tagNovels and NovellasThe Twelve Sluts of Christmas

The Twelve Sluts of Christmas


Jane knew all of my sexual fantasies, as I knew hers. We had been together for fifteen years and still led an active sex life. We were no prudes or shy about the subject and over the years had taken part in various threesomes and group sex.

December the twelve. Myself and Jane had decided it was a good night to get a couple of bottles of wine and divulge in a night of fucking and sucking. A night of dressing up and acting out one of our fantasies.

We opened the first bottle of wine, Jane drank one glass and as she refilled told me she was going for a bath. I flicked on the TV and settled down, I knew she would take her time but it would be worth it.

Jane always wanted to play boss fucks secretary, I was sure she had a thing for someone at work but I didn't care to much, if she wanted to fuck him or her, she could as long as it was out in the open, we had always agreed if we fucked anyone else we would not keep a secret. Deceit wreck marriages not sex.

Forty minutes later, Jane returned to the room, she looked hot. A knee length, black, pencil skirt hugging her thighs and stretching around her fantastic arse, I had always said her arse was her best feature. A deep burgundy blouse, with the top two buttons undone to reveal a small amount of her cleavage, a black waistcoat that matched her skirt completed her top half . Her legs were encased in black fishnet stockings, she looked gorgeous. Her dark brown hair cascaded over her shoulders and she wore a pair of glasses to finish the look.

We acted that I was the boss in a foul mood. I stomped around shouting, Jane stood there looking innocent as she seductively pushed the end of a pencil into her mouth. I continued my rage and threw a pile of papers onto the floor. Jane squatted down picking up the papers, her head level with my crotch. She then slipped forward, her mouth banging against my trousers and hitting my swollen cock. The only way she could stop herself falling was to grab onto my arse. It only took her a few seconds to regain her balance but her mouth had a great effect on my cock.

Jane stood back up. "Sorry Mr Jones, I fell, I couldn't stop myself." Her eyes looking down, never leaving the bulge in my pants.

"That's not good enough, Miss Taylor. Look what you've done to me. Look at my cock its all hard. What are you going to do about it." I yelled at her, she didn't speak as I continued. "I'll tell you what your going to do. You are going to take my cock and suck it, then I am going to fuck your pussy and when I am ready, I am going to cum in your dirty little mouth. Do you understand." Jane didn't move.

I walked around her looking her body up and down before reaching out and taking hold of a breast in each hand. A soft moan left her mouth as I started to massage her tits and I then proceeded to undo her waistcoat and remove it. I was so turned on I couldn't take the time to open the buttons on the blouse, so I took a firm grip on the material and gave it a good yank. One by one the buttons popped of revealing her bra clad cleavage, her skirt was soon added to the growing pile of clothes on the carpet.

Jane stood unmoving, her bra and panties were a mixture of silk and lace, the silk a deep red, the lace black, as was her suspender belt that held up the fishnet stockings. I loved lingerie, for me there was nothing better than a woman in a sexy bra and panties, with stockings.

Although Jane loved sex she had her limits. She didn't like anal, she said she just didn't enjoy it. Jane was also funny about sucking cocks, she didn't mind the sucking and loved to eat cum but she wouldn't take more than a couple of inches of flesh into her mouth. She didn't like to gag or have her airway blocked. I accepted her limits but she knew I would love to do much more.

Without instruction Jane fell to her knees and released my cock before gently sucking the head. It was amazing, her soft lips gripping the shaft, her tongue swirling across the head flicking at my hole. My knees were shaking as I held onto her head. I wanted to thrust my full eight inches deep into her throat but with great restraint I managed to keep in to a couple. Jane knew this so didn't tease me for to much longer.

Jane pushed me onto the sofa and climbed onto me, slowly forcing her cunt down the length of my cock. She was an expert and fucked me like a pro, bringing me to the point of orgasm but not letting me cum. She continued to do this as I sucked and squeezed her tits until she knew I was on the point of no return. Jane jumped off my cock, her hand going around the shaft and her mouth going over the head. She simultaneously wanked and sucked and seconds later I exploded into her mouth. Jane wasn't going to waste a drop and swallowed my sperm as fast I could shoot.

Satisfied with the load I had delivered Jane moved up and we shared a long kiss, I could taste my sperm and her pussy, a very nice combination.

Tired we went to bed and lay there talking, when suddenly Jane blurted out. "I want to give you a special Christmas present this year. For the next twelve days I am going to bring home a slut for you to use, to bring your fantasies to reality." She was really drunk, so I took this statement with a pinch of salt. I don't even think she knew twelve women that I would want to fuck. We fell asleep cuddling.

On the first day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, a cock eating bitch upon her knees.

I woke early, my head fuzzy from the previous nights wine. I had a busy day at work, so I quickly got dressed. Jane had the day off, I left her sleeping.

I couldn't keep my mind on the job, what Jane had said last night would not leave my head. A slut each day for the next twelve days. I planned who each one would be and what I would do to them .but only made it to eight. I couldn't think of anymore woman Jane knew. It must have been the drink talking.

Finally the day ended and I travelled the thirty minutes home. I opened the front door and as I entered I could hear the sound of female laughter. I quickly took off my coat, it couldn't be happening, could it. Had Jane brought me a slut to fuck.

I almost stumbled into the living room, who could it be? To my disappointment it was Helen, my Wife's work colleague. They were sat on the sofa, a pile of files on the coffee table told me this was a work visit. My hardened cock immediately deflated.

I liked Helen, although younger than my wife, only twenty four, they held a similar position in the company. I couldn't call Helen beautiful, she was distinctly average in looks. More make-up and a colour on her mousey brown, shoulder length hair would make a vast improvement. Her body was quite good, a size twelve but with nice curves.

Helen did look totally fuckable, the white blouse stretched across her ample breasts, the above knee skirt half covering her nylon clad legs. I had never thought about fucking Helen but now my cock was starting to have a reaction. It was then they noticed me.

"We wont be long, about ten minutes." Jane said to me. "Could you open a bottle of wine please." I notice that there was already an empty bottle and two glasses.

I brought in the wine and sat down in the chair, directly opposite Jane and Helen. They were talking about a case but it had a light-hearted edge. With lots of giggling, I think this was more the wine that they had drank, rather than what they were reading.

From were I was sat I had a good view of both of their legs, I could feel a twitch in my pants. Helen slightly adjusted her position, I was sure I could see stocking tops and a hint of white material, that must be her panties. My cock was starting to grow rapidly even though I knew there was no chance of fucking with Helen.

They had both downed another two glasses of wine before they finally finished with the file and relaxed back into the sofa. I don't think Helen had realised her legs had parted further, I now could clearly see that her panties were white, they looked to be cotton with a small blue flower pattern.

Another glass of wine. Although I was involved in the conversation most of my attention was at Helen's crotch. I took in her every movement, sometimes she revealed more, sometimes she revealed less but whatever she did was having an effect on me.

Jane's next words hit me like a bombshell, ending my hopes of fucking Helen. Jane's speech were starting to slur. "Darling did you know Helen was a lesbian?" I didn't know what to say, I sat there open mouthed.

Helen giggled loudly, as did Jane. The wine was taking effect. "Not a proper lesbian." Said Helen. "I've just gone off men. I hate having a cock rammed into my pussy or arse." She laughed again. "But I do miss sucking a cock, I do like my mouth filled and I love the taste of cum." Jane joked with Helen that she couldn't take to much cock in her mouth without gagging and didn't really like to suck cock. I was dumbfounded and didn't know what to say so I sat in silence, seeing were the conversation was going, my cock rock hard.

Another mouthful of wine and Helen was telling Jane how she had once taken a full cock down her throat and how the mans balls had bounced of her chin. Jane then told Helen that it was one of my fantasies to fuck a mouth that way. I noticed Helen's hand had fell onto Jane's knee.

Jane's hand moved on top of Helen's, I thought she was going to push it away but she didn't, she slowly drew it up her leg, her skirt riding higher. It was then I realised what was going on, Jane was going to do whatever she had to, to get Helen to do what she wouldn't. She was going to get Helen to swallow my cock.

Helen's hand was on the material covering Jane's pussy, I could see Helen move her fingers, trying to find a way into the red lace panties. Jane always wore red when she was feeling slutty. It was then Jane brought proceedings to a halt. She stared into Helen's wanton brown eyes and barely louder than a whisper said to Helen. "You can do what you want to my pussy if he can fuck your mouth.

I could see Helen was already turned on, her breasts heaving against the cloth of her blouse, her erect nipples poking though her bra, I hoped she wouldn't be able to turn down the chance to abuse Jane's willing cunt.

Helen spoke. "As long as its only my mouth.". She moved her head forward and kissed Jane's lips, Jane responded, I could see their tongues intermingling. Jane moved her hand off Helen's, giving the younger woman full access to her pussy.

Helen didn't waste any time, her fingers disappeared into Jane's panties and as Jane stiffened, I knew Helen's fingers were deep in her cunt but I couldn't see how many. The kissing stopped soft moans now leaving Jane's mouth, I was still sat on the chair, waiting for instructions, I didn't want to do anything that would bring this to a premature end, so I sat and enjoyed the show.

Jane had soon lost her panties and her legs were splayed wide as Helen dived tongue first in her cunt. A could hear the slurping sounds as Helen licked, sucked and bit Jane's clit and pussy lips. Jane's moans were getting louder and louder, I could tell she was close to Cumming, her thighs clamping Helen's head, her hands trying to pull the girl further into her pussy.

I had a fantastic view of Helen arse as she was bent forward on her knees, I was tempted to rip off her skirt and panties and stuff my aching cock deep into her bowels but I managed to stop myself.

Helen started using her fingers, I could see three pumping in and out of Jane's cunt. Jane came noisily but Helen didn't stop until she had lapped up all of my wife's juices, finally rising and sharing a deep kiss both enjoying the taste of Jane's cum.

I don't know when it had happened but I realised I had my cock in my hand, slowly wanking my straining penis. Helen was squeezing Jane's tits as the kiss continued, Jane responded doing the same to Helen. Soon Helen's blouse was open and then taken off completely, followed by her skirt.

Now Helen looked amazing, her matching bra and panties complementing the stocking clad legs. The girls stopped having another glass of wine. Moments later Helen spoke. "I want you to eat my pussy while I eat his cock." She said to Jane, Jane willingly agreed.

I stripped as Jane laid on her back, on the floor, Helen removed her own panties and kneeled above her, pussy spread wide over her mouth. Jane's hands clamped onto Helen's arse. The look on Helen's face told me that Jane wasn't wasting anytime and was eating her cunt.

"What you waiting for?" Helen said to me, in-between her soft moans.

It took me two steps and my cock was at Helen's lip, she dipped her head forward taking almost half my cock, without any effort. I pushed forward as she gripped my hips. Looking down, I could see almost six inches were inside her mouth, it was then she started to gag, I loved the sounds that were coming from her throat, I tried to push more but she was at her limit, it would need more work before she could take it all. Helen pushed at my legs and I started to withdraw my cock, it was followed by a large amount of saliva. With only two inched remaining inside, she then pulled me back in, she wanted me to fuck her throat.

I didn't hesitate, I started to buck at her face, careful not to go too deep to soon, more of that glorious gagging noise, I couldn't stop now even if I wanted to. I was getting into a good rhythm and seemed to be going deeper at ever stroke until I finally felt my balls hit her chin. I paused for a moment, Helen started to make a weird gurgling sound, I pulled my cock completely from her throat, more saliva and drool followed, she had a river of the stuff running down her chest, soaking her bra covered tits.

"Don't stop, fuck me harder." She almost begged me, I didn't expect that reaction from her.

I used Helens mouth like a dirty cunt, driving my cock as far as it would go, the withdrawing until only an inch remained. Faster and faster, harder and harder, my cock slid between her lips, I could feel Helen's orgasms as I was getting close to Cumming. I knew Jane was having a treat down below.

Suddenly the pressure built to a crescendo, I grabbed both hands full of Helen's hair and drove deeper than I had before into her tight restraining passage. Tears were now pouring down her face but I didn't slow. I exploded down her throat, jet after jet of hot semen pouring from my cock. I didn't let go of Helen's hair for a good few seconds, keeping deep in her throat and then pulled my cock from her mouth.

A mixture of spunk and saliva dripping from her chin as she fell forward gasping for air. Helen soon recovered and wobberly getting to her feet put her arms around my neck and clamped her lips to mine

. I loved the strange taste of mixed saliva and cock juice, as our tongues entwined, I felt Jane squeeze my arse, I know this was her telling me that it is over. I broke the kiss.

"That was amazing." Helen said to me, Jane looked gorgeous her face was covered with Helen's juice, I gave her a quick peck on the lips, I would clean Helen off her later.

Well had all soon dressed. "I must go, I've got lots to do before bedtime." Said Helen, she gave Jane a deep kiss and then did the same to me. "We must do it again sometime," She shouts closing the door behind her.

On the second day of Christmas my slut wife gave to me, her niece's arse for me to eat out.

Before I left for work Jane had told my that her Niece Demi would be visiting at tea time and for me to keep her company till she returned home. Jane then said with a naughty twinkle in her eyes that she would be home at precisely six thirty and she wanted to catch me and Demi engaged in a sexual act. She told me that I would have full control of the situation and it was up to me to seduce the girl by whatever means.

My cock was rock solid all day as I tried to complete my shift at work, it was even harder in the car on the way home. Four twenty, Demi was due to arrive at five. As soon as I entered the house, I bounded up the stairs and had a quick shower. Once back down stairs I soon had two glass and a bottle of Bacardi on the coffee table and waited with anticipation.

While I waited I pictured Demi in my mind. Tall, with long dark hair, slim with a small tight arse. Demi was twenty one but looked seventeen, she was always loud and talkative with her bubbly personality.

As the clock struck five the doorbell rang. I knew it was her, my cock sprang to life and I almost ran to answer the door. Standing there she looked fantastic, dressed in a short red mini-skirt which was no more than a belt and hardly covered her hips. Her tight white t-shirt clinging to her upper body, exposing the shape of her small tits and erect nipples.

Demi gives me a massive smile her bright white teeth perfect between her lush, red lipsticked, lips. We said our hello's and went into the living room, I sat on the chair, Demi on the sofa. I explained to her that Jane was going to be late and that I was to keep her entertained till she came home. I said Jane would call when she had finished and then it would take her about ten minutes to get home. The scene was set.

We sat making small talk for about five minutes and then I asked Demi if she would like a drink, she said yes, I offered her a Bacardi from the table and she again said yes. I poured the two drinks but before mine had reached my lips she had drank hers.

"God I needed that." She said. "That's the first drink I've had for a week and I still have three more days till I'm out on Friday." I told her to help herself to another which she did, this one didn't last much longer. Demi was starting to relax and sunk back into the sofa as she sipped her third drink.

I asked her about Rob, her boyfriend, she said they had split up a couple of weeks ago and she wasn't seeing anybody, she was sick of relationships and just wanted to be free and enjoy herself, my night had just got a lot easier.

As she continued to drink and talk, she moved her legs like Helen the night before but there was no way Demi could not flash her panties. They looked like soft blue cotton, I kept on looking at her panties, does she know? She keeps moving her legs. I stand up to refill my glass, I pretend to stumble and land on the sofa next to Demi. She breaks out in laughter, I do the same. "Its my age." I tell her and laugh again.

"Don't be daft, your quite fit for your age." She tells me, I take my chance and rest my hand on her knee. She leaves it there for a moment and then reacts pushing my hand off and again laughing.

We carried on talking, laughing and joking, she changes her position slightly, I'm sure I can see a wet patch on her panties. I try again but this time put my hand high up, touching the hem of her skirt. She tries to push my hand away again but this time I hold it firm.

I'm sure she wants to be fucked, I again take a quick glance between her legs, there is definitely a darker patch on her panties. I look into her eyes, I can see she wants me, I throw caution to the wind hoping it won't backfire.

I lean forward and try to kiss her. Demi backs away, I tell her I want her, she says no chance but my hand is still on her leg and she's not moving it away. I push her skirt up higher exposing her panties more. I tell her I know she is excited, she is wet. Demi looks down and sees the spot as I move my hand onto her material clad cunt.

I again lean forward to kiss her, this time she doesn't move, as my lips connect to hers, she kisses back. I slowly move my hand from her pussy, I can smell the aromas of her juices as I push my hand under her t-shirt and feel her A cup tits and her rock hard nipples I keep on kissing Demi, its now more intense, I massage her tits, twisting her nipples, I can feel her gasps with each movement I make.

I use my other hand to go under her panties and spread her lips, slowly I insert two fingers into her cunt, she is so wet she take them with ease. Demi fumbles with my pants but soon pulls my cock free from its prison and slowly wanks me as I pump her pussy..

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