tagNonHumanThe Wedding Night

The Wedding Night

byMr James©

James stood by the side of the bed and reached out for Helen’s hand. She laughed and curled her fingers around his, pulling her nearer. Helen’s lips were parted and she poked her tongue out cheekily, grinning in her usual uninhibited way. James could barely believe that this blithe nymph was the serious, reserved teacher he had met as he conducted educational parties through the research lab where he worked. He still could not understand what she saw in him, but there was no way he was going to change her mind, especially now they were man and wife.

James lay beside her and felt the tickle of her hair against his chest as Helen wrapped her arms around him, and rested her head on his shoulder. He felt the heat flare in his cheeks as his cock stirred. They had waited for this moment, since that night in the restaurant when he had knelt and offered her the ring. Helen had laughed in delighted embarrassment and told him to sit back in his seat. He had refused until she had leaned over and whispered one word – yes – into his ear.

Months had flown past in a flurry of excitement and preparation, both of them holding their passions in check, saving themselves for now. Their wedding night was to be a beginning and they were going to begin by making love for the first time. They had kissed and felt the humming in each other’s hearts that told them this night would be just right. The only thing now was to prove it by making love.

Helen lifted her face so that he could kiss her, parting her lips and breathing softly against his skin. He tilted his head and brushed his lips across hers, tasting the sweetness of her mouth. James was lost in the taste of her, especially sweet now that Helen was his wife. He reached across and tenderly laid his hand upon the soft skin of her tummy, feeling the flutter of butterflies beneath the skin. He smiled into their kiss as he realised that her tension already matched his own.

James moved his hand over the soft skin sliding it upwards, touching the line of her rib and recalling his mother’s comments about her needing looking after. He was here now and he would look after her. His hand cupped the swell of her breast, feeling it tighten and fill his hand as though by design. A gentle ripple of his fingers, a slow kneading, and he could feel her nipple harden against his palm. He could hear the excitement making her breathing a little ragged and he knew that his touch excited her. Helen spread her fingers across James’ chest, feeling the throb of his heart. The coolness of her fingers against his skin made him gasp in a mingling of pleasure and surprise. Her hand danced across his skin, until her fingers rested on his nipple. Andrew growled at the back of his throat as her fingers traced tiny circles, making his nipple harden and his cock swell a little more. She smiled and dipped her head to take his nipple between her lips.

James brushed his thumb over the hard point of her nipple, as he tightened his fingers a little about her breast. She sighed in his ear, the warm breath stoking the flames in his loins. A touch more pressure and the sigh became a low groan. James smoothed his hand along her body, pausing with his fingertips ad the edge of the dark bushy vee between her thighs. Helen grabbed his fingers and guided them deeper, pressing them against her warm flesh. The soft curls were damp with sweet juice from her pussy and he could feel the tender lips, already parting to release the hard nub of her clit. His fingers brushed along the moist slit and Helen moaned, softly “Please James, I can’t wait. I want you.” James smiled and murmured gently in her ear, ”I want you too, darling. Just a moment more.”

He pressed on the soft skin inside Helen’s thigh and she relaxed, her knees loose as she eased here legs apart. James’ knee slipped between them and, a moment later he was kneeling between her thighs, the tip of his cock barely brushing against the lips of her pussy. She reached up to him and pulled him closer, wrapping her arms around him and spreading her long fingers against his back. James’ cock slipped inside her pussy and he pressed inward feeling her yielding to him. He felt the resistance of her maidenhead and paused. She looked deeply into his eyes and pulled his head closer to her mouth so that she could whisper into his ear, “take me darling, now!” They both breathed deeply and James pushed feeling the pressure against the head of his cock grow and then something broke and he slipped all of the way into Helen’s pussy.

At the moment he felt the breaking, and his cock slid right up against her womb, Helen cried out, a tiny scream, and tears filled her eyes. James held very still, feeling her trembling in his embrace and he smoothed the strands of hair from her flushed face. His lips close to her ear, he murmured gently, “I’m sorry, I hurt you, didn’t I? Are you alright?” Helen smiled and lifted her head until she could whisper against the skin of his neck,” you didn’t hurt me, well maybe a little bit. You’re so gentle and I love you so much. Now, please, make love to me.”

James eased a little way out of her pussy and then pushed forward. He could feel the folds of her pussy cradling the length of his cock as he rocked gently. The friction against his cock burned a little, at first, but she quickly became very wet and slippery, some of it from the few drops of blood that accompanied the tearing of her hymen. She bit her lip as the first few strokes caused her the same sort of burning discomfort, but then her eyes widened as she became wetter and the friction excited her. She breathed deeply and pulled his hips to her enthusiastically, feeling him filling her. She surrendered herself to him, bucking beneath hi as he sheathed his aching cock in her pussy. She was getting wetter and wetter and with a tiny cry she felt her pussy ripple and a strange set of sensations ripped through her. She arched and went rigid for a moment, then swooned. Her body seemed possessed by the first orgasm James had given her.

James felt her envelop him and the contractions in her pussy. He stopped in his thrusting, trying to hold back, but her rippling pussy and the delicious sensation of her hard nipples and taut breasts as she writhed against him were too much for him to resist and he arched his back crying out as he spurted jet upon jet of hot cum into her receptive womb.

Gasping in delight, he slipped out of Helen’s pussy and lay beside her. They both wore infatuated grins as they kissed their tongues touching and their smiles twined together.

They drifted together into sleep, deep and refreshing. James turned and felt light on his eyelids. The light was so bright that he could feel it against his eyelids. He forced them open a crack, eyes watering against the light. A soft, male voice was speaking to him, calling him by name, “Mr Cooper, can you hear me? Open your eyes James.”

James was puzzled. He had no idea who the owner of the voice was, nor could he place himself in his surroundings. He turned back to Helen and pushed the voice to the back of his mind.

Reaching over he touched her smooth skin and smiled as she rolled over and rested her hands on his chest. She pushed gently and he rolled onto his back. Helen leaned over and kissed him, her mouth still sweet and moist, even after a night’s sleep. Her tongue slithered between his lips, as she offered him a lingering kiss. He could feel the stiffening of his cock as she reached down and curled her long fingers around the base and stroked the tight sac. H felt her lips curve in a lazy, sensual, smile as she felt him stiffen. She pressed him firmly against the bed and straddled his hips. Taking his cock between her fingertips she lowered herself down onto him. Gradually she sank lower and lower onto his cock, until the whole length was jammed tightly into her pussy, still wet from last night. She shuddered deliciously, a ripple in her pussy caressing the hard shaft of his cock. James reached up and took her breasts in his hands, the hard nipples pricking his palm. He felt the smoothness of her skin, like silk against his palm. She rocked her hips slowly, head back and eyes closed, luxuriating in the feeling of his cock inside her. She knew that she possessed him now that he was more than her betrothed, now he was her husband. She leaned forward, her breasts pressed tightly to his chest and she began to slide over his body. Her long dark hair, like a curtain of silk, fell around her face, making a tent as she lowered her lips and kissed him hungrily, her mouth open for his tongue to slide inside and explore her mouth as his cock pierced her yielding pussy. The slow building of his cock within her pussy, as she slowly rode him, tightened his balls and he arched his back, driving into her. His hands went to her hips and he stilled her gliding movements while his thick cock spurted into her. His offering this morning was a little weaker, but he still filled her tight pussy to overflowing and they lay locked in each others arms as their mingled cum seeped down his shaft to wet his balls.

Exhausted for the moment, Helen rolled away from him and cuddled closer. He kissed the top of her head and held her. Something at the back of his mind, like an unreachable itch, bothered him. Helen was as generous and adventurous a lover as he had imagined, but something seemed distant within her, even at the heights of their passion. He lay awake for a moment, puzzling, then closed his eyes and surrendered to sleep.

The bright light woke him again and the strange voice saying things that made no sense. He struggled from the grey fog of sleep, wrestling with the words in his mind. He tried to speak, but his mouth was so dry that no sound would come. Gradually the fuzziness cleared and he could see that the voice belonged to a young woman, dressed in what he recognised as a set of surgical greens.

“Mr Cooper, can you hear me?” She asked insistently

James nodded; talking seemed to be such an effort. His throat felt dry and sore and his head ached.

“Mr Cooper, you’re in hospital, you were involved in an accident. Can you recall anything?” the doctor continued.

James shook his head and looked at her as though she were irrational. He was sure that they didn’t let visitors, even wives, make love with their husbands in hospital, no matter how newly they were wed.

He looked around and saw monitors, tracing their spiky lines across glass screens. A tube led from a clear bag into his arm and he looked down at his legs under a light blanket. The doctor poured a little water into a cup with a straw and held the straw to his lips. He sipped a little feeling the cool moisture slake the parchedness of his throat

“What about Helen?” he asked, croakily.

“Helen?” the doctor responded.

“Yes! My wife.” James continued.

The doctor’s face became rigid, almost detached. James knew that he did not want to hear what she had to say. He knew that no matter how badly Helen was hurt, he loved her and would care for her. Then the weight of the dreadful pause fell upon him.

“I’m afraid Mrs Cooper didn’t make it. She died before the fire service could get her out of the car. Her side of the car took the full force of the impact you see. They did everything humanly possible.” Said the doctor, her voice catching a little as she tried to keep a professional demeanour.

“That’s not possible, She’s here. I saw her last night, this morning.” James insisted.

“You probably mistook Nurse Simpson for your wife. She does look remarkably similar to your wife. We saw her photo in your wallet when you were admitted.” The doctor explained, reasonably.

James shook his head but realised that if he insisted, they would never believe him. He knew that he hadn’t mistaken the nurse for his wife. The doctor left him to his thoughts and the nurse smiled kindly at him. James just withdrew into a shell and waited for his body to heal.

Helen still joined him in his bed, they were wild and passionate, her touch was warm and she tasted sweet. He knew she was there but when he insisted upon her presence, the doctors had a psychiatrist visit him for long chats. He mentioned something called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and suggested a mild sleeping pill. They changed the nurse who was caring for him and even moved him to another room.

Eventually, his body was healed and, apart from a scar behind his ear and a stiffness in his shoulder, he was pronounced fit. He had stopped mentioning Helen to anybody, knowing they would just pass it off as disturbance due to the accident. She had never stopped visiting him though and he knew it had not been an imagining.

Mike and Clarissa had been best man and maid of honour at the wedding and Mike insisted on driving James back home from the hospital. James knew, just knew, that it was so that Helen could arrange a special homecoming for him. After all she had told him how much she missed him, every night.

The house was dark and empty. Mike carried James’ bag into the hallway and snapped the light switch on. The house smelt dusty and unlived in. Mike put the case down.

“Jim, are you ok?” Mike asked, “Do you want us to stay?”

James shook his head mutely and Mike backed gratefully towards the door. As Mike left, James stepped into the empty living room and flung himself onto the couch, the wedding present from Helen’s parents. He took a deep shuddering breath and leaned forward, his head in his hands. Deep, wracking, sobs shook his body as he began to weep. His arm nudged something on the arm of the couch sending an oblong of plastic crashing to the floor. In front of him, the television burst into light and life. The bright screen showed a wedding in progress. His wedding. He looked around desperately and found his eyes drawn magnetically to the screen. There, captured on tape was his wife, Helen. He fell to his knees, peering at the screen and pressed his hand to the cool glass. He could barely hear through the roaring of the blood in his head and the pounding of his grief-rent heart. Then, suddenly the sound from the speaker burst through the red haze. They were repeating a part of their vows. He was saying “Until Death us do part.” But as he watched, Helen said something different, “And Death shall not us part.

The light of realisation was almost painful but now he knew. Now he had to decide what to do. James smiled as he quietly climbed the stairs and decided to wait for Helen to come up to bed.

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