tagErotic CouplingsThe Visit Ch. 05

The Visit Ch. 05


Andy's back was damp with perspiration as Gene pulled her against him. Her hair was curling on her neck, her breathing still uneven and ragged. Wrapping his arms around her, he held her close, whispering to her, thanking her for making him so completely happy.

She blushed, suddenly shy and embarrassed. She had never behaved like that before, never said those words, never did those things. She was near tears, remembering how she had exposed herself and what she had asked. Gene looked into her eyes, and wanted to remove all the hurt and worry he saw there.

"Sometimes, we have needs, desires, fantasies. It is good that you feel safe with me and want me to help you fulfill all those things. I love that you are a free woman, that you can tell me what you want. It is so very exciting for me....thank you, Andrea."

Still, she was apprehensive. She felt she had behaved badly and tried to explain to Gene what happened. But she wasn't sure herself. Finally, she just fitted her head under his chin, sighing and wondering what she had done, how she had come to this. She listened contentedly to his steady heartbeat, constant and true. Her arms were wrapped around him, holding his now-familiar body to hers, feeling as safe and secure as she could ever remember. His fingers were in her hair, combing and patting, and his breath was soft on her face. She wanted to stay here forever.

But Gene had other ideas. She could feel the change in his body as his mind moved along. "Let's go swimming, Andrea! The pool looks so inviting, so damn big! Let's go expend some of our obvious 'overwhelming' energy with some laps. Come on!"

Andy thought it sounded great. Perhaps she needed to cool off. Perhaps Gene thought she needed to cool off. Yes, a swim would be good. It was mid-afternoon, that time when hotel pools are empty. Everyone had either checked out or hadn't checked in for the night. One of the reasons she had selected this hotel was the placement of the pool. It was toward the back of the property, not easily sighted by anyone. They were, after all, in her town.

They changed into their suits, allowing themselves the luxury of touching and watching. Then they stepped from the room, models of propriety. They walked to the pool and were pleased to see it totally deserted. Andy felt as if she were on fire. She felt that every fiber of her body burned and smoldered. She had never felt this kind of desire, of need. The water felt good, cool. Andy almost expected to hear the slight SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS of a burning match touching dampness. The brightness of the day, the blueness of the water, everything helped bring Andy back to reality, soothe her raw emotions.

They swam laps, passing each other and smiling. Gene was a much better swimmer, smooth and even. Andy enjoyed the whole feeling of sliding through the water and didn't care if she was a bit slow and clumsy. Both of them looked at the rooms along the walkways, noting the total air of abandonment hotels have at this time of day.

It couldn't last for long, this dedication to swimming. They desired each other too much, needed to touch each other, wanting to feel cool flesh pressed together. Now each passing lap brought them closer. They slowed at the same spot, just to touch hands initially, then to slowly bump into each other, both remembering the morning and the incredible sexual emotions they had shared.

Finally, Andy moved to the deep end of the pool, her back to the wall, treading water and slowly moving her arms, floating upright, effortlessly. Gene continued his laps, he was a dedicated swimmer and believed in his daily workout. But, each time, having to swim away from Andrea caused a small ache in his heart. Then, he also stopped. They stood in the eight-foot water, treading, facing each other, but at least a foot apart.

Facing in opposite directions, they looked around. The stillness was palpable. No one walked by, no cars passed. It was as if they were alone in the watery world. They moved closer, without seeming to move. Little by little, the small space between them narrowed, until they were nearly bumping noses. Andy's eyes drifted close as she felt his sweet breath on her face. Her heart began the dance that Gene always caused, the crazy dance that made her wonder if she would actually live through it. Her mouth opened, a baby bird, craving. Gene inclined his head and closed the space, his lips touching hers, just grazing them really.

She could taste his coolness, his Gene-ness. She moved forward just a fraction, but it was enough. His soft mouth pressed to hers, his tongue slipped between her lips, teasing and inviting. She couldn't resist. Her hands moved to his shoulders, hot from the sun, smooth beyond belief, and she feasted on his seductive mouth. Sucking his tongue, she mimicked the lovemaking they shared. Pulling, demanding, playing, her mouth made love to him. Their bodies moved closer and he could feel her hard nipples against his chest.

With just a little push, she lifted herself up and then settled against him, her legs wrapped around his waist. She loved the feel of being in his arms, weightless, against his body, his hard cock throbbing under her. Andy moved into the gauzy world of desire in seconds. Now it didn't really matter if a hundred people were there, lined up around the pool. All she knew, all she wanted, was to make love to Gene, right now.

She lowered herself, until his cock throbbed right against her pussy. she could feel the heat, a curious mixture of cold water and hard, hot flesh that drove her insane with desire. She continued looking over his shoulder, watching for any intruders, any opened draperies. There was no movement anywhere. She moved herself slowly up and down his body, pushing her needy self against him, feeling him respond. She was beyond reason now, just needing satisfaction, needing to release all the desire that had built so quickly.

Andy reached down, feeling his throbbing dick, growing even more at her touch. She wrapped her fingers around him, his suit a barrier to her actual touch, and heard him moan into her mouth. She wanted him. She needed to feel him inside of her tender pinkness, needed him to thrust deeply inside of her again. It was if it had been days since they made love, rather than hours. This feeling was new to her, this need, this raging desire.

Andy reached between her own legs, pushing her suit aside, trying to absorb Gene into her warmth. But he still had some wits about him and refused to be seduced.

He whispered into her ear, "We are in public, in your town. We have to behave. If you want, I will take you to our room and make love to you until you scream, until you can't come anymore. But not here, Andrea, not now!"

She heard him, but it didn't register. It couldn't. She was on fire and the need seeped into every fiber of her body. When Gene pulled back a little, looking into her eyes, watching her, she tried to keep full body contact, but he wouldn't let her. He removed his heat from between her legs, whispering to her, trying to calm her, help her make sense of the situation.

Andy smiled into his eyes. She kissed him lightly, then removed one hand from his shoulders and slipped it into the water. Gene expected to feel her massaging his still-throbbing cock, and was surprised when he didn't. He felt the water moving rhythmically, steadily. Then he knew. She was touching herself. She was massaging her needy little clit, sliding her cool fingers into her own hot depths. She was going to satisfy herself.

As much as Gene knew he should find a way to stop her, to get through the red haze that enshrouded her, to make her behave; he was also fascinated. To watch the woman he loved, so in need that she was going to find release, to come right here, was totally erotic. Her eyes were glazed. She was looking at him, but not seeing him. Her fingers moved faster and the moans from her throat were deep and constant. Gene was torn between helping her and allowing her this. His cock was aching and rock hard, thrusting against his suit as he listened to her breathing become faster, her moans become frenzied.

Then she came. With a shudder and a cry, she came. He recognized the impending explosion and covered her mouth with his own, swallowing her screams. He held her close as she spasmed in his arms, and then lay trembling against him, her body going completely limp with satiation.

Again, he could sense the change in her. Her body came alive again, and she pulled away from him with a satisfied smile on her pretty face. She giggled slightly, coloring a becoming pink. She was embarrassed again. Damn! Gene had just witnessed a woman so confident and sure that she satisfied herself, probably the most erotic experience in his life! And she was embarrassed! He thought she should be proud of herself! In all their time talking on the phone and online, Gene had never realized the depths of her sensuality. Now he held her close and tried to tell her all this, tried to share with her the complete sexuality of her.

He was also aware of his own raging erection. He needed to be inside her, plunging into her over and over, feeling her heat as she absorbed him, hearing her seductive voice goading him to explosion. Kissing her one last time, he swam away from her, trying to think of baseball scores and weather reports, anything to allow him to walk back to their haven without a massive hard-on.

At the other end of the pool, he climbed the steps and held the towel in front of himself, calling to her, reaching to her. Andy eagerly swam to him, taking his hand and emerging from the water, a goddess.

They strolled to their room, two friends, sharing a sunny day. But as soon as the door closed, they twisted onto each other, trying to get inside each other, trying to become one. The wet suits fell to the floor and they moved as one to the huge bed, the oasis they sought. They fell together and Andy straddled him, taking his hard cock with one movement, until he was deep inside her and she was full of him. She stayed still, absorbing the feel of him, accommodating him into her pinkness. Then, she began moving slowly, the swaying of a siren, luring him to the depths and heights. They held hands in mid-air, looking into each other's eyes, sharing the secret smile of lovers, taking the slow journey to completion. Andy knew just what she wanted. She moved her hips in her own time, making contact with his heat, massaging her still-hungry clit with his length.

Gene watched her take what she needed, knowing exactly the moment when the gentle massage became more. Her thighs tightened over his, her eyes lost focus, her breathing became ragged. He watched as her nipples ruched and felt the heat surge into her hands against his. Then, she came, flooding his cock with warm fluids. He was so excited, so intensely aroused. Her spasming pinkness clutched him, pulled him deeper and harder. He couldn't stop now. His hips thrust up against her, probing even further, until he couldn't hold back any longer. He gripped her hands and called her name, coming deep inside her, filling her. She continued her slow dance on his cock, milking him, sitting astride him until he began to soften. Then she melted, lowering her body until she was stretched atop him, kissing him softly and sighing happily.

Gene ran his hands up and down her spine, stroking her head, combing her hair with his fingers. He listened to her satisfied mewling and smiled. He considered himself the luckiest man in the world and was so grateful to have Andrea and her love.

Again, the sated couple fell asleep in each other's arms.


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