The Wanton Flower


She stood under the shower head and gave the pedal a few pumps to rinse the soap from her body. She put her hand on his chest and let it travel down. But once again, she diverted her hand before reaching its target. Smiling at Tony’s bewildered expression, she turned and walked away. She heard him groan, but she showed no mercy. She wiggled her finger over her shoulder.

“Impure thoughts, Tony. Impure thoughts…”

She felt bad playing him like that, but she had to prove a point. Sure, it had been oddly thrilling when he questioned her about her desires earlier as she wore the traces of what she had done with Ben. But it was also humbling, and Tony’s self-satisfied tone didn’t sit well with her. The flower might be making her outright slutty, but she was an empowered slut. No one was entitled to benefit from her cravings.

Along those lines, she slipped into a pair of panties before joining Oscar and Ben in the bow. It signaled that she wanted to flaunt herself for them of course, but it was up to her to decide what level of exposure she was offering.

“Where is Tony?” Oscar asked.

“He’s having a shower,” Jessica said. “Not sure the water can cool him down.”

Both he and Ben gave her a curious look but didn’t ask for clarifications. Oscar offered her a beer, and she rested her head against his shoulder as they watched the remainder of the sunset. This was the last evening of their expedition, and Jessica knew she would miss these crazy days.

Tony was already in bed when Jessica later entered the cabin. She grinned at him, and he frowned back. But his eyes didn’t return to his book, focusing on her exposed breasts until she hid them under the covers next to her husband.

Oscar quickly dozed off, and the waves soon made Jessica follow. But her day had left her with many impressions, all of which spun in her head and made her sleep restless. It didn’t help that Tony kept his bedside lamp lit. When Jessica woke up, she turned her head in his direction, and as she peeked through narrow eyelids, she was sure she caught him looking away, pretending to read his book. Had he been looking at her? She was on her back and had pulled the sheet down to her waist. Had he even…? Pretending to sleep, she listened for clues. Several minutes passed, but she never heard him turn the page. Wasn’t his breath ragged?

She flung her eyes open, once again catching him turning his gaze away.

“Tony...” she whispered.

There was a long pause before Tony replied. “Yeah?”

Jessica glanced at her husband to see if he was sleeping before returning her eyes to Tony. “Were you touching yourself?” Never in a million years had she thought she’d pose such a question to Tony. But a lot had happened the past days that she’d never imagine.

“Uhm…” Tony began softly. “What? I…”

“It’s OK. I don’t mind. Here...”

She pulled the sheet off her body, giving his eyes further access. Tony didn’t act, and from his sceptic look Jessica guessed he suspected entrapment.

“Go on,” she coerced. “I want you to.”

She sat up on the edge of the bed, her legs parted. Her lazed panties hinted to the treasure inside. Tony still looked uncertain, but his hand started slowly moving under his sheet.

“No, do it so I can see,” Jessica whispered.

Tony only hesitated a second before pulling the sheet away, exposing his naked body beneath. Flat on his back, his fist wrapped around his erection. Jessica smiled at him. She might not have wanted to be attracted to him, but she couldn’t deny it to herself. And that cock in his hand looked very sexy, rigid and firm, all because of her.

“Please,” she said. “Stroke it for me.”

Tony moved his hand over his shaft, gaze traveling over her body. She rewarded him by caressing herself. He grunted softly, and Jessica wondered how often he had fantasized about her before this expedition. The lust in his eyes encouraged her to give him a good show. Moving carefully to not wake her husband, she stood and began swaying her hips.

She glanced over her shoulder as she moved. Part of her wanted Oscar to wake up and watch her too, but she also savored the notion that her shameless behavior was innate. Her husband had asked her to be open-minded to the desires the flowers awoke inside her, and apparently, she had become a woman who casually performs an erotic dance for the benefit of his colleague and friend.

Tony sat up on the edge of the bed to get a closer look. Jessica grinned and danced closer. He stroked himself slowly, making sure to drag out the experience. She hooked her thumbs into her panties and pulled down, but never far enough to fully expose herself.

“Is this what you want to see again?” she teased.

Tony grunted in response. She continued to pull her panties down but turned around just before her pussy came into view. She grinned down at him over her shoulder, her panties resting halfway down her ass. Bending slightly at the hip, she pulled down and wiggled out of them. Completely naked, she continued to sway her ass before him.

Tony placed his hands on her hips, and his touch sent shivers through her body. She couldn’t tell if his hands guided her, or her hips guided him, but she found herself gyrating towards his lap. She realized there was a reason most strippers don’t give lap dances to naked customers, and she flinched as she felt his erection push against her. She tried to bounce back up, but her legs wouldn’t let her. Soon she was grinding back against him, rubbing his cock with her ass. His hands explored, cupping her tits. She moaned as he gently pulled at her excited nipples.

Jessica constantly glanced at her husband. Was he really sleeping through all this? Tony’s bed creaked as they grinded. If Oscar opened his eyes, it would look to him like she was fucking his friend. Surely it would be too much for him if she actually did that? Or would he just be happy she was losing all inhibitions? Her aching pussy was very clear about what it craved.

She turned around and straddled Tony. They looked at each other for a moment before pressing their mouths together. Her hips acted on their own accord, grinding against him. She moaned as she felt his hard shaft slide along her wet slit.

“You know I hate you, right?” she panted. It wasn’t really true, but she needed him to understand that even though they were making out while she rubbed her pussy up and down his cock, she still found him incredibly annoying. Right now, her deepest emotion was a deep craving for his cock, which repeatedly slid so dangerously close to her needy opening.

Tony grinned slyly. “Of course. I hate you too.”

With that he leaned in and devoured her tits with his mouth. Jessica threw her head back in pleasure as he feasted on her nipples, moaning out loud.

She flung her head around as she heard the sound of a camera behind her.

“Oh, hi honey,” she said. “I didn’t mean to wake you up.”

She sounded casual, but inside her lust exploded. She backed off a little to show she hadn’t taken Tony inside her. Yet. Oscar sat on their bed, face hidden behind the camera. She turned back to Tony and continued to make out with him, listening to the camera snapping pictures of the spectacle.

Jessica pushed Tony back against the bed. Looking back against the camera, she reached for his erection. She gave her husband a defiant look and proceeded to rub the tip of Tony’s cock against her pussy. Was Oscar still not going to put a stop to this? High on desire, Jessica found she couldn’t care if his acceptance was purely due to his unconventional commitment to his research, or if there were more carnal reasons.

“I’m gonna take him inside me now,” she said matter-of-factly and turned back to Tony. They looked at each other’s excited faced as she slowly lowered herself onto his cock. Her wet pussy offered no resistance, and they moaned in unison as he filled her aching core.

It was happening! Sure, she had imagined herself with other men after marrying—what woman doesn’t sometimes?—but she’d never thought it would become more than a fantasy. Bouncing on Tony’s cock, she kept looking back at Oscar, her face a mixture of lust and gratitude. As her husband put down the camera, she noticed him reach for the notebook.

“No!” she said firmly. “Don’t you dare take any fucking notes! Come here and help your friend fuck your wife.”

Oscar sprung out from under the sheets and stripped off his boxers. Jessica was pleased to see he was more than ready to join in. He wasn’t just accepting this sexual awakening inside her; he was turned on by it. He was a well-endowed man, but tonight he somehow seemed bigger than ever.

She moved off Tony, and they scooted over to make room for Oscar, who positioned himself behind her. Kneeling on all fours with Tony’s cock at her face, she arched her back invitingly for her husband. She opened her mouth and was simultaneously impaled at both ends. Tony’s cock was coated with her juices, which just made it even more delicious. Her muffled moans filled the room as they fucked her pussy and mouth. Craving to show the depth of her hunger, she pressed her mouth deep onto Tony’s cock, taking him well down her throat. Her tits swayed heavily as she rocked between the men.

Oscar was clearly taken by her slutty display, and from his strained grunts she knew he was getting close to rupture. The mere notion that she was taking on two men at once made Jessica’s lust hard to contain, but she wanted to prolong the experience. She moved away, and lay down on her back, legs spread wide before Tony. He needed no further encouragement and quickly knelt between her legs to insert his cock in her needy cunt. As he began slamming against her, she called her husband close, offering him her mouth. She looked up at him with dazed eyes as she licked his shaft.

“Did you ever imagine…” she began, and pumped her fist over his shaft as she took the head in her mouth, “...that your wife… could be such a slut?”

Oscar grunted, and Jessica’s own words sent thrills through her body. She felt herself lose control. Tony dutifully fucked her at a steady rhythm.

“Oh, my…!” Jessica wailed. “I’m gonna…!”

Oscar broke off her sentence by shoving his cock inside her mouth. Her body quaked as the orgasm took her. Oscar’s throbbing erection suppressed her wailing as Tony drove her through her climax.

“Oh, wow,” she panted, replacing her mouth with her hand around her husband’s cock as she regained her composure. She still grinded softly on Tony’s cock inside her. “That was…”

She stopped as she realized she had no words to describe how mind-blowing the experience was. Her mouth twitched as she looked up at the men.

“I…” she said. “I want more.”

Without skipping a beat, Oscar and Tony traded places, and she was soon fucked senseless again. Even though they had never done anything like this before, it seemed like they each had rehearsed the scenario in their minds. They moved in synchrony as they shared her, her husband furiously fucking her cunt while Tony fed her his glistening cock. It wasn’t long until pleasure detonated inside her again, sending her through another mind-shattering orgasm.

She blinked as she came back to her senses, still trembling in the aftershocks of her eruption. “I don’t think I can take more of this.”

Oscar slowly slid out of her, and her eyes darted between the two men and their towering erections, which shimmered in the dim light. She might be greedy, but there was no way she’d leave them like this.

“How do you think this should end?” she sighed, grinning up at Tony.

“Anyway you want,” he replied.

“That’s a very good answer,” Jessica said, slowly pumping her fist over his cock. “But what if I take requests?”

Tony didn’t flinch. “Then I think we should both come on your face.”

“Ooh, very impure thoughts, Tony. Very impure indeed. What do you think, honey?”

Oscar had lost the ability to speak and merely grunted as he shuffled to her face. With one man kneeling on either side of her, she grinned wide.

“Alright,” she said, gently stroking their balls. “Do it. Cover me!”

The men grunted as they stroked themselves, cocks pointed at her cheeks. The exhibitionist inside her cherished having her face as the target of their desire.

“Please,” she whispered. “Come on me.”

They needed no further encouragement and erupted simultaneously. She squealed in a mixture of shock and joy as their cum splashed against her face. Some might have found this a demeaning ordeal, but Jessica felt it was a tribute to the divine slut inside her. It seemed their flow would never end, and high on lust, she giggled erratically as they covered her with strand after strand of cum. It felt like a worthy finale of the expedition.


Two month later, Jessica met up with her husband at a convention with the funders of the expedition. The stakeholders were always interested to make sure their money was spent wisely, and given the preliminary results, many were enthusiastic about the Wanton Flower’s potential. Jessica could feel the optimism in the room. Given her experience, she was certain they would not be disappointed.

“Hi, honey,” she said and gave him a passionate kiss. Such public display of affection used to be unthinkable for her. She had stopped taking the flower capsules soon after they returned from the expedition, but the effect seemed to have lasted. She had nothing to complain about her and Oscar’s sex life before, but now they were like rampant teenagers, constantly jumping each other.

Oscar lips responded, but she could tell something was bothering him. He and Tony had been busy finalizing the analyses of their trials.

“Is everything OK?” she asked.

“Yes, of course,” Oscar assured her. “It’s just…”

The announcer broke him off, saying it was time for the main speaker. This time it was Tony’s turn to talk about their project.

“Come, let’s sit down,” Oscar said as his colleague took the podium.

Tony began by outlining the study and explained how the plant had proven difficult to cultivate before showing a series of photos from their latest expedition to collect more samples. Jessica could see herself in the background in one of the photos. She was properly dressed, but it made her recall some of the other pictures her husband had taken. With her husband occupied lately, she had spent several nights home alone reliving the events through those pictures. After she made him and Tony come all over her, she asked Oscar to capture the moment. Always accommodating, he snapped a series of photos. It was hard to believe it was her, glowing with lust and plastered with cum. Those photos in particular had repeatedly sent her into climax as she rubbed herself to them.

She refrained from further sexual encounters the day after Oscar and Tony shared her. But thinking she shouldn’t let her admirers go cold turkey, she remained naked on the cruise back, giving them sweet images to remember her by. As they neared civilization, she made sure to hug them all before she put her clothes back on, thanking them for a wonderful trip.

She noticed Liam and Adam glancing at her from across the room. Those boys would never look at ‘Mrs. Bergman’ the same again. And neither would she. What the flower had opened up inside her felt like a bliss. Even though she hadn’t taken the any of the capsules for several weeks, she still felt highly erotic. She waved cordially at Liam and Adam, winking at them before returning her focus to Tony at the podium.

“And as you can see,” Tony said, pointing at the pie chart on the screen. “Nearly all participants who took the flower capsules responded positively to the treatment. In most cases, the subjects reported they had a heightened sex drive, and that they had a very positive overall experience. I don’t dare to share with you some of the anecdotes our subjects shared.”

Chuckles traveled through the room. Jessica was surprised Tony didn’t cast a taunting glance at her. But Tony kept his eyes on the screen. She had found him less annoying the few times she met him since the expedition. Supposedly, it was hard to be hostile after engaging in such a lustful night. Jessica took her husband’s hand in hers as memories flashed through her mind.

As Tony continued his presentation, Jessica’s attention was drawn to Ben, who entered the hall in the back. He rarely came along for these events, but Oscar had invited the team back to their place to discuss the future of the project after the convention. It was unusual seeing Ben in a suit, but it looked good on him. He nodded at her as their eyes met.

“So...” Tony said. “Considering just the subjects who were given the flower, we would draw the conclusion that the Goat Flower is highly potent aphrodisiac. But when we compare the responses to the control group…”

Jessica’s attention flung back to the screen. Control group? The screen showed two pie charts.

“As you can see,” Tony said. “The responses are essentially identical when we compare the groups. So, it seems the presumed effect of the flower can be written off as placebo. In fact, some of the strongest responses we got came from women in the control group.”

This time Tony’s eyes landed briefly on Jessica. Murmurs filled the hall. Oscar squeezed her hand tight.

“Are you sure?” a skeptical woman in audience asked. “Have you gone back to your samples and made sure no mistakes were made?”

Maybe Jessica wasn’t the only one in the room who just realized what she had attributed to the flower was just her own hidden desires. As Tony explained in great detail the effort they had gone through to make sure their results were correct, she turned to her husband.

“Did you know?” she whispered.

“We only got the final results this morning,” he said. “I didn’t really believe them myself at first. We even analyzed the capsules to make sure we didn’t accidentally give all subjects the flowers. But no...”

“But you knew there was a control group?”

Oscar gave her a curious look. “Of course.”

“But why did the natives use it then if it has no effect?” a man in the front row asked.

“Well, just a few hours ago I talked to our interpreter from a previous trip, and we now have some clues about the native woman’s alternative name for the plant. It seems she may actually have referred to it as the Scapegoat plant. This would suggest there was an understanding, at least among the elder women, it wasn’t the plant itself that brought on the response. It may have been a lie they all accepted to live out… Well, whatever they wanted to.”

Tony’s eyes again landed on her. To her surprise, he didn’t look smug. Maybe it was because she had been right all along—the plant was completely ineffective. It didn’t feel like a victory though.

A few questions later, Tony wrapped up the presentation, and the crowd scattered. Jessica and Oscar drove back in silence until she eventually spoke.

“Which group was I in?”

“Uhm, does it matter?” Oscar asked.

“Just tell me.”

“I don’t know. To make sure I’m blind to the treatment during observations and interviews, I never know what group each subject is in.”


“Sorry,” Oscar said. “I’ll make sure to ask Tony.”

Jessica sighed. “No, you’re right. It doesn’t matter.”

She had no reason to be mad with her husband. Sure, maybe it was an odd thing to ask his wife to participate in a study like this, and he could have told her there was a chance she was given a placebo. But wasn’t he right to assume she would know? She was in the medical business herself, and she knew very well how clinical trials worked. It seemed she’d been willing to uncritically buy in to the flower’s effect. If anyone had tricked her, wasn’t it herself? Scapegoat plant, indeed.

But was the trickery necessarily a bad thing? Why should she regret her brazen actions just because it was all her own doing? The more she thought about it, she felt she should be pleased. The goddess of shameless eroticism that emerged during the expedition was all her, and she apparently needed no other stimuli to set it free—just an excuse.

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