upset that I couldn't control myself!"

"Gyn will come around, my pet, one way or another. Melded demons never separate in life." Tel stated, with absolute certainty. "You do not need to put yourself through such trials, in fact I'm certain Gyn would not expect you to."

"There's more to it than that, Master." I said. "Tr'skel seems to believe that Gyn and I could have children if we achieve Unity!"

"And that is what you both want, of course." he replied. "What demon couple would not?" He squeezed me even tighter and kissed the top of my head.

I looked up at him. "Do you believe such a thing to be possible?" I asked.

"Demonic reproduction is much more like budding in plants, although a great deal more complicated, than hu-man genetic fusion. The melding of demon parents to produce a new essence, a new consciousness, is of far more significance. The body is simply a vessel for the new essence." Tel explained. "The power of the estar has transformed you twice, Linzi'estar, and Gyn's transformative power infuses with your body when you are melded and sometimes, I am sure, physically."

"Master!" I exclaimed, smiling wickedly. "Such things are private!"

He laughed softly. "Of course, my pet!" he replied. "I was simply speculating on how it may be possible for you to bear younglings."

"Well, thank you for explaining, Master." I replied. "I'm now more determined than ever to succeed!"

"I have no doubt that you will, my sweet little Linzi." he answered. "Now, your Master commands you to sleep for him."

I snuggled up against his powerful body, felt his tenderness and affection for me, and was immediately asleep. When I awoke, I was in the bath, still in his lap, his strong hands gently bathing me.

"It is nearly time for breakfast, my pet." he said, smiling down at me.

"I hope Master has given us time to say good morning properly!" I said, smiling back.

"Of course!" he replied, before kissing me deeply.

I moved us back near the edge of the bath, where the marble lining had been carved to form a bench seat just under the surface of the bath water. With my Master seated upon it, his cock was above the surface, the warm water lapping at his thighs and ballocks as I slid between his open legs. I took my cue from the bath water and began stroking his heavy ball sac lightly with my tongue, lapping at the twin orbs of his balls slowly, moaning softly as his fingers ran through my hair. I pressed my tongue tip between them, wriggling it against the rock hard shaft under the thick skin, slowly moving upwards to lick his cockshaft all the way up to the little pleasure nexus where his shaft inserted between the flange-like ridge of his corona. Gripping the frenulum itself in my sharp little imp's teeth, I wriggled my mouth against his glans until his gasps of pleasure made the lust-snake tighten its coils deliciously within the muscles of my vagina even as its tongue caressed the back of my throat.

Releasing his cockhead from my mouth, I looked deep into his eyes and followed the serpent's lead, flicking my tongue in a beckoning motion as if inviting and guiding the crown of his cock between my willing lips. My Master needed little inviting; his plum slipped into my mouth as he raised his hips. I moved my head downwards, feeling his cockhead push deeper down my throat as I gripped his thick shaft with my lips, sucking strongly. I let my mouth slide fully down to the base of his cock, my chin rubbing his ballocks as his glans was gently squeezed deep in my throat. My gaze was locked on his as I swallowed on his cockhead, my nostrils flared as I breathed deeply, loving the sensation of his cockshaft throbbing in my throat, the lust-snake's coils flexing and relaxing as its tail wriggled against the entrance to my little sexpot. I let Tel's cock slide slowly from my lips and rubbed my cheek against his glans, now slippery from inside my mouth, as I gazed up at him with deep adoration.

My Master now reached down to take my hands, which were resting on his upper thighs, and drew me upwards. We kissed slowly, deeply and passionately, his tongue caressing mine as I rubbed my engorged sex lips against the tip of his manhood, moaning with delight. However, before the little entrance to my belly could engage with his cockhead, he gripped my right hip firmly in his left hand and slid his right underneath my bottom. I was suddenly lifted and inverted, my lips aligned with his cockhead once more as I felt my thighs slide onto his shoulders on either side of his head. My mouth gloved his long rigid cock again as I felt his tongue slide between my love lips, the muscular sheath of my vagina first clamping tight before slowly relaxing and contracting, as my head moved back and forth, his cockhead gliding over my tongue and deep into my throat as my little nose pressed and rubbed against the thick skin of his ball sac with each stroke.

His hands squeezed my bottom cheeks, pressed my opened vulva harder against his lips as I relaxed my throat and moved my head faster, twisting slightly on each downstroke to feel his plum corkscrew a little as it moved down towards my gullet, moaning with joy now as his lips found my unhooded little pleasure button, kissing it, then alternately sucking on my nubbin and circling it slowly with his tongue tip. I began to squeal on the full length of my Master's magnificent cock as the spasms within my belly strengthened into the rhythmic contractions of orgasm, my lips fluttering around the base of his shaft as he brought me on again with his lips and tongue.

I then pushed with my hands, which had been pressed against his upper legs, letting his throbbing cockshaft slide from my mouth as I made a curving dive into the huge bath, turning round to take his wrists and pull him to me as I wrapped my legs round his waist, feeling his cockhead pushing inside my belly as he drove his magnificent, rock hard manhood with an urgency that brought me instantly to orgasm again, his cockshaft throbbing and pumping as he groaned with pleasure, my heart feeling like it would burst with joy at my Master was satisfied by the body of his adoring little slave.

Breakfast was being served that morning in the high keep's huge refectory, where a huge buffet had been set out for the arrival of the Tributes. Tel'estar and I walked into the large dining hall hand in hand. Tr'skel and the Lady Arya were sitting together, almost finished eating, while Tar had obviously only arrived shortly before we had. Lara was nowhere to be seen. Having served ourselves, we sat near the High Lord and his lady. It wasn't long before Tr'skel began discussing my duties for the day.

"You understand the purpose of the Tribute Assessments, Linzi?" he asked. "Do you require assistance to carry them out?"

"I understand that I must identify the suitability of each Tribute to the discipline that they have selected, my lord, and guide those who have yet to decide. I also understand that the Sexual Disciplines attract far more prospective Tributes than the other disciplines, so I will have plenty of work in this area!" I replied, grinning wickedly.

Tr'skel turned slowly to Arya. "And you thought she'd be reticent about sexual assessment." he said, grinning widely.

"I actually said that you should not expect the girl to be at ease with carrying out such assessments simply because she is a Pleasure imp." Arya'infer replied, then smiled at me.

"I'm sure I can perform as the High Lord requests." I said, cheekily. Tel coughed as if something he'd swallowed was stuck in his throat, but said nothing.

Tr'skel stood up and stretched out his amazing leathery wings, then folded them back into place around his powerful shoulders. The serpent's coils tightened within my vagina, making me bite my lower lip to stifle a moan of arousal, as I watched him. He held out his hand to Arya, who took it and gracefully rose to her feet, smiling at him with deep affection.

"We'll leave you to your breakfast." she said. "Tel, don't you dare leave without saying goodbye to me!"

"Yes, Aunt Arya." the High Lord of the estar replied, reminding me of a little boy! I was about to say something suitably witty to him, when Lara'infer slid onto the bench in front of us.

"Good morning!" she said cheerfully, then looked at me. "You have that trinket I asked you for, Linzi?" I took it from the little satchel at my waist and half slid, half threw it across the table to her. I felt Tel's body go rigid beside me as she picked it up and examined it.

"Interesting, very interesting!" she exclaimed. "I do love your hair like that, little imp. I wonder what it would look like dyed red to match that spectacular outfit you are wearing today!" She said, smiling her wicked smile at me.

"I begin to wonder what you would look like with two faces, to reflect your apparently duplicitous nature, Lara!" Tel snapped at her. I put my hand on his arm, noticing a kind of purple-blue lightning flashing between his fingers! Lara's red-bronze face actually went pale, her mouth falling open!

"My humble apologies, my lord." she replied. "And I am sorry, Linzi, if I have exceeded the intentions of Father's request of me. If so, please forgive me!"

"It's all right, Master." I said to Tel, gripping his hand tightly. "I understand what Lara is trying to do for me," I continued, looking over at her, "and I want her to continue." I looked to my Master. "Remember what we discussed earlier?" I asked, looking up at him pleadingly.

Tel smiled at me. "Very well, my sweet Linzi." he said. "As long as you freely consent, then I will not interfere." He fixed an intense stare on Lara. "And I mean FREELY consent, Lara, are we clear on that?"

"Yes, of course, Tel!" she replied. "I would NEVER abuse Linzi's trust in that way, please believe me, both of you."

"I do believe you, Miss." I replied.

Tel finally relaxed. "Despite the bond between us, I have no claim over this little Pleasure imp, cousin. She calls me Master by her choice, not by my command." he said, squeezing my hand lightly. "I accept her submission, and cherish her all the more because she chooses to submit to me of her own free will. I will protect her as her Master should, from ANYONE who might seek to do her harm. However, I have obviously misread your intentions, and I apologise."

"No apology is necessary, cousin." Lara replied. "I acted hastily last evening. I realise now that we should have discussed Linzi's preparation for her role as Consort beforehand. For that I apologise to you both."

"Accepted." my Master replied. "Now Lara, if you might give us some privacy, I need to talk to Linzi about something before I depart."

Lara excused herself and left the table. I looked up at Tel'estar and smiled nervously.

"Can you really do that, Master? Give a person two faces, I mean?" I asked.

"I don't know, I've never tried to before." he replied, laughing.

I grinned at him. "You were very angry though, Master!" I said. "I've never seen you so incensed before, some kind of lightning was flashing between your fingers!"

"The power of the estar made manifest." he replied. "Now, I wish to make you an offer, to allow me to use that power to help you."

"What kind of offer, Master?" I inquired, having no idea what he meant.

"Gyn accidentally began your transformation into a Pleasure imp when she infused you with her own demonic essence." he explained. "My...assistance in restoring you from a hogglig essentially made you part Hu-man, part Demon. Your humanity struggles against your demonic nature, for reasons that I fully understand, but I am concerned that the struggle cannot be won, that you will simply suffer in a very similar way to the way you suffered as a male in the Hu-man Realm, before you met Gyn. Only in this case, your suffering will be eternal, or at least as long as the Demon-Realm exists!"

"But what alternative is there, Master?" I asked. "Linzi the human wants to value what she shares with those she loves, and especially with Gyn! Do you, Tel'estar, just want to be a favoured sexual partner of the Pleasure imp, to have no meaning to me other than that?" I was beginning to tear up as I spoke.

"Of course not, my sweet girlfriend!" he said, hugging me close to him. "But even a Pleasure imp has emotional as well as physical needs! You are fighting the lustful nature of a Pleasure imp, certainly, but it is not just the human in you that craves affection, believe me!"

"So, what can be done, Master?" I asked. "Can you make me human again?"

"No, the transformation to lesser Demon cannot be undone, Linzi," he replied, "and if it could, you would no longer share in demonic immortality."

I wasn't planning on giving that up! "So, you are actually offering..." I inquired.

"To complete your transformation to a Pleasure imp." my Master said. "Your nature would become that of a lesser Demon, and your affections would be those of an imp, with no hu-man sensibilities to confuse you."

"What would become of my meld with Gyn, my feelings for you?" I asked.

"I cannot be certain, to be perfectly honest." he replied. "But my opinion is that your melding with Gyn could only have occurred because of the demonic nature she originally bestowed upon you. Your meld with her is most likely inviolate and unbreakable. I also believe that your imp nature is bonded with me in a Master-slave relationship, so if anything, the bond between us would become stronger."

"So my relationships with you both would survive my becoming a full Pleasure imp?" I asked.

"I believe that would be the most likely outcome, yes." Tel replied. "But I cannot be absolutely certain, there being no precedent for your transformation. I have given this matter a great deal of thought, Linzi, and I have suggested it only as an alternative, if you cannot reconcile what currently seem to be mutually opposing aspects of your nature."

"I understand and appreciate your concern for me, my dearest Master," I answered, "but I must make the attempt to learn to control my lust, no matter how painful or upsetting. I cannot give up my meld with Gyn, nothing would be worth that!"

"I expected you to say that, my dear little pet." Tel replied. "But considering what you are planning to put yourself through, I felt that I should at least advise you that an alternative is available."

After Tel had said goodbye to the Lady Arya, as he had promised, I walked with my Master the stable where his horse-beast was waiting, holding his hand. I kissed him deeply and passionately before he mounted the horsey-thing, fighting the urge to ask him to take me with him.

"I will miss you terribly, Master!" I said, sobbing softly. "Please do not leave your little pet alone for too long!"

"Keep busy and focus on your work here, my sweet little Linzi." Tel replied. "I shall return as soon as I can, for I will miss you too!" He spurred the horse-beast into a gallop and was gone. I stood watching him go for as long as I could see him, then turned and found my way to the huge barracks complex of the citadel where the Tributes were accommodated, each discipline having been assigned a separate block.

The instructors and attendants for the other disciplines had already arrived and had begun working with their Tributes by the time I had said goodbye to Tel. The Sexual Tributes had been assembled in the large indoor drill hall of their barracks. A wooden platform had been constructed at one end, near the door through which I had entered. I climbed the steps, taking the offered hand of the Wolf-demon attendant who helped me up. I stood before the throng of prospective Sexual Tributes, surprised at the large number despite what I had been told about the festival. As Tr'skel had said, demons of every classification were present, humanoid or otherwise. I composed myself and addressed the packed drill hall.

"Welcome to you all!" I announced loudly in our Demon language. "I am Linzi'estar, and I am delighted to see so many willing Tributes for the Sexual Disciplines!"

"The Pleasure imp herself!" began to reach my ears from the murmurs of the assembled crowd. I had no idea that I was so well known!

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