tagNonHumanThe Vindictive Stranger Ch. 05

The Vindictive Stranger Ch. 05


Melanie Hatch was in the middle of another threesome with Janice and her old man, Quinn, with Quinn taking her from below while Janice took her from behind with a strap-on dildo. Yes, his new diet (surprisingly delicious, given how healthy it was), as well as his vitamin and exercise regimen had curtailed his ED issues sufficiently that he could enjoy sex again without help from Janice's prostate stimulation. Then again, he enjoyed the pegging enough that they kept it up now and then just for fun. His sex life was rejuvenated, reinvigorated, really, and their marriage was back on track, too.

Quinn still didn't like Melanie much as a person, but Janice loved her and she was compliant with his wife's wishes, so he tolerated her. Besides, Melanie's attitude had considerably improved since Janice had taken command of her. Beneath the bitchy, ice queen exterior was a frustrated submissive at heart, one who had pushed boundaries and feared the eventual result of someone standing up to her as much as she desired it.

Quinn was rather vanilla when it came to D/s or BDSM or whatever they called it these days, just some light bondage play, typically with himself in the submissive role and Janice in control. Well, that and the pegging. It seemed that Janice was a natural Domme and that was all there was to it, so he let her dominate Melanie and enjoyed the fringe benefits, such as using her whenever Janice commanded it. He wasn't cut out for TPE in the slightest, or even serious lifestyle bondage, just some fun and games now and then. Let Melanie submit to Janice full time and give her the worship that she desired.

In any case, that was the situation when they noticed that they had company. It was a tall, muscular, biracial man who had simply appeared in a chair sitting across from them, watching them have intercourse, watching Melanie Hatch get her double penetration at the hands of Janice and Quinn. He smiled a very devious, sinister grin, while sharpening a blade that was wickedly curved and flashed with cold steel. They all watched with terror, though Melanie involuntarily clenched her pussy and forced Quinn to cum inside her twat. She also wet herself in fright, as did Quinn and Janice immediately afterward.

"What ... do ... you want from us?" Quinn finally dared to speak aloud.

"Not you. You're an innocent party in this. So is your wife, in fact. It's your lover over there that's the issue. On the other hand, you just created a problem for me by cumming inside her. She just conceived your child, your spawn, Mr. Quinn Kincaid. Also, your wife is pregnant now, too. That's lucky and handy for all three of you, I dare say, so what do I do for my vengeance against the bitch now? Melanie Diane Hatch, my assassin?" the man demanded, his eyes turning golden, and then dark red rather suddenly, much to the shock and terror of his audience.

"Who are you and what do you mean that you want revenge against me? How am I your assassin? I've done a lot of despicable things in my life, and I know it, trust me. I'm starting to change my ways, realizing how I've wronged people. Believe me, I want to make amends. I've been a rotten excuse for a human being. I'm well aware of this. What do you want with me?" Melanie began sobbing a bit, scared to death and knowing that she was in mortal peril now.

"I was your baby, the unborn child that you had with your ex-husband, Louis Hatch. Now, however, I am a demon and he has a curse placed upon you, a voodoo curse, in fact. You're doomed, one way or the other. I was granted a new life since you stole my old one from me with the help of Dr. Gunderson. Now, I'm fucking his daughter and even have her pregnant, despite having killed her old man. I was going to tell you this right before killing you, but now you're pregnant again, with my brother or sister. I don't wish to become the thing that I hate, a slayer of the unborn. So, what, my dear mother, am I to do with you?" Jonathan announced, much to his mother's horror.

"So ... you were conscious and alive? I ... I killed you? But ... but that procedure, they told me that you felt no pain, that you wouldn't suffer, that you weren't conscious, I swear that I didn't know! I've done some awful things, baby, but not intentional suffering and dismemberment, I swear it! Don't you know that medical science is unclear about these things? The facts, they might be obvious to you, but modern medicine hasn't proven fetal pain beyond a certain point, at least that's what I was told.

"I swear it, honey ... son, I beg you to listen to me, I had no notion that you were actually a conscious, living, breathing person in your own right! I was told that you were human, but not sapient or sentient at all! Please, believe me! Please, I know that I have no right to ask this for myself, but for my unborn baby that you claim that I have, please ... don't kill me!" Melanie pleaded for her life, and much to his own shock, Jonathan could tell that she was sincere and honest for once.

"I've already avenged myself at the hands of the doctor, who knew a lot more than you did. And you are with child ... again. This man's baby, in fact. Also, I ... I'm a father myself. Yes, Mom, you're a grandmother now. Nora's pregnant with my child, oh, yes, I said that already, didn't I? Anyway, here's the deal. You still have a curse placed upon you by my father, Louis, your ex-husband, a very strong voodoo curse, but I will try to get him to lift it. This once, that is. I will also spare your life, as you have an innocent child growing inside you and I would be the worst sort of hypocrite if I killed my brother or sister just to avenge myself.

"Also, you say that the medical data is inconclusive. So be it. Maybe that's for a reason. You ironically did me a favor, anyway. Instead of being born into a divorced parent situation, I was turned into a demon and given a second chance of life. Perhaps, just perhaps, I should spare the nurses and staff, too. I have two choices. I can live my life as a constantly bitter, hostile, and angry demon, hell-bent on destroying everyone who ever did me even slight, unintentional wrong, or else I can take the gift of a new life and enjoy it.

"I choose to live. I choose life, sex, love, family, happiness, now that I can see it, and all of that, rather than spending my eternity and my existence as a vindictive stranger to all. I reject that goal now. I will talk my father out of harming an innocent third party, such as my brother or sister now in your womb. But I want something from you in return," Jonathan insisted.

"Anything, I swear it!" Melanie assured her son, her eyes wet with her tears.

"I want a few things. One, I want you and Dad to work out a new post-divorce settlement that's fairer to him. He didn't deserve to be taken to the cleaners for this, and especially if you have a wealthy lover and his wife taking care of you, why do you need it? Sit down, do post-marital counseling with someone, get over your anger and hate at each other. Move past it. Have a happy, healthy relationship as exes, one not based on control, revenge, and other such things which have poisoned your love for each other," Jonathan demanded.

"Of course. I've been thinking of that, anyway. It's not fair to Louis, just as my whole marriage wasn't fair to him. I've been a rotten wife to him, truth be told. I was controlling, manipulative, abusive, and unfaithful, even while being jealous and cold as hell to him. I know this. I need to get a grip on my selfish, entitled ways. Mistress has been helping me there. In fact, if you don't mind, Mistress, I'd like to live with you permanently, with you and Quinn, and to serve you 24/7. I'll even give up my travel agency job to serve you constantly. I'll fuck Quinn whenever you wish, too. How about it, Mistress?" Melanie responded before turning to Janice and Quinn.

"It's a deal for me, assuming that your son here spares you, that is," Janice told her, "and you bet your sweet ass that you'll be servicing my hubby. He's a great man and deserves two wives, which we will basically be to him, even as you will be my slave. I'm going to love dominating you constantly, I promise you that, and yes, I'll hold you to your word about making things up to Louis. In fact, I plan to have you service your ex now and then as well, and I don't think that Quinn will mind if both of his wives have occasional sex with Louis, will you?" Janice proposed.

"Not in the least. At my age, and in spite of my improved health, I could use the help. Trust me on that," Quinn blushed as he admitted the truth.

"Hey, you're not so bad, just have limits, that's all. What else is there?" Janice wondered.

"Yes, what is your other condition?" Melanie inquired.

"I want to sleep with you ... and Janice, now and then. Not just sex, but sleep, too. You both have proven very ... sexy, to put it mildly. I want to have affairs with both of you. I want to become a motherfucker. How's that for a deal? My third condition? To make it fair to Nora, I want you girls to seduce her as well, but not let her know that I put you up to it. I can see the appeal of an adulterous affair and I want to have two myself, but I owe it to Nora to let her play and stray as well. This okay with you, too, Quinn?" Jonathan urged them.

"Absolutely. May I ... seduce Nora, too, or is that too much to ask?" Quinn dared to request, making Jonathan laugh and nod.

"Actually, I think that would be a good thing. Also, I'm going to influence her to respond positively to all of the seductions. Eventually, I can catch her in the act and reveal everything, maybe have an orgy or something, but not just yet. For now, I want her to have the kinky, guilty, naughty thrill of getting some on the side and in secret. Perhaps I'll get involved with Dad's lovers, too, well, his female ones, such as his aunt and cousin. And there is that Tommy Van Nguyen guy. He might fun for Nora and you guys as well, don't you agree?" Jonathan Nelson then visibly turned into Tommy Van Nguyen himself.

"What the fuck? That was you?" Melanie asked him.

"No, he's real. I just had some fun shape-shifting, that's all. He was very much really there. Now, don't tell Nora about her father and me, okay?" Jonathan put some mind magic on them and they all agreed.

That was when it hit him ... he didn't need to pull off secret affairs and cheating and such. He could just lure Nora here, entice her into an orgy, and do the same with his father and company. Oh, and he could get his father to lift the curse as well. They could all live happily, and lecherously, after. Why hide anything, even for a naughty thrill, when you could get a different kind of excitement by openly sharing and such? He just wouldn't tell her about her father's death, that's all. That much she didn't need to know, or did she? Maybe he should be honest with her about that, too, and see what she said and did.

Yes, yes, ideas were now coming to mind, and Jonathan was growing confident enough in his own supernatural gifts and power to prepare to carry them out. If they worked as intended, he would have one big, happy family of consenting adults, all fucking and making love to each other. That didn't sound so bad, now, did it?

But what to do with his lingering desires for vengeance? Then it hit him again. He could become a superhero of sorts, fighting crime and delivering doom to bad guys, especially highly placed ones in a corrupt and entrenched system. That would still make him a demon of vengeance and help people who truly needed it against tyrants, crooks, and other villains. He would still get to be the vindictive stranger, even more than before. Yes, yes, that was the way to go.

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