The Wanton Flower


Her hands roamed again, and her touch felt electrifying against her responsive skin. She gasped as her fingers brushed over her excited nipples. One hand lingered, gently fondling her breast, while the other traveled downwards. She teased herself, fingers running in circles around her pussy, but never quite reaching it. Knowing her husband or his colleague might open his eyes and catch her made her dizzy with excitement.

She yelped softly as she finally allowed her hand to travel over her pussy. Damn she was wet. Her middle finger traced along her slit, sending jolts of pleasure through her body. She had never before touched herself in secret next to her husband, and now she was doing it right where Tony could catch her too. Her indecent behavior made her lust stir, and her fingers grew zealous, homing in on her clit.

Jessica was pleased to see her husband seemed sound asleep. Surprisingly, she wasn’t ashamed of what she was doing, and part of her wanted him to see just how outrageously sinful his wife could be. In fact, she was sure he’d be delighted his flower made her give in to temptation. But right now, she didn’t want to be his study subject. She needed to explore the sensation on her own and familiarize herself with the thrill. She would tell her husband about it tomorrow, giving her an opportunity to relive the experience. The thought of describing to her husband what she had done beside him made her busy fingers intensify. A series of soft whimpers escaped her moth as she pulled softly at her nipples.

Her head flung around as she heard Tony move. Instinctively, she stopped her rubbing motion, and protected her modesty with a hand over her pussy and an arm across her tits. Tony still appeared to be sleeping, but his side of the room was shaded, making it difficult to see if his eyes were completely closed. There was a struggle inside her between the part of her that dreaded he would see her and the part that desired it. But the latter was rising in power, diminishing her will to fight her urges. Staring at Tony, she resumed her self-pleasure, determined not to stop, no matter what.

Increasingly greedy, she rolled over on her side, face towards Tony. Her panties around her thighs proved an obstacle, and she discarded them before spreading her legs, one bent knee pointing to the ceiling. Her shifting seemed to disturb Oscar, and he rolled over, lying sideways behind her. She gave him a quick glance to make sure he was still sleeping, but she barely cared anymore. All she wanted was to give Tony a perfect view of her act if he opened his eyes. Go on, she thought. See me! Watch as I pleasure myself before you! Maybe he was already, peeking through narrow eyelids. The rain had subsided, and the wet sound of her furious fingers mixing with her heavy breath were clearly audible in the small room.

Her orgasm was simmering right below the surface, but she managed to keep it controlled. She needed to drag out this moment of debauchery. She slipped first one, then two fingers inside herself.

As she bucked her hips back and forth against her fingers, she accidentally pushed back against her husband. She froze and glanced over her shoulder. His eyes were closed, and she was just about to continue her sinful self-indulgence but hesitated. What exactly had she pushed back against? Her husband was still covered, but something very rigid had poked against her through the sheet. Feeling daring, she let her hand explore behind her.

She heard her husband gasp as she found his erection. Had her beloved husband secretly watched her, not wanting to disturb? And had he not just accepted her shameful behavior, but also got turned on by it? Or maybe she just caught him in an erotic dream. Either way, he seemed awake now, and if he truly meant her response to the flower shouldn’t be repressed, she would make him prove it.

Jessica lifted the sheet to minimize the amount of fabric between her exploring hand and Oscar’s cock. He grunted at her touch, and she slipped her hand inside his boxers. God, he was rock hard. Wrapping her hand around his shaft, she caressed his familiar contours. She craved that wonderful cock somewhere more fitting than in her hand.

She turned and faced him. In the dim moonlight, she could still see the lust in his eyes. She yanked down his boxers, setting his erection free.

“I need you inside me,” she whispered.

He merely nodded in response, and she climbed on top of him. The bed creaked, and she looked over at Tony. Did she just catch him shutting his eyes?

“Oh, yes,” Jessica gasped as she slipped her husband’s cock inside her. She was soaking wet and impaled herself with one steady back-thrust.

She panted as she began grinding on top of her husband, savoring the sensation of his excited cock inside her. It had always brought her intense pleasure, but when experienced next to someone else, it felt more glorious than ever. She looked over at Tony again.

This time, their eyes met. It was too obvious for either of them to pretend they both weren’t caught. Rather than letting it dissuade her, Jessica moaned and began riding her husband harder, making her heavy tits bounce to the benefit of Tony. Fucking in front of a spectator drove her wild, and she kept looking over to him to make sure he still watched.

His expression was hard to read to read in the dim light. Jessica gave him a defiant stare. There was something oddly satisfying about doing this in front of Tony. Her impure thoughts made her squeal with erotic delight. Here she was, fucking her husband in front of his colleague and friend. Her lust spiraled out of control.

“Oh fuck!” she screamed. “I’m coming!”

The climax hit her hard. Surrendering to pleasure before a spectator amplified the sensation. Her husband grunted as she pulled him along into elation. Wave after wave of electrifying pleasure flowed through her, but even as she lost control of her body, she didn’t for a moment lose track on the fact that she was being observed. As her body trembled in erotic bliss, she looked at Tony, making sure to leave a memorable imprint in his mind.


Jessica woke up in a daze the next morning, eyes slowly adjusting to the light. She was alone in the cabin, and as the memories from the night crept into her mind, it all felt like a wet dream. But her nakedness bore evidence of what had transpired. She felt a moment of shame about facing Tony after what she had let him see, but that shame was almost immediately replaced by something else—a sinful desire to find out how deep of an imprint she had left on him was.

She considered briefly going outside naked, but it was too blunt. She put on her bikini and walked outside. The men were all on board, eating breakfast in the stern.

“I was meant to make you breakfast,” Jessica said. “Have you all been up long?”

“I figured you could use a sleep-in,” Oscar said, standing up to offer her his seat.

Jessica glanced around, wondering if Oscar or Tony had told the rest about what she had done during the night. But none of them seemed to give her any insinuating looks or remarks about why she might need to sleep in. Even Tony seemed casual.

“Actually, honey,” Oscar said. “Do you mind having your breakfast on the beach? Tony and Ben are taking the boat to the neighboring island. Unless you’d rather go with them?”

Jessica glanced at Tony. “No, I’ll stay here.”

As much as she would enjoy teasing Tony some more, doing it on an excursion sounded like too much work. And there were more fishes to lure in these tropical waters. Soon thereafter, she sat on the beach, enjoying a breakfast smoothie as she casually admired Liam and Adam’s lean muscles as the bare-chested students set up their work nearby. They owed her some eye candy after what she had given them yesterday.

“I’m trekking up the mountain for an hour or two,” her husband said as he sat down next to her.

“Do you want me to go with you?” she asked, feeling momentarily guilty about admiring his students.

“It’s just a quick hike to collect some vegetation data,” Oscar said, and held up the camera in his hand. “I need some photos of the understory. I think you’ll be better off here.”

Jessica nodded tentatively. “Do you want to talk about last night first?”

“Oh, of course. If you want,” he said and sat down next to her.

“Did things go too far yesterday?”

“What? No. I…”

“You know Tony saw us, right?”

Oscar looked out over the ocean at the boat carrying Ben and Tony to the neighboring island. “Yes. I thought that was what you wanted.”

“It was. But don’t you mind he saw your wife naked? And before I realized you were awake, I…”

Oscar put his arm around her. “Honey, of course I’m OK. I was the one who suggested you’d try the flower. How could I hold it against you if you respond to it?”

Jessica nodded. She fetched the vile from her bag and took out a capsule. She studied it a moment before holding it up between her thumb and index finger.

“So, you think I should continue the treatment?” she asked.

Oscar nodded eagerly. “Yes. Seeing the effect in action is an exciting opportunity to gain qualitative insight into the flower’s potency. I’m very grateful you agreed to test it.”

Jessica cocked her head. Was her husband referring to her as data?

“Alright. Suit yourself,” she said and swallowed the capsule.

Oscar looked pleased. “I better take off. Ask Liam or Adam if you need anything.”

“They’re not going with you?”

“No, I’ve told them to catalog what we collected yesterday.”

“OK, I’ll try not to disturb them,” Jessica said, and added as her husband turned to walk away, “too much.”

He turned to give her a curious look but said nothing as he continued towards the forest.

At first, Jessica kept to herself, reading in the shade of a palm tree. The boys were busy taking measurements of flower samples before putting them in Ziploc bags. She tried to focus on her book, but her eyes were constantly drawn in their direction. It seemed her mind was consumed with erotic innuendos. She wasn’t much older than them—maybe six or seven years—but she still felt like a cougar as she watched them, sun glistening in their bodies.

“Do you mind if I join you,” she said as she approached.

“Of course, Mrs. Bergman,” Liam and Adam said in unison.

Jessica smirked. Her husband had early on made his students stop referring to him as anything other than Oscar. But they insisted on calling her Mrs. Bergman. She now found that oddly pleasing. It was more sinful for Mrs. Bergman to do what she planned than it was for Jessica. She spread out a beach towel next to them and lay down flat on her back to read her book.

“Do you mind if I remove my top?” she asked casually soon thereafter. She purposefully didn’t offer a reason.

The boys gaped at her, too stunned to speak. Jessica smirked. Their anticipating eyes answered plenty. She sat up and unclasped her top. The thrill rushed through her as she set her tits free, but she acted unperturbed, as if was perfectly normal for her to go topless before her husband’s students. She remained seated, resting on her straightened arms behind her. Chest pushed against the sun, she gave them an enticing view.

The sun reminded her she’d better put on sunscreen. She began at her feet, and worked herself up her slender legs, pretending not to notice the boys’ attention. She lay down as she reached her stomach and let her hands roam. Taunting the boys, she repeatedly approached her breasts, but diverted her hands before reaching their target. She found their expectant eyes amusing, but also arousing. Gratifying her audience as well as herself, she finally let her hands move over her chest. Her own touch felt erotic when enjoyed by prying eyes, and her hands quickly became greedy. Eyes closed, she caressed her tits before them, flicking her finger over her excited nipples. Her heavy breath made it difficult to pretend she was unmoved by what she was doing.

“Did you measure this batch?” she heard Adam ask.

“Yeah, I think so,” Liam replied, scratching his blond head.

“But there’s nothing in the spreadsheet,” Adam said.

“Really? I… Oh fuck, I’ve put it in the wrong sheet.”

Adam sighed. “We’re gonna have to redo this batch.”

Jessica chuckled. “Seems you boys are distracted.”

She turned over and lay on her stomach, giving the students a moment to sort out their mess. But not for long.

“Can you do me a favor?” she asked. “Can you put sunscreen on my back?”

The boys nodded enthusiastically and then looked hesitantly at each other, as if silently trying to decide who would get this pleasure.

“It’s OK,” Jessica assured them. “You can do it together.”

She could barely believe how audacious she was, but she purred inside. Liam knelt by her feet and started at her calves, working his way up her legs. Adam positioned himself by her head and rubbed the lotion into her shoulders. They used long strokes, caressing their way over her body.

Liam focused increasingly on her upper thighs. Her bikini bottoms were cut high, and his fingers roamed ever so close to her exposed cheeks. Similarly, Adam moved his hands along her sides, fingers brushing against the sides of her tits. It felt heavenly, having two pairs of hands on her body.

But Jessica wanted them bolder. She knew she had to lead the way. Her bikini bottoms were fastened with knots at the waist, and she daintily grasped a string on each side between her thumb and index finger. Ever so slowly, she pulled out. The faint popping sound as the knots snapped open sent shivers through her body. Without missing a beat, she pulled the bottoms off from underneath her.

Round and firm, Jessica was proud of her ass. But it wasn’t meant to be admired by anyone other than her husband, and particularly not his students. Yet, here she was, bare-assed before them. The boys paused momentarily, as if shocked by the explicit view they were presented with.

Their hands soon roamed again. They shifted to kneel on either side of her, continuously running their palms over her responsive skin. They gradually outdid each other, moving further and further onto her cheeks. Before long, they greedily massaged her ass. She arched her back, pushing her ass against their hands.

Sensuality flowed through Jessica. Eventually she rolled over. She felt more empowered than vulnerable in her position with two men looking down on her. Liam and Adam’s eyes were dilated, as if greedy to take in every inch of her naked body. She was neatly trimmed, with just a strip of dark pubes decorating her otherwise naked pussy. Jessica parted her legs, allowing them to see just how wet they made her.

“Go on,” she purred. “You can touch me.”

It felt odd to candidly tell them what she wanted. But the notion she had them captivated, prepared to follow her directions, made her feel divine. As their hands returned, they didn’t even use the sunscreen as a pretense. Her chest heaved with excitement at their roaming caress, hands touching her from her legs up to her shoulder and down on her arms. They were sophisticated suitors, building up the suspense inside her by roaming ever so close to explicit areas. Her nipples stood at full attention, and she moaned when their fingers brushed against them.

Their light touch intensified, and soon they openly groped her tits. She squirmed and moaned. Her behavior was utterly disreputable, but that just made it even more alluring. She already had four hands tending to her body, but still added her own. All worked up, she went straight for her aching pussy. Teasing both herself and prying eyes, she moved her fingers over her smooth folds a few times before parting her lips. She groaned as her middle finger swirled over her clit, and she spread her legs far to give them a good view of what she was doing. Would Oscar really approve of this, his wife masturbating while his students played with her tits?

Just as the thought hit her mind, she turned her head and saw him sitting on a fallen tree trunk further up the beach. What a sight she must be, stark naked with two young men—one blond and the other black—caressing her body. Rather than feeling abashed by what she’d been caught doing, it heightened her desire.

Her pussy craved a deeper touch, and she slipped a finger inside her. A second soon followed, and she began fucking herself, all the while enjoying the touch of two men at her sides. They played with her tits, pulling gently at her nipples. It wasn’t long before the climax approached, and she screamed out in abandoned lust as her body began shaking.

Jessica stared up at Liam and Adam as she regained her composure. They looked shocked and utterly turned on by what they had witnessed.

“That…” she purred. “That was very nice.”

She looked over to her husband, who gave her an ambiguous look before reaching for his camera. He snapped a series of photos before proceeding to write something in a binder resting on his lap. Was he taking notes? If that’s what he wanted, she would continue to be an interesting study subject. She glanced to her sides. Taken by her performance, each of her suitors had obvious erections straining their trunks.

“Go on,” she said, her voice oozing with erotic undertones. “Set them free.” They hesitated, and Jessica clicked her tongue. “I’ve showed you mine. It’s only fair you show me yours, right?”

They followed her instructions, and Jessica found herself flanked by two naked men with erections pointing to the sky. Her greedy eyes took in their shapes, and she raised up to rest on her elbows for a better view.

“Stroke yourselves,” she said.

They looked stunned by her command, but their eyes lit up. They reached for their cocks and began slowly running their hands along their lengths. Jessica jerked her gaze between them. It wasn’t like she had longed to see a cock other than her husband’s, but knowing she had made them this hard filled her with pride. She looked over to Oscar, only to see him snapping photos of the whole spectacle. Liam and Adam stroked themselves with fervor, and Jessica began fondling her breasts for further inspiration.

“Go on, boys,” she said. “You can come on my tits if you want.”

Her words were blunt and sounded almost comical coming out of her mouth. But it was what she felt, and it was liberating to be explicit. The young men grunted and pumped their fists over their cocks. Jessica cupped her tits, holding them up as an inviting target. She gasped as the first splash of cum landed across her chest. It was soon followed by another from the other side. Her eyes kept darting between their erupting cocks, their excited faces, and her increasingly cum covered tits. She giggled joyously as glistening white strands landed across her tits.

“Oh, wow,” she said as their flow subsided. They looked unsure what to do as their senses returned. Jessica she could barely believe what she had asked them to do. Yet, it felt somehow perfectly natural to have two men showering her with cum. It felt like a tribute to what was awakening inside her. “Why don’t you boys go have a swim when you’re ready for it.”

As the naked young men took off running for the water, Jessica stood and walked over to Oscar with a confident swagger to her hips and a sly smile to her lips. His eyes darted over her body as she approached.

“Sorry,” she said. “Seems like I disturbed your students after all.”

His mouth twitched. “Can I take your picture?”

Jessica rolled her eyes at him. “Now you ask? But... I suppose you have to record your data.”

She struck a pose for him, hands on her hip. Early in their relationship, he had asked to take nude photos of her. She had refused, worried they could accidentally end up where they shouldn’t. Now she happily let him snap away, capturing her cum covered tits in all their glory. It felt satisfying to shamelessly pose for her husband, revealing to him just how content she was with what she had done.

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