tagIncest/TabooThe Uncommon Artist

The Uncommon Artist


[An Account from the PRISM Chronicles]

Chapter 1

Hard Work Just Being Yourself

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, some say, but deeper reflection bears out the erotic fact that what may at first seem odd or even unattractive on some people can be a furnace of sensual desire for others. Parker Scott had had more than enough trash from her persecutor, Larry Franklin. Larry was the engineering class's most outstanding low life, and only picked on those whom he'd sized up as being either mousy or too fearful to respond in a threatening fashion.

Unfortunately for Larry, who had the gathered intellect of a bowl of rice when it came to social skills, he didn't take time to accurately read his target or consider the remote possibility that at some point in his rotten, myopic life he could get himself seriously hurt. Today was the day for a life lesson.

Parker was a dark-haired twenty-one-year-old in her senior year at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, Georgia. She already exhibited the loveliness and sensuality of a young woman with an enviable body, lovely skin, quite a memorable chest, and the thing that, for weird though understandable reasons, attracted more attention than the rest of these characteristics: a healthy dark growth of body hair. Moreover, she was proud of it and several years ago had made it abundantly clear that she had no intention of getting rid of it.

"No," she explained with vehemence to a classmate who peppered her with questions about whether she was making a statement of feminist individuality, "I am not. I'm me, Natalie. And this is a physical trait that excites me. I get hot with it. I've discovered that nobody else I've ever met can produce such a thick, shiny growth of hair in places that women don't usually grow hair! It makes me feel sexy, and I wonder if one reason you keep hassling me about it is because it makes you hot."

She had a large number of enjoyable acquaintances, four really close friends, and a healthy number of date invitations. Parker had learned from her father years ago, in those happy times before pancreatic cancer ripped the life out of this wonderful man, that she didn't have to put out in order to be successful, to be beautiful, or to be a challenge to some fine men and very enjoyable women. And he was the one who had first encouraged her to start growing her body hair after one summer when he dared her to not shave under her arms, and the result was absolutely record-worthy.

Several months into the next fall Parker had a healthy plot of grass bushing out from beneath each arm. Her father told her one afternoon on their weekly date that he was frankly aroused by the howling success of her experiment; he urged her to consider allowing her body hair to grow all over. She did so, and in only two years Parker had a glossy growth of hair that made her legs appear dark, flourished with unrestrained health over her pussy and lightly encircled her thighs to her deliciously round bottom. A thick tuft of her black gold protruded from her anal cleft, and an attention-getting trail of fur grew up her toned abdomen to a point just beneath her breasts.

Larry walked slightly behind her, calling out as if he were the town crier, "Here comes the hairball. See Jungle Mama in motion. You still have time to run. Where's the sheriff? Oughta be a law against ugly. U.G.L.Y., you ain't got no alibi, you just ugly!"

His small posse of three idiots from his fraternity followed him like a bad smell, laughing and yelling and pointing at the attractively-dressed girl ahead. Parker passed a trashcan with a lid on it, set her notebook and purse on top of it, and turned to face her tormentor. Larry stood in place, surprised the she would do so, but ready with more smart-ass catcalls.

She strode up to him and stopped with her breasts against his chest. Without warning, Parker grasped his right hand, simultaneously planting her left foot behind his right one, and shoved him hard with her right hand, at the same time dragging his right hand toward her. Larry shot backward, stumbling over her foot, and spun in reaction to her grip on his right hand coupled with her hard shove. He fell flat, his head making a wicked smack on the cement walk.

The stars he saw didn't quite immobilize him, so Parker walked up, entirely devoid of the silly notion that you never hit someone when they are down, and delivered a vicious kick to his face, then raised her stiff right leg and brought her heel down in the middle of his abdomen, drawing from him a loud whoosh! This time Larry the Loudmouth lay where he'd been dropped like a felled pine. Parker retrieved her notebook and purse, nodded to the three mice in attendance, said, "Gentlemen," and walked off.

That night she celebrated with a girlfriend she'd known since they were freshmen. It was their first date, and they treated themselves to dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant, then returned to Parker's apartment to watch a movie. Both of them were Tommy Lee Jones fans, so Parker brought out "Man of the House," and they howled their way through it, loudly quoting familiar lines, and laughing themselves silly.

"Parks," said her friend Kristen, a lacrosse player who worked out with Parker five days a week, "do you realize just how sexy you are with that gorgeous hair?" The two women sat on the love-seat before the large flat screen television, clad in thigh-length nighties that both had partially unzipped. "I guess I simply need to get this out and risk your friendship...I've been in love with you for a year now. And I think you are the sexiest, most beautiful woman I know.

"There now, do you hate me?" she asked anxiously.

"Kristen, you are so dear to me. Hate you? Heavens, NO! I know I've never said anything, and I'm sorry. But I wanted to celebrate my escape from a worrisome nutroll in my class, and that's why I asked you out on this date. Do you think that after the movie is over, we can just spend time together?"

With that, Parker drew her friend near and kissed her softly, sliding her tongue into Kristen's mouth and feeling her moist response. The two held each other's face, kissing and whispering as they touched each other's eyes and ears with their tongues. Kristen slid her hand down over Parker's legs, savoring the softness of the black hair.

"Parks, put your hands behind your head, Baby." She then bent to kiss the thick fluff of hair beneath each of her friend's arms, taking it into her mouth and tugging it gently. She grasped it with her fingers and ran them through each bushy growth. Parker laid her head back in sensuous enjoyment of her friend's caresses.

Kristen, completely unzipped her top to bare her breasts and their unusually long nipples. Parker noticed and whispered, "Kristen! I love your nipples. They are gorgeous. I have to...," and she bent to suck each one, making them stand erect. Kristen gasped with the play of her friend's lips and tongue over her extremely sensitive tips.

"Parker, your nipples are almost as long. Now, please stand up and take off your nightie." Her friend did so, dropping the garment to the floor and slowly turning to display her entire body.

Kristen breathed deeply and began fondling her own breasts as she became increasingly aroused at Parker's display. The young woman was a study in shapely loveliness with her curvy body; the growth of dense hair added an element of sensuality that touched Kristen's deep erotic longings. The hair on her legs became more dense and much longer around her vagina. It lightly covered her curvy ass with a distinct trail growing from her anal cleft and becoming lighter on its way up her back.

An enviable and quite noticeable path of black fur grew up the center of her abdomen. Parker's face knew frequent laughter, and sparkling gray eyes attested to the depth of the woman within. A faint line of hair graced her lip, creating an intriguing image.

Facial hair began halfway back to her ears and it lengthened sufficiently to be woven into her hair style. No hair encircled her large, dark nipples, but that was more than adequately compensated for by the rest of Parker's sensuous display.

Kristen fell to her knees before her girlfriend, parted her thighs, and slowly pressed her face into the dense blackness until she met Parker's soft lips and wet flesh.

"Parks, Honey, you are so wet! I need this."

With that, Kristen pressed her face into the sticky warmth and began to draw out the heavy liquid there. Parker gasped with delight, raising her arms and waving her hands, then pressed Kristen's face into her pussy.

This interplay continued into the early morning when both girls tired and went to sleep in each other's arms. Next morning their first decision was for Kristen to move in with Parker. Parker had an extra parking space which she gave to Kristen, beside her Jeep Durango. Her Harley Davidson Sturgis they parked between the Jeep and Kristen's Hyundai Veloster.

Chapter 2


"Parks, what makes you, you?" asked Kristen one day as they were preparing to take a road trip on Parker's Sturgis. The 1982 FXB Model Harley was a gift from her father, and it was an eye-catcher anywhere. He had secretly refitted the mostly-black Low Rider, replaced both primary and secondary belts, bought new chrome mufflers that dampened the "Harley sound" somewhat, and lowered the buckhorn handlebars slightly to fit Parker's grip and angle of control. Years of disuse had cracked the leather king-and-queen stepped seat, so he replaced that as well.

She had developed an interest in bikes during summer camp one year, and Kirby Scott thought it a good idea to encourage her interest. And to reward her for her nerve in growing that beautiful black hair over her gorgeous young body.

He could not explain just why it aroused him so, but he was careful to keep his interest in his lovely daughter well within parental bounds until she was of sufficient age to adventure out on her own. He knew that she had enormous love and respect for him; he would never do anything to breach and destroy that honor. He had surprised her with the marvelous machine upon her being graduated from high school and her selection of engineering school.

All those years of his and his beloved Martina's training had paid off in a fine, tough, patriotic young woman. That mattered greatly to Kirby; he had lost his left leg up to his knee in an explosion in Vietnam, and he never did hear very well after that. He hadn't made those sacrifices for nothing.

Martina had died of breast cancer just as Parker had entered Georgia Tech. Both of them had felt that loss more deeply than they could understand at the time. And it bound them together in a different and more intimate fashion that became obvious to both as the months passed.

Parker was well into her eighteenth year when she went off to Atlanta and the Georgia Institute of Technology. The week before she left, Kirby invited his daughter out on a date reminiscent of those they had enjoyed throughout the years of her middle and high school career. She could recall every small thing about that night.

"Kristen, I think what made me who I am was the love of my parents and their toughness, fairness, and insistence on commitment in whatever I was involved with. If I started something, I had to finish it. My father asked me out on a date a week before I left for school in Atlanta...,"

"Aha!" crowed Kristen. "I knew it. There was something going on with you two."

"Well, yes, and not necessarily. After Mother died we became a lot closer and, frankly, more intimate. I realized that he was waiting until I had passed eighteen before anything more could be even remotely possible. He was an incredible man. Strong, gentle, powerful in his personality and in the way he loved, and he was one really fine looking specimen.

"I had a good idea of several things that aroused and pleased him. I wore an extremely low-cut gray jersey dress that was so short it qualified as a micro-dress and nothing underneath. He adored my underarm hair and that on my legs. They were quite dark and I rarely wore hose because I liked showing off my legs. And yes, I really got the stares and comments. To me it all just made me hot! And I know Kirby liked it."

"Did he like what he saw?"

"I really wowed him, Kristen. He always did admire my breasts and said so quite often, and I never minded. He used to tell me, 'Parker, your breasts are simply gorgeous. Take care of them, baby.' That dress uncovered more of my boobs that it concealed, and for the first time I saw my father with a hungry look on his face. I sat across from him at the restaurant so he could look down my dress. Kristen, I got so heated up that I didn't notice that my nipples were out of my dress completely. Then I understood why our server, a friend from high school, stared at me.

"You probably have noticed by now that I sorta have a large chest and...,"

"Well, Parker, it almost escaped me, but not too long ago I said to myself, 'Self, Parker has huge, heavy breasts that she loves to show off. And I would, too, if I had grand tits like hers.'"

"Cute, Kristen. Very cute. I could feel their weight as they shook when I moved. He loved to see that. I left my breasts nearly bare at our table that night. We were in a corner, anyway, so it didn't cause much of a commotion. Not much, anyhow." She smiled lasciviously at the memory.

"What about your short dress, Parks? Did your father approve of that part as well?"

"Ohhhh, yes! When I stood, my long fur was partly visible to anyone looking. It felt wonderful, the air on my pussy, the fact that everyone we passed was staring at my legs, and my knowledge that they could see me. I was so hot, Kristen, that I came. I almost cried out as we paid the check and walked out. Those sitting in the foyer waiting for tables could see up my dress and I could hear remarks about my hairy legs. Some men and women liked it very much; others didn't. But my exposure made me so hot that I had to lean on my father as we went to the car.

"Did he know what was going on?"

"I'm sure he did, Kristen. I barely kept from making sounds, and he knew I was moving in an unusual manner. He was so sweet; he held on to me and he said, 'Parker, take it easy, Darling. You are absolutely gorgeous, those people saw exactly what you think they saw: everything. And I am so proud to be seen with you."

"Well, Parks, are you going to make me have to beat it out of you?"

"We went home, and we went out to the pool that is in the center of our condominium area. I began to undress, and I really didn't care who might be watching. I was so hot! AH! I was burning up."

"What about your father? What did he do?"

"He was wonderful, gentle, concerned for me, and, without making an artificial effort, determined to make this something that would bless my heart and body forever. He was so handsome. And oh, my lord, when he undressed there beside me, was he ever enormous! I could hardly believe that he was going to slide that gorgeous stick into me."

"Did you have any questions about what you were going to do? I mean, he was your father. I've seen his picture, and he is a doll. But..."

"No, neither of us had a single doubt, Kristen. We both wanted each other for so many reasons. It happened slowly and so beautifully. I think back in the darkness...this was at two in the morning...there was somebody watching, but we didn't care. We held hands as we walked into the warm pool and went to about waist deep. We kissed, and he held my breasts. That...felt...heavenly. My nipples were hard as rocks, and they stuck out so far that he whispered something about them being long and that it aroused him.

"He told me how he treasured my hair. I asked him what about me he enjoyed the most, and he said my underarm shrubs and my big tits. He said 'breasts,' but that made me so happy. Then he said, 'Parker, the part of you that arouses me and is most precious is the woman inside you.'"

"Honey, I am about to come; please don't waste it. GO ON, Parker!"

"I was facing away from him, so raised my arms and clasped my hands back behind his head so he could see the fur beneath my arms. He pulled it as he kissed my ears, and he whispered, 'Honey, you can feel me now; open your legs and let me fit between them. Then close them and hold me there.'

"He caressed the hair on my tummy, then he slid his hand into my pussy and slowly, gently stroked me. I cried out and it didn't matter anymore. Then I came and it just tore me apart. I felt like some beautiful thing was pulling my insides out and kissing them along the way."

"Go on, girlfriend. I wish I had been watching."

"So do I. He turned me around and pulled me up; I wrapped my legs around him, waiting for him to tell me what to do. He asked me to loosen my grip, and Kristen, he slid into me all the way to my spine. He was absolutely huge. I felt myself stretch, but it never hurt. I was so wet, and he moved in as if he were tiptoeing on velvet.

"I was panting so hard that I couldn't hear what he was saying. But it was precious. He knew me, Kristen. He actually knew me as if he'd been inside me before. He moved in and out and we made love like that for half an hour. So beautiful. So touching. I am happy that we did it. And then we both lost ourselves at the same time. I never even hoped for that. It was heaven. He took me apart and rebuilt me.

"I came slightly ahead of him, and I had to cry out. And then he lost himself in me. I am so happy that he was bare. I felt his cream scald my pussy like hot water. He seemed to go on forever, spurting into me, filling me, putting so much inside me that I felt it start to run out. I made up my mind then that when I make love with my man, it may take some effort, but he is never going to wear anything. I want him bare inside of me.

"I remember telling him, 'Kirby, I hope you've made me pregnant tonight!"

"Well, what happened next?"

"We left the pool and lay down on a lounge beside it. He mounted me from behind and wet my hole with my cream, then he slipped into me. So carefully, and so delicious! I thought anal love would hurt, but it felt like he was caressing my insides. He stuffed me, Kristen, and the whole time he told me what a thrill it was to feel my thick hair in my cleft, and see it bushing out around his shaft. He came inside of me, again. When we stood up and went back to our condo, it was almost four in the morning. We showered together, then he dried me, licked my pussy, and took me to bed. Before noon, he made love to me twice."

Parker remained silent for a time, and Kristen respected that. Her roommate had introduced her to a part of her life Kristen never guessed.

"So, what came next?"

"We spent that day together, laughing, holding each other, him never able to stop caressing my fur everywhere. We were in the mall, for heaven's sake, and we sat down in the lounging area in a two-person chair. I had dressed to please Kirby, so I was wearing a white sleeveless sweater that didn't quite make it to my navel. My dark nipples poked through the loose weave, and my underarm bushes were on full display. He always complemented me on my short skirts with no hose, so I was wearing a green mini that showed off my legs. Got some stares on that!

"Anyway, he ran his hand up my thighs and inserted his fingers in my pussy. It was beautiful, and I thought I'd scream with excitement. The whole scene was erotic because people were watching. He very gently kissed me and whispered, 'Honey, when we get back home, I have a going away gift for you. Thank you for this. Oh, and by the way, your breasts look absolutely fabulous in that sweater. It hides nothing. Delicious, Parker.'"

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