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Boob Registration


One of the two ladies in the story, Amy, was a collaborator and immensely helpful in providing suggestions and ideas. Her real name is not Amy and the story is a work of fiction.

Tom spots the two attractive ladies in their late twenties sitting on the other side of the pool. Liz is wearing a tan and red bikini cut low and molded sensuously to the curves of her shapely breasts. Her knees are propped on the lounge chair and open wide enough that he can see the swell of her pussy through the bottoms. Amy is wearing a blue and white bikini. Her top barely contains a pair of huge and incredibly gorgeous tits.

They don't know he's watching. Neither girl has met Tom nor he has he met them but he knows who they are. Tom is a writer of erotic stories. Amy is an avid fan. They often chat through the internet about stories he has written and ideas for new stories. They usually fool around during these chats and help each other masturbate through verbal stimulation.

Amy has shared pictures with him of her magnificent tits and hot pussy. She has also shared many intimate details of her active sex life. Tom knows that Amy has an incredible sexual appetite with few inhibitions and that Amy and Liz are sometimes lovers. She has even shared nude pictures of Liz and jokes with Tom about doing a threesome.

When Tom learns that Liz is going to be visiting Amy he formulates a plan to hopefully turn the Amy's fantasy of a threesome into reality. He knows from Amy that the girls plan to sunbathe at a nearby resort pool and even knows which day they will be there. Being self-employed and quite successful he has both the flexibility and the money to carry out his scheme.

Tom has been very careful to guard his identity and wants to keep it that way so he doesn't mention his plan to Amy. He flies into town and checks in to the resort hotel where they will be sunbathing. He waits patiently until they finally arrive. After admiring the view for several minutes Tom moves around the pool and walks over to where they are sitting. He has on his serious face. They shade their eyes from the sun and look up at him.

"Excuse me ladies. I work here and, well, I don't know quite how to put this but there have been some complaints about the two of you. I'm going to have to ask you to come with me."

Amy and Liz look at each other a little nervously. Tom can see the apprehension in their eyes. They know that they aren't supposed to be using the pool. It is for hotel guests only. They think that they are about to get busted.

"What are you talking about?" Liz finally asks in a defiant voice. "We haven't done anything wrong. We have every right to be here. We're guests. We're not going anywhere with you."

"Look, it will just take a second and then you can come back and enjoy the sun. I just need you to register."

"Register?" Liz asks indignantly hoping Tom will buy the act. "What the fuck are you talking about? We already registered at the front desk."

"Oh, of course you did," Tom tells them. "Otherwise you couldn't use the pool, right? The problem is this. Apparently you have been attracting a lot of stares from the married men at the hotel and the wives don't like it. You just need to register them. That's all."

"Register what?" Liz asks confused.

"Oh, I'm sorry," Tom replies with a straight face. "I guess I'm not being clear. You need to register your boobs."

Amy breaks out in laughter. It takes a few moments for Liz to get the joke. She finally smiles.

"That's a good one," Liz chuckles shaking her head. "Boob registration. Now I've heard everything."

"Yes ma'am," Tom says in all seriousness. "It's hotel policy when we receive a complaint like this. If you ladies would like to follow me up to my office it won't take but a second."

"Oh really," Liz replies sarcastically. "And I suppose we need to take off our tops so you can inspect them. Nice line but it's not going to work."

"I just need to snap a few pictures and take down some personal information. You ladies can keep your tops on if you want although I think it's better to record them 'au natural'. We wouldn't want any mistaken boob incidents."

Amy is rolling with laughter. Being the adventurous one she is more than ready to follow Tom up to his "office" but Liz is hesitant. After some badgering Liz finally agrees to come along more out of curiosity than anything. She decides that Tom is harmless. He is also a good looking man with a nice build for someone almost old enough to be her father.

Tom guides them into a huge suite in the penthouse. Both women are thinking the same thing. This guy must have some serious money to be able to afford a suite like this. Either that or he really does work for the hotel. Tom puts on some music and pours them a drink 'compliments of the house'. He invites them to sit down and relax.

"We have two options," Tom says. "We can finish the registration and you can go back to the pool. Or, since I have a light schedule today, you can relax and enjoy yourselves. There is a hot tub and pool on the deck."

Amy follows Tom through the sliding door onto a huge patio-like deck with a small swimming pool and a hot tub. He turns on the jets. She slides into the bubbly water and motions for Liz to join her. Liz shrugs her shoulders, finishes her drink and reluctantly climbs into the hot tub.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Liz says to Amy. "And you had better behave yourself. Not like the last time we were in a hot tub together."

Tom mixes Liz another drink adding a little extra alcohol. He hands it to her and strips down to a pair of tight black athletic briefs that could pass for swim trunks. They can't help but notice his well-toned muscular body and the nicely-shaped 'package' bulging out the front. He climbs into the tub across from them and sinks into the hot water.

"I just love my job. I get to meet so many beautiful women. I'm sure you already know that both of you are incredibly sexy."

"It's not going to work," Liz says taking a large swig of her drink. "I mean it's a pretty good gimmick for picking up girls but I'm married and Amy's got a boyfriend. You're wasting your time with us."

"It's no gimmick," Tom replies. "You can leave anytime you want. I'll even disappear if the two of you wish to be alone."

Liz throws down the rest of her drink and stands.

"Thanks for the drink but we have to go, right Amy?"

"Come on Liz," Amy argues. "Sit down and relax. This is better than out by the pool. We'll leave in a little bit."

She winks at Tom to let him know she has no intention of leaving. Tom takes the glass from Liz's hand and climbs out of the hot tub to fix her another drink and adds a little extra alcohol. When he returns the two girls are vigorously discussing something. They stop talking. Tom hands Liz the drink and climbs back into the hot water.

"You girls can take off your tops if you want," Tom says looking directly at Amy. "Since I'm going to be photographing you later you may as well get comfortable now."

Liz is glaring at him but Tom can see the playful twinkle in Amy's eyes. He knows her well enough to be confident she will act on his suggestion. She loves showing off her tits and he is anxious to see them in the flesh.

"Don't do it Amy," Liz protests. "He's just using us."

Amy ignores her. She stands and reaches back to unfasten her bikini top. It slides it down her arms. Tom has seen her breasts in pictures, but they are even more magnificent than he imagined. Two large D sized melons hang majestically from her chest like water balloons. They are capped by swollen pink areolas with tiny bumps of excitement scattered across them. A firm erect nipple pokes out from the middle of each.

After giving Tom an eyeful Amy sits back down in the bubbly water. She is smiling with the confidence of a woman who is proud of her spectacular tits and knows she has just given him a thrill. Tom decides to take this game of theirs to a higher level. He sinks down in the hot tub and slides his foot up Amy's calf. She raises her eyebrows at him but doesn't push his foot away.

"I have to say Liz, that your friend has the most spectacular set of boobs I have ever seen and I have seen a lot," Tom says with his eyes still focused on Amy. "Don't you agree?"

"Well she shouldn't be showing them like that to a complete stranger," Liz replies with a slight slur to her voice.

Tom moves his foot along Amy's calf in a suggestive manner. Amy spreads her thighs. His foot moves up her leg. Amy slides down on the seat looking at him playfully. Then she takes his foot in her hands and presses it against her pussy. Tom uses his toes to massage her swollen mound through the bikini bottoms covering it. Liz can't see what is happening because of the bubbly water.

Amy slowly grinds against his foot with a wild look in her eyes. She holds his gaze as she slides a finger into her mouth and sucks on it like she is sucking a cock. With her other hand she guides Tom's big toe to her clit. He feels the tiny protrusion pushing through the thin material of her bikini and gently rubs. A soft moan escapes from her throat.

"Are you sure you don't want to take off your top," Tom asks Liz while continuing to massage Amy's clit. "Hot tubs always feel better without any clothes."

"No," Liz replies draining the last of her drink. "Besides, I have to pee,"

She climbs out of the tub almost falling over and staggers towards the sliding door of the suite. The alcohol is doing its job. Tom watches her walk away.

"Nice ass," he yells to her as she disappears inside.

"You're bad," Amy tells him squirming against his toe. "Getting my friend drunk like that."

"I am bad," Tom says pulling his foot away from Amy's pussy. "Let me show you just how bad I am."

Tom stands on the seat of the hot tub and slips the briefs he is wearing down his thighs. His swollen cock pokes up from between his legs like a rocket. He sits down on the edge and leans back on his hands.

"You are welcome to take a closer look," Tom tells her with a grin on his face.

He knows from their internet discussions that Amy will most certainly oblige. Amy has told him many times how much she loves sucking cock. It is her specialty. Without answering she slides closer to Tom and kneels on the seat next to him. Amy wraps her had around his hard shaft stroking it slowly. She looks up at him and smiles, then lowers her head and swirls her tongue across his knob.

Tom knows that he is about to get the most incredible blowjob of his life. He hopes he can hold back long enough to enjoy it. Amy has no such plans. She wants to finish him before Liz returns. She plunges her lips down his shaft and fucks him with her mouth by rapidly bobbing her head up and down. She spits all over his cock and takes him deep in her throat. Her tongue snakes out and licks his balls.

Amy continues to torture him with her mouth and throat until Tom feels cum churning in his balls. She finally pulls her drooling lips from his cock and pumps him with her hand twisting it back and forth. She plunges her lips back down his shaft. A finger slides across his scrotum. She presses it against his asshole. Her lips move up to his knob teasing the underside with her tongue. Tom is seeing stars. When she shoves her finger into his ass he loses it.


Hot cum sprays like a hose and splashes across her tongue. He grabs her head and thrusts deeper into her mouth unleashing a second torrent of cum. Amy slides her lips down to his pubes and feels him ejaculate into her throat. She continues to suck him until he is drained. She finally pulls her finger out of his ass. Looking up at him Amy closes her lips and swallows.

They hear the glass slider being opened and quickly sink back into the bubbling water. Liz walks on shaky legs with another drink in her hand. She slips trying to step into the hot tub. Tom pulls up his briefs and stands to help her. Liz finally manages to sit on the side of the tub with her feet on the seat. She lifts the drink to her lips spilling half of it down her chin and over her tits. She is feeling no pain.

"Let's take off your top," Tom suggests as he steps behind her. "You'll be more comfortable that way."

He's not sure Liz even heard him but she is too drunk to resist when Tom reaches down and unfastens her bikini top. He pulls it from her arms exposing her naked tits. They aren't as big as Amy's but they are pretty darn impressive. Amy slides out of the water and sits on the side of the hot tub next to Liz. Tom knows they have been lovers and decides to see how far they will go in front of him.

"Liz is really beautiful, isn't she Amy? Have you ever felt the desire to kiss her? I know I wouldn't be able to resist if I were sitting next to her."

Amy takes the bait. She puts her arm around Liz and pulls her close. Their lips meet in a passionate kiss. Liz wraps her arm around Amy's neck and presses her body closer. Their naked tits rub together. Tom decides to test the waters and see how far they will go with him in the mix. He removes his briefs and waves his hard cock inches from their faces. The knob brushes against their lips which are glued together in a tongue-sharing kiss.

"Wha... whaz happenin'?" Liz asks pulling away and slurring her words.

"I think Tom wants us to suck his cock," Amy replies wrapping her hand around his hard flesh. "That's okay isn't it? It's not cheating or anything. It's just a blowjob."

Amy guides the bulging tip of Tom's cock to Liz's mouth. He pushes it between her lips and feels it slide across her tongue. Liz begins to suck on him but pulls away after a few seconds.

"Are you sure?" Liz asks with unfocused eyes staring at Tom's cock.

"Of course, Liz. You gave my boyfriend one and didn't think it was cheating, remember? Or those guys we met in the bar last year either. And you know what? I'll eat your pussy while you're doing it, okay?"

"Oh... I guesh," Liz replies.

Amy slips down in the water and pulls the bikini bottoms off Liz. Tom notices that her pussy is completely shaved of all hair. Amy spreads Liz's thighs, slides between them and flicks her tongue along Liz's gash parting her folds with the tip. Then she clamps her mouth over the swollen mound and begins her feast.

Tom pushes his cock back into Liz's mouth. This time she doesn't pull away. She moans around his shaft as he moves it in and out between her lips. He feels Liz's tongue moving against him. Her inhibitions seem to have disappeared. Maybe it was the alcohol or perhaps she just likes having a cock in her mouth. Tom doesn't care.

Amy makes loud sucking and slurping sounds as she licks and sucks Liz's pussy. Liz's moans become louder and more desperate but they are muffled by Tom's cock moving in and out of her mouth. He remembers Amy telling him that she taught Liz how to deep throat. He pushes deeper. Sure enough he feels her tongue stretch along the underside of his shaft and her throat open. He slides all the way into her mouth.

Amy pushes two fingers into Liz's cunt and fucks them in and out of her juicy hole. Tom's cock is now slamming recklessly into Liz's mouth and down her throat. Spit is pouring out from her lips and dripping onto her tits. Her moans of pleasure are interspersed with gags as she chokes on his cock. Amy's tongue finds her friend's clit. At the same time she curls her fingers against Liz's g-spot.

Liz explodes with a violent orgasm. Her body jerks and twists in a series of contortions. Tom's cock falls from her mouth. Liz screams. Amy clamps her mouth over Liz's pussy and drinks the juices gushing out of her cunt. After a few final shudders Liz collapses. Tom catches her before she hits her head. Amy stands and wipes the pussy juice from her face.

"Let's take this show into the bedroom," Tom suggests, his hard cock still poking up from between his legs and dripping with saliva. "It'll be more comfortable."

Liz can barely walk. Tom has to prop her up to get her to the bedroom. He sits her on the side of the bed. She falls onto her back and closes her eyes.

"I guess my plan to get her drunk so I could fuck her backfired," Tom says looking down at Liz's lifeless body. "She's no good to either of us now."

"I think you should fuck her anyway," Amy replies mischievously.

"I'm not going to fuck an unconscious woman," Tom objects.

"Oh come on. I've been with her when she fucked other men and loved it. Believe me, she wants it. I'll prove it."

Amy climbs onto the bed next to Liz and kisses her on the lips. Her fingers massage Liz's left breast and stimulate her erect nipple. Liz's opens her mouth and engages in the kiss. Her eyes flicker. Amy moves her hand to Liz's pussy teasing her friend's clit. Liz moans. Amy moves her lips to Liz's ear.

"Tom's going to fuck you," Amy whispers.

"Tom?" Liz replies in a half-conscious slur.

"Yes Liz. He's that nice man we met at the pool. He's going to fuck you."

"Oh," Liz mumbles. "Thaz nice."

Amy resumes kissing Liz. Tom looks down and sees Liz's shaved pussy puffing out between her thighs. Pink folds peek through the gash down the middle like petals of a flower sprinkled with morning dew. It's just too tempting for Tom to resist. He lifts her legs into the air and steps between them. The tip of his hard cock finds her opening. He pushes.

Tom feels the walls of her cunt grip him tightly as he drives deeper and deeper into her steamy passage. He looks down between her thighs and watches his cock slide in and out of her pussy leaving a glistening sheen on his hard flesh. Her folds cling tightly to his throbbing shaft. He moves faster and faster and wonders if, in her semi-conscious state, Liz even knows she is getting fucked.

Amy sits up on the bed and straddles Liz's head. She lowers her pussy to Liz's mouth. Tom sees Liz's jaw moving and realizes she is at least conscious enough to eat pussy. Either that or it's just a reflex. He doesn't care. His cock continues to pound into her cunt with long hard thrusts. Amy reaches around Tom's neck pulling his head towards hers. She leans forward and kisses him on the lips. He tongue shoots into his mouth.

"Cum in her pussy," Amy whispers sliding her lips to his ear. "I want to lick it out of her."

Amy climbs off Liz and moves behind Tom. Tom's cock continues to pummel Liz's hot cunt. She is moaning but her eyes are closed. Juices seeping out from her gash and dribble down his balls. Amy buries her face between Tom's ass cheeks. Her tongue shoots out and coats his sphincter with saliva. She flicks it up and down across the tight knot. Her fingers reach up and massage his testicles as she continues to lick his asshole.

Cum is churning in his balls. Amy pushes the tip of her tongue into the opening of his sphincter pushing him over the edge. He thrusts his cock deep into Liz's pussy and grunts. Hot cum sprays into her quivering cunt in a series of spurts until he is drained. Tom pulls out. Seconds later Amy clamps her mouth over Liz's pussy and sucks his creamy seed from her body.

Tom leaves the bedroom and goes into the living room to get another drink leaving the two girls to do whatever it is they are going to do. He pulls on a pair of gym shorts and turns on the TV. He finds a basketball game. A few minutes later Amy walks out of the bedroom and joins him. She is completely naked.

"Liz is out cold," she says.

"I guess that leaves you and me," Tom replies. "What do you want to do?"

"I'll do pretty much anything," Amy answers with a twinkle in her eyes. "I'll suck your cock. You can fuck me in the ass. You can fuck my tits. You can cum on my face. Anything you want."

Tom knows from their internet chats that Amy has very few inhibitions. She would let him do all that and more. She would gladly lick his asshole which she has already done. He could pee on her. He could even be a little rough with her as long as he didn't hurt her.

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