The Watcher


Jenna Madison is a smart, witty, and very sexy lady. She’s tall and slim with long, flowing red hair. She works at a marketing company that is older than her and up until recently, run solely by men. It was a long and hard struggle to make it to the top, especially without having to sleep with anyone along the way. But she managed it with a lot of hard work and late nights.

So now, at last, Jenna’s observing the prospects in the office, which are practically endless as far as she can tell.

She finally has the respect she deserves. People listen to her when she talks and they jump when she gives an order. Jenna enjoys the power and control she has at the office, but is sure not to abuse it. Power can be a very scary thing if it gets into the wrong hands. Besides, she’s always enjoyed being on the other end of that power.

After spending twelve hours at the office Jenna headed home for the night, looking forward to dinner and a long bath. She enjoyed living alone, relished in the solitude after a busy day at work. Sometimes she did get lonely, but it wasn’t often so she didn’t worry about it much. And she always knew what to do if she got too lonely. There were plenty of men out there for the choosing. Women to, for that matter, but she hasn’t had the guts to try that yet.

Jenna pulled her candy apple red Mustang into her driveway and climbed out. The car had been a bonus to herself after landing a big account and she enjoyed driving it for hours with the top down and the sun on her face, watching the waves crash down along the way. After checking the mail she walked in the house and dropped everything on the coffee table and headed to the backyard to water the roses. She noticed that the French doors were unlocked, but didn’t think twice about it. She had coffee out there that morning and probably forgot to lock them before she left. Two hours later Jenna had the flowers tended to and dinner eaten. The water in the tub was running, filling it with bubbles and French vanilla scented body oil. The candles were making the room glow and Sinotra’s booming voice was filling it. Jenna stood in the middle of the large bathroom and undressed, watching herself in the mirror. She loved the way the black lace bra made her breasts look. Matched with the garter and stockings, she looked incredibly sexy. Bending over she unhooked them and slowly rolled them down one leg then another, watching herself in the mirror; unaware she wasn’t the only one watching. He stood in Jenna’s closet surrounded by her clothes. Rick had often stood in there and watched her but this was the first time he intended to touch her. While she submerged herself in the steamy water, he watched. While she washed her silky skin, he watched. While she lay there sipping her flute of Champaign, he watched, waiting for the right time.

Almost an hour had past when Rick watched her climb out of the tub. Her creamy olive toned skin glistening from the mix of oil and water. He thought about taking her right then, knew he could, but decided to enjoy her like this just a little longer. Soon he would have her wanting like never before. He knew her desires, the way she wanted to be treated, talked to, touched, and teased. On his first day visit last week, he found her journal. She wrote down everything, how she felt, what she wanted in life and what she desired in it. To Rick there has always been a difference. It amazed him that she apparently felt the same way. He studied the book for some time that day, got to know it well. He was delighted that most of the things she enjoyed receiving, he very much enjoyed giving. Rick registered the ache in his groin and thought about the moment he would relieve it on her sweet body. After drying her skin, Jenna stood naked in the room and applied a generous amount of scented lotion. To her, you could never apply too much. When done, she walked past the closet where Rick patently waited and went to her dresser. She was standing with her back to him and he wanted to take her so badly, but Rick’s desire to see what she would put on won the battle, so he waited. But not for long.

Jenna searched for the right item; the one she felt she was in the mood for. A bright smile spread across her face when she saw the flash of red. Her sexiest, and favorite, silk nightgown. It was short…well…everywhere. It was cut low and rode high in all the right places. The bath had gotten her desire rising slightly, especially after shaving her pussy smooth, which always seemed to turn her on. And she planned on making it rise even further, before letting it peak, she thought as she tossed the silk over her body. Jenna looked down at herself, noticed how her full breasts filled the gown. Her pussy began to ache just from looking at herself.

By the time she registered the noise behind her, his hand was in place. Rick covered her mouth with the handkerchief and waited for her to weaken. Just before Jenna drifted off she noted the chemical she was breathing in and the gentle hand resting on her hip. Her last thought was of that hand. Later, he would look back and note how swiftly he got the job done, but for now Rick enjoyed Jenna fully as she lay bound to her bed glowing in the light from the candles he had lit. He had four sets of mink lined cuffs attached to her limbs and then the bed, her nightgown was rising so high up her thighs there was almost no point in her wearing it. Except for the fact that she looked stunning with the dark red silk against her beautiful skin. Her chest was heaving slightly as she slept, the leisurely rise and fall of her breasts mesmerizing him. He wished so badly to see her eyes; he had seen them before, such an amazing color. You could almost call it lavender. Never had Rick seen eyes so striking, but that will have to wait until he feels she is ready. He could hardly wait to see them darken with desire.

Her first conscience thought was how everything felt, how smooth and soft it all seemed. Jenna tried to stir in her satin bed and remembered everything all at once. The fear slowly seeped into her system when she realized she had been blindfolded and bound. Jenna ordered herself to calm down and stay focused, willing the sharp stab of fear out of her mind. She tried to look through the mask some how but all she saw was a few flickers of light. She pulled on her arms, then her legs. Jenna realized whatever it was that was holding her to her own bed was the softest thing she has ever been in contact with. For a short moment, Jenna blocked out the reality of her situation and enjoyed the way her skin felt rubbing the material. That is, until his hand touched her. Her whole body froze. Rick had sat and watched her while she slept sound and awoke slowly. He understood everything she was feeling as she was feeling it. He knew when she remembered, he knew when she became scared and he knew when she forgot. Rick was so caught up in her, he had no idea he had even touched her, until she turned stone solid. He gave her credit for being able to register her mind and body so quickly, but he did not move his hand.

“Hello Jenna” His voice seemed to fill the room as the realization of her circumstances began to fully register.

“Who are you, how do you know my name, what do you want, how did you get in here?” The questions stumbled out with more fear in her voice than she cared to show.

“All good questions Jenna, the answers will become apparent in due time.”

Her mind raced trying to recognize his voice with no success. Obviously it was no one she knew. The thought that a stranger could just walk in her home and do such a thing shocked her. Do these things really happen to people? She asked herself.

His hand traced up her leg to find her soft thigh.

“Your skin is so smooth Jenna, I want to touch you everywhere.”

She began to beg and plead for him to let her go, “Please, please don’t do this to me, I’m begging you. I have money, jewelry, take want you want and just leave, please!”

“I intend to.” Was his only response.

The tears stung at her eyes as she felt his hand travel up her body. She knew she was exposed for his viewing pleasure and was fully aware of his intentions. She braced herself for the assault of his hands, expecting them to be rough and demanding but found them soft, almost soothing. Rick shifted on the bed so he could reach her better. His hands traced over the silk of her gown and found her heaving breasts. Her breathing was quick, making her chest rise and fall with a sensuous rhythm. To her complete disgust her nibbles began to harden under his touch. The tears fell in a steady stream as her shame engulfed her. She tried to block out what was happening to her, but the feelings were to strong, pulling at her to give in.

Her body jerked when she felt his lips press into her thighs, his hot breath flow over her. She began to shake with fear or tremble with desire, he couldn’t tell which, maybe even both, but he was enjoying her immensely. As he moved up his lips found her, oh how he had dreamed of this moment, he knew it would happen; it was just a matter of time. Rick’s tongue dashed out and quickly flicked over her clit. Her hips jerked up, struggling to pull away from him. As much as he enjoyed watching her thrash around trying to get free, no success came from her struggles. His hands moved from her breasts to grip her thighs tightly, trying to hold her in place as his mouth attacked her pussy. His fingers began pinching the soft flesh, knowing she would enjoy the sharp stabs of pain. Jenna started screaming for him to stop, begging and pleading, but it only seemed to encourage him even more. Rick’s tongue moved expertly over her clit, mixed with the pain in her thighs it was too much to bare. For the first time in her life Jenna struggled with all her will to hold back her pending orgasm. She couldn’t believe her body would betray her in such a way.

Rick lifted his mouth and relief washed over her, she had no intentions of letting him know just how close she had come to giving in to him.

His fingers dipped into her pussy, exposing her secret. She heard him moan and tried to hold back her own as his fingers slid deeply inside her.

“Enjoying yourself slut?” Rick asked. He watched as she shook her head violently; saw her hands become tight fists of tension.

He wanted her to cum so badly and he knew just how to make her, even if it was the last thing she wanted. He had total control over her mind and body at the moment and they both knew it.

His fingers began to piston in and out of her as his thumb quickly circled her throbbing clit.

“You’re going to cum for me Jenna.” He said over her whimpering. “I know you want to. I know what a slut you are. Cum for me you little slut, let go, be the whore you know you are.”

The words were too much for her, she couldn’t hold back any longer. She began to moan and scream as her orgasm ripped through her. She’s never felt so intense or more alive. Her whole body, every pore, every inch of her felt like it was exploding. It seemed to last forever as she thrashed on the bed, this time in pleasure, not protest.

She was lost in that state of bliss women seem to drift off to after such intensity. For long moments, maybe even days she seemed to float in the pleasure. He watched her, as he so much enjoyed doing. Seeing her beautiful body respond to him like this was absolutely amazing. He longed to be inside her. Bringing her to this place once again. His shifting on the bed brought her back to reality. Shame was the first thing she felt, then amazement that some one could bring her to such heights.

She felt him at her feet, setting them free. She felt awkward at first, not sure what to do next. Her head told her to fight back, resist him. But she wanted more, so much more.

Rick slid his hands slowly up her legs, to her waist. With his knees he spread her legs apart and sat poised, inches from her. She felt the slight touch of his body above hers and almost begged him to fuck her. Rick’s lips pressed hard against hers, shocked when she responded to him with a moan. Her now free legs wrapped around him, pulling him closer. He felt the desire rising in her swiftly again and knew if he were going to take her it would have to be now. Without another thought Rick slammed into her, shocking them both with the power of it. Jenna’s body responded with full force. Her hands gripped her bindings tightly trying to pull herself closer to him. Her mouth seemed to consume him as the kiss deepened. Rick was so close to exploding inside her he had to break the kiss. Then the sight of her lying there bound to her bed moaning as he fucked her did him in. He lost all control as he erupted inside her tight pussy, slamming into her so hard her head almost hit the headboard. With Jenna’s legs still wrapped around his waist he collapsed onto her. Rick didn’t plan on ending it so soon and he would have regretted it if she didn’t feel so damn good.

The fame and guilt again filled her. Thoughts kept rolling around in her head about what a horrible person she is for enjoying that. Hell, she practically begged him to fuck her. She could feel her whole body turning red from shame when he lifted himself from her.

Jenna opened her mouth to say something but no words would come out. What does one say after something like that? She asked herself. Rick was a little speechless himself, but only for a moment. He hadn’t expected it to be so potent. Slightly shaken he rose to get dressed. Jenna heard his movements as he dressed and she sighed with a mixture of relief and regret. She lay there quietly; unaware of what was going to happen next. Once Rick had gathered all his things he turned to her and smiled, enjoying the site of her still cuffed to the bed. He sat on the bed next to her tracing his had up and down her arm. Jenna jumped slightly when she felt his lips on her again, this time soft and sensual. She was so lost in the kiss she didn’t even notice when Rick let her wrists free. Her body began to respond to him again, purring softly. Their tongues dancing, lips pressed softly together. Jenna almost cried out when he pulled away. Rick sat up and quietly blew out the candles. Then she felt his hands on the blindfold, anxious and nervous she waited to see the man that had cause her so much pleasure and fear. Her eyes flew open only to find the room dark and just able to see his shadow next to her. He leaned in for one more kiss before he got up.

“Keep the cuffs. I’d like to use them again next time.”

And he was gone from her room as quickly as he entered.

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