tagHumor & SatireThe Visitor

The Visitor


She stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself with a thick, fluffy bath towel. She thought of the visitor she was expecting. He had promised to bring some important documents to her home. Somehow, the morning had sped by and he was due within an hour. She would have time to get dressed, put on her make-up and tidy the lounge before his arrival.

She finished drying herself and liberally powdered her naked form with her favourite body powder. She breathed the sensuous perfume of the talc as she rubbed it over her soft skin.

'Aaahhh!' she thought, 'That's good. It makes me feel positively sexy.'

Suddenly, she heard the doorbell ring.

'Who is that,' she wondered, as she quickly pulled on her robe. 'I'm not expecting anyone this early.'

She tightened the belt of her robe, pushed her feet into her slippers and quickly walked down the passage. The bell rang again.

"I'm coming," she called out. "Don't get your knickers in a noose," she continued quietly, under her breath.

She opened the door.

"Hello," said her visitor. "It looks as if I'm too early. Do you want me to come back later?"

"No!" she replied, "Come in. If you give me a moment. I'll just change."

"Listen. I've just got to show you these documents then I'll go. I won't stay long. There's no need to rush to get changed."

"Okay," she replied, "put them on the table here and let's see what it is all about."

She had known him for a few months and she felt totally at home in his presence. There was no reason to be uncomfortable.

He stepped over to the table and spread the documents across its shiny surface.

"You see," he began, "these are the projects I thought you could be interested in."

She bent forward and concentrated on the documents. He turned towards her as she became engrossed in the documents. His eyes watched her face, waiting to see her reactions.

"They're wonderful," she said, turning over the pages as she stooped over the table. "They're just the sort of activities we need to expand the our income."

She did not notice that the bodice of her gown had fallen open, revealing her smooth firm breasts to his gaze. He realised that she was naked under her gown and that he had arrived at her home, just as she had finished her shower. A sudden thought of how she would look with her body unclothed skidded through his mind. His eyes narrowed and he mentally undressed her. He felt his manhood harden in his pants as he imagined her being locked in his arms and their bodies naked and aroused.

'Get control of yourself,' he thought, 'she's not interested in you in that way.'

He moved to open another of the documents. Their hands brushed as he passed them over to her and his heart lurched in his chest. The attraction that flared was almost palpable.

"I think these might be of interest," he said. His throat was suddenly dry and his words came out, scratchy and gruff.

She glanced up, surprised at the roughness in his voice.

"What's up?" she asked, "got a frog in your throat?"

He cleared his throat and repeated the words he had spoken.

"Have you got time for a quick cup of coffee?" she asked, smiling up at him. "It sounds as though you have become a Satchmo sound-alike. Maybe a cup of coffee would help?"

"I guess so," he replied, "as long as it isn't too much trouble."

"No trouble," she said, "I'll only take a minute."

She turned and walked away from him. He saw her hips move beneath the robe. His manhood throbbed with desire.

"I'm crazy, but I want her," he thought.

She stepped into the kitchen and began to fill the kettle. She did not hear him enter the kitchen behind her. She reached to the cupboard above and reached in to take out the coffee. Suddenly, she was aware of his nearness.

His hands snaked around her waist and she was pulled into his embrace. His lips sought out the sensitive patch of skin below her earlobe. She felt his lips softly caress her in a gossamer kiss. She partly turned but he tightened his grip, preventing her from escaping.

Unconsciously, her head tilted, exposing more of her neck to his soft kisses. He began to nibble at her neck and she felt a warmness begin to flood through her being. For long moments he continued to kiss her. His lips sucked on her earlobe and she felt his warm breath in her ear. She moved imperceptibly backwards, towards him. He was aware of the movement and he realised that she did not rebuff his attentions. His hands moved until they reached the underside of her full breasts. She felt his thumbs lightly brush the aureoles of her breasts, through the material of her gown.

She groaned, and leant back deeper into his embrace.

'What is happening to me?' she thought. 'I shouldn't be doing this.'

She was unable to still the desire to push her hips backward and she felt the thrusting hardness of his manhood pressed against her buttocks. His hands pulled at the tie of her robe and suddenly she felt the skin of his palms rub softly across her nipples. They puckered and hardened, bursting outwards to meet his gently brushing movements. His thumbs and forefingers curled around the pebbles, gently pulling at their swollen rigidity.

'I want him,' she thought. 'I know its mad, but I'm going to let him make love to me."

His one hand moved downward and she felt his palm caress her stomach and move on downward until his fingers touched the tangle of her pubic hair. He paused. Once again, her body revealed her willingness to be ravished and her pelvis thrust outward and upward against his palm. His hand swooped downward, cupping her womanhood. His middle finger slipped softly over her swollen nub.

'I'm sopping wet,' she thought. 'He's aroused me faster than I thought possible.'

His lips continued to kiss her neck whilst his one hand gently kneaded her breast and the other swooped and slid over her flooding juiciness. She felt her body responding to his caresses and her foot slid over the floor, widening her stance. He took full advantage of her further surrender and his finger plunged into the warm, dark cavern of her femaleness. She shuddered with delight.

Suddenly, he paused. He slowly withdrew his invading finger. She made a mewling sound and reached down to imprison his hand at the apex of her body. The sensations were too delightful to surrender.

"Wait," he whispered.

His hand withdrew and he reached up and turned her around to face him. His hands rose to her shoulders and lifted the gown away from her body. He allowed it to fall off her arms. It pooled at her feet as she stood, totally exposed to his avid eyes. His hands started to roam over her body, sensitising her skin with his loving touch. He lifted the weight of her breasts in his palms, lifting the pulsing nipples to his waiting mouth.

Her knees felt week as he began to suck and lick the rounded globes of her breast. Sensations arrowed downward to the centre of her femaleness and she felt her body tense with delight. His hand again found her nub and his rhythmic ministrations caused her to lean back against the counter in order to achieve some support for the weakness she felt creep over her. Sensations built, swirling around her like fluffy clouds. His teeth nipped and bit her nipples causing them to extend even further. She felt the tenseness in her body respond to his touch and her sensations started to spiral upward. She knew that, should he continue, his tender ministrations would lead to a shuddering climax within short time.

She leaned back, supporting her upper body by stretching her arms backward. Her hands splayed outwards, arms stiffened. At the same time, her feet slipped forward, legs stiff, pushing her buttocks against the edge of the kitchen cabinet. Her legs remained spread as she surrendered to the lustful invasion of her flesh. his fingers plunged and retreated, causing her sensations to soar higher and higher.

Her breathing was laboured and heaving, as though she had just finished a strenuous game of tennis. The emotions raging within her stirred by his electrifying lovemaking. As he sucked and licked, her eyes watched his mouth and tongue leave wet swirls over the swollen tautness of her breasts. She threw her head back, eyes closed, as the start of her peaks began.

He felt the tremors of her tummy muscles as she soared high and free. He knew that her orgasm was fast approaching. He wanted, with all his heart to taste her juices as she fell from the heights and so he quickly moved his mouth from her breasts and let his lips slide seductively downwards, across her belly button and onward to the cleft between her legs. He knelt quickly and his lips and tongue found the hardness of her nub.

Her eyes flew open, surprised and yet delighted. His tongue beat a tattoo against her nub, causing the sensations to soar higher and higher. Her pelvis tilted, making her womanness fully open and available to his sweeping and plunging tongue.

Suddenly, she was there. Explosions and volcano spurtings racked and rocked her body. She shuddered and screamed as she entered the maelstrom of pure sensation. Her cleft sought out his mouth as his fingers imprisoned her spasming depths. She felt her climax cause her wet cave to clutch convulsively at the rigid fingers buried within her. The spasms reached upward and her nipples tingled with wanton abandon.

His movements stilled, as he allowed her fall from the peaks of emotion to continue, unchecked. His consideration caused tears to mist her eyes and she knew that she wanted him to plunge his hardened member deep inside her. He stayed still, allowing her climax to pass, then he gently removed his fingers from her body, planted a soft kiss on her triangle of hair and stood up. He reached over and pulled her into his arms. His lips settled over hers and he kissed her, tenderly, without demand.

"Oh!" she sighed, "that was good."

"I'm glad," he replied, "I've wanted to do that to you for so long."

"Now, it is your turn," she said, reaching down and taking hold of his hardness through his pants.

"We can't," he said, "I don't go around doing this sort of thing as a habit. I never carry protection."

"Yes, we can," she replied, "I'm not letting you leave 'til you've filled me with this. I'm not likely to fall pregnant and I know that you don't mess around, so we're safe."

She took his hand and led him to her bedroom. She was totally confident, now. She knew that he would not be able to resist lying with her and filling her with his hard rod. She felt her insides twitch with anticipation. He stood, uncertain, at the end of her bed. She stepped up to him and started to kiss him hungrily.

His arms went around her and she felt his body tremble with restrained passion. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt, slipped her hands inside and felt the smooth skin of his body. Their lips dueled, in a frenzy of arousal. She reached down and loosened his belt then reached for the zipper and pulled it slowly downward. His pants slipped slowly down his legs. She reached for his hot hard flesh, through the thinness of his jockey briefs. His rod pulsed in her hand.

"I need you," she whispered, as she drew his underpants down over his tense buttocks.

He let her go and quickly stripped. She watched him, desire flooding from every pore. She could not wait for him to enter her and bring them into union.

She felt her hot juices flooding once more. Falling backward, she landed on her soft bed. She spread her thighs and beckoned him with her hands.

"Fill me," she ordered. She arched her back, tilting her womanness upward in a gesture of wanton submission.

He could not wait any longer. Desire coursed through his veins. The offer was unmistakable. He swallowed, and moved onto the bed. He positioned his knees between her widespread thighs. Her hand reached between them, grasping him softly, guiding him to her waiting cave. He dropped onto outstretched arms and his hips swiveled backward, ready for the first embracing thrust. Their eyes met in a gaze of utter arousal and unity of purpose. He began to move downward, the tip of his swollen organ brushing her lower lips with gentle abandon. His eyes closed.

As he reared to enter her, he heard a loud sound of music coming from the open window. He turned, at the moment prior to entry, to see the source of the music. Opening his eyes, he saw the glow of the clock radio and heard the music that had woken him up. He slumped back, grasping his pillow tightly and recalled his sweet dream. He lay inert, waiting for the fever to subside before rolling over and leaving his bed. His fantasy was incomplete. He would never admit to anyone that he would have wished that the dream was actually reality.

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