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The Unanswered Question


We sit across from each other like we have so many times before; stealing glances of each other hoping no one else notices. We never get any farther because neither one of us will make the next move that would push us closer to what we both really want. There are many reasons why we are stuck at this impasse, maybe it's because we are both married and don't want to screw it up, maybe it's because neither one of us really knows how the other feels and we don't want a bad result from a good try. So here we sit in this exquisite sexual tension steeling glances and fantasizing about the wild raw sex that could be ours.

I wonder if you feel me undressing you with my eyes, slowly following every curve of your body to picture how you would look undressed and fully exposed to me. Do you know how hard I try to peek down your blouse following your cleavage to see as much of your beautiful tits as I can take in? How much I hope that you will leave just one more button undone or lean just a little farther forward so I can see a nipple peak out. I wonder if you would like the secret fantasies that I play out in my mind or the extremely naughty thoughts I have while looking at you.

So many time I have been tempted to cross the line and walk over to you, slowly unzip my pants just to see if you would take the initiative and reach in to pull out my throbbing cock. I'll bet that you are the best cock sucker there is.

I can imagine you slowly stroking me to get me harder and feeling my cock twitch in your hand in anticipation. Then you use your tongue to slowly trace the head of my cock as you look up at me and work your tongue down to the base and back up. You engulf my shaft as you start bobbing my Cock deeper with each stroke and you hear me moan in pleasure.

I can imagine what it would feel like as I work my cock deeper down your throat by grabbing the back of your head as I start thrusting in and out of you luscious lips. I push in hard feeling my cock go down deep in your throat and you moan vibrating against my twitching shaft, then I pull out and you gasp for air. You look up at me with a "fuck me "half smile and desire in your eyes and I know I am in for the best fuck of my life.

I know you are not so innocent either; I see you staring at me also with raw lust in your eyes as you to wonder what it would be like to have me. I can feel your eyes burning into my crotch, tracing the outline of my hard cock. You try to resist the temptation and look away but your desire pulls you back and your imagination starts to betray you. You know the effect that your stares have on me, how they make me so hard that it hurts. And the exquisite painful sexual tension that grows between us as we play the game of looking and showing without our spouses finding out. Your imagination puts images in your mind of extreme sexual abandon where anything goes and nothing is forbidden.

You picture me bending you over the table and pulling off your pants and tearing your panties off of your beautiful ass and jamming my finger roughly up your pussy in blind uncontrollable lust as you scream at the sensation of being man handled. I spin you around and force you to your knees as I drop my pants and let my hard cock spring out and hit you in the face. You devour my shaft with a voracious hunger grabbing my ass so you can swallow me deeper sucking me off with everything you have to give until I am right on the edge of exploding in your throat and I forcefully pull you off because I have other plans for you.

I stand you up and tear your shirt open and take your bra loose letting your beautiful heavy tits to bounce free. I see your nipples are hard from your excitement. Then I push you back on the table and step back to take in your full sexy figure as you grip the edge of the table.

I watch your tits rise and fall with each breath and I slowly get down on my knees in front of you. My hands slowly work their way up your long sexy legs caressing as I go as I move toward your hot sweet pussy. You feel like your skin is on fire as I inch my way up your inner thighs with my fingers as my kisses follow their path.

You start to moan deeply as I assault your clit with my tongue and start bucking against me knowing that you're about to have a mind blowing climax. Your body stiffens up and you start to cum screaming out, "oh FUUCK" and shudder uncontrollably as you gush out on my face. I suck your clit into my mouth and hold it with my teeth as you cum and you cum harder and try to move away from the overwhelming pleasure but I grab your hands and force you to stay locked against my lips as I tongue your clit to another mind blowing climax while you scream wildly bucking your hips against my tongue.

I don't let you catch your breath as I flip you over on the table and shove my cock into your pussy so hard that the table moves and you grab the edge of the table trying to brace yourself for the hardest fuck of your life. You can't believe how much I fill your pussy with my hard cock and move to adjust for its size but nothing seems to help and you know that you are just going to have to endure the assault of this monster forcing its way into you.

I slam against your ass hard and fast making your tits sway as you try to catch your breath. You hear yourself screaming and moaning in pleasure as you feel the relentless assault on your body bringing you to another orgasm. I feel your body tense once again and speed my assault harder on your pussy as you scream, "fu u u ck I'm m Cum m ing g" I continue my pace through your orgasm as your knees buckle I grab your hips and pull you up to my cock pumping you against me as you feel wave after wave of multiple orgasms wash over your body. Just as you think you're going to pass out you feel my cock throbbing inside you and you know that I am on the edge. I slam into you and hold you against me as I scream out an animal growl and pump loads of cum into your pussy!

I collapse on top of you breathing hard and kissing my way up your spine until I reach your neck and I hear you sigh in satisfaction.

I am staring at you as I write this while you and your husband are 4 foot away not realizing that I want you so bad my cock is throbbing. The question is, what happens next? Do we answer the unanswered question or do we just sit and wonder?

So the next move is yours, if you want me to go further text me back with the word "yes" and we will start out slowly with stories and little games, if not text back, "no" and I will leave you alone.

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