tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe True Story of Snow White Ch. 3

The True Story of Snow White Ch. 3

byThe Story Teller©

Snow White caught a glimpse of her third tutor as she was pushed into the room. He was lying on the bed. With his dark hair and deep green eyes he looked like a fallen angel. The gleam of skin from his powerful chest and shoulders made her ache to run her hands up and down his chest, tangling in the sprinkle of dark curls that covered it. Once she was done there then she would move down to his pants and rip the loose gray lounging pants that he wore off uncovering his taut thighs and aroused cock.

But then the image from the other day of what he had said and done intruded into her thoughts. Snow White turned white and shiver of unease crept up her spine, this was the man who not more than a day ago spoke about fucking her ass.

"Are you afraid to look at me, wench?" He asked

"No." Snow White replied, not lifting her eyes. There was no way she could look at him knowing what he wanted to do to her.

There was laughter in his voice when he spoke. "Well, then turn and look at me."

But when she did the amusement left him for he could see the unease in her eyes. He hurried to reassure her. "You don't need to fear me, wench nor the lessons I have to teach you. I have trained many women on the intricacies of ass fucking, and I promise you that you will find your fulfillment much more intense."

She gave him a scornful look.

"You don't believe me." He stated. "Well my dear wench, there is no way for me to prove I speak the truth except for me to show you. So, you may now enter my bed so that I may get a proper greeting from you."

His hand was there to guide her once she was on the bed and soon Snow White found herself on hands and knees straddling the sinful devil.

He smiled at her a knowing sensual smile that let her know he was definitely looking forward to her lessons. "Now greet me properly with a kiss, and then I shall greet you." His gruff voice had returned somewhat with that order.

Snow White bent her arms and touched her lips to his. They were warm and firm and caused the pit of her stomach to dance around in a wild jumble of sparks. An image of how Derek had kissed her came to mind. Hesitantly, she outlined his lips with her tongue. His mouth parted on a hoarse moan, urging her on. She slid her tongue into the rich heat of his mouth, tasting a hint of the brandy he must have drunk earlier.

His hands fisted in her hair, holding Snow White steady while he ravaged her mouth in a demanding kiss that left her senses reeling.

"For future reference, wench," he rasped out between breaths, "that was a proper greeting. Now it's my turn. Stay as you are and don't move."

He scooted down on the bed until his head was directly under her hanging breasts. "Beautiful." He cupped his hands around the firm globes. "And such delightful little berries on top. I love to eat berries. Let me tell you how I like to eat berries. First, I like to use my tongue and lick all over the outside of the berry, teasing myself with just a hint of its flavor."

Snow White shivered, as his tongue tasted her nipples just as he had described.

"Then I like to nip at the skin so that I can get a little more of the berries taste."

She inhaled sharply at the erotic torture his teeth performed on her nipples and the skin surrounding them.

"And then, when I can stand the torment no longer, I take the delicious morsel into my mouth, sucking and biting the berries until every ounce of its sweet nectar is gone.

She cried out in a shivery voice as he sucked a nipple deep inside his mouth where his tongue lashed and flicked across it and his teeth bit gently into the creamy flesh. Several wonderful moments later the other breast received the same treatment.

"Mmm." He moaned out releasing the nipple. "Such a succulent distraction. It's such a shame that I have to leave them, but I've made you wait long enough for your greeting."

He kissed each breast once more and then slid down and out from underneath her body. She could hear him move around the room and then the noise of several drawers being opened and shut before he returned to the bed and placed an average sized ornately carved box that looked to be made of mahogany at her head.

"Open the box." He commanded.

She reached out with one hand and released the lock on the front of the box and slowly pulled it open until the top lid rested against the bed. Inside were several objects of various widths. Her eyes widened when she realized they looked like cocks.

Brutus maneuvered himself until he was kneeling behind Snow White. He curved his body over hers, chest to back, his semi-hard erection brushing her pussy through the lounging pants. Reaching into the box he pulled out the smallest cock and held it up for Snow White's perusal.

"This is a dildo." He told her. "It will now greet your beautiful ass, helping to stretch your anal opening so that you may accommodate my cock without pain. You will hold your body relaxed as you did when my finger was inside you so that it may enter you without restriction."

Snow White closed her eyes, dreading what was to come but unable to stop it. When he lifted off of her she tensed in reaction and then had to force herself to relax. Coldness touched her as the object was swirled and circled around the tight circle of flesh. She felt wetness wherever it touched and realized he had lubricated the phallus with some kind of oil.

There was no warning, just the feeling of being invaded as the tip of the cock was forced inside her ass.

Brutus grabbed her before she could run, holding her tight. "Easy, little one, don't force me to tie you up. You will take this cock in your ass and whether it is a painful experience or a pleasant one is your decision to make."

Snow White slumped in defeat. It was pure reflex that had made her try to escape. This time Brutus kept one arm wrapped firmly around Snow White while sliding the dildo in another inch.

With a sense of relief Snow White felt the object in her ass being pulled out only to have that relief dashed when the dildo slid back inside even further. Again and again he pumped the dildo into her ass, going deeper and deeper with each thrust.

It was unthinkable to feel pleasure from what he was doing to her, but she was. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever felt up until now. The friction from the cock more severe, the feeling of fullness more enhanced.

"You like this." Brutus stated in response to her moan. "I could not be happier. But since the sight of your gorgeous ass with a cock buried deep inside it is wearing my control thin, we'll move on to the next size. This time you may set your own pace to take the dildo. Yes, I think that is a wonderful idea."

She shivered as the phallus was pulled out.

"Here you are my dear little wench. Yes that's nice isn't it? Your lovely little rosebud opened so nicely for the phallus. That's right, wench, take more of that hard cock up your ass. Deeper. Deeper." He urged.

His words surged through her nerve endings like lightning, arousing a part of her desire that she hadn't known existed. She wanted him. Wanted his shaft buried deep inside her ass, fucking her with long, powerful thrusts. Snow White groaned and pushed backwards until the dildo was buried inside her ass to the hilt.

"Christ!" Brutus whispered at the sight.

Then Snow White did something that came as a shock to both of them. She began speaking in low nasty words. "Take this damn thing out, I want your cock in there. Split me with it. Fuck me with your cock so I can feel every inch of it sliding inside my ass. Come on, you know you want to feel my ass hole opening around you, swallowing your cock. Can't you feel how my ass will squeeze around your cock? Please take it out and fuck me. Please!"

"Bitch." He moaned. "Look what you've done to me. Damn, I've got to get these pants off before I poke a hole in them." Brutus stood up and hastily removed his pants.

His erection was massive, long and thick. It made her wish she could take back her words to him. There was no way she could take that up her ass without being split in two.

Brutus grinned at her glazed expression. His hand grabbed his cock and pumped it slowly, up and down, several times while her eyes were glued to the sight. She didn't see him reach into the box and pull out the other phallus until he put it in front of her face. It was much larger than the others and only fractionally smaller than Brutus's.

"Despite your words of readiness, you are still not prepared enough to take my prick comfortably. But now I have this overwhelming need to taste your pussy so we'll just take a little sidetrack for a short while."

He moved behind her on the bed and grabbed her ankles. A few quick tugs and she was repositioned with her knees spread wide on the floor while her chest and breasts rested on the bed.

Snow White moaned as his warm moist tongue speared through her cunt, lapping at the juices that flowed freely from her pussy. More dirty words flew from her mouth as her ardor increased. "Yes! Yes! Lick my pussy. Oh God, that's so good. Ooooo! Fuck my pussy with your tongue. Deeper! Ohhh! What are you doing!? Oh yes, suck on my clit. Don't stop! Don't ever stop!"

Her cries and moans became frantic. Her hands clutched at the bed covers and her hips wiggled her clit against his tongue.

Brutus was stroking his cock while he tongued her clit. He couldn't help himself; his cock was throbbing, demanding attention. Finally with a force of will he stopped so that he could lubricate the larger dildo. And then as Snow White's began screaming with her orgasm he ripped the fake phallus in her ass out and steadily forced the largest phallus deep inside her ass, the orgasm aiding the ease with which it entered.

Snow White's come crazed mind registered the fact that she had a cock inside her giving her immeasurable pleasure, but it didn't register where that cock was until she began fucking herself on it. Another orgasm was rising up swiftly insider her and made her fuck the rigid object harder and faster.

She screamed in protest as the dildo was ripped from her body.

Brutus hurriedly positioned a cock ring around his member and rammed hard and deep into her ass. "This time you come with my cock inside you." He stated between clenched teeth.

His thrusts were full of raw sexual power, violently pounding inside her ass over and over as hard as he could. The feeling of her tight orifice surrounding his shaft, squeezing and releasing, made him mindless. He took her with animal ferocity while her screams of pleasure burned through him, making him wild with desire.

"FUCK MEEE!" She yelled her body rocking against his. "YESSS! HARDER!" His cock pistoned faster, the friction in her rectum so extreme it brought tears of rapture to her eyes.

Brutus's hoarse shout of release brought Snow White over the final plateau. She screamed while her body shook uncontrollably with orgasm after orgasm.

As the last tremor shook through them, Brutus collapsed weakly on top of her. Snow White struggled to catch her breath while her body was racked with mini orgasms that brought low moans from her throat.

"Well, wench, are you still afraid of having your ass fucked?" Brutus asked insolently.

"Never." She replied.

"Good. There's more." He withdrew his still hard cock in a long slow torturous slide and then thrust it forward with a quick jerk of his hips.

She choked on a gasp. God, he was still hard and ready. How could that be, she wondered aloud?

"I placed a cock ring around myself before I fucked you. It allows me to stay hard and feel an orgasm without letting my juices out. You may thank me later for the pleasure you have received from it, but right now I think we'll do something a little different."

Both of them moaned when he pulled his cock out. Brutus led the way to the back of the room giving Snow White the perfect opportunity to admire his ass. The rounded globes were firm making her hand itch to squeeze them. What the hell, she thought and reached out to knead the tight cheeks. The touch caught him off guard and caused him to stumble. Brutus glanced over his shoulder, saw her grin and smiled in return, before stepping aside and allowing her to see the strange contraption hanging from a beam in the ceiling.

Snow White ran her fingers along one of the cords and discovered that it was elasticized, bouncing slightly when she pulled down on it. At the end of each cord was a padded loop and higher up another padded strip connected the two cords.

Brutus grabbed a stool from against the wall and set it underneath the contraption. "Step up on the stool. Now pull the swing down and slide your legs into the padded loops. No, you need to pull them all the way up to the middle of your thighs. Yes, that's right. Now hold on while I adjust the cords."

Snow White heard a cranking noise from behind her and the cords around her legs and back started to rise.

"That should do it." Brutus said, locking the crank in place. "Mmm, mmm, mmm, you do look good hanging there, all nice and ready for me to fuck. Are you comfortable? Good. I need to get a chair so don't you go anywhere." He said laughing at his own joke.

Snow White rolled her eyes, watching him pull a chair over and place it so that it was behind her and yet still underneath her. When he sat down he had to push her out of the way and when she swung back she barely brushed his lap with the back of her thighs and ass. A quick adjustment on his part and his cock nestled against her pussy once more.

"Now my hands are free to touch you anywhere I choose. Isn't that nice." He murmured in her ear. "Hold on to the ropes and don't let go until I give you permission."

When she complied, he reached underneath her and grabbed his cock. Back and forth he brushed the head across her clitoris. Occasionally, for a change of pace, he would alter the movement and lightly tap her clit.

"It feels good, doesn't it?" He whispered in her ear when she moaned at the torment. "I'm going to make you come this way, with just my cock brushing your clit. I'm going to make you come your sweet juices all over my cock until it's wet and slick and then I'm going to fuck you in the ass again."

Her back arched as his words tickled along her nerve endings rubbing her clit harder against his cock.

"Come for me, wench. I want to hear you scream your pleasure. Come for me. Now!" He demanded. His hand slapped his cock against her clit frantically.

"I'M CUMMING! YESSSSS! OHH! OHH! OHH!" Her loud screams echoed through the room. Her whole body tensed and her hands clenched around the ropes until her knuckles were white while the orgasm raged through her like wildfire.

"Christ, that was beautiful. I can't wait any longer, I have to be inside you." He reached under her with both hands and took the cock ring off. "This time I'm going to fill you so full of cum it's going to pour out of you before I'm done."

Snow White was still breathing harshly when he lifted her and brought her down on his erection, piercing her ass in one swift stroke.

"AHHHH!" She screamed.

"FUCK!" Brutus growled out. His cock felt like it was in a vice of scorching heat that almost had him climaxing immediately. His head dropped forward to lean against Snow White's back remaining still until he could bring himself back under control.

"O. K." He breathed out. "I'm not going to last very long, so listen up. Lift your arms up over your head and hold the rope. Perfect." His hands reached around and cupped her breasts. "Now, take me!"

His hips thrust upwards bouncing her up and down on his cock in a feverish pace. The movement forced his cock deeper into her ass than before. His hands tightened around her breasts using them to pull her up and down on his rigid shaft.

"Fuck me! Fuck me!" She chanted with each thrust.

"I'll fuck you. Yeah, take it, bitch! Fuck my cock! Jesus, you're ass is so tight!" He roared.

"Please! Please!" She whimpered.

For several minutes the only sounds in the room were the slapping of flesh against flesh and the harsh moans of pleasure. "You want my cum? Huh? Well, here it is." Brutus threw his head back and pulled her down tight, grinding his cock into her ass while the cum boiling in his balls erupted, jetting in huge spurts into the depths of her ass. "Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" He grunted with each shot.

Snow White could feel each spurt of his cum as it blasted out of his cock and into her ass. It sent her over the edge. Her body shook with spasms and a long scream of agonizing pleasure tore from her soul. Her scream reverberated through the room as darkness crept over her mind and body. She fainted, slumping back into Brutus's arms.

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