tagMind ControlThe Valentine's Day Mesmerizing

The Valentine's Day Mesmerizing



Jonathan and Anjelica are a happy couple. She gets a new job and Jonathan worries that he's going to lose the love of his life to her boss. But he has a Valentine's Day plan to win her heart. Will love triumph in the end?


This is a work of adult fiction about a fictional scenario in a fictional world and should never be confused with reality. Please do not read this story if you don't like adult situations and adult sexual depictions. Feel free to read something else.

This is intended for adults only -- 18 and over.


Copyright in this work lies with the author, who can be contacted at the email address wouldnitbnice@yahoo.com. This story is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/3.0/)

Author's Note:

There are two things that I love and will definitely respond to. 1. I love to get feedback from readers, good, bad or indifferent. 2. I love to get propositioned by beautiful women; it just makes me happy. I wrote this story very quickly, so if you see anything I should correct, please let me know -wouldnitbnice

My name is Jonathan and since its Friday February 14th I want to tell you a love story. It's a story of two people in love, great challenges overcome and even a villain thwarted. Today was Valentine's Day and I'm happy to say that everything went even better than I'd planned. The romantic dinner along with the very romantic post dinner festivities left me in a great mood.

Looking over at my beautiful fiancé Anjelica laying on the bed, she looked exactly like the angel her name always reminded me of. It still feels weird to think of Anjelica as my fiancé, she'd been just my girlfriend for so long! It was a great feeling and I was just going to have to get used to calling her my fiancé, at least until she became my wife. That was a whole other transition and I was really looking forward to it!

Anjelica's long blonde hair almost formed a halo around her modelesque face with her high cheekbones and large blue eyes. Her lips were still stained a deep ruby red from the lipstick I'd given her and there was only a little smearing from some overenthusiastic kissing that I fondly remembered. She was half asleep and had that satiated glow that only great, deeply satisfying sex can bring. While sex can be fun it really didn't compare to the love I felt for her and seeing her happy reminded me of that love. I couldn't wait to marry this woman.

She was still wearing the black lingerie that I'd watched her change into that morning. The lingerie looked like it had survived the evening mostly intact. It was a lacy two piece set that she'd combined with some gorgeous black Wilford stay-up stockings that showcased her long sexy legs with a light floral lace pattern. The material for both pieces of the lingerie she wore was see-through lacy black silk with fine detail work. The brassiere top gently lifted and teasingly presented her firm, luscious full C cup breasts. Each cup of the bra had small slits artfully positioned to show off Anjelica's nipples. Her nipples were a dark red and still fully engorged from all the attention that I'd paid them earlier. They stuck through the small slits as she breathed, kind of appearing and disappearing as she breathed in and out, it was very erotic.

The panties she wore were very sexy black lace v-string panties that were sheer enough that her blond silky pubic hair could be seen in contrast with the black underwear. The small strings on the side followed the curve of her hips while the lace covered her front and I remembered how it barely covered the crack of her rock hard, full ass when she'd first modeled them. The panties had good coverage when she was standing at least but when she spread her legs, the panties split open down the middle, revealing a slit over her slit and displaying all her womanly charms.

Anjelica's legs were spread slightly apart right now as she reclined against the pillows on the bed giving me a really sexy peek at her dark red pussy lips. Her labia were spread slightly apart and still slightly moist, I half expected to see steam coming out of her. The view was starting to get me a little turned on again. She caught my gaze as I was staring at the small opening trying to see if I could glimpse her shy, sensitive little clit. Anjelica gave me a sultry look and spread her sleek legs a little further apart while staring into my eyes with love in her stunning blue ones.

I was the one that broke our connection by looking down at her now very visible pussy. She took the opportunity to be on display by arching her back and contracting her pussy. Anjelica looked over at the mirror on the wall and I heard her moan with excitement and saw her begin to run one hand gently over her pussy. I could imagine what she saw in looking in the mirror. I was rock hard again and not trying to hide my engorged manhood at all. I was focused on her still contracting pussy but was aware of her other hand massaging her breasts. She took turns tweaking her nipples and pulling on them so they stuck out even further through the skimpy lingerie top.

I felt like I was on sexual overload tonight and she was the cause. Her hand at her pussy gently rubbed her clit teasing it out from under its little hood. It was red like the rest of her visible pussy and stood up at attention like a little half inch tall soldier. Each time her fingers brushed over it her body trembled and her pussy got a little redder and contracted tightly. Anjelica had never masturbated for me before and it was incredibly erotic to watch. When I saw a few drops of white liquid get forced out on one of the contractions my hard on achieved a new record-level of hardness at seeing the semen. On the next contraction she moaned loudly and a whole stream of semen was forced out and began to run down toward her perfect ass. My cock throbbed and actually bounced up and down, it was eager to add some more to her hot pussy.

Hold on a second, I know you are asking yourself, "What happened to the love story you promised? This is just a lot of sex..." I know, I know, sex can be fun, but it doesn't compare to love. I promised you a story of love, big challenges and a villain to be overcome and I don't want to disappoint.

It all began almost exactly three months ago from today when Anjelica started a great new job. She'd been working at an entry level marketing position that didn't pay very well and the job wasn't going anywhere. She liked working in marketing and felt she was good at it so she looked for a new job in the same field.

Let me add that in addition to being beautiful Anjelica is really smart, savvy and a very hard worker. I told her on more than one occasion, "What more could an employer want"? We reached out to our professional and personal network of friends and quickly came up with several leads for her to pursue. The most promising and interesting one came from her friend Kara.

Kara and her fiancé Steve had been good friends of ours in the past, they were both annoyingly good looking and very successful to boot. Steve had gotten a promotion and they'd moved out of the city to the suburbs for his job. After the move we didn't see too much of each other and we'd kind of drifted apart over the last two years like friends sometimes do.

Apparently, Kara had recently gotten a marketing job at a company right downtown, about thirty minutes from our apartment. Despite living way out in the suburbs, she made commuting into the city work. It was over an hour each way so, once in a while she would stay over at a company apartment if necessary. Anjelica had stayed in contact with Kara online and they caught back up for some drinks on one of the nights Kara was staying in the city. Kara was finalizing the planning of her wedding to Steve and she wanted Anjelica in her wedding party.

Kara mentioned that she had a great job idea for Anjelica. Apparently the firm she worked at had an opening and she and Steve had immediately thought that Anjelica would be a perfect fit. Anjelica was flattered they thought so highly of her, the job sounded great. She said sure, she'd love to interview for the position, so Kara set it up.

Anjelica laughed about the interview, it took most of a day but she'd enjoyed herself a lot. She interviewed with a woman from human resources on her experience and education, with the woman, Janice, who would be her boss and with Kara since she was on the interview team. She thought that she did great on the first two and her 'interview' with Kara was basically the two of them talking about how cool it would be to work together while they shared a salad. Anjelica said she didn't care for the dressing much, but the salad was excellent. She felt really good after Kara confided that Janice was very impressed with her.

The final part of the day that took the most time was a series of computerized tests. They measured everything from her computer skills, to knowledge of marketing, general business acumen and even tested her emotional IQ and workplace social skills. They had set her up in a small dimly lit, sound proofed room with what looked like a very modern virtual reality helmet. Kara explained that they were working to get those new Google Glasses to replace the helmet, but since they were still in beta she'd been told it would be a while. The whole afternoon flew by for Anjelica and she only remembered a few of the questions from each category when she'd finished.

It wasn't like her to space out like that and she would have been more concerned but she felt so relaxed and almost rested despite the tests. Before she could think about it more Kara came back and opened the door, telling her that she did great. The scores were all confidential, but the program had given her a green light. So she hadn't messed up too much.

The company loved her of course, I knew they would and Anjelica ended up landing a great new job at the large national marketing firm. The firm specialized in clothing branding; mainly women's clothing. It was basically a promotion from her old job and a big pay raise, she was making more than me now.

Kara and Steve's wedding was on Saturday November 2nd and they were leaving for their honeymoon the next day. Anjelica was starting work on Wednesday November 6th, so she wouldn't see Kara for a week and a half in the office. I figured that was for the best, it would let her develop good relationships with her other co-workers.

When we went to the wedding we both got to meet several of her colleagues including her future boss Janice. Janice, was a very attractive asian woman in her mid thirties and Anjelica at twenty five immediately saw her as a great business and career mentor. Along with Kara there were three other young women that worked for Janice, they were all in the wedding party and seemed to be great friends. They were basically doing the same job that Anjelica would be doing, each were owners of several client brands. Business was good so they were expanding their staff and they clearly had good taste in the women they hired. It was probably the best looking wedding party that I remembered ever seeing.


The three work days of her first week went great and to celebrate we went out to a fine French restaurant downtown. It was a magical dinner followed by some really incredible sex. As I look back on the evening I remember being blown away by the sex, but now what sticks with me is the love I felt for Anjelica that night. I guess I'm getting more mature.

The second week went by just like the first. Anjelica came home excited each night with the brands she had and the projects she was working on. She went out for drinks with her female coworkers on Thursday night and was thrilled with all the new friends she'd made. On Friday of her second week she came home with a brand new 27" Apple iMac computer so that she could work from home if she needed to. A lot of the work she did used special custom, high resolution imaging software, the iMac was perfect for it and it was great to have it at home.

Janice had explained that we should feel free to use it for general home use. It was locked down from a security standpoint since it was connected via a VPN back to work so we couldn't add any new software or really change its configuration. For general use it was perfect though, we both had accounts on the machine per company policy. It was a great little $2000 perk that we immediately took advantage of. Our old home PC was moved to a box in a closet since our apartment wasn't big enough for two computers.

Over the weekend Anjelica excitedly showed me a lot of the projects that she was working on. I enjoyed connecting with her about her new job and we probably spent about half the weekend working closely together on her new toy. She made a lot of progress with her ideas and I was very impressed with the quality of work she was doing.

I should add that I'm a store manager for a large 'name brand' department store that is an anchor for our local high end mall. While I'm only 28 years old, I've worked in retail sales management for my entire career, even while I was in college. Once I finished my MBA I got the promotion to store manager. I had a lot of experience in how clothing was successfully marketed and sold so I was giving her my two cents. I think she was very appreciative given the attention I received that Sunday night.

We'd lived together for two years, so every night wasn't a hormone fueled hump fest. Most of the time Anjelica would wear her comfy flannel PJ's to bed and I'd wear boxers and a tee shirt. On Sunday afternoon the day kind of slipped away from us. We spent most of the afternoon working on her various projects together. Realizing we completely missed dinner we heated up some leftovers and quickly ate.

Anjelica went to get ready for bed since she had to be up about an hour before I did. We only had the one small bathroom in our apartment so we always had to take turns or we'd be in each other's way. So I sat back down on the new computer and surfed the web for a while. I found myself zoning out again and before I knew it Anjelica came out of the bathroom. The vision that greeted me was not my normally conservative fiancé in her plaid flannel PJ's. She was wearing a tight little yellow sleeveless shirt and bright pink panties. That was all.

She looked beyond hot. I was surprised at the surge of lust that tore through me at the sight of her. I began pulling off my clothing as I headed to the bedroom. She paused in the doorway and looked over her shoulder at me with a little smile on her face. The position thrust her really firm, fine ass that was held so nicely by the pink panties with the word 'Cupid' on the back out at a great angle for my viewing pleasure. She slipped into the bedroom ahead of me.

I had my shirt off and by the time I got into the bedroom she was sitting on the bed with her legs slightly spread and was sucking on her finger while her big blue eyes looked up at me innocently. She really knew how to push my buttons when she wanted to. I practically tackled her back onto the bed. My lips sought hers out and when they found their soft wet targets, crushed them mercilessly. Her tongue darted out and licked my lips in turn and made my blood boil. In seconds I'd pulled her shirt up freeing her firm heavy breasts. My eager lips quickly found a new target, I enjoyed her moans.

My hand slid under her panties and her pussy felt hotter and wetter than I ever remember it being before. She was soaking my hand in fact. Anjelica was moaning continuously as my mouth assaulted her breasts and I finger fucked her pussy in a frenzy but that didn't stop her from undoing my pants and shoving them and my underwear down. It hurt because she caught my hard cock in the pants and she didn't want to take no for answer on getting my pants off. I rolled over and freed my dick, quickly pulling my pants off. She threw her panties across the room and got rid of the shirt at the same time.

Before I could roll back over she straddled me, something she almost never did. It was almost always straight missionary position. She plunged down onto my cock with a moan and a body encompassing shudder. I hate to wear condoms so I'd been overjoyed when Anjelica had agreed to go on the pill a couple of years ago. True body to body sex felt so much better and this time felt great. She began pumping me up and down over and over like a machine moaning and panting the whole time. I was entranced watching her large pendulous breasts moving up and down and swaying. They were almost moving in oval circles as she fucked me. I began thrusting up into her and her voice went up an octave and I recognized the familiar feel of her pussy contracting around me again and again as she came.

I kept pumping and after another minute I came too. It was a huge load. I felt like I'd saved up for weeks and my cock spasmed over and over again. I don't think Anjelica stopped cuming the entire time. It was amazing and she collapsed on top of me. The next thing I knew the alarm was going off and she was getting up for work. I tried to grab her but she batted my hand away and got up from the bed giggling that she'd be late for work. I was really too exhausted anyway. What a great night of sex, man did I love her. She was excited to get to the office today. Janice's boss was back today from his two week vacation and Kara would be back from her honeymoon. Anjelica hadn't met him yet but was looking forward to meeting him and showing off her work as well as catching up with Kara. She was whistling as she left for work.


I started work later than Anjelica did and generally worked longer, so she was almost always in the apartment when I got back from the store. When I walked in that night I saw Anjelica working on her computer. She didn't look up even when I closed the door. She seemed totally focused on her computer.

"How was your day hun?" She jumped and looked up at me in surprise.

"Oh, hey sweetie I didn't hear you come in." She seemed kind of flat or maybe upset about something.

"Is everything ok?" She smiled and said, "Yes, everything's fine. Today just went a little bit differently than how I thought it would."

I poured a glass of red wine for each of us and she went on to describe her day while I started cooking some dinner for us. One thing that I've always enjoyed about our relationship is that we can tell each other everything. We didn't have secrets from each other. If I saw a hot girl, I could mention it to her and she'd make a funny comment or ask me what I liked. The same went for her, she could tell me anything. It was a great foundation for our relationship.

So when she sat down to tell me about her day, she told me everything. The day had started out well. She was in the office by 8am and her day started as it normally did, working for her clients and talking to her co-workers and Janice. Kara came in a few minutes after she got there armed with pictures and stories from her honeymoon. They'd gone to a little island in the caribbean and rented a whole luxury house there. It looked stunning in the pictures and they'd had a cook come in once a day and make them a gourmet dinner. It sounded like Steve had really done it right.

One thing was a little different at work though and it took her a few minutes to pick up on it. Normally all the women she worked with were very conservative dressers. They'd normally wear smart business attire, but nothing revealing or too tight. However, today that seemed to have changed. If it had been just one or two of the women she wouldn't even have thought twice about it, but it seemed everyone had changed their dress code.

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