tagNovels and NovellasThe Wanderings of Amy Ch. 11

The Wanderings of Amy Ch. 11


Chapter 11 - Bad Girl

Christmas break came, giving Amy a welcome break from her studies. However, the break was the calm before a very big storm. Just before her finals, Amy realized that the time had come to pick a major. As she pondered what interested her, she realized with some anxiety that the field she really liked was economics. It was the term paper that had changed her mind about the field. Amy realized that international development was a fascinating topic, and a powerful one that affected people around the world more than practically anything else. Amy felt a strong desire to understand the world. Economic development would go a long way to helping her achieve that understanding.

Amy noticed that Ruth Burnside was teaching two sophomore-level classes in the Spring. These were two of the classes that Amy would need if she wanted to major in economics with an emphasis on economic development. Amy now was faced with an important decision. If she took these two classes, her life would be hard over the next five months. She had a feeling that Burnside's opinion of her had become much more favorable since she graded the Vietnam War paper, but she also knew, from having talked to Lisa, the professor's teaching assistant, that Burnside was hardest on the students she most liked.

Burnside had her reasons. For her there was no gray area as far as students were concerned. Either a student was a worthless, lazy, drunken partier (which in Burnside's mind constituted about 98% of all university students), or a student was one of the few who actually had some respectability and was worth working with. The only way to obtain Burnside's respect was to consistently work hard, and work well, in the one subject that had any relevance, economics. Burnside dismissed everything else as "fluff". She would have, for example, dismissed Suzanne as an "art flake".

Amy's life would change if she took the two classes. They would fill up her Spring semester and make her day-to-day life considerably less enjoyable. Amy's character would be tested, because she was not good at math and would have to overcome that deficiency to pass the classes. The thought of her character being tested scared Amy, because the last time her character was tested, she did not do too well.

What would make these classes even harder is that Wendy would not be enrolled with Amy. Wendy had declared accounting as her major. Being the only child of her parents, she would have to take over the family business. Wendy had explained to Amy that it was only with reluctance that her parents had sent her to college, and that was only because there was no son available to take over when they retired. Wendy's father had to settle on educating a daughter to take over. Wendy had decided that for her accounting was more relevant than economics would be. Ultimately she would have to major in business administration, but she wanted to understand the numbers before looking at the over-all picture of her father's business.

Wendy insisted, however, that she would be available to help Amy with the math portion of Burnside's classes. Amy wondered if Wendy really understood how much help she would need. Wendy responded. "Don't worry about that. My course load won't be really bad till next fall. I'll help you."

Amy sighed. She wanted the major. She wanted the understanding it would give her. At least, she thought, if I don't pass Burnside's two classes I'll know right away that I can't handle it, and I'll have time to switch to something else.

An hour before the end of the final day to turn in the class schedule request, Amy filled in the last two lines:




Unlike most students, Amy no longer had to worry about paying for her classes. Just before Christmas Suzanne handed her a cashier's check for her part in the photo shoot in November. Amy looked at the check, dumbfounded.

"Suzanne, is this right?"

"Yes, it's right. It's a fourth of the money from the photo shoot. There will be a couple more checks once the books hit the shelves. They think I have a major success with your pictures here."

Amy deposited the check in her account and asked Suzanne to take her to see Robert. She wondered what to do with the money. She was smart enough to realize that, as a 19-year old, she was clueless.

When she approached Robert with her situation, he was gratified that Amy had matured enough to not think she had all the answers when it came to handling her modeling money. Robert was smart enough to realize that he did not have all the answers either, so he and Amy visited his financial advisor.

Amy, when presented with investment options, went with a conservative strategy and a very diversified portfolio, with emphasis on security over risk. She set aside the cash that she would need over the next three years, calculated to meet her expected expenses, as well as what she was likely to have to pay in taxes next year. She would forget about the rest of her money until graduation. That would be for graduate school and beyond.


Suzanne did not face the dilemma concerning what to do about her portion of the money from the photo shoot. Some of it she could spend easily enough on new equipment. She made plans to buy a new car and replace the lemon she was driving now. She needed something that would be practical for her work, either a small SUV or a minivan. There were college debts she could pay off. She could finish paying off her furniture. There were credit card bills to pay off. The morning before Christmas she gave herself a present of sorts, the satisfaction of writing a series of checks that would, for the first time in her life since graduating from high school, get her out of debt. The rest of her money simply went into a bank account in anticipation of her expenses for the Spring Semester, which would be her last as a graduate student.

Suzanne reluctantly decided to wind down her massage business. She would pass her remaining customers off on a friend from the physical therapy department. She would still finish her physical therapy degree, but now hoped never to need it.


Suzanne and Amy spent Christmas with Robert. The day after Christmas Suzanne dropped Amy back at their apartment and then returned to his place to spend some time with him alone. As soon as she entered his place they stripped. Naked, she cuddled in his arms on the sofa. For once they were not immediately in the mood for sex. They just wanted to feel each other's warmth. Suzanne rested her head on his bare chest, and he buried his face in her hair, enjoying its smell and softness against his face.

It was strange to think that in the short time they had been going out, each thought of the other as a soul-mate. In the eight short weeks since the day after Halloween each had told the other personal secrets not shared with anyone else. As strange a beginning as the relationship may have had, it now gave both Suzanne and Robert meaning in their lives. Each may have had a career, but a career can never give a person meaning in life the same way a good relationship can.

Gradually Suzanne's hand began moving up and down Robert's chest and stomach. Robert responded by gently squeezing her nipples and massaging her breasts. Suddenly he felt an overwhelming desire to see and caress her bottom. He motioned her to lie across his lap. Suzanne settled over his legs and pulled a pillow under her face. She closed her eyes and settled down to enjoy Robert's caresses. He moved his hand gently in circles around both bottom cheeks, around the lower part of her back and her upper thighs. He glided his palm over her skin. He gently pressed his fingers down the middle of her bottom, spending a few minutes gently stroking her bottom-hole and the surrounding area . Suzanne sighed with pleasure and lifted up a little, opening herself as much as possible for Robert's hand between her legs. With his finger tips he gently traced the tender skin between her thighs. He teased her, gently running his fingers over her labia and touching everywhere other than her clitoris. She was incredibly wet.

Suzanne felt an overwhelming feeling of submission to Robert at that moment. She teasingly bounced her bottom up and down. Robert wanted to make sure he had correctly picked up on her signal to him.

"You know, I've been thinking...it was pretty naughty of you to spank Amy and Wendy during that photo shoot and not take a spanking yourself. A little hypocritical, I would say."

Softly she replied "That's right. I was a bad girl, wasn't I?"

Robert felt a rush of excitement and arousal. He brought his hand over the center of Suzanne's right bottom-cheek. He kept it there for a few seconds, letting her know where the first slap would land. Suzanne's heart raced with anticipation. He pulled his hand up and delivered a sharp smack. Suzanne groaned slightly. It was not a groan of pain. Robert slapped again in the same spot. He studied the pink mark in the center of Suzanne's white bottom cheek. Within a few minutes all of Suzanne's bottom would be that color.

Robert spanked slowly, lovingly. He slapped Suzanne's bottom hard on alternate cheeks. He paused after each slap, making sure that Suzanne felt each slap before receiving the next.

SLAP!...SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!... SLAP!... The loud swats reverberated throughout the room. This was not a punishment spanking. It was not a spanking out of anger. It was a spanking that would push Suzanne to the limits of her emotion and passion, the pain mixing with the pleasure radiating from between her legs.

After Robert had given Suzanne 30 hard swats he paused. He ran his hand over her back and over her deep pink bottom cheeks. Her bottom was just beginning to swell and feel hot. Robert lovingly caressed Suzanne's bottom for several minutes. He ran his hand between her legs and teased her again. His fingers traced the area close to her clitoris, without making contact with it. Suzanne groaned wildly and thrust herself up, desperate to find Robert's fingers with her clitoris.

Robert would have none of that. He placed his left hand over the lower part of Suzanne's back and pressed her back down. He started spanking again, slowly, sensuously. He stopped after every 6 swats or so to pass his hand over her bottom and tease between her legs. He was driving her wild. The sight of her pink bottom, her groans and squeaks of passion and desperation, the wetness and smell of her sex, her movements against his penis, were driving Robert wild as well. He had not been this aroused in years. He was so hard it was almost painful.

Robert maintained his control for an additional 30 swats. Suzanne was on the edge and so was he. He pulled her up. She kissed him and she grabbed his penis hard. Her face was sweating.

"Robert...my love...please"

They rolled off the sofa onto the floor. She was on her back, her hands over Robert's bottom. He thrust into her harder than he had during any of their previous love-making sessions. He held back as long as he could, prolonging the release of his own passion. Suzanne was so aroused that her breath came in uneven gasps. She squeaked with pain and pleasure, the pain and pleasure of Robert's hard thrusts grating against her vagina, the pain and pleasure radiating from the heat of her bottom. Suddenly she dug her fingernails hard into Robert's bottom, this time so hard she broke the skin. She released all her passion that moment. She had never felt so out of control.

The pain he felt from Suzanne's fingernails tearing into him only increased Robert's exhilaration. It gave him that extra edge. Sweat poured down his face. Suddenly he felt the release as the orgasm came. He thrust hard, wanting to push himself to his limit. Even after he came he continued thrusting. Suzanne squeaked and had her second orgasm. She moved her hands to the middle of his back. Suddenly Robert had a second orgasm. That had not happened to him for many years. His muscles began to tense up as he released into her the second time. Suzanne grabbed Robert's face and pulled his mouth down into hers.

They finally separated, looking at each other in shock. They were covered in sweat. The whole living room smelled of their sex. They struggled to get their breathing back to normal. The muscles in the backs of Robert's legs were cramped. They sat in silence on the floor for a couple of minutes. They were at a loss for words. What do you say to your lover after an experience like that?

Robert shifted position to sit against the sofa. He reached out and drew Suzanne to his side. She cuddled into his arms. She looked up into his eyes and smiled mischievously.

"I'm still your bad girl, Robert."

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