tagNonHumanThe Vampire Mates

The Vampire Mates


She was ready for him. He had waited a long time to possess her and finally she was open to him. She was ready to mate with him and belong to him alone. He couldn't wait to have her completely, to drink from her while he sank his cock deep into her.

He watched her through the window before turning the handle on the French doors. The room she sat in was well appointed and bathed in shadows, the only light being from the fire that she was staring into. She was lovely, so very lovely. She was also intelligent and gifted in all the ways that the partner he needed had to be. She also knew what he was and accepted it without hesitation.

He finally turned the handle and pushed the doors open. She looked up and smiled at him. Her eyes glittered and shone with her happiness. "Tonight?" she asked, her voice husky with emotion.

"Oh yes!" he replied and held out his hand.

When she took it she knew that she was leaving behind everything that she knew and going with him. She had no regrets in placing her hands, her heart, and her future in his keep. There was nothing in the life she was leaving to hold her here. Her parents would only make her marry someone she didn't want, and she would be forced to serve that person for the rest of her life. She would serve the lover who was now taking her away willingly, however.

It wasn't long before she realized they were no longer in the room where she had touched him. He was an old vampire and had gifts that allowed him to move through time and space and the ability to take others with him. The room she found herself in now was filled with candles, and they definitely made it brighter than the room she had left. The only windows were at the top of the room and their shape could not be determined as they were covered by heavy royal blue velvet. The walls were painted in a lighter blue. The bed that centered in the room near where they stood was huge, king size with a satin royal blue comforter in the middle. Besides the candles and the bed, there was nothing else in the room.

He took her into his embrace and kissed her deep and long, his tongue exploring her mouth. As he did, his hands roamed her body over the confines for her clothing, and he lingered at her breasts. He then moved his hand down, raising her dress and shift and began to seek her feminine heart. Once there he stoked her through the cotton of her undergarment. They had kissed passionately and petted like this before, but she knew that tonight he would for the first time take her much, much further.

He began to undress her undoing the fastening that held the Victorian dress she wore. When it was opened he pushed it down her arms to the floor. He looked at the corset beneath, his lips curling in disgust. "I hate this," he said as ran his hand over her breast and down to her waist, "You will not wear one again. They damage a woman's body, and they are made by stupid mortal men to confine the passion I wish you to feel freely."

He undid the offending garment from her body and threw it aside like it was trash. The shift underneath was quickly removed. This was followed by her shoes, other undergarments, and stockings. A wave of embarrassment hit her when it struck her that she was nude for the first time in front of a male, and she began to cover herself. He lifted her chin and looked in her eyes. "You are beautiful my heart, you do not need to hide from me."

With this reassurance she let down her hands. She looked again into his eyes and realized that she that she liked his lustful gaze up on her as she so very much wanted to please him. He undid her hair easily from its confines and watched as it cascaded down her back, the rich toffee color glistening in the candle light. He ran his finger through its length enjoying the feel and then the smell as he lifted it to his nose and inhaled.

The next thing she knew she was on the bed watching as he removed his own clothing. If she was beautiful then he was beyond beautiful. His torso was incredibly muscular and strong, as were his thighs, and his rear. The hair on his sculpted body was black and sprinkled liberally around his body. The hair on his head was a shiny black, and she knew it to be as soft as it looked. When his cock was revealed she gasped. Having never taken one she was uncertain as to whether it would fit. She knew enough to know that it was erect and ready to take her, and she felt a little fear. He seemed to know what she thought and bent down to kiss her. He sipped from her mouth for a moment then whispered reassuringly that she would take him well.

He lifted her again into his arms and took her mouth in a deep passionate kiss. She reveled in the first time being skin to skin with him. Something she had often dreamed of and had wanted badly. He laid her down again, more to the center of the bed and lay down beside her and began to explore her body. His hand stroked her face then moved down over her neck then the slope of her breast. He moved still further down over her stomach to her mound, his hand moving between her legs to find the secret place within. From the first stroke she was lost. She moaned and opened her legs a little further to give him better access

She arced into his hand and soon her hips were moving seeming of their own volition in matching his strokes. Her breathing changed, and she gave herself over to him, seeking more of what she could feel building inside her. She felt a gush of fluids between her legs, soaking her pussy to make her ready for him. The more he stroked the wetter she became.

He changed his rhythm, and his fingers began to seek entrance to her honeyed depths. He pushed into her cunt, his digits pushing deep enough that he could feel her hymen within. His and only his he thought to himself. No one else would have this treasure but him as long as they existed together.

His fingers moved in and out of her passage stroking deep. The speed increased, and she felt herself rushing toward something, but she knew not what. Then with a blaze of feeling between her legs she came, crying out to him. When she finished he covered her mouth and thrust his tongue in kissing her deeply as he continued to stroke between her legs. Soon she was coming again her cries of pleasure being absorbed by his mouth. He continued to stroke her as he lifted his mouth away, and she came again.

He wanted her so badly that his cock seemed ready to explode, and he could barely control his urge to mount her and have her, but the in the way he wanted to take her, with his full vampire lust, she was not yet ready. He had to bring her over before he could join with her in that way.

He was thrilled with her passion. A new explosion of fluids had greeted him with each of her climaxes, and the scent of her pleasure had reached his nostrils and made his own desire rise even more. He needed to taste these sweet juices. He took his hand away, much to her displeasure, and moved down her body. He parted her thighs wider and put his mouth to her core. He heard her gasp and felt her moment of surprise and hesitation as she tried to move away. He grasped her hips and kept her still as he drank her passion.

So good, he thought to himself, so sweet. He licked and sucked on her clitoris then lapped at the juices from between her legs. He could feel the pleasure building in her again and heard the keening cries that she made as administered to her. It wasn't long before she screamed her passion to him, another flood of juices filling his mouth. She was so wet now that he knew he could take her with ease and cause the least amount of pain.

He moved back up her body as she recovered from her latest foray into oblivion, and when she was more cognizant he looked into eyes and said, "The time has come darling. You must be very sure that you want this because there will be no going back." She looked into his eyes with all her love and told him she wanted nothing more than to belong to him and would never want to go back.

He felt a rush of pleasure at her words and awe at her trust and acceptance of him. "Alright then" he said as told her what he would do. He would bite her as they climaxed, and in the process of coming she would crossover. It would take several minutes for the change to be complete, but when it was done she would know. She would feel his mind and heart in the same way he was already feeling hers. She would feel stronger and more aware of the world around her.

As he spoke his hands were already massaging her breasts. He loved their shape and size. Full and round he had often imagined how they looked and longed to taste them. He massaged the nipples bringing them to sharp points, and brought his mouth to them, suckling them as though the sweetest nectar sprang from them. He moved from one to the other cupping the full globes in his hands as he fed from them. He heard her moaning as he worked, her back arcing to push the tips further into his mouth.

He moved more fully between her, pushing her thighs apart with his own. He settled himself in that place, taking his right hand from her breast and using it to lift her left leg around his waist. She followed suit very quickly with the other locking them behind him, and then he reached between them to guide himself to the threshold of her cunt. Soon he was at her entrance and began to slowly introduce himself in. He lifted his head again and took her mouth in a deep hungry kiss as he slowly pushed.

She felt him filling her at last. It was so good at first. The feel of his thick, long, hard cock entering her, but then after a moment it seemed to be more than she could handle. He must have felt her fear rising because she soon felt a feeling of calm that she suspected he had introduced in her mind. He broke his attention to her mouth and whispered to her to relax so that she could take him. She focused on relaxing the muscles there as he reached the barrier of her hymen.

He pulled back a little flexing his hips and said, "Alright sweet one. This will hurt but only for a moment, I promise". He pushed forward then hard, and the barrier broke as he moved far forward seating himself entirely into her to the hilt. She cried out with the pain, but found that he was right. It only hurt for a moment, and there was a rush of pleasure at finding him all the way in her.

No female had ever felt so right to him. She was so tight that he was absolutely dying to know what it would feel like when she climaxed and clamped around his cock. Perhaps the closest I will ever get to heaven, he thought with a smile.

He took her mouth again in a hungry kiss. No longer hesitant she was returning it to the fullest, using her own tongue to slide around his mouth. She rubbed her tongue against his fangs, and then did battle with his. He started to thrust below as they kissed moving in a steady fuck that he slowly built in speed.

God, it feels so good, she thought as moved within her. So much better than his fingers, the friction of his incredible tool was causing small explosions of pleasure with each thrust. The breathing of both of them had changed, and she felt her body building toward a climax more powerful than any yet she'd had that night. She began to move with him, meeting him thrust for thrust as their mouths imitated what went on below.

After a bit his thrusts became like a piston, plunging in and out of her quickly. She broke her mouth from his and began to scream out as she felt the climax like a freight train speed upon her. Her neck arched as her head went back on instinct to prepare to take his bite. As it hit in an incredible burst of speed he thrust into her hard, his own passion reaching its head as he spilled his seed into her and bit the vulnerable flesh of her neck, drinking as he let it take him.

It seemed to go on and on. Later she would remember climaxing more than once as she milked his cock of all of his seed, and he drank from her deep and long. As the passion subsided she slipped once again into oblivion, this time falling completely into the black chasm of warm comforting dark...

When she finally opened her eyes again, she was aware that time had passed but knew not how long. The first thing that she saw as her vision cleared was the face of her mate looming over her looking sharper and clearer than it ever had. As she looked around the room everything seemed that way.

Ah, at last you are with me again!

The voice in her mind startled her but she knew very quickly that it was her mate speaking to her. She looked up into his face and saw his concern and fear, and knew that she must have taken a long time to crossover to cause him to feel that way. I am here, she said tentatively using her new talent to speak with her mind. She lifted her right hand and stroked his face and sent him soothing comfort with her mind.

Relief washed over him for he had been truly concerned. He had watched her body in the throws of the change for what seemed like nearly an hour and more than once he had thought she was not going to make it. He should have known better. As he scanned her mind he realized that her desire to be with him was more powerful than he had known.

He felt a swift kick of desire rush over him at the thoughts of pleasure and passion that he saw there in her mind. He banked it down knowing that she needed blood to cement the change, and he needed to tend to her before he could take her again. She needed to rebuild her strength. He took his finger and with his nail cut a gash in his chest then guided her head toward it to drink. As she did so another kick of desire shot through him. Oh yes, he thought, She is everything that I could ever want and more!

She drank deep and long. Once she had had her fill she lay back and let the blood restock her energy. Then she brought his mouth down to hers and kissed him with a passion that immediately brought him back to full readiness. This time he would have her has he had always imagined, with the full force of his vampire strength...

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