tagMind ControlThe Vegas Adventure Ch. 01-03

The Vegas Adventure Ch. 01-03


© This is written by me, and can be reproduced for your enjoyment, however not if it is reproduced on an internet pay site, or any other medium; without compensation for me --- the writer.


This story is fiction. It is meant to be read by adults. Children under the age of 18, please leave. All the characters in this story are of my own imagination, and not real in any sense of the word. Any similarities to that of living people is pure coincidental. However, one fan of my prior erotic stories, was instrumental in making this story possible. I dedicate this story to her.

Story Summary: De Ann and her husband Trent experience Vegas from the back of a strip club. Used and humiliated, they think their arrival back home in Dallas is the end of their personal nightmare – but thanks to their nosy neighbor, it is just the beginning.

These 2 chapters start to show what happened when De Ann and Trent were in Vegas.

Read on – and I hope you enjoy this story.


Chapter 1 ********** Remembering Vegas. ******

It was a quiet flight home from Las Vegas to Dallas for De Ann and Trent. Each of them had flashbacks of the personal demons that appeared in their life over this 4 day weekend. With four children and a dog waiting for them back home, they wanted nothing more than for their life to return to normal, even though they each had experienced a submissive's dream come true. Someone stronger and more viral seized control of their bodies, and their minds for the last 48 hours.

Mild mannered Accountant Trent, turned to his glowing wife of 16 years and said "It's over – right? We don't have to talk about if you don't want to."

De Ann patted his hand and tried to reassure him. "It's OK. I still love you. You are still the man I married, the man of my dreams. We just got carried away in sin city!"

Trent takes a deep sigh – "Do you still love me – even though you wanted some of those ..." pausing to glance down at the crotch of his jeans – realizing his bulge was barely visible. "Bigger men --- instead of me!" He shamefully admitted under his breath.

De Ann was so tired of her husband's insecurity over his small dick. She loved him in spite of his lack of manly meat dangling between his legs. She loved him because he was so attentive to her, and his family. A girl couldn't ask for a more considerate partner in life. She knew deep down that no one would ever love her the way Trent could. But for 48 hours, something had overtaken her. A strong passion, no, more like a overpowering needful lust to experience what it felt like to be taken, dominated and fucked by the largest cocks that she could ever imagine. At only five feet tall, a mere 107 pounds, De Ann felt like she was torn in two from the insisting pressure while those manly cocks ravaged her pussy. But that was in Vegas. Now she was heading home. Home to her friends, family and 'life' before her journey led her from the strip joints to the bondage backrooms of the city of lights. She could resume her daily routine that she never realized just how dull it was till this weekend. Trent however, needed comforting. He had been through so much. It was her duty as a wife to care for her husband. She only wished he could pound her with a big cock similar to how she was taken last night. But Trent was not good with his dick. Oh, he had plenty of sperm – she had 4 children to prove it. But he could only bring her off by licking her pussy. She never knew until this weekend what it felt like to be thrown over the edge into a wild orgasm while a giant cock penetrated her in places that her husband had never, or will ever touch. However, he could work wonders with that tongue of his and, he was the best she ever had kneeling between her legs. So she too took a deep breath and told him "Forget it. I don't want to talk about it anymore. Promise me that you will not tell anyone what happened to us."

Trent quizzically examined her smoldering hazel eyes to ascertain if she was sincere. "Tell anyone? You've got to be kidding. Who am I going to tell?"

De Ann continued "Promise me that you won't talk about it with me either. It ends when we step off this plane. Vegas was more of a getaway than I ever could have imagined, but now it is behind us. I am done talking about it."

"You are right. It is over. Let's forget about it." Trent agreed with his blonde wife. It was better this way.

But De Ann could think about her weekend all she wants – as long as it was to herself. She had been given a lifetime to enjoy the wild experience of her first Vegas visit.

So what happened in Las Vegas to make one of them regret the trip and the other to secretly adore it?

The truth – Trent forgot to pay attention to his wife, and someone else snatched her away. Or maybe it was the attention she got while wearing the tiny Victoria Secret bikini at the Mirage pool. This bathing suit was special – it was made to tan a small heart on her left breast, and right butt cheek without causing too much of a stir at the pool.

Oh sure, they are together on the flight home. They might even live the rest of their lives together. But it had been many years since De Ann had experienced a thick throbbing cock between her legs. She had a few guys with big dicks – but that was back in high school, where guys just wanted to "do it". They really were not that good at pleasing a woman, they were only concerned if they were going to get laid. This weekend, even when she was bound in chains, someone was constantly making sure that she was on the verge of a magnificent orgasm.

While staring out the window of the jet taking them both home, they really didn't have a lot to say to one another at all. So De Ann's thoughts reflected back through the recent trip. Since this was her first time in Vegas together they did the sightseeing – The MGM, the Volcano at the Mirage, The Pirate ship at Treasure Island and the Water show at Bellagio. They checked out the people, and the attire knowing that others were checking them out too. In a packed crowd while waiting for the pirate show Trent was standing in front of De Ann – and she could feel someone else's hands on her body. Primarily her ass – She would turn to see who was playing with her, but everyone seemed to be looking toward the show, and not giving a hint they were the ones playing with her. This was just a preview of the next day.

She thought back to that first afternoon at the pool. They were exhausted from walking the strip and they both just wanted to take a dip in the pool and fall asleep on in the late afternoon sun. De Ann's new bathing suit just barely contained her fabulous breasts, and her bikini bottoms exposed nearly half of her tight little ass. It wasn't what she would have worn back home when she took her family to the pool – people would not have appreciated it. Well, I should rephrase that – the MEN would have appreciated it – the women, her friends would have hated her showing herself off like that. And De Ann was not one to show off her body despite the incessant urgings of her appreciative husband.

Trent was always on her to dress in more revealing clothes than what she felt comfortable in. She almost always turned him down flat, but after hearing all his begging and pleading, she reluctantly agreed to let him pick out some of the outfits that she would wear on their vacation. De Ann's reluctance to wear 'showy' outfits didn't have anything to do with her body; she just wasn't raised to "act the slut" as her mother always told her.

Trent had always secretly fantasized about watching other men lust after his little wife. Some how the lust that his wife could generate in the opposite sex made Trent feel better about his own shortcomings. He was persistent and insisted that if he was going to pay for their vacation, that she would wear some sexy clothes for him. "After all, you'll never see any of those people again the rest of your life," Trent kept telling De Ann trying to drive away some of her conservative nature, "and besides, it would make me so incredibly happy."

So De Ann found herself out at the Mirage pool reluctantly wearing the new bikini that Trent had insisted she wear for him. Little did he know that his insistence would change both of their lives forever. The black bikini contrasted so much with her lightly tanned skin and long flowing blonde hair that she stood out at the crowded pool. She had no idea of the adventure that awaited her as she climbed out of the water, letting the water cascade off her body as her revealing suit clings to her every crevice. Her nipples expanded into view under the suit, as the cold water invigorated them in the deep hot Vegas air.

She tried to piece together what had happened that afternoon at the pool – it had to be the start of her weird adventure, it just HAD TO BE. De Ann thought really hard – she remembers seeing a face – of a guy talking on a cell phone. Yes, it was the same face that went with that huge cock in her tight pussy the 3rd night. Why didn't she realize it sooner? The guy was watching her and Trent at the pool. He was checking them out. De Ann tried to think back to what he was saying. She remembered that when she walked by him he was describing her on his cell phone. She even remembers thinking how exciting it felt to be talked about as if no one cared if you heard. It was flattering, so she ate it up.

The man spoke with a Spanish or Latin accent when he described them both. Pert breasts, blonde hair – nice tight ass – all packaged in a petite 5 foot 107 pound frame. The husband is no trouble at all – less than 5' 8" 160 pounds.

She didn't say anything to Trent about what she overheard, mostly because she didn't feel any danger from the man. He must have liked what she looked like and given her insecurities she needed all the encouragement she could get. So she totally blocked out the fact that he had said the husband would be no trouble at all, but now on the plane home it hit her, that this was the start of her erotic Vegas journey.

De Ann liked men fawning over her. Most women do, it is just human nature to want to appear attractive to others. If it weren't – there would be a lot of companies out of business who depend on that fact. Besides the man – politely introduced himself and offered them VIP passes to the magic & hypnosis show. "The management at the Mirage, in cooperation with the MGM Grand, would like to offer you and the very pretty lady two VIP tickets to the David Springfield show tomorrow night. Give this pass to Jonathan, David's trusted assistant at gate B on the south side, where he will exchange them for your seating tickets. Please dress elegantly and arrive at least one hour early."

De Ann had never had an orgasm while her husband had his penis inside her pussy, she had only experienced that a delight from oral sex. Trent knew just how to work on De Ann's clit. His tongue was delightful the way it would run along the edge, and then flicker on her clit. The only time she didn't like it was when he would feel her begin to cum and he would suck hard on her clit. Just as her petals open up – her breath becomes short, and her thighs gently tighten against his cheeks – he would think HE knows what is best for her. De Ann smiled at that thought – he wants to please her so much that he thinks he knows what she wants all the time. Little did he know that she wants a huge cock attached to a handsome muscle bound stud who will fuck her till she has repeated orgasms – not because the stud wanted to please her – but because he took 30 – 40 minutes of hard pounding to cum. Trent couldn't give her that feeling – but he could make her pussy cum with his excellent mouth most every time they had sex.

That day, they went shopping at the mall attached to Caesar's hotel. She pranced around outside the dressing rooms with each little number she tried on. Despite her insecurities, De Ann had to admit that she was having fun. However, Trent was growing impatient while they shopped but when she tried on the last one, she knew it was the one. Trent's eyes lit up – she looked THAT GOOD in it. She could tell by his expression that he LIKED what he saw. It didn't need any adjustment, being so petite – she always was able to wear what the newest styles were – because they tailored the style to fit 13 – 15 year olds. This was the perfect dress for the evening – a tight, strapless, black cocktail dress that came 3 – 4 inches above her knee. The way it clinched her chest accentuated her 36 C frame to make the most of them and maybe people would think they are a D. De Ann received a lot of looks from both men and women. The men – well suffice it to say they were in awe. But when the women checked her out, she had to point it out to her oblivious husband. He didn't believe her at first, but she showed him – the next girl that walked by – did a double take to check her out. Trent nearly hit the floor laughing so hard. He couldn't – no, wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it for himself. His wife, a delightful creature that he discovered years ago is still attractive enough to turn heads of men and WOMEN. Trent puffed up his chest, and strolled like a proud peacock toward the MGM Grand with De Ann on his arm.

As instructed when they got the VIP pass, they went to the area and asked for Jonathan. A tall burly man in a tux showed up and introduced himself as Jonathan. He said something to a man to his right but all De Ann remembered hearing was " ...really knows how to pick the good ones!" The large man had big hands – but they looked soft and not used to manual labor. He smiled and traded the VIP pass for two tickets reminding them that when she goes on stage just to relax.

"On Stage?" Trent questioned.

"Yes, that is why she and you received the VIP pass. This is a magic show. This young lady and you were chosen to participate as guests on stage. Only one of you will be chosen to participate. Don't worry – that is part of the show. Nothing at all is rehearsed, that is what makes it so special." The big man explained like it was taken for granted.

"The man who gave us the pass – didn't say anything about going on stage or being part of the show. He said to come see you and you would in turn give us tickets." Trent quickly spoke up.

The man stepped in a little closer to Trent and leaning down to talk quietly to him – he looked imposing compared to 5' 7" Trent. Jonathan had to be 6' 6" and maybe 240 pounds. In a deep husky voice he said "Look, if you don't want to participate with the magic show. That is fine with me. We just can't give you any free tickets. It is just our way of saying thank you in advance for your participation. Normally I would suggest that you and the young lady go get in line and purchase some tickets – the ones we normally have for sale in the mezzanine are $82.50 each or a combined $175.00 with tax. But this show is sold out; tomorrow's is too. Maybe if you get a reservation for next week, you can get some tickets. But the ones I was about to give you complimentary cost $135.00 each, and would run you and the little lady $295.00 with tax.

Suddenly, they were all dressed up and not going to be allowed in the show. They were there; why not go up on stage. They were not going to be here next week – it was either now, or never. Trent and De Ann looked at one another. Shrugged their shoulders and said OK. They took the tickets and agreed to participate on stage.

De Ann said "I need a drink if I am going to be in front of all these people."

Trent went to get them one with De Ann following closely behind him. But the bartender asked to see De Ann's ID. Trent curled up his eyebrows and questioned "Why?"

"It's my job. I can be fired for not checking ID or serving someone that doesn't HAVE ID." The bartender explained.

But when Trent looked at De Ann, she said she didn't carry her ID – her purse which matched the elegant outfit wouldn't hold it. After all, she had to have room for important stuff like lipstick case, eye make up, some tissues, room key and a little charm bracelet that she wasn't wearing but always carried - to remind her of her 4 children. She even told the bartender "I am 34. I have 4 children at home, I didn't expect to be carded! You've got to be kidding me!"

"Ma'am – I can not serve alcohol to minors or people who can not prove their age. I am going to have to ask you to leave the casino floor." The bartender politely stated.

De Ann laughed – "No, you don't understand. We are going to the David Springfield show in less than an hour. I don't have my ID 'cause I didn't need it. I haven't NEEDED it since I turned 21 – thirteen years ago. But I am flattered that you think I am less than 21 – now, I would like a Margarita and my husband a 7 & 7."

The bartender cleared his throat. "Ahem. Ma'am, I don't know you. Even if I did know you and believed you, I would not be able to serve you a drink. The David Springfield evening show is for adults only. I am not the one who might card you at the door, but I sure as hell can't serve you alcohol out here. For all I know, you and him could be with the ABC or the Nevada Liquor Control Commission. I do not want give up the tip I might make by preparing your drink, but that is chickenfeed compared with losing my permit." Then he looked at us both – as if he were going to call someone else to assist him. "Now, I can make the 7 & 7 but not the Margarita – because as soon as you step away – he would give you the drink, and I would be contributing to the delinquency of a minor."

De Ann was furious. "I am not a minor. We have tickets to the show. We are not children, and I demand that I get my drink."

The bartender tried to warn them again. "Lady, if you want to make the show – fine. But if you continue to cause a commotion here, Security will detain you – and you will MISS the show. Once you have proven how old you are – you might still get the drink. But is it really worth all that? If it is that important that you have your drink – I suggest you go across the street to another bartender who MIGHT serve you."

Trent agreed with the bartender.

Maybe if Trent were as intimidating as Jonathan, the guy in the tux we just met – the bartender wouldn't have said a thing. De Ann thought to herself 'Funny but it was my own fault I didn't pack the ID, but I am blaming Trent for not even trying to coerce him into giving us our drinks. He knows how shy I am about being in front of a room full of people.'

They went to their seats with De Ann still a bit mad. She saw the stage and realized that she was going to be chosen. She checked her makeup, and her jewelry to make sure that everything looked perfect. Her elegant diamond earrings dangled down to accentuate her soft facial features. Her cheekbones needed a bit more rouge, and her lipstick could use a little touch up too. She glanced down to straighten the thin triangle shaped necklace she wore. Her shoulders were bare, except a slight white line where her bikini line was. Her impressive rack was just about to explode from the tight confines of the black taffeta dress. It was the only thing that made her smile right now. She glanced over to see some guys at a nearby table nudge one another and try not to be obvious when they pointed to her. They were checking her out. De Ann took a deep breath, and decided ' the world was in perfect shape – she is the center of attention for the few tables around her'. It was the only thing that calmed her down.

The show started and David Springfield went all around the audience to choose some 'willing participants'. Instead of choosing Trent – David took one look down De Ann's dress and chose her. David's beautiful assistant Desiree took De Ann by the hand and led her to the corner of the stage and whispered in her ear – explaining just what was going to happen. Cuffs were put on De Ann's wrists and she was put into a tall box. De Ann felt a strange tingling sensation in her pussy as the cuffs clicked shut behind her back. Once a curtain was put over the box – in seconds the box dropped through the floor – the floor of the box opened up and she fell onto a set of soft matrices. Her hands remained cuffed behind her. On stage, it appeared to everyone that she had indeed disappeared. The applause was good – but Trent wondered what happened to his lovely wife.

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